What Makes You So Good At This

What makes you so good at this manifesting stuff?

Do you know what you’re exceptionally good at when it comes to conscious creation?

If not, I suggest it’s time to claim your area of expertise.

Because once you know what you’re good at (or even decide what you’ll be good at), you not only enhance your LOA skills but you also give Universe the instruction that says “I’m good at this.”

That is a good vibration to offer.

Whatever we know about ourselves becomes true. Which is why knowing what we’re good at is an empowering thing.

I talk to people every day who see their shortcomings more clearly than their gifts. They can list a dozen muggle habits that hold them back from their manifesting success, but pause when I ask what their manifesting strengths are.

Even if we were only good at one thing, that’s all it takes to rock this LOA party. We don’t have to be good at everything (visualizing, storytelling, allowing, etc.) in order to get what we want.

Just one thing is enough to open your door to delightful results.

When you know (or even just decide) what you’re good at, you set yourself up for even better success. (Because seeing yourself as a gifted creator helps make it so.)

So let’s hear it, what are you good at …?

(And let’s leave off the list anything about enduring tons of contrast, although one could argue that is a benefit.)

  • Some of you are exceptionally self-aware. That is a huge help in conscious creation work, since that awareness puts you way ahead of the vibration management curve.
  • Some of you are very deliberate about your choice of words. You are really good at speaking what you want rather than what you don’t want.
  • Some have a gift for seeing the bright side. You could pick out a silver lining in the midst of a category five hurricane.
  • Some are unusually good at not needing to figure things out yourself. You’re perfectly comfortable not seeing how things could work out – yet still knowing they will.
  • Some naturally gravitate to joy. That’s your default setting without even trying … your “hood” is at the top of the emotional scale.
  • Some of you hear inner guidance so loud and clear it’s like you have a direct line to your higher self. You might take that for granted, but not everyone receives it that clearly.
  • Some conscious creators are naturally good at feeling your feelings. Not everyone does that so easily! It’s a big skill in the vibration management toolkit.
  • Some folks can “act as if” so well they deserve an Oscar. A closet full of Oscars! I know a couple of you … hat’s off to you!

There are many other skills you could be rocking: self-love, taking inspired action, appreciating what is, leveraging affirmations, etc.

I know someone who excels at claiming miracles. “It was a miracle!” she’ll decide in advance of its unfolding. Works like a charm for her!

I personally am really good at claiming an audacious goal and sticking to the story no matter how ridiculous it is. Daring to choose something big, and giving Universe a consistent enough instruction to deliver on it – that’s my forte.

But being good at something doesn’t make a whit of difference if we aren’t putting that skill into practice.

Even the newbiest of newbie creators will manifest circles a skilled creator who isn’t doing her thing.

So know what party you rock, and get to it. Put those gifts into play and let life get even more amazing than it already is.

  • January 14, 2017
  • Namaste says:

    Really cool point to bring up. Always a good reminder that all manifesting techniques work, you really just have to figure out what works for you and spend your time doing that =)
    In my case, I excel at seeking out and neutralizing the specific contradictory thoughts, feelings, words and actions that are blocking my desires from manifesting. I really enjoy the process and always love the feeling when I’m done.

  • Loving your forte, Jeannette! That’s the one I’m definitely playing on (super blessed to get the house to myself weekdays between 9-2 for that one – phone calls with my publisher, the production company for my novel which has been turned into a movie etc etc ;-)!) The thing I am discovering I am masterful at right now is mentioning something I like, just very loosely and with zero attachment. I’m not even really aware I am doing it and then it shows up some way or how by the end of the day. 3 years ago and I hadn’t even heard of LOA, but it’s like the Abraham “Blue Glass” thing, now I can think of something I have ease about and BAM it shows up. It’s the whole button and castle thing. Now to find easier ways to feel easier about the most wanted stuff!

  • Jokey says:

    I have had very near successes when I have day dreamed. It almost paid off in a huge way many times, but from what I can tell I have been more successful when I have been more deliberate and forceful(but not too much). I could be wrong about this, but this is what I have noticed. For those that are good at day dreaming , and having that come true, what could I be doing wrong? Should I be encouraged by my near huge wins? I have noticed after the result doesn’t quite go my way I stop, and doubt myself too much. Also I have noticed that if I think too much about what I’m doing instead of just doing it, and believing everything works much better.

  • Danielle says:

    Like you Jeanette I’m really good at sticking to the story! I’m the type where I really don’t take NO for an answer when it comes to what I want. Somehow, and in some way it’s going to happen for me, and it does! I’m also really good with acting as if, but I like role playing anyway because it’s so fun to do! It all has to feel natural for me, otherwise it feels like resistance. So, I just go for what feels normal and at ease for me. Very great article 😃

  • Trish says:

    I know the things that I am good at, and the list is growing!
    Thank you so much!

  • Sandra says:

    I think I’m good at staying at a high, happy vibrational level a good majority of the time (think the top 7 levels on the Abraham Hicks Emotional Guidance Scale). I am able to do this because I have an arsenal of “happy apps” on my iPhone. Whether I am listening to some rockstar affirmations I recorded in my own voice, or using my “To Me By Me” app to write and “send” future letters to myself (its like Pray Rain Journaling but in letter format), or using an app called ImageChef to create fun newspaper headlines of how I want my reality to be (because everything we read on the front of newspapers is “truth” right?), I am able to strengthen my happy muscle on a daily basis. Do I still occasionally have not-so-good days/feelings? You betcha. But I can easily bust out a “happy app” and get started on climbing up that scale once again! 😊👍🏾

    • Margareth says:

      Oh that ImageChef app sounds really good Sandra, i’m going to check that out! I think i’m pretty good at appreciation and any fun tips how to amp this even more are so very much appreciated!

  • Kai Oceans says:

    Talking with my guide he pointed out to me that I know how to take what I have and where I’m at and build a bridge to where I want to go. That I don’t quit at the beginning but see where I’m at as an exciting adventure which makes it fun for me! I have to agree, my specialty is having fun, not growing up, magic and joy. It really makes everything better that way!
    More so, manifesting money has benefited from that mindset and I didn’t know it till years later, now I take that skill and use it in everything I do! B-)

  • Ariadne says:

    After I read this I started to think about things I am good at. I seem to manifest best when I put it out there and forget about it – which is how a trip to Sweden fell into my lap. But sometimes things seem too big, or too close, and I need to revisit. Then I remembered the times I’ve been told that I write great letters. I have passed a fabulous evening writing a letter to Universe, and am very excited. Thank you so much, Jeannette. I am grateful. And I am excited. Woo hoo!

  • Jeri says:

    I love this! I love that it made me think and realize the things I am good at! I wouldn’t have even thought about it this way….
    I am very good at story telling! I can make up an entire movie in my head at any given moment! I choose to tell the really GREAT ones too!

  • Amina says:

    oooo, love this. True confession… I am so good at manifesting and so good at so many of these things there are MANY things that I am GOOD at! Thanks for the reminder!

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