What We Make Up About Money

rupiahs.jpgThe rupiahs are here!

If you follow Good News posts, you’ll know how excited I was to receive rupiahs for a copy of my Pray Rain Journaling eBook.

A reader offered to exchange to dollars before sending, but I specifically asked her not to.  Two hundred thousand rupiahs!  Can you imagine?!

And that’s what the mailman delivered yesterday.  I lit up like a Christmas tree when I realized what I was signing for.

In fact, I made the mailman wait while I opened it.  “You have to see this,” I told him.

And sure enough – there were four beautiful, colorful, exotic, completely foreign (to me) bills: two 50,000 denominations and one 100,000.

There’s a young guy with a cute mustache on the 50,000 bill, and two older more distinguished looking gentlemen on the bigger bill.

The mailman was unimpressed.  I tried to explain.  He didn’t get it.

But it didn’t extinguish my delight.

My ex and his friend came over.

“Check this out!” I handed him two hundred thousand rupiahs.  “What do you think of that?”

He looked at the foreign paper and said, “I think you got ripped off.”

“I asked for these,” I explained.  I didn’t want to spend them.  Is he crazy?  How often do you get to hold rupiahs?  I wanted to experience them.  And here I had two hundred THOUSAND of them in my hot little hand!  woo hoo!

His friend handled the bills; for a minute I thought he might be impressed.

“How much is your book??”  I told him he was holding the equivalent of $20.  He handed it back and said when he went to Mexico the vendors only wanted U.S. dollars.  “Dollars are what’s valuable.”

Such party poopers, these two.

Irregardless, I’m enjoying these four bills.

But the reason I’m writing about them is because it made me realize something about money.

That is that it’s .. so .. arbitrary.  I mean, these bills mean nothing (at least nothing to me).  It’s a couple scraps of paper, with some writing and colors and faces, and .. that’s it.

It’s almost like the whole money thing is kind of pointless.  I thought how ridiculous my dollars must look to others who don’t understand what they represent.

Yes, these rupiah bills are beautiful, but they don’t have a charge like a $100,000 bill would for me.  Or even a $10 bill.  They just don’t look like .. money.

Which is giving me all sorts of insights about how I feel about money.

For example, if someone had mailed a $20 bill instead, I might think:

  • “Good thing no one stole it in the mail” or …
  • “Get it in the wallet so you don’t lose track” or
  • “That’s what you earned for your hard work.”  Maybe even
  • “That will get you into the movies tonight.”

Those thoughts reveal that I’m CAREFUL with money – which means I’m vibrating some sort of “beware you don’t lose it” equaling fear or lack.  I’m also seeing it as something that I EARNED, rather than a limitless energy that comes forth simply because I said so.  And it shows that I equate it to life pleasures.

Look what I’m making up about money!  Ridiculous!

I know a Money Coach who likes to reiterate that money is just a metaphor.  She says money isn’t real; it’s just a bartering tool we assign arbitrary meaning to.  I didn’t deeply understand that concept until I spent time with rupiahs.

Money isn’t powerful.  I am.

Money can’t liberate me.  It can’t love me.  It can’t make me happy.  (Well, the rupiahs kind of did.  hee hee – j/k!)

Money truly IS just a symbol of energy, something that we can manipulate as easily as we manipulate water, oxygen, electricity, love, etc.

Money isn’t tricky.  It’s not hard.  It’s not even valuable.

Go figure.

If we could succeed at removing any negative charge we have with money, can you imagine how easily we would manifest it?

You know each of us is really good at manifesting something “easy” – like parking spots, green lights, good seats, quick appointments, etc.?

Well, we’re good at those things because we’ve come to think of them as “easy.”  You think of money that same way, and it’ll be JUST as manipulable.

In the meantime, if you have trouble thinking of money as easy, get some foreign currency in hand.  I suspect it’ll help grease the wheels.

  • June 20, 2008
  • The first thing I do is remember that money is just energy – no different than everything else in the world.
    Whatever I’m thinking is “easy” in my world – I remember that money is just as easy as that. Water, oxygen, dog kisses, etc.
    It’s all easy.
    When we THINK of it as easy.
    So this other thing that I recognize as easy and abundant (dog kisses work for me), I feel that feeling. I get really familiar and comfortable with it. Dogs are everywhere! And they love to give kisses! Everywhere I go, there’s another dog to kiss! Not just my own three, but dogs at the park, dogs at the store, dogs roaming the neighborhood, dogs on tv, dogs in cars, EVERYWHERE.
    Okay, I got that nice easy vibe flowing, now I practice feeling that way about MONEY, too.
    It’s everywhere. It’s in abundance. It’s EASY.
    If I were you, Steve, I’d practice sending money out with love (in smaller ways at first), and then build it up to bigger expenditures.
    I’d also look for people who have a different attitude about money than I do and start copycatting them. (Is that a word?)
    I’d try on THEIR perspective and see how it feels.
    My coach had me read Paris Hilton’s Confessions in order to get the feel of what it’s like to be someone who doesn’t have a single worry about money. hee hee
    It worked.
    PS – thanks for posting these questions, Steve! They’re not only great questions, but they’re common ones, too! Lots of folks are benefiting from your willingness to post here. So thanks again. 🙂

  • Steve says:

    So what are the techniques that you guys are using to not care about money?
    I tend to analyze, and over think everything, so letting go of stuff seems to be something I struggle with. I agree 100% that I make money something hard to have and keep, so I end up being very cautious about spending it and feel bad everytime i do purchase soemthing, since I have so little and so many places it needs to go.
    What do I need to do to change things around and really manifest my desires?

  • Gillian, just seeing your post now …
    Yeah, I am getting WAY more leverage out of those rupiahs as rupiahs than I ever would have as dollars. lol
    Jeff says he wants one, too, so I will share a 50,000 one with him next time I see him. Which will be the first time I see him.
    But that will be an auspicious way to start a meeting – by handing over a 50,000 rupiah bill.
    hee hee
    You can tell I’m still having fun with all the zeroes on this money!! lol
    Thanks again, Gillian!

  • Well that’s the secret, Iyabo, is being aware and honest enough to determine what our vibration truly is.
    What to one person might feel like nervous sand-digging could to another feel like blissful, worriless (ha, I made that up) peace.
    My ex, for example, is totally okay with trusting his next house payment to manifest itself in the nick of time. I’m nervous if I don’t have a couple of those set aside and clear ideas about where future are coming from.
    If I tried to live it his way, it’d be Worry City for me, no matter how much I denied it. But we’re totally opposite when it comes to getting to an unfamiliar place at a specific time. I am MRS. Trusting that it all works out perfectly, and he gets to be a nervous wreck if we don’t have ten extra minutes to spare.
    Knowing yourself comes in pretty handy, huh?
    Good question, Iyabo! Thanks for posting! I’m interested to read others’ responses on that …

  • Iyabo says:

    Hey guys, this is my question: What is the difference between being an ostrich about money and digging your head in the sand and trying not to think about it versus not worrying about money.
    I think I have been an ostrich about money but I thought I was busy not worrying about it. Well, the proof is in the LOA pudding! I guess, being an ostrich about money still vibes “worry” Go figure!

  • Judi, that is EXACTLY why so much of my LOA coaching includes stories of others. Because once we know it’s possible (“hey, so-and-so did it, why can’t I?”) we get an incredible leg up on the vibration of it!
    I still quote to my coach clients who are trying to build their practice something my coach said to me years ago: “Ten clients?! That’s EASY!! Even a SUCKY coach can get ten clients!”
    It puts it so much more in reach to see others are doing it or have done it, too.
    For that reason, your question to Kim is incredibly valuable. Thank you for asking it, Judi!

  • Judi says:

    Jeannette, I can see now what you mean about us wanting to know the nuts and bolts and to make sense of the LOA rather than trusting. I guess I was guilty of that! I am way too cerebral a lot of the time!
    I also wanted to, as you said, plant the seeds for my own manifestation. Hearing other people’s wondrous stories helps me to trust. It bolsters my belief that this all really works in the real world. If I’m having a doubtful day I can think of Kim’s story and say, “hey, remember, this stuff really works!”

  • Gillian says:

    Jeannette, I am happy to hear that. If I would have known that I would have broken down one of the 50,000,- Rupiah notes in smaller denomonations, like 20,000,- notes and 5000 notes, because they all look different, different colours and designs. My concern, however, was that you may not be able to exchange the smaller Rupiah bills into dollars and not get your money’s worth. That was my concern all along, that you don’t get, what you are supposed to get, in a trading sense. But I am really happy, that you feel happy and abundant about the Rupiahs and even felt inspired to write an article about money. Never thought the Rupiahs would go that far, ha ha! You will definitely see me posting more often.
    All the best,

  • Good to hear from you, Zoe!
    I picked up that underwear replacement trick from Rebecca Fine (Science of Getting Rich girl). Her article on that subject was Hilarious, and makes it SO easy to shift a money vibe into a lighter, more carefree zone.
    And since money is just energy – or maybe more accurately put – a symbolic representation of energy – remembering to think of it that way is very empowering for most of us.
    Thanks for posting here, Zoe, and for giving us a link to your great work.
    Anyone who hasn’t yet checked out what Zoe’s up to will want to … she’s a treasure!

  • Zoe Routh says:

    Hi Jeannette and gang
    I love this topic – prosperity and abundance stuff is just so much fun. I talked about a similar thing with my Inner Circle group (http://www.innercompassinnercircle.com) – how it’s not the money that trips us up, it’s the arbitrary assignment of meaning to it.
    Since I took Jeannette’ money course where I learned about the idea of substituting the idea of money for an idea of something else made of energy (err- that would ant anything!), and she used the example of underwear, it has depersonalised and de-sensitised the idea of money for me heaps.
    How this works? Take thoughts like ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’ and the sobering impact this has;insert ‘underwear’ and see the effect: ‘underwear doesn’t grow on trees you know.” Ridiculous of course!
    But that’s what we do with money – we make ridiculous associations and conclusions due to our subconscious programming.
    Luckily awareness is the first step away from it.
    Thanks for the reminder J!

  • Gillian says:

    HI Jeannette,
    I am so pleased how happy and excited you are about your Rupiahs and I am ever so happy to have purchased your Pary Rain E-book. Your e-book really is an answer to my prayers and I can already feel a shift in vibration or energy in me after practising Pray Rain for about 2 weeks. I shall keep you posted with some success stories I am having with your e-book very soon. I am also impressed seeing the little picture on the side of the a man holding a stack of Rupiahs.
    And as to money, yes, you know what Taoist say about Money or everything on this planet :it’s “empty”! Everything is empty and holds no value or meaning until we assign value or meaning to it. Its always our mind in play, which assigns meaning and value to objects, that are in itself “empty”. And we place usually place value on an object if it serves us in one way or another, ya that’s the name of the game, unfortunately. That is the reason why your post man was unimpressed with your Rupiahs, because he thinks what use would Rupiahs have in the US. Well, what is money after all other than a stack of paper notes or a number you see in your account book or ATM machine? Well, everything is a mind game and if we learn the skill to master our mind with the help of fantastic coaches like yourself, then manifesting all our desires is as EASY as eating a piece of cake. Well, now what Rupiahs feel and look like, how about a trip to Bali, the “Island of the Gods”? Have you read the book “Eat Pray Love”? Bali was the Author’s last destination on her journey to find her true self. I think you would love Bali. Ther is no Island as romantic and mystical and spiritual like Bali. But meanwhile, enjoy your Rupiahs and I am keeping you posted with my success stories as a result of your Pray Rain Journal Technique. Jeannette, you rock!!!
    Love, Gillian

  • Oh, Gillian! Thank you for posting!

    I’d forgotten Liz’s time in Bali .. ah! What a great experience!

    What I like most about your rupis, Gillian, is how they were meaningless to my three acquaintaqnces but inspired me to a feeling of enormous abundance, while at the same time reminding me “it’s only money.” I wouldn’t have expected those two vibrations from one experience.

    I’ve still got them sitting here on the desk next to me to learn what other gifts they have in store!

    Thanks for posting, Gillian. I’m definitely looking forward to hearing more from <i>you</i>!

  • That is a persistent habit of ours, isn’t it? To be able to “make sense” of the magic of the Law of Attraction. To see how things happen in the “real world,” to either understand or replicate them.

    But the reason that magic can happen is because of the trust that’s present.

    Diving into the “how” of it all could be contrary to the embracing of trust.

    But just the same, I enjoyed hearing Kim’s explanation of where the money came from as well.

    I never get tired of hearing someone’s “unbelievable” manifestation that delivers exactly what they wanted, in ways they never could have anticipated.

    Perhaps because hearing someone else’s manifestation helps plant powerful seeds for our own. ?

    Thanks, Judi and Kim. 🙂

  • Kim Falconer says:

    Here it is!
    Worth reading over again until it goes ‘click’!
    Kim x

  • Kim Falconer says:

    Hi everyone,
    I’m thrilled you want to hear more about how money flows to me. It’s like a river that had been held back or redirecting and the earth is just giggling with pleasure to have it come may way. It’s like I’m downstream and there’s nowhere else for it to go!
    Because I am a novelist, I get chunks of money over a period of time while I write. That’s the advance. My initial feeling, as I said, was to budget big time and I had flow charts and speculations and estimates going like nobody’s business. Under that paradigm, the money was decreasing pretty much on target. I had less and less as time went by.
    When I got rid of the notion that I had to make money last it has, seemingly out of nowhere, increase. I’ve had deposits from people who claimed they owed me from some consult or another in the past. I assured them they didn’t but hundreds of dollars got put into my account. I’ve received gifts of money out of the blue and refunds…. there you have it. My account gets bigger all the time.
    And the fab thing is, I don’t worry about it!, wither way. I don’t think, oh this will last so much longer now. I don’t think anything. I just enjoy my life and my life enjoys me.
    Isn’t it amazing?
    Jeannette, have you posted the article you wrote on this–the give up worrying about money one?
    It’s so worth a read. I’ll see if it’s here in the blog but if you subscribe to Jeannette’s Good Vibe eZine, you’ll have it!
    Warm wishes everyone, and since it’s Saturday in the Northern Hemisphere, see if you can go the next 24 hours without worrying about money. Then go another 24, and another. Letting go of worry is one of the most profound things we can do!
    I’ve also changed my story. I used to tell people I probably wouldn’t get an advance if so it would be small and and it wouldn’t last long. I had to be careful! It wouldn’t be like JK Rowling. I even said most novelists had to keep their day job, especially in Australia–it just didn’t pay much.
    Under Jeannette’s tutoring, I now say thinks like–Yes! It’s amazing. I’m making millions! I have all the money in the world. It’s it grand! I’m living the life I always dreamed of.
    BTW, I started saying that, aloud to people, before I even got the advance. You don’t have to wait for things to happen to have them. Everything is right here, right now, waiting.

  • Judi says:

    Great post again Jeannette and timely as ever.
    Money seems to be the biggie for me, oh and health as well I guess. The one I seem okay with because I never worried about it was relationships. Rather like the parking spaces I guess, if we think it’s easy it is!
    Kim, I am really interested in what you’ve said. Love the visual of the kittens by the way – I can just see them now. Wow, do I look forward to money doing that for me!!
    Kim, you say that money just flows in now – if it’s not rude to ask, is that from your writing, or does it just seem to flow from other places now you’ve changed your vibe?
    I am so excited by this idea and how it seems to have worked so magically for you. Can you give us all any other pointers, I’m sure we are all keen to follow you!

  • That’s actually a thought that’s entertained me for a while, John: collecting money from all around the globe. You’re right – it is artistry!
    And to approach Money with the Spock-like detachment, I like that too. “Fascinating.” Not something to get caught up in, just something that’s curiously entertaining to watch others engage in. Rising above.
    Yep, I like it.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, John! Always a pleasure to read you here. 🙂

  • Peregrine John says:

    I am so on board with that coach. (As I’ve blathered on about at length before,) that’s exactly the way I see it, too! The whole thing of money meaning whatever you think it means is really the basis of currency exchange, price points, inflation, and piles of other things people pay a lot of attention to but never really think about the reasons for. Fascinating, says I! And with my best Spock-like eyebrow movement to go with it.
    Plus: those bills you got are just so freaking cool! Countries put such thought and artistry into their currency, I think it’s worth collecting samples of them just for the aesthetic enjoyment. What better way to let money make you happy, hmm?
    Kim, I have a curiosity: The way you put it, it sounds rather like someone deposited money into your account for no reason. Surely not. What sort of income is it that makes you feel that way? That’s something worth pursuing.

  • Okay, Kim’s visual of kittens scrambling out of the basket for fish – that’s really lighting me up! Like Money can’t make its way fast enough to me – I’m just THAT attractive!

    Very cool visual. Thanks, Kim!

    And I LOVE your experience with giving up the worry! I hear cool stories like that all week long, and I never get tired of hearing them!!

    Thanks for posting, dear friend!

  • Kim Falconer says:

    Hi Jeanette,
    I LOVE these thoughts about money as metaphor!
    A month or two ago (I’ve lost track of time! Isn’t that grand?) My Money MO was based on caution and finiteness. I had an advance and I worked out how long it would LAST! My goal was to make it so.
    Then I read your Good Vibe ezine–the one with the idea of suspending worry about money. You know, you figure out how long you can go without earning another cent and you just stop thinking about it for that length of time? I gave myself a year and for a few weeks I found how often my old habit of checking the account or working a budget etc came up.
    But as that old feeling faded away I stopped worrying completely. I even quit my cafe job and started writing full time!
    Now it’s 2 months down the track of not being cautious, not trying to save or make money last and not working the day job. Do you know what’s happened?
    I know have MORE money in my account than when I started–an no, I haven’t gotten another advance! It’s just come to me, like kittens scrambling out of their basket when I bring home fish.
    Seriously Everyone! Experience what it feels like to not worry about money! It will change your life!
    Thank you Jeannette, sparkling light in our lives!

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