August 18, 2009

What You Make of It

twitter-birdI heard someone complain about the negative content they encounter on Twitter, and I thought if they had MY tweet stream, they’d tell a very different story.

So I had 15+ minutes today to capture some of the live tweets from fabulous folks I follow.  (Say that ten times fast!) 
Here’s a sampling of incoming tweets from my high-vibing stream, and evidence of why I enjoy this social media phenomenon so much:

from @lovepeaceunity: YouTube ‘Shine On’ » « “Let the sun shine down on ur face, no need to run, U’re in the right place.”
from @karenswim: They say Twitter is useless babble but that babble has expanded my world to include so many wonderful people #grateful
from @productweetity: I love this video! It is called Validation. Watch it here:
from @lightspring: Wow. Just wow.
from @kidsbestlife: Rt @ProfCarolRT @bestcoach4u:Mistakes R opportunties 2decide what we want more or less of in our lives.4give urself.Nothing wrong w/ erring.
from @vervetweet: …because my dreams are always bigger than me I only have two choices: Give up or Get help.” ~John Maxwell
from @melissamcd: Dog shelter still in need of donations ($, food, items). They do amazing work! If u r able, pls consider donating:
from @cheribennett: @kristinmorelli Sends out checks with WOOHOO! on them. Makes me smile!
from @jimquillen: “You shall be like a tree firmly planted by streams of water…and in whatsoever you do, you shall prosper.” Psalms 1:3
from @jessieCShryoc: Fun Fact: New Zealand is home to 4 million people and 70 million sheep and was recently listed as most peaceful country.
from @livejoy: You hold the key to all that you seek. Enjoy the journey of exploration as you continually unlock new treasures.
from @WritingSpirit: When you’re stuck & don’t know what comes next… relax, let go, and trust it will come.
from @CarrieArmitage: RT @sslyb: RT @CarrieArmitage: Feeling groovy… //ALriGhT! [Indeed! Gotta love the groove ~ And are you having a groovy day?] from @zoerouth: What are your fave ways of letting go of fear and worry? #LOA
from @lovepeaceunity: Shift your focus from “What is in it for me?” to “How may I serve?” (via @DrWayneWDyer)
from @KevStatham: RT @JaqStone: Searching for the Divine is like looking for the glasses that you forgot you’re wearing. <– love this
from @russiandiva: @KristinMorelli loved the check from you guys.. Nice suprise..
from @KevStatham: RT @RachaelOSul: When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace ~ Jimi Hendrix
from @livejoy: Offer love when you feel an impulse to do otherwise & see what changes in your world.
from @HemalRadia: A question to ask yourself, are you following your faith or your fear? Do you believe what could go right, or what could go wrong?
from @SpiritualShow: LOA forum post: Flawed Premises from The Vortex
from @tlbaker1: RT @THEDIAMONDCOACH: Whatever you think is stopping you, let go of that thing.
from @thehrgoddess: Bread for myself is a material question. Bread for my neighbor is a spiritual one. ~Nicholas Berdyaev
from @ColinLewis: Thich Nhat Hahn said “Breathe out and smile” – closing off with much gratitude and a smile – be well
from @desireeadaway: RT @Power2BThin: “Only passions, great passions, can elevate the soul to great things.” Denis Diderot #quote
from @Vervetweet: RT @ZnaTrainer: Never bend your head. Always hold it high. Look the world straight in the eye. Helen Keller
from @Bright_Sorcerer: “There is no greater perfection than being who you are and no greater purpose than expressing who you are.” ~ A Sch …
from @aplacetobark: Terry called to tell me the Sheriff’s dept dropped off 15 pups… Guess I’ll see what they are when I get home:)
from @myMuse: Believe, and get out of your own way.
from @RetiredTeacherD: RT @DeyondelaRoyall: It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness. Chinese Proverb #♥
from @SusanCosmos: “Live so that when your children think of fairness and integrity, they think of you.”- H.Jackson Brown Jr. #quote
from @RevAnne1: EFT Affirm I know the truth of my being. I AM One with all.
from @lovepeaceunity: “The most wonderful thing that anybody could EVER tell u is that YOU are God.” ~ J.Z.Knight – Rantha ‘The Enlightened One’ < Trust in YOU! ❤
from @ProsperByDesign: Life is short . . . EAT DESSERT FIRST! My favorite menu started with dessert even before the appetizers, they understood life!
from @EnergyRichCoach: RT @LoriMoreno #Love wasn’t put in your heart to stay. Love isn’t love until you give it away ~Michael Smith #quote
from @Achievers_Life: RT @martymjm If you are not willing to risk the unusual you will have to settle for the ordinary” ~ Jim Rohn
from @DocLG: RT @leejoned: “Happiness is not a state to arrive at, but a manner of traveling” Margaret Lee Runbeck #quote (RT @CoachDawn, @Marci_Shimoff)
from @seotips2go: “Don’t go through life, grow through life.” ~Eric Butterworth #quote
from @CoCreatorRadio: Realize that when it comes to reality, you define it; it does not define you. Story Waters

No wonder I spend so much time there!  Yes, I did run across a few spam-sounding tweets in the process, and promptly unfollowed those folks.  So it’s not all love & light, but the point is that just as with anything in life, Twitter is what you make of it. 
For me, it’s a great way to connect with other like-minded folks, to share vibe-raising resources, and encourage each other’s growth.
Which is exactly what I love about connecting with you all here.  This is my formal thanks to you for creating this community where we share the goods and grow in the process.
(And if you’re on twitter, please post a comment with your handle so we can all connect with you!)
PS – you can find me on twitter: @GoodVibeCoach

  • Diane says:

    I am on twitter! @gryphon_star

  • Lori says:

    Yes, it is definitely what you make of it. I always try to explain to people that it’s not all a bunch of people saying “Taking gout the trash now”, “Taking a shower now”, or “Eating dinner now” etc…. which seems to be some peoples first impression.
    And my page is at 🙂

  • OceanDesert says:

    Hi Jeannette! I found it ‘funny’ that you used a little blue bird as your icon for this post b/c years ago my mom got me a little ceramic blue bird, (that reminded me of this one), and the artist had named it The Little Blue Bird of Happiness! So it reminds me to find the happiness around me 🙂

  • Marilyn says:

    @LoveLolaBlue I’ve found Twitter to be an amazing fountain of positivity and a lifesaver during the dark nights of my soul. It’s an awesome therapy session for me and I gain amazing insights and answers to questions and thoughts. Its like I have a direct connection to the Universe, my own Twitter crystal ball/wake up call from the Universe thru people’s seemingly random tweets. I still can’t get over how a tweet from nowhere pushes me in the right direction. So yeah I believe the Twitterverse reflects how u see the real world–good, bad, or amazing 🙂

  • Cheri says:

    I’m so enjoying reading all these comments!
    I left a comment earlier, but realized that I forget to tell everyone how to find me on twitter!
    It is really wonderful to be connecting with such amazing like minded people. I’ll be following all of you (right after I play a game of monopoly with Nicholas!)

  • Oh noes! Did I lose my entire post!? Could you check your spam mail pls Jeannette!? I wrote all about why I love twitter and all the wonderful ways it adds to my daily life experience … @TiaSparkles

  • Bridget is one of the most generous tweeters I’ve ever met … actually, scratch that. You and @KimFalconer are THE most generous tweeters I know. (And I don’t just mean with your tweets.)
    Pleasure to have met you there! (That is where we met, right, Bridget?)

  • Mark says:

    Thank you for the compliments on the Mandala Life Media site. Debra had a lot of input on the feel of that site too.
    Forgot to add that I’m @kalalea on twitter.
    Also, on Twitter my friend Lauren (@LMBlaze) is doing some great positive work with her music and the Raven Drum Foundation she started with @stikrick.

  • I’m right there too, Jeannette. I love the folks in my tweet stream, and if I happen to follow someone who just complains all the time, I let them go. It’s easy!
    In harmony-

  • The thing about you, @DebSoul, folks, is that she walks the talk. It’s not just nice lip service for her – she flows the good stuff.
    You’ll definitely enjoy her in your tweet stream. 🙂

  • Debra says:

    I’m SO in the same boat with you, Jeannette
    (or should I say TWoat…nah, that sounds like ‘throat’ from Elmer Fudd…sometimes adding TW from Twitter to make words Tweetalicious works & sometimes it doesn’t.* 🙂 )
    *Use Caution! Tweeting may inspire quirky/fun/laughter inducing thought processes. Those that are hesitant to experience JOY & Feel Good Vibes may wish to stay out of my stream.*
    **I sure hope someone other than me finds that funny… actually I’m cool w/it either way.
    Anyway!! Get to the point! (See what happens when I have more than 140 characters to share with? Jeannette, you may put me on Tweet Detention where I have to keep my comments to 140!)
    If you haven’t guessed I’m in FULL SUPPORT of Jeannette and her post, “What you make of it”.
    I am constantly saying that very thing to people. Regarding Twitter (and life in general).
    People tend to bring up the negative flow that most likely does exist somewhere on Twitter. I wouldn’t know; my stream looks a whole lot like Jeannette’s example above.
    As in life…So in Twitter…we can CHOOSE to soar with the Eagles…or scratch dirt with the Turkeys (no offense, turkeys…I use this for metaphorical purposes only)
    I’ve always admired Eagles. I’m choosing to soar with those.
    For Feel Good Tweeting Fun…come soar with me! (You’ll recognize many other Eagles along the way…)
    In Harmony (always, on Twitter too)
    (Deb, Debra, Happy Pants, Rose Colored Glasses Girl…etc!)
    PS~Jeannette!! I’m receiving your formal thanks for this community. I’m SO excited (and honored) to be a part of it. Here’s to continued sharing of the goods and growth in the process! w00t!! 🙂

  • Mark! This is the first I’ve seen of your Mandala Life site!! GORGEOUS!!
    Thanks for popping in to comment and giving a link with your name!

  • Mark says:

    I love how inspiring your tweet stream is and have found so many positive people to follow on twitter by sending out positive intentions.

  • Good tip, Mary … in fact, I just found @AbrahamFan and @abe_quotes on twitter this morning. No matter what you’re inspired by, you’ll find a community on twitter organized around it!

  • I completely agree with all of you… Twitter is *the* place to be!! I much prefer it to Facebook, because I’ve intentionally created a Twitter stream that is very positive, uplifting, and LOA-focused. On Facebook it’s not necessarily as easy to do that these days… 😉
    Here’s a tip for those of you newbies who are just starting out on Twitter: When I first signed up several months ago (per Jeannette’s recommendation!), I intentionally went to see who Jeannette and Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul) were following and followed several of those people based on their bios. Before you know it, I had created a whole little community on there of seriously like-minded people!! I also love people whose screen names actually tell you a little bit about what they’re about, so I know whether or not I will resonate with them…
    Anyway, I LOVE Twitter and you’ll find me tweeting away there often! For anyone who wants to follow me, my name is @SelfHelpGoddess. I’ll follow you back! 🙂

  • Pure Potential says:

    Nuggets of fun…tweets from known and unknown folks greatly outnumber the ones to ‘unfollow’. Also, no attachment or obsessing about what it all means, helps me to keep it light and fun.
    BTW Jeannette is my first follow!

  • Nice reminder to keep it light and fun, Susan! Thanks for that! 🙂

  • I challenge anyone not to smile while reading Janette’s tweets – her energy is fun and infectious!
    What a blessing to connect with you here and on twitter, my friend.

  • Janette says:

    My tweet friends cram wisdom, hilarity, fun, great quotes, ideas and links to amazing resources into 140 characters. What’s not to like?!
    Twitter’s just another tool and you get to choose how you use it. Hang out with the same people you’d wanna hang out with if they lived in your home town; or hang out with the naysayers and critics. I know what I choose.
    Plus, I met Jeannette on Twitter via @KimFalconer, who was my First Ever Follower (eternally grateful for that bit of synchronicity!!). Now I have a fabulous mix of LOA experts (hey Judy, Tia, Iyabo, Mary et al!) and writing folks to hang out with every day. Woohoo!!!
    BTW you can find me at @J_Dalgliesh 🙂

  • Avi, I have to admit, you are one of my favorite finds on Twitter! Your blog is excellent, too.
    (I finally got your link here on my blog roll!)

  • Avi Marcus says:

    Jeannette, I love: “just as with anything in life, Twitter is what you make of it.”
    Find me at @vibejourney on twitter – all LoA, all the time! 🙂

  • What a perfect intention and purpose for joining Twitter, K!

  • k says:

    cool. i initially signed up to twitter in order to receive inspirational tweets only. i expanded it to a few other things but am definitely keeping it positive. makes for a nice, safe, often uplifting click.

  • You know what? I am quickly becoming a huge Kimberly Gauthier fan! I like everything I run across of you, Kimberly – whether it’s on facebook, this blog, twitter, or my in-box!
    Thanks for being part of my wonderful world, girlfriend.

  • Kimberly Gauthier says:

    Your title is perfect. It’s what you make of it. Not everyone is in a good place to send or receive anything. I try to see people’s comments to everything in a good light and if I respond in kind then it is good.
    People who are spouting off negativity are in pain and what I make of this is that it’s a wonderful reminder of how lucky I am to be as happy as I am. I love that I live a life of positivity, laughter, and fun. I love that I’m excited to go to work every morning. That I look forward to my photography. That my boyfriend and I crack each other up. That I have fantastic friends who come running when I call. And I love my kitties (and even my future puppy).
    I think these reminders are necessary to keep me from taking all of this for granted 🙂
    Have a fantastic week, All
    – Kimberly

  • Iyabo Asani, The Inner Genius Coach says:

    Guys, I am so with Jeannette! I just found out this evening from the amazing @pamslim whose husband is a Shaman that you should light a green candle on any day with an 8 in it and it brings in money!
    Can’t beat that!
    Twitter is a conversation.
    I find that if your heart is open when you tweet, you attract lovely people to you.
    If you want to follow me, send me a tweetout, as in shoutout, to @CoachIyabo
    Yes, the vibe flows to all areas of your life.

  • Jenny says:

    Wow, there’s some serious love our there on Twitter. Maybe I should start joining you!

  • Ooh! Michael Port’s red velvet rope for twitter – I hadn’t thought of it that way, Dana, but that’s perfect!
    Thanks for popping in to share your twitter handle, too!

  • Dana - Your Inspried Coach says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more, Jeannette. It’s what you make it, who you choose to follow, and it’s all about working your red velvet rope to invite the perfect people into your life in all areas.

  • Thanks for sharing your handle here, Iyabo. And I’m totally with you about the things I learned from folks on twitter that I wasn’t likely to run across otherwise.
    Twitter is a perfect reflection of our vibe, huh? Just like everything in life. 🙂

  • Ha – you’re too funny, Judy! Great video, too (One Love, Playing For Change).
    Thanks for contributing to the conversation tonight!

  • Judy says:

    Believe it or not I can’t figure out Twitter…so just pretend I tweeted this:

  • You are making me laugh, Cheri! (“Toilet paper on your twitter shoes.”)
    You’ll find lots of twitter tips in the stream, but mine is this: load tweetdeck to enjoy it even more. (free install at
    Thanks for making your way here to the blog for an entertaining comment, Cheri! 🙂

  • Cheri says:

    So great to read this! I just started ‘tweeting’ a few days ago (not even sure if that’s the right lingo – my kids started giggling when I said it!) and it was cool to see my tweet in your list.
    I feel like I jumped into the deep end (being a new twitterer) but I’m having fun and figuring it out. I’m really enjoying the opportunity at finding lots of other like minded folks. So I’ll check out the other people you have on the list! (Birds of a feather etc!)
    And if you have any ‘how to tweet’ advice I’m open for learning! Often people just don’t know what they don’t know. (So please tell me if I have toilet paper on my new twitter shoes!) That sounds neat – I think I’ll go tweet that!
    Thanks so much for creating this great community!

  • I’ll be the first to say twitter’s not for everyone, but with this kind of vibe flowing, it’d be hard not to enjoy it!
    If/when you join, Jenny, be sure to give me a heads up.
    And thanks for your comment! 🙂

  • I’ll second that, Nancy! (Who is @AffirmingSpirit on twitter)

  • Jeannette, I feel the same way about my tweetstream!
    Of course, it comes down to *who we chose to follow*. I don’t follow everyone who follows me—I check everyone’s site and learn more about them first. (Yes, including @GoodVibeCoach!) I am sure you don’t follow every single person who follows you, either. (Some bios don’t resemble people or are entirely missing.)
    I’ve mentioned loving Twitter to number of my friends, and they give me a strange *look* and then say, “From what I’ve seen of Twitter, it’s not worth my time.” Clearly, they’ve seen someone else’s tweetstream and not mine! :o)
    Here’s to appreciating our followers, creating more followers to appreciate!
    Many blessings,

  • Well, it would be great to meet with you there, MsNikki! lol

  • MSNikki says:

    Yeah, Jeanette! I immediately thought of you when I heard that bit on the news! Hmmm….sounds like I need to get my Twitter sh*t together and actually tweet something, huh??

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