What Your Manifestation Can’t Do

It's Not Your Manifestation's JobQuick heads up to fellow creators in case you’re thinking that getting what you want will make you feel better …

… it doesn’t work that way.

When we try to manifest something so we’ll be happier when we get it … that’s backwards.

We feel better first, then the manifestations happen.

I forget this myself sometimes, too.  Maybe you recognize this routine:

  • trying to create financial abundance so you can rest easy about making rent
  • wanting to attract a fabulous love interest so you can feel less lonely
  • intending to get healthy and fit so you feel better about yourself

Routines like that don’t actually work well, and may explain why you’re not making as much headway as you’d like.

In deliberate creation we don’t use our manifesting powers to create circumstances that make us feel better.

We start the party by feeling better.

That’s the first step.  Feel better first.

And changing how we feel is our job – not the job of our manifestations.

We aren’t creating something so that we’ll be able to relax or be happy – we’re relaxing and feeling good first.

Before there’s a “reason” to.

Then the good stuff happens.

Which we don’t even need any more, because we already got happy.

And that’s why (and when) it happens – when we don’t need it in order to change how we’re feeling!

It all starts with how we feel. You gotta lead this party.

So if you’re trying to manifest something in order to feel better – your work is to just feel better first. Now. However you can.

Your manifestations can’t do that for you.  🙂

  • December 13, 2012
  • Eric, if the feelings are great, I’d say you’re doing it “right”!! Kudos to you, my friend!
    Nice Abe quote, Meredith. Thanks for sharing it here. 🙂

  • Meredith says:

    The only thing that can keep you from the freedom and joy that you believe the winning of this lottery is about, to keep you from the abundance and the feeling of mobility that you seek in this physical experience, the only thing that can keep you from having all of that is focusing upon things that make you feel other than that. And the Universe cannot yield the lottery to you as long as you are feeling the dissatisfaction of where you stand. You have to feel appreciation for where you stand in order for more that will please you to be able to get in.
    – Abraham-Hicks –

  • Eric says:

    I use printed-out pictures, a Pinterest “vision board”, and mental “movies” of what I wish to manifest by focusing on how it feeeels to me to have them — and I feel spectacular! Sometimes I actually cry with joy because my mental movies are so powerful. I don’t know if I’m doing it exactly right, but the feelings are so great, that the physical manifestation is almost a side note to me now because my imagination and corresponding feelings are SO strong. It will be great when these things do manifest though, don’t get me wrong! And they WILL, because I am gratefully allowing them all into my Good Life with my Good Vibes. Thanks for the article Jeanette!

  • It’s a habit that’ll serve you well, Carolyn. 🙂
    And Lauren, I wrote it for myself, too. Glad I’m not the only who benefits from the reminder.
    Thanks for posting, you two!

  • Lauren says:

    I love this post. Such a great reminder to focus on feeling good first and then manifesting later. I really needed this today! Thank you Jeannette!! 🙂

  • Carolyn says:

    Thanks Jeannette. ” and if all
    we did was get really good at spotting those
    things that we appreciate, that focus alone will
    enhance our feeling of well being.”
    I am trying this as I write.

  • Nice summary, Andy! Easy way to remember it.
    And lovely to see you here! 🙂
    And Sophie, for some reason the way you said that really rang my bell. Thanks for posting!

  • Carolyn says:

    Sharon – thank you. You are right of course.
    I will stop the resisting and take it easy

  • Sophie says:

    Manifesting = How something shows up. You are not placing your order to the universe with what you are asking to manifest, you are placing your order with the energy (or the vibration) you be before it actualizes as the manifestation you see.
    Thank you Jeannette, now I know how to explain this even better! You rock!

  • Andy says:

    Oh YAY! Good blog post. The best quote I think I have ever came up with is…. FEELING FIRST, MANIFESTATION SECOND! Thanks for confirming and affirming the LOA in action! XOX

  • Wise words, Sharon. Resisting what’s currently up for us feeling-wise is a guaranteed path to drag it out longer. What is it they say – the quickest way out is through?
    Carolyn, I would also suggest that there are more things going right than aren’t, and if all we did was get really good at spotting those things that we appreciate, that focus alone will enhance our feeling of well being.
    Thanks for chiming in, you two!

  • Sharon says:

    Carolyn, when you do try all the tricks and you still don’t feel better it’s because your trying to hard. Allow whatever you are feeling at the time and you will move through it faster. Whatever we push against persists.

  • Sharon says:

    Yes, I came to this realization again yesterday myself. I had been in a funk for the last several days and it hit me yesterday that I was giving my power away. It’s not up to outside circumstances to make me happy or feel good it’s only up to me to do it for myself and I can do it for myself by choice. I can chose to feel good or not but it’s no one elses job to make me feel better. Take your power back and feel good for the sake of feeling good.

  • Carolyn says:

    Love the post Jeannette….But have to say sometimes it seems like I try all the “tricks” or processes to feel better first and this takes a bit of time. So I will be in a funk for like a day or two and that really sucks!!
    Wondering whether there is an easy way out there to get to that feeling faster?? I am willing to try something new.
    My biggest issues right now are on improving love relationships and manifesting money for my dream house and vacation (kinda common right??)

  • Yay for that, Anna! And Teresa, glad it hit the spot. Thanks for reading and commenting, ladies!
    Eva, I have you fabulously brilliant fellow creators to thank for helping me remind me of this stuff myself. So thank you for that.

  • Great post! You know I get annoyed when you remind me of stuff I already know but for some reason forget is the correct word resist?! Thanks Jeannette!

  • Anna says:

    The most difficult thing for me to get (understand, comprehend, realize) has been the emotional part – the feeling. It struck me like this…
    Feeling *Feeling* **FEELING** is the key.
    FEEL it first, then see it physically manifest.
    I’ve had times of feeling incredibly calm, at peace, at one with – KNOWING – and those moments (minutes, hours) have been the most incredible moments of my life… regardless of anything physical (here, now, today) those moments of *KNOWING* have been, and continue to be, the best moments of my life –
    Because that’s when I feel at one with, a part of, GUS.
    And as Sophie would say, “How does it get better than this?”

  • Love this reminder. Thank you so much!!

  • You know, Caz, I think that’s exactly why appreciation and “positive aspect lists” are so powerful.
    When we can count the blessings and list the things that are going right already, that takes some pressure off the things we want to change before we can feel better.
    And, of course, there’s always good old fashioned visualization and imagination to help us change our feeling state, but you can’t really do that all day long. We can, though, develop a strong state of appreciation during our waking hours, and that will do the trick.
    There is ALWAYS something to appreciate, and when we build that muscle to be able to see it, we become much more powerful manifesters in that we’re able to feel better in this present moment, before anything even changes.
    You’re also ringing my bells, Caz, by talking about how we sometimes try too hard at all this – which is the inspiration behind the Slacker Manifesting ebook.

  • Caz says:

    I really get what this is saying & understand it, however I’m finding it an interesting challenge to actually make the shift into it iykwim? I usually think I’m in one state, but then I look back on it and realise I was aiming for it too hard 😉

  • Kim Falconer says:

    ‘If we are feeling . . .’ lol
    It could even be rephrased:
    Some things can’t be appreciated except from a greater distance . . .
    Like Monet’s Sunrise.
    Cose up . . .

  • Thanks for those thoughts, Kim. I was thinking that’s an obvious question a reader might have – “how do I feel better now?” Higher perspectives always help!!
    Much appreciated!

  • MissyB says:

    Simples 🙂

  • Kim Falconer says:

    I love this post! Thank you!
    It’s such a good reminder.
    In deliberate creation we don’t use our manifesting powers to create circumstances that make us feel better.
    We start with feeling better.
    That’s the first step. We feel better.

    There are so many things we can do to ‘feel better now’. Mostly they are ways to gain a bigger perspective. It’s we are feeling ‘bad’ and in ‘lack’ it’s usually because we are standing way too close to the mosaic. Know what I mean?
    Some things are just meant to be appreciated from a distance!

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