What Would You Do?

trophy.jpgIf you knew how to make life sail so smoothly you would never again want for anything, could you do it?Would you embrace it as a way of living? Letting all the good stuff in? Or would you feel guilty about living a charmed life while friends and family remained stuck in a world of lack and scarcity?Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? Holding ourselves out from life’s rewards just because everyone else isn’t in on it, too. But you might be surprised at your reaction when things start to get really good.

I was tested on this recently when I dreamed my name was called out as a third place raffle winner. As the audience clapped, I thought, “Cool!” Then my name was called again as the second place winner. Hmm. Less enthusiastic applause that time, as people became suspicious. When my name was announced a third time as the grand prize winner, the audience began booing. I was not only embarrassed, I felt like a total outcast!

In my dream, by the time I snuck my way to the officials box to claim my three prizes, hiding from the disgusted audience along the way, officials had given the prizes to someone more grateful and open to receiving. (And my bag was stolen in the meantime!)

A fellow LOA coach told me her real life similar story. She deliberately intended herself as a winner, but when her name was called out not once, but three times as a prize winner (winning an expensive trip among other cool things), she was so embarrassed she wanted to hide under the table.

How good are we willing to let it be? Are we really willing to live the life of our dreams, in the midst of a world that (some would argue) isn’t? Can you enjoy the deliciousness of life while others struggle with debt, disease and depression?

Knowing you’re worthy of the good stuff is crucial to letting it in. Not letting others’ negative reactions to your good fortune shut you down is also important to stay aligned with success.

I thought I had this one nailed, but realized my dream reflected subconscious guilt over having a thriving coach practice (just what I manifested!) while many others struggle. Over having a body that – let’s face it, rocks! (hey, just what I asked for!) – while others are embroiled in diet and exercise traps. In hearing girlfriends complain about men trouble, and feeling like the lucky one who always gets what she wants (yeah, I manifested that too). How did I deserve all this?

When we get our vibe cleaned up and attention focused on what we want, the good stuff comes. Be prepared to deal with it! Could you step up to claim three prizes in a row? In front of a booing audience? If we don’t feel worthy of it, we could sabotage it right out of our lives.

  • April 1, 2007
  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    Can I just congratulate you on your choice not to participate in that negative conversation, Stacey?! That is a HUGE choice, my friend!

    And that awareness that you felt bad for your nice house – wow, huh?! It sounds ridiculous, but I think it’s a somewhat common reaction.

    When we realize that each of us is indeed creating our own lives, then we know there isn’t any reason they can’t have what they want, too. And if nothing else, maybe our example will inspire them?! Stranger things have happened. ; )

    Thanks for posting, Stacey!

  • Anonymous says:

    “Not letting others’ negative reactions to your good fortune shut you down is also important to stay aligned with success.”
    I come from a family that always focuses on the negative. I realized that all the women would get together and talk about their awful relationships and decided some time ago that I would not partake. Sure my husband has flaws and if I focus on them, they drive me nuts, but we all have flaws and that’s fine. When I focus on his positive qualities, I don’t see any flaws.
    We had the family over for Christmas at our new house and it seemed like my family was envious. I felt bad because we had a really nice house. None of them are happy with their homes (either rented or dilapidated). Your blog reminded me to be proud of myself for my accomplishments. I own a nice house, have a wonderful husband and great kids and it’s too bad for my family that they can’t be happy for me. Perhaps it would bring a little joy into their own lives.

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