What Now …

Let’s not forget what we know, fellow creators …

Better feeling thoughts is the name of our game.

Whatever those are for you, take yourself there.

Often and repeatedly. On purpose and with relish.

Whatever they are.

Be willing to explore new territory to find those thoughts of relief. Be willing to surprise yourself.

Because they’re there, just waiting for us to activate them for good work in the world.

And the thoughts that feel better right now will likely evolve over time, so don’t stop reaching to find new ones.

Continue to reach for what feels better.

Remember what works for you isn’t likely the same thought that works for everyone else.

Let them have theirs. You have yours.

We don’t have to agree.

But when we consistently choose thoughts that feel better, we empower the world we prefer.

Let’s remember that. And practice it.

It’s not our first rodeo.

We’ve got this.

Good things are always in store. Let’s be a match for them.

  • November 9, 2016
  • Preet says:

    Jeanette you gave me a much needed perspective on how to approach the results of the election. I am actually a British citizen, but as a woman of colour who believes in fundamental human rights for ALL, I was totally horrified and heartbroken by the election outcome.
    I have been outraged at the excuse making, media normalisation and lies regarding a toxic campaign that was rooted in bigotry, lies, misogyny and the propagation of hate. I have been outraged that the first African-American president has had to suffer the indignity of welcoming a racist endorsed by the KKK. But at the same I have been heartened at the fact that I am not alone in my outrage or desire to use my energy to fight for the protection of others.
    What you said about how we get to decide how to use our energy made me realise that I am not powerless and that I have sovereignty over my actions regardless of who is in power. That has motivated me to donate part of the proceeds of my business income to organisations fighting for the protection of civil liberties and economic empowerment. I am also going to start a mentorship and funding program to help creators and entrepreneurs achieve their goals and feel empowered. And I will continue to support and fight for the rights of others. Thank you for motivating me to focus my energy in the right direction.
    However, whilst I respect everyone’s right to express themselves freely, I was extremely concerned by a comment I read in this thread stating that they prayed for both candidates and found something they liked about each (even if difficult) so that the they were a “winner either way”. I get the rationale behind this argument in usual circumstances, but this was an unusual election and as such, I felt that this was a cop out.
    I may not be popular for saying this but sometimes things are just downright unconscionable.
    Yes, I get that the reasons for Trump’s win were complex, but I am very concerned at the normalising of a candidate whose entire rhetoric was based on hate, racism and xenophobia. The fact that he bragged about sexual assault. The fact that he lied again and again. The fact that he doesn’t pay his workers. Is the only president in history to not reveal his tax returns. The fact that he is a racist. The fact that he has cases for fraud coming up. The fact that his assault accusers go into the double digits. And just the fact that he mocked disability should have been enough for him to be ineligible to run.
    But yet the fact that over 60 million people chose to ignore serious threats to human rights and vote for Trump regardless astounds the majority of people outside of the US.
    And I’m tired of mainstream media playing the seriousness of this down. What concerns me in this “finding one good thing about this candidate to be a winner” approach is that where does one draw the line between the self and standing up for what is right? And where is the distinction between not being a bigot and enabling bigotry?
    As Dr King said: “an injustice anywhere is threat to justice everywhere”.
    So thank you Jeanette in reminding me that I get to choose how and where to focus my energy. And I’m going to do what I can in my own little way to help empower others.

    • anonymous says:

      So wonderfully put….thanks, thanks, thanks….
      The Catholic nuns who educated me in primary school would say love the person, but oppose the dreadful behavior. In this case, I think we have to call the racism, the misogyny, the bigotry what it is, which is totally unacceptable and grossly inappropriate in any leader, much less our president. It is outrageous to accept this as normal — it is actually without precedent.
      And, as you point out, lots of this behavior is not just repugnant, but, in fact, criminal ….
      The only thing I can think and believe and hold onto….it is darkest before the dawn, and this kind of situation often brings out the best in those who love and respect others.
      Love trumps hate, every time.
      All the best…

    • Jeannette says:

      Preet, I get your point about feeling concerned for letting him off the hook for things that really don’t seem right. (And it’s my Byron Katie Work that allows me to say “seem” in that sentence.)
      I think there’s a difference between choosing love because we get okay with what he’s up to vs. choosing love because that’s who we are and because we know that love is the way to go.
      Here’s what I thought of immediately after reading your comment …
      The other day I was supposed to meet my dad for a movie. It was at a theater I’ve never been to. I had the tickets. He was waiting for me in the lobby while I was still driving in circles looking for the damn theater. Siri was no help, and I was getting frustrated quickly. This is supposed to be FUN. Going to a movie should be EASY. it shouldn’t be this hard to find a blankety blank big theater!! This is ruining my Sunday!
      By the time I pulled over to call dad and tell him I was not finding it, the movie was about to start and I was in a foul state of being. Who picked this theater?! Why doesn’t Siri know it?! WTF with all this construction that makes it so hard to backtrack? It was NOT good.
      Dad answered his cell phone and heard my rant about the whole thing.
      And he didn’t miss a beat. “Okay, where are you?” He was calm. He was collected. He was clear. He was helpful. He didn’t join me in thinking how wrong it was. He didn’t add to my misery by agreeing that the day was spoiled. He asked where I was.
      Even when I said I didn’t know where the hell I was, my energy didn’t phase his. He stayed in his grounded state.
      Normally, when I’m this hot, when ANY person is this hot, it’s easy for it to affect the others around them. They get flustered and frustrated, too, and then we’re all compromised.
      But my dad didn’t go there with me.
      In his grounded state, I calmed down, too. And he gave me instructions that worked. We made it for previews, and I was able to enjoy the movie – specifically because he refused to get upset with me, and in that higher vibe state, mine rose, too.
      It’s a small thing. A silly thing, even. (Late for a movie? This doesn’t compare!)
      But the process does.
      If what you’re feeling when you think about Trump doesn’t feel good, it isn’t helping. Keep looking for the thought that does, and you’ll be of service to not only yourself but everyone else here. And only you will know what thought feels better. (If I knew what it was for you, I’d type it here! But it’s often different for each of us.)
      This also reminds me of the Abe quote about unconditional love: “If you can give up on needing someone to be lovable before you love them, you’ll be free.”
      The reason that matters to me is because I know I am more powerful when I am aligned than when I am not aligned. And when I’m feeling resentment or outrage or fear I am not aligned. If you’re fighting for the protection of others, that fighting energy is propagating more fight. We of all people know that like attracts like. Even the vibration of protection creates someone who needs protecting. We can do so much better than this! We know too much to do it in the old way!
      So I’m aspiring to follow my dad’s lead, and not the negative energy of others disrupt my aligned state. I’m doing my best to stay grounded and centered. (I literally laughed out loud as I typed that after recalling how a simple navigational challenge threw me off my game.)
      But it’s work worth doing. Because I believe that I am of highest service to others when I find a way to feel better. And getting riled up might feel better for a minute, but the benefits of that pass quickly for me and then it’s time to take a step higher.
      I also wanted to remind about my crackhead neighbor story:
      and how that experience taught me never to think I “know” who a person is and what they’re capable of. It’s been proven to me that love and light exist in the places and people you’d be least likely to find it. Who we know them to be is how they show up for us. So I am choosing to see the best because that’s what I want to elicit from everyone, including myself. 🙂
      PS – I want to add, I can often say this better than I can practice it. But practicing it makes me better at it, and I know too much about energy to think there’s any other way to go.

      • Preet says:

        Hi Jeanette
        Thank you for your response and I really appreciate you taking the time to reply.
        I hear what you are saying and completely agree that when one is in an state of anger, fear or outrage it can lead to irrational behaviour that doesn’t help anyone. It’s damaging to the self and others around you.
        I also understand what you are saying about like attracting like, but if the civil rights movement and suffragettes hadn’t persistently fought for their rights then I dread to think where we would be.
        I think I just feel that sometimes when things are so evidently wrong, they have to be called out. Nevertheless, I totally heed your advice that approaching my response and action from the point of outrage is not productive at all. In fact it can be positively toxic.
        I am trying to find a point from which to start feeling better and be the change I want to see in the world. So I am going to start with empathy, kindness and compassion.
        Again I really appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to reply.
        Have a good day and all the best.
        Kind Regards

        • Jeannette says:

          “… sometimes when things are so evidently wrong, they have to be called out. … approaching my response and action from the point of outrage is not productive at all. In fact it can be positively toxic.”
          That sounds exactly like the trick many of us navigate when strong contrast inspires us to new desires – being sure to be on the “desire” side of it rather than the “contrast” side. Easier said than done, and one I still work on myself. 🙂

  • Sandra says:

    I decided to take back my power as a deliberate creator and came up with the following intention/declaration: “I have decided I’m going to be even happier, healthier and wealthier (than I already am) during the Trump administration!” Ahh…that feels better! 😊👍🏾✌🏾🇺🇸

  • april says:

    If you like Abraham, there’s an interesting conversation on You Tube from a recent workshop about Donald Trump. The name of it is “Abraham Hicks – Donald Trump is on the Path to Vortex.” Abraham is complimentary towards Trump. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VeS8hI0aYJ8

  • CJ says:

    It was so soothing to hear part of the call so perfectly timed and yet I noticed an “Empath’s Overload” where I felt the sadness and shock of many. The beautiful thing is that I can now after years of practice, know how much is me and how much is other and care about both without draining my energy so I have more to give in healthy high vibe ways.
    I felt that by just reminding myself that the community was present and we are all healing together was hugely supportive for me.
    Also, I know there is great benefit in coming fully back into the body when we are shaken up a bit and perhaps knocked off the energetic foundation of our vessel or even excited into hyper-space. so I practiced this in the car and between clients as often do, but it had a more spark lit slant to it than usual. Needed that!
    I keep reminding myself that I don’t have to understand why Universe would unbalance through this happening nor to try to change the process in store in all states of time. (Parallels are us!) I can step fully into Spirit and devotion to trusting Divine to take care of everyone.

  • Sejual Shah says:

    In an odd quiet kind of way, I’m thanking Trump. When the UK decided to leave the EU earlier this year I was devastated by the election result. I empathise with Americans who are feeling similar this week. I truly understand from first hand experience. There are parallels between the two results.
    After that June vote I made it my work to consistently find better feeling thoughts AND to leverage the negative contrast I was feeling. I had issues around loss of stability as I used to work as a lawyer in Brussels practising EU law. I had issues around loss of identity as I have thought of myself as a European citizen as much as a Brit. I felt separation anxiety before Article 50 has even been triggered (if it ever will). I leveraged all those things and much much more by using EFT. I made peace within myself at a very deep level dealing kindly with the fear and anxiety.
    Back to thanking Trump . . . waking up Wednesday morning I haven’t once lost my emotional calm. I had the realisation that my well-being is never dependent on what’s happening in my country or who purports to be the leader of a global power.
    I have amazing synchronicities showing up in my life on an almost daily basis. Sometimes these are jaw-dropping. I am daily reminded how only kind people come my way and surround me with their expansive energy. I have the loveliest possible clients to work with and it’s always so easy to help them shift their stuff. It seems to take no effort at all and I then look back and wonder how we covered so much ground.
    My well-being has everything to do with how deeply connected I am to Source and boy do I feel the love on a daily basis.
    Thank you Mr Trump for reminding me that I create my own reality and only the best comes my way. Thank you for reminding me that the peace I have nurtured in my heart is so deliciously honed that nothing can shake my belief in it.

  • Susann says:

    Just wanted to pop back to add something. A whole long day has passed since I wrote my first comment, and I want so badly to give each & every one of you here such a hug of gratitude & love! All your voices helped, even the frightened ones — knowing we can offer a safe spot to someone who’s fearful is a powerful force for good. I’ve kept the TV off today, haven’t looked at a newspaper or news report, have avoided 99% of the internet. The only places I’ve been are those filled with loving souls who are seeking peace & understanding & the “better feeling” with me. So many views, so much caring, so many sweet & gentle words. It’s going to take me some time to feel anything coming close to love or gratitude for much of what I’ve seen & heard during this election, and I can accept that. But there’s also this beautiful “cloud” of what I can only describe as pure love emanating from so many of us, reaching out to embrace those who need it. I know there are many frightened people in the US today: immigrants, Muslims, people of colour, women, the poor & disenfranchised, members of the LBGT community — all day I’ve been trying to wrap them in this cloud, telling them there are those of us who are here for them, who will support them. Maybe all this fracturing that we’ve experienced is just the beginning of a great cultural healing. It gives me hope. Thank you, everyone.

    • anonymous says:

      Yes, yes, yes…..I’m so glad you popped back.
      You are right…this shock has made many, many people unafraid, indeed absolutely driven, to express so much love and support for each other. The silver lining is showing.
      Love trumps hate….lots of evidence today….

  • april says:

    Abraham has said before that the one who wins in a contest is the one in most alignment. So true to form, the Universe conspired to have the one in most alignment win. It was interesting to see the cooperative components come into place for Trump to win. Personally, I voted for Hillary. Bashar also made 2016-2017 predictions. He said in the Fall of 2016 a major event would happen. He also predicted global financial problems for 2017.

  • Lisa says:

    When I got up at 2a.m., my boyfriend told me the election results. Terrifying to say the least. I send out positive thoughts to our President elect and the Universe provides wisdom, peace, love, and compassion as POTUS. I don’t know about the rest of you but I’ve had enough contrast for a lifetime in one, single day.
    Peace Friends!

  • Carmen says:

    For us conscious creators, Trump does NOT create our reality! Also, our ancestors went through worst than what we could ever imagine experiencing in this lifetime of ours.
    I’m looking at the positive in this current American life: The advancements in medical science, technology, and science of the mind (Science is slowly but surely coming around to the truth that your thoughts/feelings do create your reality).
    People are finding ways to create a new system of work, school, money, and even daily living since the old models have ran their course.
    Also, if this Trump presidency does cause chaos, look at it this way: It can open the door for a brand new leader that could lead us into an even brighter, clearer, newer future (Obama, JFK, and Clinton on steroids times 3, lol).
    Don’t forget conscious creators, what we resist always persist! It’s exactly why Trump won the presidency. Let this be a lesson for all!

  • Mary Lou says:

    Finding a better feeling thought. And, listen to your guidance system. When you feel like you’ve been kicked in the belly, you know that you are not connected to source. I feel awful when I let myself begin to rant about “THEM”. Need to remember that there is no THEM.

  • Simon says:

    Given what just happened it seems we (the whole world) must be collectively needing the contrast. So let us conscious creators allow it to (quoting Jeanette) “turn into a dream come true … all is always well”!

  • Mona says:

    Well now I am sure we live in a world where anything is possible.

  • Olviia says:

    Honestly, the way I look at this, this gives all of us an opportunity to unite and see each other as equals. Yes, people are angry for various reasons, but at the same times, it’s reminded me that in the darkest times, afterwards is when the best times come to us. I feel those wonderful feelings and they make me feel amazing! 🙂

  • Amina says:

    Love this, Jeannette. I would add also 1) congratulate Trump supporters. I am amazed that Obama has invited him to the White House tomorrow – what a great example of “sportsman-like” behavior 2) random acts of kindness all day today – how can we brighten the day of every single individual we meet today and 3) self love – how can you brighten your own day – whether it is a victory celebration or a nurturing bath, lunch, walk, conversation with a loved one – do something for you today!

  • Shan says:

    ‘When we consistently choose thoughts that feel better, we empower the world we prefer’ – so succinctly put, Jeannette; yes, and what an opportunity we have now to do that. I have a fantastic opportunity to stand in my truth and express it. How important it is to see beyond what many perceive as ‘current reality.’On one level, we don’t know what is going to happen next; as was said ‘anything can happen before January 20th.’ Indeed so – and, of course, we contribute to creating that by who we are and what we focus on. I am feeling that something has been released. and, yes, love to DT – why not! We are the change.

  • Saira says:

    As a minority immigrant female i am scared.
    Thank you for this post.
    I needed this more than ever.
    I will keep re reading until i get to the feeling of happiness, positivity , joy and freedom.

  • Meg says:

    Thank you Jeannette. Between you and my Mom this morning (who has no idea what LOA is, but still manages to practice it to the good most of the time), you’re reminding me that we have been here before. And one of the things that keeps coming up is accepting the unacceptable. And this seems to be a big one to practice that on.
    I am also keeping the idea of wow, Trump’s Presidency was really short. And holy cow, Justices RBH and Kennedy must be doing a lot of alignment exercises because they are looking and feeling healthier. And OMG, look how many women and minority candidates that are running for the House of Representatives. And Wow, look at these deep conversations of compassion and acceptance all over the country using the words “We” and “Us” instead of “Us vs. Them” And did you ever think there would be SUCH energy behind the Equal Right Amendment and revising the Electoral College? I mean, people have been talking about it FOREVER, but it’s happening.
    Okay, I am feeling better now.

    • anonymous says:

      That is an impressive list of things to be grateful for….thanks…it really did shift my perspective.
      This (rock bottom) election could be the beginning of great things….

  • anonymous says:

    I will admit that I felt sick to my stomach over the news this morning. I don’t want to sound over dramatic, but I worry about the US election because it shares many similarities to what happened during WWII. My grandmother told me many people never believed that Hitler would gain power, and we all know how that turned out. I feel very fearful and powerless right now. I know more than a few people whose lives are going to be drastically affected by Trump and the Republican dominated government. I feel so much fear for them, for my family and for myself as well.

  • Patricia says:

    I am still in a state where I go back and forth between “I will add beauty to tis world, there is so much good” to “I am scared and hurt”, I swing back and forth like a pendulum. Hopefully that will settle down soon.
    I KNOW what you are telling me is true, it is just hard right now.

  • Anonymous says:

    Today is very ironic. I saw on tv that Trump is the new US president. We all know that he believes that moslems are bad people. I think he’s wrong & not a moslem. Also today on tv I saw many moslem leaders in my country Indonesia threaten that it will be a massive riot if they don’t get what they want. Isn’t that ironic? Trump is wrong but he’s also right.
    Why did I create this? I feel angry, sad and frustated. I feel powerless. Forgiving my self is the best I can do.
    Jeannette, thank you for let me ranting here. Love your blog!

    • Janette says:

      Thank you Anonymous – your rant has just helped me find another bit of clarity as I work towards “all is well here” (and believe me, I need all the help I can get!)
      I’m so sorry you feel angry, sad and frustrated. I’ve definitely been having those feelings too.
      I’m also feeling deep appreciation for this fact: here you are writing from Indonesia, and here am I writing from Australia.
      I’m sure you know that we, too, have leaders whose words are shocking and frightening. And I hope you know that those leaders do not represent every person they claim to speak for – in the same way that your moslem leaders don’t speak for every moslem person (of course)
      And I know how hard that question can feel – the one that says “how did I create this?”
      How did I create Pauline Hanson and One Nation and all their horrible words and actions here in Australia?
      First of all, I didn’t create them, any more than you created the leaders who are making threats.
      We are not responsible for the behaviour of others.
      We are only responsible for how we experience them, and how we choose to respond.
      AND I may have created her, by not stepping up as much as I could. I may not have spent the time and energy creating what I DO want.
      And now that she’s here, what do I do? What do I learn? How do I create what I want?
      First, I get clarity from their behaviour. One Nation gives me utter clarity that I want inclusivity, I want kindness to refugees, I want acceptance of all people regardless of faith, ethnicity, race, gender or sexuality.
      Then, I get an opportunity to decide how to act. I’m re-committing to finding ways to actively support those things I mentioned. Like donating or working with groups who are seeking political change FOR something, not against something. Or providing one-on-one support to those who are feeling frightened or isolated because of their faith, race, gender, etc.
      And I find ways to keep my focus on what I want, not what I don’t like. That work will include alignment work, and then action. I don’t yet know what the actions will look like, but I know they will present themselves.
      This journey of life is a work in progress, with some very (very!) rocky bits.
      If nothing else, please know that at least one Australian is reaching the hand of friendship across the ocean to my brothers and sisters in Indonesia.
      <3 <3 <3

      • Nathalie says:

        Thank you, Janette. I have been floundering since the Americans had their election, with no idea what to say to my own readers about this. Am no use to anyone when I’m mired in darkness and struggling to get out.
        Been reading through all the comments on this post, and your responses to people have been so helpful in helping me regain my own equilibrium. Much love to you. ♥

  • Vanessa says:

    Although I didn’t realize it before, I think it supports law of attraction. Trump supporters were focused on what they did want (Trump as president), while many Hillary supporters were focused on what they didn’t want (Trump as president). Good reminder for us all!

    • Meg says:

      Vanessa this is so true! We saw this four years ago when the Republicans kept saying “Anyone but Obama for another four years!” and guess what, Obama got another term.
      This is very much in alignment with LOA so now we have to shift our focus to what we do want.

    • Mona says:

      I agree.

    • Saira says:

      This was Exactly what I was thinking.

    • Mary Lou says:

      oh so true! all along my husband and I could see and feel the PUSHING against! There was little momentum for what was WANTED. as sad as the result is, it is NOT a surprise. (if you believe that we get what we give our attention to)

    • Namaste says:

      You summed it up perfectly. Great point!

  • Sarah says:

    Still in shock as well, but there is still hope people! Anything can happen until January 20th! We must all focus on what we want with all of our might!

    • anonymous says:

      Oh, that’s a wonderful thought…I laughed out loud, and I haven’t done that in the last 48 hours…
      Under grace, for the good of all….
      Thanks so much…

      • anonymous says:

        Hold that thought, focus is right…
        So much talk the last couple of days of impeachment, the president elect losing interest, resigning…
        I don’t know the way to peace and happiness exactly…but God knows, the Universe does…
        I am just imagining eace and love and happiness…to all ….especially the PEOTUS….

  • Susann says:

    Thank you for this, Jeannette. I’m not there yet — it’s going to take me a while longer. I have moments, but then they leave me & I’m lost to rage & disappointment & sadness again (I’ve been up since 3am after only a couple of hours sleep, which has something to do with it). You know when someone close to you has died & you’re going along for a few minutes not thinking about it & you’re ok, then that sense of disbelief & loss hits you again? That’s how I feel. I know the better thought & feeling is there. I know I’ll get it back. And I know all will be well. I do **know** that. But right now my grief is deep & real. I hope you & others will touch on this again over the next days & weeks. I don’t think I’m the only one having trouble. And thank you to everyone else showering love into the world. I bought a membership in GVU this fall when it was on sale but have been too “busy” to participate. Now I know now that I have to chose to make the time — see, already something good coming of last night :-). Blessings & love to everyone here, and to all in the world.

    • Teri stratford says:

      Susann, you are not the only one. I too am struggling with all this. Disbelief. I am crying again just as you say. I need more time. Too soon for all these cheery words. I have had moments of feeling that connection with source becomes the MOST important thing now and that is not a bad thing. This contrast is SO intense. I know I must not let myself fall into fear and hate. If I can’t find love in my heart for Trump and his supporters right now then I can at least find love for myself and kindness. Be a becon for love, not hate. Do my best to stay n the moment, stay connected. Sending blessings to all anyway, in spite of how I’m feeling…

    • Janette says:

      Susann, you are not alone. Grief is a real thing, and the only way through is to honour it. I believe Universe gives us a kind of ‘hall pass’ when we’re experiencing the kind of deep shock and grief that can be triggered when we feel a deep loss of something precious.
      And yes – time to make the choice to participate at GVU – that is DEFINITELY something good to come out of this!
      So is the opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate your own expert way of ‘doing’ grief. Moving through, letting it wash away anything which you might otherwise be tempted to cling to. You’ll wake up from that feeling renewed – a little battered and bruised, maybe – but renewed and ready to take on whatever fresh and loving energy awaits you.
      And I bet it takes less time than you expect.

  • Amanda says:

    Yes, Jeannette, thanks for starting off the day with such a terrific post. I realized upon waking that I was going to be setting my tone no matter what had occurred. So, I’m just going with my plan to be accepting of all things and people. Gonna shine my light of love to everyone. (And it’s funny because it feels particularly brighter today:-)

  • Karen says:

    Today I choose love. I choose humanity. I choose kindness. I choose to see them in someone in whom we have seen anything but these last months. I choose it easily in myself because I know my own, and I choose to see everyone around me in the same light. Be the light. See the light. Create your own world. And above all, let go of fear and trust the universe. It always has your back.

    • Sauterelle says:

      I’m not getting there today. But I choose to see we’ve given the world a lightning rod — a focus for our awareness of hate and intolerance so we can see it. Find it. Fight it. Maybe push it further back than it’s ever been next time. THAT is a tool for good. That feels better to me.

  • Ming says:

    I was barely awake this morning when we took the dogs out to for a pee breaks. Candy says to me he won. I was like what?! She said we choose love today. I went back to bed thinking OMG. Then woke up, yes, we choose love today. Otherwise I’m headed the other direction which is NOT where I want to go today…so I was glad to see your post first thing Jeannette. 🙂 So I could go remind others…. as well as myself.

    • Janette says:

      Right on, Ming!
      I’ve been part of a big FB group supporting a part of the campaign.
      Last night (my time), it was amazing to watch people who were in shock rallying themselves and others – with the clear message “now we focus on love and we make it real and bring it to the world”.
      Knowing that this will inspire people to get even clearer about more love in the world? THAT makes me smile.

  • Carol says:

    A question to everyone, regardless of how you voted: Why, of all of the infinite parallel universes there are, did you choose this one at this time? There are infinite parallel universes right now where Hillary is the new president elect. Same with Donald. And even parallel universes where Bernie Sanders and the other candidates were elected. If you truly believe that everything in life happens “for” you instead of “to” you, then there is something here for all of us sharing this particular universe. What is your part to play? What is there for you to learn? What greater good might come from this? Some things to ponder . . .

    • Janette says:

      We DID all choose those other multiverses!
      At least, a version of us did.
      The question is really ‘why did this version of me choose this particular reality?’
      And I suspect the answer is different for each of us.
      For me, it may be to teach me and/or remind me that out of great contrast comes great beauty.
      Or I might have chosen this version in order to get sink-my-teeth-in mastery of How To Love EVERYONE And Not Just Those Who Agree With Me 101. (Hm, yup, that’s an area I have room for improvement!)
      I don’t think we can generalise and say “we chose this reality for this purpose”. Maybe we can. I honestly don’t know.
      I do know that saying “we chose …” feels a little like imposing my personal WHY on everyone else who’s here with me. Which doesn’t feel 100 percent awesome. And for some who are deep in genuine pain right now, it would look a lot like victim-blaming. Not my happy place.
      But I CAN find a good reason for why *I* chose this reality.
      I may not quite have full access to the reason right now, since I’m still doing a bit of processing (and that’s okay)
      Or rather, I can only get to the WHY as an intellectual exercise for now. I’m not there yet, deep to my bones and with utter trust and light.
      It’s a work in progress.
      But I DO trust that this version of me is in this reality for a purpose. And I DO trust that it will come clear to me, and soon.
      Thank you for a really good question and the opportunity to tease this out!

      • Carol says:

        Thank you for your thoughtful answer, Janette! For the record, I didn’t vote for Donald or Hillary. My desire throughout this entire process has been that the person who will serve the greatest good gets elected. The questions I posed in the earlier post came to me this morning (from spirit, I believe), and I have been pondering them for myself throughout the day. They have helped me to step back and try to see things from a broader perspective.

  • Leslie says:

    Jeannette you did it again! Thanks for this post!
    Everything always works out perfectly for me.
    In my state, SC, there are a lot of happy people this morning. I’m going to enjoy that!
    The light is in Donald Trump, as it is in everyone.
    I believe there’s a new dog in my vortex. After months with only kitties, a dog’s energy would bring a lot of joy. (I love you kitties.)
    While we don’t have marijuana to comfort us in SC, (not legally anyway) there’s always wine!
    Life is so good!

  • Sandra says:

    Thanks for this great post, Jeannette!!
    This morning I decided the best thing I can do is give my love to Trump, anything other than that vibe feeds the opposite outcome.
    In Massachusetts, we can at least comfort ourselves with weed. 😉
    God bless us everyone!

  • Anonymous says:

    I was so hoping you would post this morning…bless your heart! I needed the lift….
    I could barely sleep, and even at the saddest times in my life, I have been able to get my beauty sleep….this is hard.
    This morning, I am trying to say …. Wow, that was a quick four years(2020)….Thank goodness there are still plenty of sane, kind people around to dampen the anger of some….That shift to the far-right, that shift to non-acceptance, to prejudice–it showed us that really we don’t want that.
    Here’s to it working out perfectly …. Thanks for your help….

    • Katy Lowe says:

      I like this!!! Wow that was a quick 4 years! 🙂 🙂
      I’m also doing my best to find relief – even took the morning off work!!
      thank you and thanks Jeannette!

      • anonymous says:

        I am in DC – and apparently LOTS of people took the morning off – we need to regroup emotionally, right?!
        I also thought — Phew, no harm done, thank God!!
        (again, the view from 2020).
        Can you tell I have been praying all morning? As you say, looking for relief, a path ahead…
        All the best….

  • jen says:

    California legalized pot.

  • Jeannette says:

    Some of my better feeling thoughts this morning:
    I’m in charge of what I create.
    No one else can stand in the way of what I want if I don’t let them.
    I know how to feel better.
    I’m doing it right now.
    I’ve had lots of practice at this. I’ve got skills!
    I know how to turn my attention to what I prefer.
    I know how to receive good things.
    I know how to let others have it their way. I know how to not get caught up in their creations.
    I know Universe has my back and supports whatever I put attention on.
    I know how the system works.
    And let’s face it, big change leads to great things! Because I know how to be a match for good news.
    I know how to trust it’s all working out for the better.
    I understand the value of contrast.
    I know how to let the benefit of that contrast in.
    I know how to let life get even better.
    It’s probably happening RIGHT NOW. 🙂

    • Sauterelle says:

      I knew you would have something to say that would make me feel better this morning. Thank you.

    • Namaste says:

      What if you spent this entire election rooting for both candidates to win?
      I have a very real reason for doing this, it just makes more sense…
      I use to go through so much turmoil during election time. If my candidate won, I was running around happy. If my candidate lost, I was miserable.
      A number of years ago, my candidate lost. I was a mess. Talk about out of the vortex. Over four years, I noticed that the person I voted against actually made some really good decisions on some stuff I cared about. I was surprised. And that’s when I realized that when my candidate had won in past elections, that person didn’t always make decisions I liked. The big lesson from this observation was that it’s actually possible NOT to lose during election. No matter who gets into office, that person is going to make some decisions I like and some I don’t.
      Before each election, I make a point to find things I like about both candidates. This can really take some looking BUT IT ALWAYS POSSIBLE. Then no matter who wins on Nov 8, I ALWAYS WIN. Not only does this feel good. It also insures that I don’t get caught in the trap of focusing on what I don’t want, like so many people did during this election. It only takes doing this simple exercise once to realize how life changing it can be. Something to keep in mind for 2020 =)

      • april says:

        I totally agree. I remember being upset when Bush won the 2nd time. Now I’m pretty chill about all of this. I also was thinking of good things about Trump if Hillary lost. Trump did say he wanted health care for everyone and he did not want to see anyone die in the street because they didn’t have health care. He seemed very sincere and I liked his compassion about that. Also, I didn’t hear him say he wanted to cut out a bunch of social programs which Mitt Romney said he would do, or that he wanted to do away with Social Security. He didn’t call social programs “entitlement programs,” which was bandied around constantly in the last election.

    • Bruce says:

      Just for a very short time after I saw the election results, I became upset and a little angry. Then I thought this-What can a politician do or say that can control my life and my thoughts? I’ve been trusting LOA, meditation, essentially anything that will keep me in the Vortex and feeling good.
      I thought about this-What can a politician do or say that is going to make or break my day, interfere with my connection to Source Energy, or truly affect my Vibrational alignment?
      Answer-Nothing, unless I allow it to. I am in control of my thoughts, my feelings, and my reactions to what others say, think, or do.
      I thought for a minute about what President Obama has said or done the last 8 years that either made me have a great day or a bad day. The answer is nothing.
      What makes me have a good or bad day is MY THOUGHTS, ACTIONS, AND FEELINGS. Namaste, I love what you said, and it was the inspiration for my post. Peace & love to all!!

    • CJ says:

      I wrote more below yet I wanted to thank you Jeannette for having the post there before I went out into the world and for your additions to the call.
      That is the stuff that helps me “turn my attention to what I prefer”
      An inspiring being, or two or couple hundred:)
      Another bettering thought is that this reminds me of The Tower in the Tarot- years ago when I got that card a lot in my throws for a time, things did crumble but rebuilt into a much, much better creation.

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