What Would You Love Next?

fireworkIt’s the question on my voice mail, the inquiry clients answer as we wrap up sessions, and a fun way to leverage the power of our conscious focus.
That is to consider the question: What would you LOVE to happen next?
Entertaining the question is an easy way to point your mind in the direction of something fun and fabulous, as determined by YOU!
What would you LOVE to happen next?
No censoring, no editing, no big deal – just a fun direction to point your powerful mind.
What I’d love next?  To hear your answers!
(I posted this question on twitter the other day, and had so much fun reading everyone’s responses that I knew we’d have fun with it here!)
The beauty of this question is that it allows us to entertain thoughts of what we’d love without attachment or angst.  Just a fun consideration of what would thrill and delight us next, without worrying about making it happen.
You game?  🙂
What would you love to happen next?

  • September 19, 2009
  • Lori says:

    Ok Here goes. I would love for the man that I have been on again off again dating for the last 4 years. The man of my dreams!! To show up at my door; tell me that he is 100% completely ready, heart, mind ,body, and soul to commit himself to me any our relationship. To make me a TOP priority in his life!! And make me his wife and life partner… Is that too much to ask for??

  • Maria says:

    I’d love – absolutely LOVE! For my sweetie to call me right now and tell me to pack my stuff… it’s time to move in with him!
    And I’d love for my daughter to call me right after that and say “Guess what mom… I’m moving out!”
    And on the business front, I’d love to have more fun, creative and lucrative sources of income and for my local clients to be excited about converting from “on site or face to face” work to dealing with a more mobile me as I pick up my roots and adventure out in the world more.

  • Pamela says:

    I’d LOVE for my visa to be approved and sent back to me THIS WEEK 😀
    I’d LOVE for my international move to be smooth sailing.
    I’d LOVE for hubby and myself to find great jobs as soon as we start looking.
    I’d LOVE for hubby and I to find an awesome flat.
    I’d LOVE to come into a large sum of money out of nowhere, enough to put down a large deposit on a property – if not buy the whole thing outright (I’d REALLY LOVE this one 😉 )
    I’d LOVE to get fit, healthy and back into my vision of a perfect body (I’ve been there before and I’ll be there again, BY CHRISTMAS!!! 😀 )
    I’d LOVE to travel more, already started on that path with the move but I want to see the entire world 😀
    I’d LOVE to be able to help people and do kind things more than I can at present. I get so much joy out of random acts of kindness and to be able to do that more often would be amazing.

  • Erik says:

    – I would love to attract several coaching clients (or even just one again) to follow my current full time coaching so that the transition will be financially completely smooth
    – I would love to completely crush the debt that has accumulated during my university studies
    – I would love to completely regain my health and also my ‘soul power’ which got a bit lost these last years
    – I would love for this community to keep thriving and enrichen people’s lives (= Jeannette keep posting, will ya? 😉 )
    – I would love for a new bright blog design to come effortlessy into my mind and then into mouse / keyboard because I have been brooding over this for weeks now but to no real avail up to now
    – I would love for my articles to help and enrichen people’s lives and to reach exactly those whom they can help and who need exactly what I write about
    … and a few other things 😉 but I don’t want to make it too long
    Best to all and enjoy your day!

  • sonia says:

    Jeannette, it’s the perfect answer. Thank you so much. It’s getting easier and easier. Now I know what being in the vortex means even it’s only for a few minutes. And God, are you right:anything is possible, ANYTHING!
    This is huge! So many doors are opening, people being nice, circumstances being friendly, miracles occuring, it’s just amazing. what I’d love to happen next is more of this feeling of elation, of joy, of “I can do, be, have anything I want”iness! :))
    So happy
    love you all and u guys rock!!!

  • sonia says:

    This is my mail. If it gets hard sometimes or if you just need to share thoughts sonia_fee@yahoo.fr

  • Gillian says:

    Oh yes Rina, I forgot to mention “Socialite” in my resume, thanks for reminding me! I sure consider myself as one of the most wealthy and glamorous socialites in Asia, attending the most fun social events, sitting front row at Paris and New York Fashion Week, have custom made designer clothes, rubbing shoulders with the creme de creme society….
    By the way, Jeannette, this is truly an awesome community you have created!

  • Judiesjuice says:

    Gillian, I love it!!
    As for me, I would love to hear from the Self and Shape editors offering me an assignment. Or, even better, a flexible, full time writing position. Yeah baby!!!!
    I invite the Universe to bring to me an amazing, fun, interesting, well paying full time yet flexible opportunity.
    I would love to shed about 7 pounds and get super buff abs and arms. I’m almost there 🙂
    I would love to take an amazingly fun and cool vacation with my family. Of course my husband and I would have time to ourselves to relax and enjoy and the kids would somehow be taken care of. Bliss!
    I’m not asking for much so come on Universe. I am ready to fulfill my dreams.

  • Change The Tape Troy says:

    I would love for there to be true peace and understanding of all cultures all races and all religions by all cultures all races and all religions.
    That is what I look to manifest everyday!

  • Rina says:

    This jazzes me up! I LOVE reading everyones comments. I mean, LOVE it!
    Jeanette, you are so amazing! I know you pray rained this wonderful, inspiring, loving community of people into existence and because of your loving, genuine energy, we all match you! SMILE
    Gillian, I thought I knew what I wanted but you articulated best! Woo hoo!
    What I wanted to happen next? To dethrone Oprah! (It’s been my dream since 13!).
    I would love to have my amazing soulmate come to my front door and he say, “I finally found you. I will never leave your side.”
    I would love to win $100 million (or more) in the lottery on my first try, so I can become a socialiate and philanthrophist and give away $90 million dollars.
    I would love to move into my dream home in an affluent, quiet, vibrant, safe and prosperous neighborhood, where
    I have amazing neighbors who mind their own business but we are still helpful to each other.
    I would love for my home to have a gorgeous guest house that serves as my home office. I would love for it to have great energy and the perfect balance of shade and sunlight.
    I would love to have a housekeeper and personal chef.
    I would love to release excess weight and reveal a sleek, toned, curvy figure (similar to that of Jessica Rabbit. LOL)
    I would love to have a great publicist who makes me rich and famous overnight.
    I would love to be debt free and to help those I love become debt free as well.

  • Robert says:

    What would I LOVE to happen next?
    OK, the doorbell rings, and when I open the door I see the most beautiful woman in the world. She is beaming from ear to ear, she spreads out her arms and says: “I’m HERE!”
    To which I reply, “What took you so long?”
    Her: “That doesn’t matter, how soon can we get married?”
    Me: “Well, I can’t really afford much of a wedding right now.”
    Her: “Well that doesn’t matter either, silly, my parents left me millions! More than we will ever be able to spend.”
    Me: “So we have a lot of planning to do. Let’s get started.

  • janita says:

    – i would love to get the little pain in my right foot to off away:-) hmm ..what am i overlooking? 🙂 what interesting exiting thing does this brings me ?:-)
    – i love to get the guts to go wisit someone ..yes.. very special one 🙂
    Janita 🙂

  • Kimberly Gauthier says:

    I would love to win the lottery
    I would love to receive 3 new clients from my social networking per week (to start)

  • Emiko Jaffe says:

    I am so in the vortex right now, I’m excited TO SEE what happens next b/c everyday brings me something cooler than the previous day! I can’t wait!!! I say I would like more of the essence of what’s happening for me right now to keep growing exponentially and continue to show me the way to keep serving the Highest Good. Exciting times, I’m spilling over with gratitude. To Universe I say “Thanks! This or something better!!!” To Jeannette and this awesome community I say, you guys rock and I’m so glad I found you 🙂 So much inspiration here and, of course, the best of vibes.

  • Sara Exley says:

    Jeannette! You are the coolest! TEHEHEHE!!! I’m deciding right now that I will have three new clients within 48 hours of my website being published, which WILL be happenig today.
    By the by, Jeannette, I sent you a facebook message yesterday, because my email vibe is (apparently) on it’s way to improvement. 😛
    What I would LOVE to happen next:
    Undeniable evidence that joyfully and easily supports the reality of EVERY ANSWER shared here (whether it was communicated here on the blog or just communicated to the Universe vibrationally.)
    I’m deciding here and now that all of our desires are in a sturdy place in our reality. Not only are they already happening, but they are so easy to flow with that we barely notice the effort we’re investing in them. 😀 ENJOY!!!!! 😛

  • Laura says:

    Let’s see:
    – I would love for the next and last “love of my life” to present himself to me now as I am ready, able and completely willing! 🙂
    – I would love to finish the group coaching teleclass I am working on to be complete and have at least 25 people sign up!
    -I would love to find the most perfect cottage to move into this winter should I decide to stay living here.
    – I would love to manifest $10,000 easily, effortless and in unexpected ways within the next 3 months.
    – I would love to let the resentment and hurt I sometimes feel towards my ex leave completely.
    – I would love to find a “day” job that pays me what I am worth and gives me flexibility of time.
    – I would love to take a trip to FL this winter to visit my parents.
    – I would love to take a trip to CA this fall to visit the only other place I ever called home and see some great friends.
    – I would love to get a massage, in my home and the special “friend’s” price (I know alot of massage therapists)
    – I would love to grow my coaching business to the level where I feel like I am fully engaged, fully commited and loving every minute of it!
    -I would love to release the few limiting beliefs that I know are still lurking…I don’t need you anymore..thank you very much!
    – I would love to lose the last 3 lbs to get me back to my “skinny” weight – I know..I”m crazy, but I love the slighly lose pants feeling 🙂
    – I would love to have this new love who is coming into my life be 100% supportive of my coaching and want to financially support me as well (hey, I can dream, right?)
    Ok…lots more to come, but let’s start with this!

  • Mike says:

    Hey Sonia & Jeannette,
    “I know for sure that everything will unfold just right even if I can’t see how right now”. Yep. That’s the way it feels. Some days this feels just fine and I just focus on doing what’s right in front of me, and when the timing is right, it will happen. Other times, well…

  • Wait, I’ve got another juicy one:
    I’d LOVE for Milana Leshinsky to recognize how unique and powerful this community is as one of the best reasons she awards me Coaching Entrepreneur of the Year!
    Seriously, you guys, what you’re doing here – it’s … well, it gives me goose bumps. A fellow coach was telling me yesterday how impressed she was with the community that gathers here and what it does for the blog, and I told her you guys get the credit for what makes this endeavor worthwhile. And that I can’t even talk about it as “my” blog, because it is definitely, clearly “OURS.”
    Do you know how much I love you?!
    You’ve got a good imagination if you can get a handle on that one. Cause it’s big.

  • You’re the BEST, Janette. Thanks for that!
    Kristy, I’m loving that you followed suit with multiple answers. Why limit ourselves to just one, huh?!
    woo hoo!!
    And Sonia (and Mike), if you don’t mind a little unsolicited coaching – remember to hold in mind the outcome you want, knowing that ANYTHING is possible.
    I know someone who was anticipating a horrible time leaving her husband, because he was so in love with and dependent on her, and that it would break his heart and anger him tremendously that she wanted out.
    Instead, with some new things to imagine, she was shocked at how easily (and even happily) he accepted the divorce and their new role as friends. It actually bruised her ego a bit, but she got exactly what she said she wanted!
    Anything is possible. And that thought you shared, “I know for sure that everything will unfold just right even if I can’t see how right now” is a golden one. Congrats on making your way to it!
    I’m going to toss my answer to the question “What would I LOVE to happen next” here:
    I would LOVE to have a great dog walk with the dogs this morning! Off I go …

  • sonia says:

    Hi Mike. so nice to have someone sharing the same story. I know there will bill a way, there’s always a way. In the meantime, sometimes it’s hard to find balance. Even if we are just friends right now, I’m feeling like a cheater anyway because I think of him all the time. Being nice to my husband feels unconfortable cos it feels like giving him false hopes, and being not nice feels really bad cos there’s all this guilt. May be we could help each other. but still, the bottom line is I KNOW for sure, that everything will unfold just right even if I can’t see how right now.
    take care

  • Janette says:

    I would LOVE my arm to get better instantly so I can type at full speed again. I would LOVE my next novel to emerge full fledged, just at the right speed so I can get it all down. I would LOVE to acquire – without any effort on my part – sufficient financial resources to pay off the mortgage and buy two new cars (why should hubby miss out? LOL!). And right now I would LOVE to go and meditate, leaving hubby to watch his grim UK crime TV show.
    Ooh!! I can have that last one RIGHT NOW! Woohoo – see you later!! Mwah 🙂

  • Kristy M says:

    Make my film and/or tv debut. Get an amazing agent. Establish my career and myself as an in demand and successful actress and singer. Get a big role in a certain film 😉

  • Gillian says:

    “TAI TAi (tie-tie):noun 1. A term used in Chinese circles for supreme wife.Term applies to citizens of the world with an Asian viewpoint who have bounds of time and money. A Tai Tai is a privileged lady of means.
    2. Supreme of the Supreme is its literal translation. The term implies respect.To qualify as a Tai Tai, one has to have lots of leisure time, lots of money to spend and lots of gossip to exchange. A Tai Tai would win if Shopping were an Olympic event ” -(hi hi hi!!!)
    I am aware I shall be raising a few eye brows here and there and maybe even some redicule but, what the heck I shall just go ahead and mention what I want next: I love to be a Tai Tai (see definition above)! I guess the western translation of of a Tai Tai would be “Ladies, who lunch”, or “Trophy Wife”? I prefere the term “Ladies, who lunch”, because ladies, who lunch can run a thriving business, while their billionaer husbands provide them with every conceivable luxury. They have it all! I seriously want the experience being that “Supreme Wife”!
    I want to have it all! A rich and powerful husband, who pampers me with luxury, a huge mansion, a fleet of servents taking care of all my needs and drivers to chauffeur me around in a Rolls Royce phantom, jet-setting around the world, doing lunches and high-teas, shopping sprees. Yet I also want to run my own thriving business and have my own identity and enjoy some recognition for what I do. Well, be it “Ladies, who lunch”, of “Trophy Wife”, I live a Trophy Life!

  • Sara Exley says:

    I’d LOVE to attract 3 new clients who are fun to coach, easy to talk to, and leave my calls feeling like millionaires.
    I’d love to write an amazing parenting LOA teleclass for teens and parents to enjoy and implement easily and effectively.
    I’d love for my LOA coaching career to soar in the direction of abundance and enjoyment.

  • Thanks for a juicy one, Tiffany! lol Super fun!
    I’d love that for you too, Anonymous. Kudos to you for putting it out there/here!
    Oh, Mike, send me an email too if you’d like that audio track.
    Sara Exley calling for three new clients?!?! People!!!! This is your big chance!!! This girl is one to hang out with!!! She knows her stuff inside and out and brings powerfully transformative skills to the table!
    A “privileged lady of means” – Gillian, I LOVE it!!!!!
    I was thinking at first I loved it so much because I want to be one too, but now I think perhaps it’s because I want to HAVE one rather than BE one! lol Fabulous concept – thanks for the definition and for posting your response.

  • Mike says:

    I share a similar story. My soulmate walked into my life, but I’m currently in an unhappy marriage. My soulmate and I are currently just staying as friends, but it really brings up the question how does everything fall into place “with good for all concerned” in this type of situation? That’s what I would love next — a nice resolution with happiness for all.

  • Anonymous says:

    I ‘d love to have the weight in my chest lifted and have other’s help out with my mother’s care.
    I’d love to have her cat out of our house and taken care of somewhere else.
    I’d love to feel carefree.
    I’d love to have money for building supplies.
    I’d love to drive a gorgeous new car that just makes me grin with proud OWNERSHIP and joy.
    I’d love to feel pretty, fit, and relaxed about life.
    I’d love to find a way to feel at ease with perpetual hot flashes, and wear soft comfortable clothes.
    Actually I’d love to live in my deadbeat nightgown and
    baggy wool work socks.
    I’d love to feel at ease and in comfort physically, emotionally and spiritually.
    I’d love to vent!

  • Tiffany says:

    Oooh! I’d love to walk across the room, look at my cell phone, and have a new message from my current interest. Then I’d love it to spur into a great convo that lines up exactly with what I want. I’d love then for me to get a call saying I’ve won a cool 5 million dollars. That’d be great. Then I’d love for my dog to have an epiphany and realize people are NICE and that he actually LOVES the nice ones!

  • Stephen Taylor says:

    I’d love to have my numbers picked in the lottery tonight.

  • Kimberly Gauthier says:

    Where do I start? I’d love…
    to be debt free
    to have a smooth sale transaction on my place
    to hear that my boyfriend’s received an offer on his place
    for us to find our dream home at a dream price
    for my business to skyrocket
    to adopt two sweet dogs
    to inspire people around me
    to master living downstream 🙂

  • Beautiful clarity of desire, Sonia! If you’ll email me, I’ll have your email address to send you back an audio track that might be of help to you with this.
    What a beautiful list, Kimberly! Rest assured, #7 is already happening just from what you offer to the community here. Thank you for that!
    Stephen, way to have fun with it! 🙂

  • PurePotential says:

    Striding across the sand on my favorite beach, savoring my feeling tall and strong.

  • sonia says:

    I’ve “pray rained” and I manifested my sweet heart and the job of my dreams, what I’d love to happen next is to get a peaceful divorce from my husband of 15 years.
    Well, may be you could help me with this beacuse I know you have to accept and love where you are before you can move on and sometimes it’s kind of challenging.
    I’v’ never been more clear in my mind. I know exactly what I want. The relationship with my husband is over but I love him and I want him to be happy. I don’t want to hurt him. But I do want my freedom. I manifested this guy, out of the blue, exactly as I wrote about him and I’m in love and so happy. I just need to find a way to align at the same time with the vibes of this new love and the vibes of me wanting a divorce. So I guess, that’s what I’d love to happen next, find a way to align.

  • ps: already have the opp to work with kids but the $$ isn’t there yet so …

  • MissyB, that gives ME a big smile, too!! Thanks for sharing it!
    I’m seeing you there, Ms. Tee and Pure Potential!
    Tia, you know how to play this game! ha ha Yours was a pleasure to read as well.
    Thanks for posting, everyone!

  • I’d love what Missy’s having! I’d love to see my world change overnight, magically, in the BEST way ever – fall in love with the love of my life, move into a beautiful apartment with gorgeous views in Yaletown/Coal Harbour, be offered a fabulous opportunity to coach kids AND get paid BIG $ for it, work with my 10 perfect adult clients who I adore and who make me look good, write my e-book and see it sell 100’s of copies a month, visit New Zealand with my sweetie in December, feel incredibly in LOVE with the world and him, and be super fit and ALIVE!
    I’d love to wake up tomorrow and see everything I want coming true as I welcome it all with open arms READY, willing, able and excited to receive! YAY!

  • Ms. Tee says:

    I’d really love to be hired to do one of my many creative talents on a full time basis and to be able to take care of myself and my sons through this avenue.

  • MissyB says:

    I’d really love for the bloke who is my ideal match to come out of nowhere and find me, blow me away and fall in love with me – and I’ll feel exactly the same way about him – and I’ll say “where have you been all my life” !
    Thanks Jeannette – I’ve a smile on my face.

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