What It Looks Like When You're There

Identity Shifting for Alignment
What does a wealthy person’s bookshelf look like? What’s in a successful artist’s fridge?
Here’s why these questions matter and how you can use them to manifest what you want …
At The Coaches League the other day a colleague asked what the bookshelf of a happy, prosperous person looks like.
She got a wide variety of responses. (Interesting how we each had a different answer!)
Some might think a rich person’s bookshelf is filled with money advice; others might assume a rich person doesn’t have room for a bookshelf on the yacht.
Some might imagine a collection of the classics, or personally autographed copies from their writer friends, while others see worn copies of the publications most influential to them.
What does your rich person’s bookshelf look like? And how does that compare to your current shelf?
For anyone who aspires to greater wealth, this is an easy way to start closing the gap.
It’s not that there’s a right or wrong answer to the question. The value lies in asking it about whatever we aspire to be.
When we find – and implement – our own answers to what our world looks like when we have what we want, that’s a powerful alignment practice.
It’s not just restricted to what the bookshelf looks like, but other aspects of life, too. Like:

  • What does the closet of a world traveler look like?
  • What does the refrigerator of a successful in-demand artist look like?
  • What does the DVR list of a happy healthy mom look like?
  • What does the glove compartment of a thriving coach look like?
  • What does the desk of a millionaire look like?
  • What does the undies drawer of a newlywed look like?
  • And how about their playlist? Their calendar? Their Amazon cart?

Finding your answers can be a direct path to manifesting what you want.
Maybe the world traveler has a cool hat that works on every continent. Maybe the happy mom’s DVR list doesn’t exist because she reads with kids at night. Perhaps the millionaire’s desk has a particularly nice pen on display. And the successful artist’s refrigerator just has leftovers from the Chinese restaurant next to her studio where she spends all her time.
We each might have a different answer, because there’s no wrong or right about what it looks like for you. My millionaire might look like someone else’s pauper.
So this isn’t a test to see if you know the right answer. Rather, it’s a chance to take yourself there now. To adopt that identity via your environment.
Whatever you’d love to manifest, asking what that life looks like (in your version, not anyone else’s), and then making yours match (however you can) is a powerful way to cue Universe for that reality.
So I don’t know about you, but I’m off to eliminate the discrepancies I found in my basement vs. a thriving business owner’s basement. (Bye bye cobwebs and cat throwup!)
PS – if you’d like hands on help with this process, check out Jacqui Gate’s LOA Nesting work, because this is her wheelhouse.

  • November 20, 2015