What It Takes to Be Rich

What it takes to be rich: practiceMy ex-beau called to see how my day was. Here’s how that conversation went:

Russ: What are you doing?
Me: Practicing being rich.

Russ: Ha ha.
Me: Seriously.

Russ: (silence)
Me: You should practice, too, or we won’t be together when I am. (Since rich & not rich don’t go together.)

Russ: Trust me, I am all for it and have no problem being rich.

You know, that’s easy to say, but I don’t think he really gets it.

In fact, I don’t think a lot of people understand what it takes to be rich.

(If it were easy, everyone would be doing it!)

A lot of folks think the hard part about being rich is figuring out how to make the money. But that’s not our job. (Universe does the “how”; our purview is the “what.”)

Our job is to be rich, before we are. Otherwise it’s like ordering up a delivery you don’t know how to receive.

We close the door to big bucks whenever we’re feeling poor, or just getting by, or doing okay, or whatever else we are that isn’t “rich.”

So learning how to be rich is kind of a thing.

Once upon a time in corporate world (before my LOA days) a really nice guy who I’d have loved to work for offered me a job that was not only more interesting and cool than what my present job, but it also paid 3-4 times more than I was making.

Holy what?! That would be … holy crap – a lot of freakin’ money!!

The thought of making that much money boggled my mind.

I tried to imagine it … I saw myself in khakis (instead of jeans), at dinner parties (instead of barbecues), drinking cocktails (instead of beer), with people who weren’t my current friends. Because of course I’d have to have rich friends.

I didn’t like it.

You know what I did? I avoided that guy for three whole weeks until he hired someone else.

That’s how allergic to money I used to be.

Another time I was driving to my super hot date’s house for the first time. We’d gone out a few times and I really liked him! He was handsome, funny, smart, charming, had a super cool job as a CSI guy. I really really liked him.

He invited me to his house for dinner. (How sweet is that? He’s going to cook! Could it get any better?!)

As I drove to his neighborhood, one I wasn’t familiar with, I soon realized he lived in a ritzy area. I wondered what he was doing with all these rich people as neighbors. I imagined he’d have an older, smaller house in this ridiculously rich hood.

No. His was the nicest place on the block.

You know what I did?

I kept driving. Right on by his place! Because something in me knew that I didn’t date guys with money like this.

That’s not who I was.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but those two uncomfortable brushes with wealth spotlighted my inability to be with big money.

Which is why I practice being with money now, so I don’t have any repeat failures with wealth.

Being rich isn’t easy if no one taught you it. It takes practice if you’re not a natural.

This stuff doesn’t happen by accident – it happens by alignment.

By being willing to feel it and think it and speak it and be it before we are it.

And it’s work!

Work that pays extremely well, but it’s still work.

(I also practice being fit and healthy, successful in business, etc. It’s not just money that I practice.)

So if you’re in the market for wealth, I suggest you practice it before Universe tries to deliver it, because not everyone knows how to accept that package.

How to tell if you know how to be rich?

Easy. If you want it, and you don’t already have it, you’ve got a vibrational kink. Time to get out the vibrational iron and work out those kinks by practicing being rich!

  • May 20, 2014
  • Sam Curtis says:

    When I want to crank up feeling rich, I head to one of two towns in Spain that we are sandwiched between: Marbella and Sotogrande (we still live in a lovely area, just not quite such an in-your-face area!) A drink at the port in either of these two locations, the backdrop of the yachts and the buzz of the ferraris circulating the port soon lifts the vibe… although I always come away with the distinct impression that it’s a shame even some of the mighty rich still feel the need to lap around Puerto Banus as if they are in Formula 1 to purposely turn heads! And that’s just it: We will be as happy then as we are now. My definition of wealth is pretty far removed from that stereotype and I go away feeling so much better about what I have in my life now (ie. the things that are ‘physically’ with me) and that further helps me refine the new things I do want to attract into my life. The red shiny spanking new Alfa Romeo threading its way through the foothills of the whitewash villages, surrounded by olive groves and orange trees feels much more like my personal idea of abundance 😉

  • I love the idea of a formula to nail it down so easily, Karla! And I agree with you – that it’s something we’re free to feel any time we choose to. Amen for that!
    PS – here’s the follow up post in response to Jacqui’s comment about HOW to practice being rich:

  • I recently read an ebook about re-defining wealth for yourself based on a formula. It went something like 2 x your living expenses divided by hobbies/passions…basically making twice more than you need to live on gets you to the point of feeling financial relief, which then allows you to feel more free to pursue your passion(s).
    But of course I know you can choose to follow your bliss and practice feeling relief before the physical circumstances even show up. I’ve needed to be reminded of it again myself lately.

  • Love that quote, LOAPioneer – thanks for sharing it with us!
    And Tammy, I honestly think that’s the case for many of us. The difference isn’t so much in the circumstances but in the feelings. At least, that’s what I’m finding for myself.
    Thanks for chiming in you two! 🙂

  • Tammy says:

    It took me a little while to realize my wealth “comfort zone” meant my life did not change a whole heck of a lot. Same friends, same home…the difference being everything feels a little more comfortable and easy. Living that way feels very real to me.

  • Great post! Thank you! May I add a quote from Genevieve Behrend?
    “To Get Rich Through Creation
    The recognition or conception of new sources of wealth is the loftiest aspiration you can take into your heart, for it assumes and implies the furtherance of all noble aims.”
    In fact, you can download the ebook for f ree on my www loapioneers com

  • That’s really what I know my work to be, JG. I can order it up like nobody’s business – but do I know how to RECEIVE it.
    That’s where I’ve gotten tripped up before, so I’m focusing on getting really good at that now. I love how you pointed that out so clearly.
    And Jennifer, in the past that’s really the place where I wasn’t exercising my personal creative freedom – in choosing for MYSELF what rich could look like. Here’s to letting it be however we want it to be!!

  • jennifer says:

    hmmm… I have to wonder if I’ve had that same issue… thinking that my bank account balance would mean that I would ‘have’ to change friends, and locations.
    think it’s more the idea of changing into something that I don’t believe ‘fits’ is what has stopped me; but, there’s a part of me, when reading this that had the idea ‘just because I have more money doesn’t mean I would have to give up my friends. I may get new ones, but if they are only in my life because of my financial worth, then they are friends of my money and not of me… and, just because my financial status changes, that doesn’t mean that I have to live in a ritzy part of town. I choose my home like I choose my style of clothing, furnishings, etc…’ in fact, having wealth… the only difference that it should make is that it gives me the opportunity to more leisurely choose what I wish to have in order to better express who I am, for my own sake of happiness.’

  • JG. says:

    Besides the part about getting rich, I loved the delivery metaphor. It is as much about asking as it is about allowing: about placing your order AND willing to receive it…

  • Bernadette, you’re cracking me up! I love that “Darrrrrrlinng” accompanied with champagne glass clinks … in fact, I’m hearing it in Jacqui’s voice. lol
    Jacqui, Bernadette offers a great clue right here to your most excellent question – what does wealth SOUND like? If we can create those sounds in our world right now (or even just in our mind would be effective, too) then we are practicing being rich in that process.
    I love the question, though, so I’ll turn that into a blog post of its own … coming right up!

  • Brilliant post … as usual! And once again, spot-on timing. (Well done, Universe)
    I’d also love other readers’ suggestions on how to practice feeling rich …
    I love the idea of hanging out in a 5 star hotel lobby + dressing up and going to the fanciest mall. Plus of course, I do my daily upgrades (see latest blog post), but you guys are soooo creative … what else?
    Let the suggestions flow!

  • Bernadette says:

    Ha! love this post. I have asked for something recently and it hasn’t come yet. So I got to wondering if it was because I just wasn’t ready for it. (alignment issues):/
    I have a similar relationship with money, that I am not overly comfortable with having lots of it or being in the presence of lots of it.
    Going to try “practicing” getting into the vibe and try it on for size. I always thought when I would be wealthy I would call people Darrrrlinng a lot lol can hear the champagne glasses clinking already 😀

  • Ginny says:

    🙂 Isn’t it fabulous that we all get to define wealth however we see fit and choose the version that suits us best? Thanks again for the thought-provoking post, Jeannette.

  • Yes, that’s what I discovered along the way, Ginny. Those ideas of wealth didn’t appeal to me either, so it was important for me to find a way to be rich that does work for me.

  • Ginny says:

    Great post Jeannette, but who’s to say that everybody’s experience of having wealth has to look exactly the same? To be honest, none of what you described above appeals to me in the least. There are many variations of wealth. Not everyone who is wealthy cares to live in a ritzy neighborhood or wear khakis or own a yacht or belong to a country club or shop on Rodeo Drive. 😉 I think the key is to define what wealth means to YOU and how you want to live with your wealth and practice THAT feeling.

  • That’s a powerful way to do it, Christina. Literally PUT yourself in the place that makes you feel fabulous.
    Nice practice, my friend! 🙂

  • Christina says:

    We discussed that when we rented a house in the historic district. We walked around the neighborhood and talked about how awesome it was to live there. And we talked about how we totally belonged there.

  • Oh my, that’s great practice, Tracy!
    Good for you for using the opportunity to amp up your own money vibe!!

  • Tracy says:

    Just love this post Jeannette! I’ve been practicing with the frequency of luxury. Through my day job, I’ve been able to go to Beverly Hills twice this month. One was to stay at a Four Seasons and another was a wonderful concert! I’m going to join you in practicing being rich! Excuse me while I go bask in the rich energy of my beach house on a hill with a pool 🙂

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