What You Say & See Is What You Get

This post comes from an email I received today from Mike Brescia.  I don’t know Mike’s work, I don’t know his products, but I really liked this message. 
Especially the Super Bowl example. ( The idea of claiming your score while you’re still playing – let alone losing – the game really appeals to me.)
Mike’s message about changing your inner voice is an important one in LOA work.  Here’s an excerpt from his note (highlights are mine):

When you believe in your heart that you can’t do something you have to do or would like to do, you’re sunk. 
And if we don’t believe we can do something, or aren’t sure that we can, yet are still being forced to do it anyway, we feel fear, anxiety and, if it goes on long enough, panic… and regular panic attacks can be the result.
The good news is, there is a way out of this cycle…
It’s called changing your inner voice…Changing the inner discussion that is going on inside your head every waking hour of every day.
What you say to yourself silently governs everything you do and how well you do it.  You see, you can know what to do, but if something in your mind is working against you, you can’t pull out the ability to do your best.
Momentum.  Programmed mental pictures.  Associations.  Triggers.  Tendancies.  It’s easy to see these things in athletic competitions.  Success in sports, where the opponents are pretty evenly matched, is almost completely built on the inner voice and inner mental pictures (which affect each other like chemicals that are inert alone but explode when mixed together).
Ever see players on a sideline getting each other fired up, telling each other to focus, to just take it one play at a time, to believe, to reach down deep, to ignore the pain, to see themselves making plays, to see themselves winning.
In last year’s Super Bowl, for example, before the final drive, Michael Strahan paced the sidelines shouting out to his teammates, “17-14!  That’s the final score!  17-14!  See it!  17-14!”  As the offensive players were running on and off the field, he’s yelling to them, “17-14!  Believe it!”
The final score was 17-14, Giants.  Some of the most remarkable feats ever seen on a football field were created in those 2 minutes 7 seconds.  Because they believed it could happen.
In every moment of our lives we can do things like that… get yourself to do what you must, do it well and do it without doubt or fear…
Do it with pleasure.
By just changing your inner mental chatter and the mental pictures you see automatically all day long.
Mike Brescia
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  • December 17, 2008
  • NYG girl says:

    So, I’m a believer in LOA, and have been doing a lot of work in that regard as of late. But still…things blow my mind. Like “randomly” (which of course isn’t the case) coming across an article you wrote online somewhere….then clicking on your blog…and then going straight to the place where you quoted someone who was using the NY Giants as an example of LOA. The Giants! I happen to be a very unlikely Giants fan…a girly girl who happens to love football and happens to love the Giants even though I’m from the South. To come across a NYG example of the things I believe in just made me shake my head and smile…just more proof that yes, you attract what you need, and for me that was a reminder that this stuff works. I’m going to get offline and go visualize more of what I want in life. I can have and do anything. It’s true. THX and merry Christmas. 🙂

  • Peregrine John says:

    LOL Right back atcha!
    Now, leaping to getting the ability to make the leap is a bit like needing self-discipline to learn self-discipline, or perhaps like the rope to swing across the river being tied to a tree on the other side. Fortunately, I’m a good swimmer… and in these cases, there’s no denying the value of a coach (or cheering section, for that matter)!
    I like the FatWallet handle! Good way to get others to lend their belief to your own. Having hedged at that very thing for a long time sort of makes me partial to the notion already: I’m not called Peregrine just because I wander! Nope. The peregrine falcon is a powerful, beautiful creature, the fastest animal on the planet, inspiring and soul-nourishing merely to see; and frankly a lot like that inner god-avatar I mentioned here a few months ago. A good shorthand, says I, for the direction I should go, as is my other handle, of that long-upcoming other blog.

  • Phillis, your powerful words here are making me want to find some sort of art piece with the words “I BELIEVE” on it.
    Thanks for posting! 🙂

  • It is powerful, isn’t it, John? Glad you saw that.
    On twitter today I noticed a new follower who goes by “FatWallet.”
    Okay, now how many times can you think of yourself as that, call yourself that, get called that by others, before the energy of Fat Wallet really starts to sink in?
    I think that could be a very clever manifesting technique – creating a handle in line with what you want to experience.
    So let’s say making that leap from “wouldn’t it be cool if .. ?” to “this is HAPPENING” is easier than we’ve been making out?
    I like that thought.
    Maybe the trick, too, is having a coach who SHOUTS it at us when we most need to hear it! 😉
    And – ha! – noticing the wings you’ve had all along!! Gosh, John, I love you more every time we talk!!

  • Too cool! Way Cool . . . . . . Believe and it is . . . Believe as it is . . . . Believe, Believe, Believe.

  • Peregrine John says:

    Since our “inner voice” is the voice that gets projected as intention, this seems pretty core, to me – which is not to say that it’s either obvious or easy! Ok, it might be obvious to you, but the way Mike presents it is very powerful.
    There are remarkable feats for me to accomplish! Believing I can, really believing it, is my challenge. Changing from dreamy, wishful, unconvinced “wouldn’t it be cool if…?” to certain-as-looking-at-it “this is happening and I LOVE it!” is the thing. Not easy for me. It’s not the ability, it’s the belief in it that’s lacking, which is why I’m starting small. Proof of Concept, if you are familiar with that term. But really, having done the basics there, it’s time to simultaneously learn the lessons of the inner voice and make much, much bigger use of it.
    It feels kind of like a fledgling suddenly noticing his wings. “Oh, hello! Have I had these the whole time?”

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