What It Looks Like When You’re There

What does a wealthy person’s bookshelf look like? What’s in a successful artist’s fridge?

Here’s why these questions matter and how you can use them to manifest what you want …

At The Coaches League the other day a colleague asked what the bookshelf of a happy, prosperous person looks like.

She got a wide variety of responses. (Interesting how we each had a different answer!)

Some might think a rich person’s bookshelf is filled with money advice; others might assume a rich person doesn’t have room for a bookshelf on the yacht.

Some might imagine a collection of the classics, or personally autographed copies from their writer friends, while others see worn copies of the publications most influential to them.

What does your rich person’s bookshelf look like? And how does that compare to your current shelf?

For anyone who aspires to greater wealth, this is an easy way to start closing the gap.

It’s not that there’s a right or wrong answer to the question. The value lies in asking it about whatever we aspire to be.

When we find – and implement – our own answers to what our world looks like when we have what we want, that’s a powerful alignment practice.

It’s not just restricted to what the bookshelf looks like, but other aspects of life, too. Like:

  • What does the closet of a world traveler look like?
  • What does the refrigerator of a successful in-demand artist look like?
  • What does the DVR list of a happy healthy mom look like?
  • What does the glove compartment of a thriving coach look like?
  • What does the desk of a millionaire look like?
  • What does the undies drawer of a newlywed look like?
  • And how about their playlist? Their calendar? Their Amazon cart?

Finding your answers can be a direct path to manifesting what you want.

Maybe the world traveler has a cool hat that works on every continent. Maybe the happy mom’s DVR list doesn’t exist because she reads with kids at night. Perhaps the millionaire’s desk has a particularly nice pen on display. And the successful artist’s refrigerator just has leftovers from the Chinese restaurant next to her studio where she spends all her time.

We each might have a different answer, because there’s no wrong or right about what it looks like for you. My millionaire might look like someone else’s pauper.

So this isn’t a test to see if you know the right answer. Rather, it’s a chance to take yourself there now. To adopt that identity via your environment.

Whatever you’d love to manifest, asking what that life looks like (in your version, not anyone else’s), and then making yours match (however you can) is a powerful way to cue Universe for that reality.

So I don’t know about you, but I’m off to eliminate the discrepancies I found in my basement vs. a thriving business owner’s basement. (Bye bye cobwebs and cat throwup!)

PS – if you’d like hands on help with this process, check out Jacqui Gate’s LOA Nesting work, because this is her wheelhouse.

  • November 20, 2015
  • Quilly says:

    Fridge: Nothing but champagne and orchids!

  • Monica says:

    What’s in my fridge right now? Leftovers from a Chinese restaurant. LOL.
    Getting there!

  • Karen says:

    The rich person’s library, living room, fridge look a whole lot like mine. Working on the wardrobe. I so need to like shopping.

  • Danielle says:

    I’ve been wanting to put together a riding lesson kit since i’m offering horse riding lessons and saddle fittings now. Since i travel to peoples barns i made up a list of items to keep in my car: organic hand wipes, organic granola bars, tape measure for saddle fitting, napkins, extra bit that i reccomend and $40 cash.
    I’ve been thinking that i should get my kit set up for at least the last 3 weeks but hadn’t got around to it. This morning i finally got the kit put together in a pretty bag i got from a donation to world wildlife fund (the bag reminds me that manifesting more money is going to allow me to donate more money-yeah!!) and BAM, got a message through fb from someone who wants a saddle fitting! The ‘man this stuff is cool’ extra bonus point is that the person wanting the saddle fitting actually sent the message last Thursday but i didn’t get it until today. Kind of like Universe was waiting for my vibration to match what i’d asked for!
    I think next i’m going to focus on what a rich persons kitchen looks like-definitely would not have a counter full of dirty dishes every morning, our housecleaner would have already done them = )

  • Sharon says:

    What does a wealthy persons social events look like? Attending exclusive wine events at the Four Seasons Hotel in Washington DC and tasting multiple yet released Bordeaux wines and socializing with many other wealthy individuals. Yes, I’m really doing this.

  • Susann says:

    My rich woman’s bookcase is exactly the same as it is now, except it’s built-in instead of a free-standing Ikea, & someone else is dusting it.

  • Master Manifester says:

    This world traveler’s life looks like freedom. The freedom to head out at a moments notice, which does mean being prepared. So equipment includes: A passport that is always valid for at least another year (Most countries requires it is still valid 6 months AFTER you plan to leave). The toiletries bag always packed and ready. Various power converters, travel adapters, extra chargers, lithium AAA, hiking boots, all kinds of clothing for all kinds of conditions, mosquito-netting, water purifying tablets, vaccinations up to date, sleeping bags designed for different temperatures, online bill pay set up, herbal supplement for altitude changes, melatonin to prevent the jet-lag, plane-ride survival kit, numerous travel guides for all kinds of places on the planet. (I love books and just not a kindle fan), lots of books on my bookshelf about Nature and wild-life in other parts of the world. Currency for several different countries, visa travel card (why on earth pay that 3% charge?), top notch binoculars and camera equipment, headlamp, portable solar-panel charger, filled prescription for antibiotics, malaria meds (if needed), and the ability to drive a manual car on either side of the road and speak several languages well enough to get connected and get by just about anywhere. No pets at home, so I can take off whenever. Large memory capacity on iphone so there is endless room for pictures and videos.
    Improvement needed in simplifying and downsizing the home base … Time to get busy 🙂

    • Master Manifester says:

      Oh, and when asked to list an occupation for a trip, blog, etc, I write, “Adventurer.” THAT’S my occupation 🙂

      • Jørund Heim says:

        Haha that’s about what I got in my backpack right now, splendid description 😀 Now I’ve come to a point in Romania where in reality I’ve run out of money and don’t really have money to get home if it weren’t for my credit card, but instead of using it I’m going to put my vibe for attracting money to work for me.
        I had great fun with this yesterday evening and this morning. I downloaded Jeanette’s free guide to money manifestation and put it to work, and I recognized I actually have three 100 LEI bills in my hands. What I wanted to increase my normal to was three HUNDRED 100 LEI bills, so to create that feeling of having three hundred 100 LEI bills, I did what I would have done if I had it, I counted the three 100 LEI bills three hundred times, haha.
        As I counted the 300th one, a wonderful feeling of belief and having 30 000 LEI washed over me and stayed with me for a long time. I did it again before going to bed and first thing this morning, same result. Can’t wait to see how it’s going to come to me! 😀 And then continue my travels like the wind, haha.

        • Master Manifester says:

          That’s awesome!!! Good for you. I can feel the abundance flowing towards you. One of the ways I manifest money is by not paying for something or paying less than asking price. More than half the time now, when I eat out or purchase something the meal is either free or offered at a substantial discount. I recently bought a $79.00 item for $29.00 as it rang up on sale. The clerk was surprised it was on sale and told me it came in other colors in case I was interested. Clerk tried to show me on the website, but it wouldn’t load while I was in the store. When I got home, I decided to check for the other colors. ALL colors were listed at $79.00. The item was only on sale for ME in that moment in the store. This kind of thing happens all the time to me. To bring more of that thing feel the awesome feeling you felt when you were surprised with these kinds of gifts big AND small. Opens the door for abundance big time.

        • Jaqueline says:

          How FAHbulous!! And here’s to easy breezy travelling.

  • Jeannette says:

    Love the visual of your hot pink passport cover, MsNikki! What a fun vibe that is! 🙂

  • MsNikki says:

    Heart this subject!
    As for wealthy & prosperous books that I currently own are both a mix of spiritual and pragmatic – investing, etc. The cool thing was that I intuitively made some successful investments without even knowing it at the time. I was working a small gig at a financial seminar this week and both of the planners said that I made sound choices…without even consulting them!
    My Adventurer/Traveller persona already has a passport in a hot pink passport cover. Along with that I have a little sheet of folks that I intend to visit when I go to Europe next year! Plus, I have travel books both Kindle and print specifically for women travelers to match my Pinterest board of ideas, tips, etc. Now on to buying that fab luggage set, too!

  • Jen C. says:

    My rich person’s library is already started, and includes many spirituality books. 🙂 I wonder if Jeannette has published a finance book with specifics about money (like Tony Robbins newest money book)? Most of my books I love are from LOA of course! My rich person’s calendar is also action packed and fun filled, and I’m going on the Abraham Cruise (okay, I’m just playing here). What a fun way to start off my July each year.
    What good practice, to be definitive about what is wanted, to expect that to happen, and watch as the details fill in.
    And, clearing clutter is so important, it really changes the vibration of a home/office/even a town/the world. I like ringing bells as well cuz it’s kinda fun and makes me happy at the same time.

    • Jeannette says:

      Ooh, you know what I love, Jen? The thought of keeping a separate calendar for tracking my rich person activities. Well, that is if I weren’t a hermit who loves nothing more than staying home. lol
      I hear you on the clearing clutter thing, too. It’s amazing how magical that is!!

    • Jaqueline says:

      I find bells are a really powerful energy shifter AND you’re right, Jen, they are very happy-making.
      I have a couple of bracelets with bells on them that I wear while I’m doing my house-blessings. #doublewhammy

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