What Would Make It an “Of Course”?

“So happy and excited” – that’s what many expect we’ll feel when our big thing manifests.

But I don’t think that’s necessarily the case.

Because by the time our big thing is happening, we’re not usually bouncing off the walls with excitement. We saw it coming, we got used to the idea, we came to feel the inevitability of it –  which is what vibrational alignment feels like.

“Of course. I’ve been expecting you.”

So, if that’s how we feel right before it happens – that “of course” kind of expectation, it makes me wonder what would it take for us to feel that “of course”-ness about our current desire right now?  Because we know once we get there, we’re home free.

Abraham is quoted from their Caribbean cruise March of last year: “Whatever is manifesting in your experience is a perfect reflection of what you’re expecting.” So our expectations are critical.

A fellow coach spoke with me as I was writing this post about how excited she’d be to have her group teleclass fill up. I remember thinking I’d be excited about filling my first class too, but that’s not what it ended up feeling like.

By the time it got there, it felt more like, “okay, that’s cool, makes sense … next up!”

When I moved into a beautiful home with a great guy, it didn’t feel like ‘YAY!! All my romantic dreams have come true!” It more felt like, “ahhhh. This is it. Nicely done.” It felt very natural and had an “of course”-ness about it.

(Isn’t it funny how our miracles don’t always feel so miraculous by the time they happen?)

All this leads me to ask how can we best leverage and implement the power of positive expectation?

With current manifestation projects, I ask myself if they have an “of course” feeling about it. And the answer is … uh … well, not really. Not yet.

What would it take to make it feel like an “of course” situation? What would help me feel complete and confident knowing that it’s happening?

I suspect the answer to those questions provides us good material for our manifestations.

That’s where we may very well find some newly inspired action, or new aligned thoughts, or even more discernment about what’s standing in our vibrational way.

I invite you to ask yourself these questions:

  • What would it take to make your dream come true seem like an inevitable outcome?
  • What would you have to do different?
  • What would you have to feel different?
  • What would you have to believe different?

Would you need a new sense of confidence? Some tweaking of a belief or two? Or maybe there’s a bold action calling you.

I know this much: when we get to the place of feeling “of course” about our desire coming to fruition, that’s where we’ll see big things happening.

  • June 13, 2009
  • Annette says:

    Thank you Judiesjuice!
    I was hopin’ for a chuckle or two!

  • Judiesjuice says:

    Annette, your post cracked me up. Can you imagine eating at any restaurant and have people jumping on their seats yelling “I GOT WHAT I ORDERED!!!!!!!!!!”

  • Annette says:

    I agree with your last post! Here’s what I got from this (timely! – of course) topic:
    It’s like going to a restaurant – you see something on the menu that catches your eye and makes you think ‘Yummy!! I want that!”. Then you order it. You have no doubt that you are going to get food (even if they’re out of what you ordered!). When the food arrives, you think “Ah – there’s my food!” and you set out to enjoy it. You don’t jump & down in your seat and yell ‘Hooray!’ because you got food at a restaurant. It’s more like ‘Of course I got food. I AM in a restaurant and I asked for this.’
    I have also discovered that ‘deserving’ it has NOTHING to do with LOA. Do they check for ‘worthiness’ at the door? Does the server at the restaurant ask if you deserve to order that? Does the chef come out and require you to list your deeds for the day before beginning to cook?

  • Gillian says:

    This is so interesting. I truly never thought about this “Of course” moment and yes, it dawn’s on me now, that when we still feel all excited about what we want to manifest, we may still be “flirting with the energy of lack/need”, as Mitch says it. Yes, because when we are vibrationally completely aligned with our desire, and it feels already so real, there has to be the “Of course” vibe instead of the excitement vibe. I suppose the “of course” vibe comes from a deep inner conviction or confidence, that what we desire is already in our reach. I think when we feel “hyped” about our desire, there may still be a twinch of doubt in us. Very interesting, I never thought about it, this too is a AHA moment for me.
    Much Love, Gillian

  • Dana - Your Inspired Coach says:

    I’m learning some new ways to play with this from listening to you, Jeannette. I love how you play with ideas of what it looks like and logically “of course” get to the outcome that you desire (or I desire, or you desire). Ala your call with Ann today wherein you stated all the value you were going to add for the famous potential client and then punctuated it with, “He has to hire me now! Of course he’s going to hire me. Look at all the value I add for him!” or something along those lines.
    I’ve been practicing with little and bigger things and it’s becoming second nature. How’s that for turning a frown upside down, or something like that? Anything that lets me play…

  • Erik says:

    Hi there!
    @Jeannette, Tia and the others for the inspiring comments. I think I now understand the thing about excitement a bit better.
    Perhaps one can say that excitement is what draws you towards “making a wish” – it is an indicator that you have found something in your life that is worth experiencing. As it seems, this anticipation and excitement will wane sooner or later and this lovely “of course’ness” will take its place as some kind of warm feeling of “not needing to worry, it will be there!” or even “it is there!”.
    I tried to find the reasons for some of my manifestations being stuck and I found them: I was nowhere near a place of thinking “of course I can have / enjoy this or that”. Now that explains something ;). The more I shift my beliefs from disbelief to “of course”, the faster my manifestations keep pouring in and *this* is exciting and sooo gratifying.
    @Jeannette: about the dinner, I had to smile because I first thought, “yeah, sure, this would be a nice thing to talk about over dinner BUT there are thousands of kilometers between us”. Now I tried to keep smiling and thinking “of course we can have dinner and talk about this” ;). Ok, just kidding, but who knows where paths can lead.
    There is a nice sentences I often refer to, when worrying about whether my manifestations will come to my life:
    “Whatever you seek, seeks you!!” – there is a lot of “of course’ness” about this sentence which dispels any kind of doubt really quickly.
    Love ‘n’ gratitude,

  • Tiffany says:

    I just had an AHA moment after re-reading this post again! (because, yes, Jeannette, it was THAT good!) I often got in the practice of “pretending” my Mr. Dream Everything was here. Like if I were alone, I’d pretend like he was there relaxing with me or something liek that. But i realized that felt like “lack”.
    I asked myself…What would make it “of course”? And just…relaxing felt better! If I had a boyfriend, I wouldn’t be pretending and faking. I’d just be relaxed, knowing I’ll see him at some point during the day. So now I’m relaxed and I feel so much better. SO much more letting the energy flow.
    Thanks again Jeannette, you’re a coaching GENIUS!

  • Jenny says:

    Thanks for this post. I’ve been using your Pray Rain Journaling to manifest paying off my house. We don’t have too much left, so it felt very do-able. I really have no idea how it would happen, so I didn’t feel attached to a specific method.
    Over the past few nights, I’ve been really noticing that I can’t get my emotions all ramped up and excited, and I was starting to think that this would just turn into notebooks full of my dreams, and nothing else. This would really be okay because we can pay our mortgage, and I’m not really attached to getting it to go away. Though it would be nice!!
    So instead of the excitement I thought I was supposed to feel, it’s been more of a peacefulness and a pinch of magnificence. When I read your “of course-ness,” I had an A-Ha. That’s what it has been feeling like. And it was a relief to read that because I’m not naturally a jump-up-and-down-get-all-excited sort of person, and I wasn’t sure I was even going to be able to pull that off!
    Thanks so much for sharing these ideas with everyone!

  • Jim Patterson says:

    I am finding that the more my Awareness grows, the more I am present in the moment, the more connected I feel with the universe, the more that Happy & Excited feeling is the norm and pretty inextricable from my normal emotional state.
    It is strange to state this as most of what I have been noticing on my path is a growing sense of calm and well-being. This would seem to be at odds with how I experienced Happiness & Excitement before. I am finding however, that the way I experienced even these “positive” states was so based in destructive cycles that these are not indicative of the kind of positive emotional states I now experience…
    Lol, hope somebody enjoys my ramblings!

  • I had the of course again yest. I’ve been manifesting something and thinking about how excited I would be when I told people about it and then when it happened it was such a natural event that there wasn’t any woohoo about it. Thank goodness I read this post before cos I wld’ve wondered what THAt was all about!
    And omg, I’ve been at the I’d love to win but I’m happy to come 2nd to Jeannette in the contest place and that feels natural too. Haha so we’re cross manifesting. Ok I’m getting on board and manifesting 1st for me and close 2d for you with the you-know-who-chick way behind us!!
    And a 3rd for Dana and Mary 😀 We’ll take this contest over by being the good vibe girls and supporting each other!
    Can I just say, you are the most amazing, open-hearted, abundant, generous and loving coach ever. Who else would ask people to vote for her competition? No wonder you elicit such fierce loyalty from me and others! Love you awesome girl, xo

  • The more I think about it, this post alone is a GREAT tool in getting to the “of course” place in manifesting… Just knowing that the “of course” feeling place is the overall goal helps me get there much faster!
    Thanks Jeannette:)

  • Thanks for a great post (again!), it really made me think a lot – I didn’t know what to answer when I first read it yesterday, but this morning in the bath, this came to my mind:
    Different desires “need” different approaches!
    Some desires are very clear, well defined, well “known”, and the “appropriate” vibration is easy to get into – and OF COURSE this kind op desire is going to manifest !
    Other desires are more “diffuse”, well defined maybe, but not necessarily very clear from the beginning and not very well “known” – and thus it’s not so easy to get into the appropriate vibration – and there is not much OF COURSE-ness over this kind of desires in the beginning. And perhaps this is good. Cause this kind of desire often “needs” some (or even a lot) adjustment and adaption along the way. This type of desire also “needs” EXCITEMENT to motivate the process.
    As the “diffuseness” diminishes, and the clarity grows, as a result of the adjustments, the excitement also diminishes as it begins to feel more and more well “known” – and I guess here is where the OF COURSE-ness sets in and may speed up the final manifestation!
    I hope this makes sense – I can feel I’m not through with thinking about this, but I’d like to share my “up till now” thoughts about this subject!
    I could also give a few examples from my own life:
    Example 1: A few months ago I partipated in a competion where I could win not only a great marketing course but also a whole day with a marketing expert focusing on my business. I knew this was exactly what I “needed” and I decided to win – not to try to win, but to win. And I knew all along that OF COURSE I was going to win – and I did!
    (And thanks, Jeannette, for naming this feeling – hurray for the OF COURSE feeling!!!).
    Example 2: For 49 years I’ve been quite an expert in attracting “not enough money”! For more than a year now I’ve had a strong desire to “be financially independent” – without actually really knowing what this means! There has been absolutely no OF COURSE-ness over this desire, I’ve had to discover and change so many negative beliefs and patterns, learn to use my language carefully when it comes to money, I’ve read a lot of books and articles on the subject, taken courses, played money games (lots of fun!) etc. And I’ve done a lot of adjustment and adaption of my desire along the way.
    And now at last my desire is much less diffuse and much more clear. It’s beginning to feel more well known – and now I think about it I can feel that I’m quite close to feeling the OF COURSE-ness – which means I’m almost there – woohoo!!!
    Sorry for taking up so much space – but thanks for the opportunity to set words to my thoughts!

  • MissyB says:

    Hmmm – the “of course”ness leaves negative vibes for me. I love the thrill of manifesting…the best stuff has always come like a bolt out the blue…stuff I’d forgotten I’d ordered. Having said that, I am not a huge asker of stuff…belief in the big stuff throws me and as I am sat here typing, I can see some stuff coming to light that needs work. I suppose I’ve always asked, got on being happy about my everyday stuff, and if I got given, then yipeee, and if stuff hasn’t come, well I’m working on being happy right now so that’s all that counts. The “of course”ness takes that thrill because you are expecting it. Well at least it does in my head.
    My friend has just manifested a job as her first success. A skeptical friend too. She didn’t ask and expect, she just asked. Why does that whimsical approach work for some things ?
    Ooh, it sounds like I’m on a downer – I’m not !

  • Jessica says:

    This is JUST what I needed!! Here’s the story to my revelation…
    I’ve always known I’d be self-employed one day. That didn’t stop me from going to college and getting a “good job” to support myself and my daughter. So I’ve toyed with the idea for many years, while I was busy manifesting many other things.
    A few years ago I emailed Jeannette and asked her if I could manifest everything at once! A whole new life?! Do you remember Jeannette? I think you answered it as part of a ezine.
    So basically, that’s sort of what is happening. Trust me it is A LOT of change, and it is rather tiring! I realize just now that I’m tired because I expected it to be! DUH! Head slap! OOps on that part, but the rest- amazing. I wanted good water from my well, I wanted to be in a warm house, I wanted “the” guy, a great relationship with my daughter, a little one around and many other various things, including self employment. Well, here I am in my “new” life!! It for sure has an “of course” feel to it.
    But back to why I needed today’s post. The self employment part made me nervous. I’m conservative by nature, so I really wasn’t “ready” (or so I thought). Out of the blue I was “gifted” (heehee) with being laid off. Naturally, this turned my world upside down and at first appeared to mess up my (manifested) husband’s and my plans we had for renovating the house. I kept thinking about how I was getting what I asked for- so I should be HAPPY about it. Why wasn’t I just embracing it better when it gave me the opportunity to do just what I have always wanted to do- become self employed. The big U kicked me in the arse! Get’r done already! hahaha. So here I am slowly researching and putting together my business plan and realizing how feasible and how successful it will be. I hit my “of course” feeling and no longer all that intimidated by it. But before reading this post, I was second guessing it because I wasn’t “so” excited. I asked myself “Shouldn’t I be doing back flips that this is going to work?! Why am I just ho-hum about such a big change?!”
    Well, now it all makes SO much sense. I’m actually more excited now that I know why I wasn’t excited. Haha. I just know that it is right.
    By the way, it was that way about the guy too. I kept wondering how it could feel so “right” but not as over the top as I thought it would- well, I experienced THAT over the top feeling before even meeting him! I just knew it would be, it is, and it is wonderful.
    One last thought on this subject. The bottom line on the “of course” I feel is that authentic gratitude for our manifestation is what keeps the flow going; It is a calm, humble feeling that isn’t about the excitement, but gentle appreciation. Ya know? I wouldn’t want to stop appreciating my awesome manifestations or they’d manifest into something else- so the gratitude feeling is exciting, but just a calmer “of course” kinda feeling!
    I hope I explained myself clearly, but right now I am in pure gratitude for Jeannette and also this blog!! It is amazing to think back to that question “Can I have it all?!” haha.
    (PS. It was a little challenging to do it that way-all at once- so I had to refine my vibe as I went along to get by the hiccups in my manifesting experiment! So some days I wonder what kind of mess I created!! But this just helped solidify it all! Yeah!!!)
    I just can’t stop saying “thank you” over and over in my head!!! 😉

  • Mitch says:

    This is such an important topic for deliberate creation! Because when someone is in the place of elation and excitement about something, it’s possible that they are still flirting with the energy of lack or need, right?
    Like when someone wins a drawing or a lottery and jumps up and down and screams and says, “This is amazing, I *never* win anything!” And sure, they’re happy about it, but I would certainly rather achieve manifestations from a place of knowing that achievement is my natural pattern rather than having it come as a big shock. lol
    This is a good concept to keep in mind when journaling or visualizing, because it steers me away from trying to force something to happen, and more towards feeling worthy of it happening, which then lets it in. When I can get in the habit of working on *myself* before thinking about the outer circumstances, that’s when the outer circumstances cooperate and line up for me.

  • Dan says:

    Hi Jeannette!
    I look at it the way Abraham has described a “natural unfolding”
    When your desire manifests it seems natural, and that it is expected.
    I too seed my intentions with past manifestations as described by SelfHelpGoddess. I write in my gratitude journal of something recent and meaningful, dwelling on how appreciative I am. Then toss in what I desire at the end.
    The key for me comes from detachment. The feelings/vibrations are from something here and physical, then the new desire follows.

  • Yep, I totally agree with what everyone’s already posted!
    I’ve definitely experienced the “of course” manifestation… where by the time the thing arrives, it’s kind of anticlimactic. I’ve gotten so used to having that thing in my life through visualizing, pray rain journaling, changing beliefs, etc., that by the time it gets here it’s kind of like, “What was the big deal anyway??”
    I was spending some yesterday thinking about how everything I’ve ever *really* wanted in life has eventually come true for me… Sure, sometimes it takes time or may manifest differently than I thought it would, but they always eventually came true for me. Jobs, vacations, relationships, moving to new cities, etc. has all come true for me given enough time. Remembering that things always come true for me is one way you can get to the “of course” place.
    Another way is to think about something else you have manifested, and try to get to that same place emotionally you had when you manifested that thing. So if you’re really good at manifesting jobs, for example, figure out what works for you in manifesting ideal jobs and transfer that same powerful energy to manifesting new relationships, homes, etc. Try to replicate that same energy and thought pattern in different areas in your life. Works every time!

  • Josh says:

    Awesome post Jeannette.
    Energetically, “of course” has a totally different vibration than excited anticipation. Anticipation is by definition hoping for something that isn’t here yet.
    It’s this “isn’t here yet” that keeps us energetically disconnected from the thing we are hoping for.
    This is a very timely lesson for me. I’m creating some new workshops and “hoping they will work out some day”…
    So what do I have to do, feel, and believe differently to have it be an “of course”?
    Do: Actually get the workshops scheduled, find a venue, and start advertising. Prepare.
    Feel: Confident in my ability to produce the results that I’m promising. (This is the easy part.)
    Believe: That there are people out there that want and need what I am offering and are willing to pay for those results.

  • MSNikki says:

    Interesting post! Maybe the excitement lies in *seeing* the signs of land because one sees the effects of his efforts in motion. For example, I feel great about weight loss when I am gradually losing it. It feels awesome that I can wear last year’s pants that I bought in a smaller size without them being “blood pressure” tight! But once I am at my ideal weight, I have no where to go because I met my goal! Maintaining it (the weight) isn’t as exciting as losing it. I believe that novelty has something to do with this as well. It is always good to have different goals in other area of your life to prevent the “ho hum my LOA dream has come, so now what?” type of feeling!

  • Ooh, I like that, Tia: like stretching play dough!
    Your pregnancy analogy made me think of the difference between Step 1 (asking) and Step 3 (receiving). The of course feeling is what helps us travel that vibration distance, doesn’t it?
    I like your response to Erik, too … where the anticipation isn’t something we eliminate. It’s just something we move through on the journey.

  • Erik, my take on that is that when we decide we want something we get all excited at the thought of having it, the anticipation is an important part of desiring.
    And then as we focus on it we get used to the idea of having it (ie, acting as if we already had it) so that by the time it manifests it’s an of course, cos we are already living that ‘reality’ and new vibration! 😀

  • It’s the confidence, knowing and belief for me, the one that comes with manifesting what I wanted and with every manifestation my belief grows.
    Last year I couldn’t even imagine working from home and making a living. This year I am working from home AND manifesting perfect clients, income that I want etc. Or that I’d be so far ahead personally and professionally than a year ago. And now it feels like, of course!
    As I stretch and grow, my world stretches and expands to hold more. It’s like stretching play dough.. one little pull, one more tweak, a little more stretch and so on.
    Another analogy that comes to mind is a pregnant woman. That small belly grows and grows as the baby does, and everything rearranges nicely to accommodate baby until it’s time to give birth.
    Same with my increasingly bigger manifestations – grow, grow, give birth and then do it again 😉

  • Josh – this is EXACTLY what I had in mind!!
    I can sure feel the power of it, and I think you did a great job of conveying that to other readers.
    Hey, Abraham had a fabulous exchange with a workshop participant on the topic of marketing and law of attraction. If you’d like more details, drop me a note with your email address.
    And thanks for posting! You always make a valuable contribution here!

  • Great to hear about your fabulous week, Susan – and the “of course”ness of it comes through nicely!
    And Tiffany – I LOVE what you said: “when I forget to miss it”!! How perfect is that?!
    I’m going to practice forgetting to notice the absence too. ha ha
    Thanks for posting, both of you!

  • Tiffany says:

    Jeannette, you hit the nail on the head with this one! Recently, I manifested a new, amazing camera. When I got it, I was happy, but I was so used to the feeling place of having it I wasn’t like “AHHH! OH MY GOSH!”. Like you said, it felt like “Of course, thanks Universe!”.
    I find that my manifestations come true right after I get to that “Of course” place. When I forget to miss it and get so used to “having” it that it feels like “Well of course this is in my existence! But what about that other thing I just experienced…”
    100% of the time, all the “tweaking” I need to do to get to my “of course” is within. I just have to tweak some beliefs or confidence levels or whatever, and I’m enjoying my “of course!” .
    P.S. I love the phrase “of course” now!!

  • PurePotential says:

    With intention, attention and expectation. Thusly…
    Beginning of a new week and time to review this week’s plan. It is a wonderful week filled with happiness. My client slots are set with four coaching clients and three Reiki clients. My massage appointment is set for Tuesday at a perfect time for my personal renewal. With all the fresh fruits and vegetables available locally, I prepared most of the week’s menus, packed lunches and snacks with some room for spontaneous changes. The grant reviews are set to be uploaded on Wednesday morning, the manuscript edit sent off on Thursday, and the final mark-ups for the sleep manuscript goes out to co-authors on Thursday afternoon. All relationships reflect the harmony, peace and love that resides within me. A fabulously usual week ahead!

  • I’d like to hear about your experiences, Erik. In fact, this would be a fun conversation for us to have over lunch!
    After reading your question my first thought was that the excitement is going to wane sooner or later (like, after we’ve driven the dream car for three weeks it’s not quite as thrilling as it was when we were first test drove it), so … if getting to the “of course” place sooner than later helps it manifest, … maybe it’s still the way to go.
    Plus, I’m not saying we don’t ever get surprised or excited with what we manifest (those are indeed fun occasions!) … but, if something’s been held up a bit, and we’d really like to see it come to fruition, this might be the direction to head.
    It’s a thought-provoking question – I’m interested in hearing others weigh in on this one, too!
    Thanks for tossing it in, Erik!

  • Erik says:

    Hi Jeannette!
    Thanks for your post today – I was thinking along similar lines today. One thing that still puzzles me is: if we have this “of course”-ness about our wishes, doesn’t the excitement about them go away a little?
    It is logical “law of attraction”-wise to think of your desires as already there for this is exactly what you want to manifest. One often says that those who take things for granted really attract these things into their lives. Perhaps I’ll have to let go a little bit of my excitement about upcoming things to get into that “of course”-feeling. Is that it what is needed to manifest correctly?
    A puzzled …

  • Well as long as you’re manifesting regularly, girlfriend, that is something to celebrate!
    When I wrote this post, one of the projects I checked in on was the intention to see Tia win best Coaching Blog with me right on her heels.
    I realized when I asked myself if it feels like an “of course” was that it didn’t – it felt more like a “it could happen.” Not like a sure thing.
    So what would it take for it to feel like a sure thing?
    Well, for one, VISITING with the idea of it (coming to fruition) was a good start. And then commenting here on it with a request for folks to vote our dear Tia up every day (yes, you can vote every day) came to mind.
    Here’s the link again:
    That in itself is moving me right along to the “of course” ness of it. And I gather my colleague Tia is doing the same! Or something similar. 🙂
    Glad you liked the Abraham quote, JudiesJuice. It’s one to remember!
    Thanks for reading and especially for posting, my friend!

  • Judiesjuice says:

    Hmm, I’m going to have to think about this some more. But, with me, I feel that as soon as I manifest something, I usually think “Great, terrific, thank you Universe. Now, what about that OTHER goal that I have been waiting
    I love that Abraham quote! Thank you for bringing it to my attention. It was exactly what I needed this morning.

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