What We Really Want

On the heels of exploring what we “need,” I’m now thinking about “want” and the true essence of desire. What is it we really want?

I suspect we don’t really want what we think we want. When we say we want a certain amount of money, or a particular number on the scale, or a loving partner in our life – that’s not what we really want. Is it?

What we want, I believe, is the feeling we think that thing will give us.

Bottom line, we want to feel good. And we think having financial freedom or a beautiful body or true love – or whatever we set our sights on – will take us there.

Which it may. But it’s not what we really want. Because if I got the guy and didn’t enjoy it, I’d feel ripped off. If I landed financial freedom but didn’t feel the high I thought that would bring, I’d be disappointed. If I reached my weight goal but still didn’t feel good in this body – I missed the true target, right?

What if I cut out the “middle man” and went straight for the true essence of my desire: which I’m arguing is feeling good .. ? What would change?

Hmm. Maybe everything.

Maybe I’d stop focusing on creating a toned, swimsuit-ready body for this month’s river trip, and instead relax and enjoy these weeks leading up to it more.

Maybe instead of working to get these rabbits adopted out, I’d appreciate having them here more than I am.

Maybe instead of straightening out my relationship and knowing where it’s going and what it is, I’d just appreciate the quirks of it.

Seems like my “feel good” is strongly associated with appreciating “what is” now.


Kinda takes the pressure off. Feels kinda good.

I could be onto something here. : )

  • June 8, 2007
  • Rick says:

    And we spend less time waiting for ‘the good stuff’, because it all becomes ‘good stuff’.


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