What Really Matters about Tuesday’s Election

Deliberate Creators and the Presidential ElectionThe other day I wrote about purposely finding my love for “the other guy” in this year’s presidential election.

I practiced that love by no longer “liking” facebook posts that shared opposition to that party.  I stopped judging neighbors displaying the other party’s campaign signs.  And I read some favorable stories about the candidate to soften my perspective.

The reason I practiced that love is because we empower what we push against, and I didn’t want responsibility for electing my “don’t wants.”

But today I want to refocus on what really matters about Tuesday’s election:

No matter who is elected, deliberate creators know that no one or no thing is more powerful than our own vibration.  No one else can affect us negatively unless we are party to it.

While some voters may be disappointed or angry that their candidate didn’t win, and they imagine the demise of the country because of it, deliberate creators know not to get caught up in that.  Because we each create our own reality.  We know we can thrive no matter who is in office.

Terri C. just reminded me of Abraham’s quote along these lines: “A million people could be pushing against you, and it would not negatively affect you unless you push back.”

Knowing that is what allows me to soften my earlier thoughts about how important it is to get the “right” guy in office.  (I’ve actually said out loud that I would not live in a country run by that other guy.  So I know resistance!)

But the truth is it only affects my life negatively if I vibrate that; and I know better than to do that.  At least, I eventually know better.  Savvy creators aren’t subject to election results.

This Tuesday, as we cast our votes, let’s also visualize a thriving and prosperous economy, a strong and peaceful government, and healthy happy citizens.  After all, we’re deliberate creators – we’re in the business of making dreams come true.

  • November 4, 2012
  • Here’s another great quote from Abraham along these lines:
    “Everyone can win no matter which side of the political or religious debate they are standing upon, everyone.”
    “They are so busy pushing against what they don’t want that what they don’t want is active in their vibration.”
    “If everyone would relax they’d all get what they want and they’d have fun in the getting of it, you see.”
    ~ Abe Mexico Cruise 2009, CD 6

  • robinvk says:

    well said. I appreciate your perspective on the whole thing. I too, hope my guy wins!

  • Thanks for reading, Steve.
    And Matt, thanks for another strategy to find the feel good in this.

  • Matt OGrady says:

    What election? 🙂
    Love your comment, Evan!
    Yes, 20 years ago I was very passionate Green Party advocate and after some time I realized how the whole experience I wold throw myself into such a tough place around it all. The last election I gave it a little attention and felt good about it. This one feels REALLY uncomfortable whenever I focus any attention on it in any specific way, so I have turned my attention to the Planet, to Humanity, to Nature, to the Animals, to the Universe. Feels So much better to me, so I get in my vortex and then I add in and this election and all involved with it sending in the same easy-love I am able to generate for all the other thoughts and then I feel much better. Ah, Good times. 🙂

  • Steve says:

    Good Post

  • That sums up our power in a nutshell, doesn’t it, Katie? Here’s to choosing to thrive, no matter what!

  • Katie says:

    Love Love Love this! I try to avoid all things political, which at this point I’d have to
    Live in a cave to successfully do that, but I love this post! It’s true, we are what we make our worlds to be. So no matter who wins this week, I’ll choose to thrive either way!

  • What a beautiful realization, Jillian, that our ‘deep caring’ doesn’t always result in the results we want. lol
    And you’re right, this wouldn’t be the first time we survived “the worst.” tee hee
    Thank you for posting – your words are helping bring this point home a lot!

  • I love this! Yes, I used to be quite passionate about politics, would get really worked up. But then realized that, indeed, my passion is just fueling this great divide. And honestly, I would rather that we were a country that worked together, instead of stood so divided on our issues.
    And the truth is, if it is someone that we don’t want in office, whose beliefs and behaviors are so contrary to our own, it is only a greater opportunity for growth for our country. To decide who we are and what we are about. What we value and what we stand behind.
    It is true, a previous president I thought would be the end of the world, that I would need to leave the country while he was in office. But life continued on. Yes, challenges arose and bad things happened, but it gave us a great opportunity to re-examine ourselves and grow as a nation. I think in the end, we took a great step forward.
    I’m excited for the next four years, of course hoping my guy wins. 🙂

  • Evan, you are brilliant!!!
    Why didn’t *I* think of that?!
    woo hoo for manifesting the best of both worlds!

  • Evan Griffith says:

    I second that emotion, Jeannette!
    I’m voting for Obomney — my ideal candidate combining the best qualities of each. Yes, I am voting for my candidate of choice, but internally I’m putting it out there that no matter who gets elected the ideal bursts forth and governs from that higher perspective.
    Thank you yet again for the timeliest of insights —

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