What's Your Catch Phrase?

My partner invited me to keep him company for a couple holes on his golf tournament this weekend. Hmm, I’ll be swearing like a sailor if I’m not careful on this post.

So I go out with him. As soon as we pull up to hole #11 (I think it was), he starts talking about this awful tree halfway down the fairway. He’s talking about it with the other players, and they’re complaining about how it needs to be trimmed, because it’s right in the way, and it’s everyone’s nemesis. And everyone’s got a story about how it stopped them from making a great shot.

Okay, are you kidding me? Who has he been dating this last year??! Apparently not someone who taught him that his thoughts are things that create his reality! My WORD!

He takes his shot, and what do you think happens? The only thing that COULD happen when you hate that tree! When you talk about that awful tree and how it costs you your shot! Yes, he hit the tree and it ruined his shot.

And then HE was swearing like a sailor.

So when he’s back in the cart I say, “Sweetie, you need to make friends with that tree.” I can hardly even watch this any more! Has he not learned ANYTHING from me?!

Apparently not.

Because a couple holes later I hear him shout “for ONCE in my LIFE!” and he meant that for once in his life could he please have the shot work out. And of course, yes, he gets to have that happen once in his life because that’s what he’s MANIFESTING by using that phrase over and over. So yes, it’s gonna happen ONCE, sweetie. ONCE in your life. And apparently that time is not today.

Man, I’m getting riled up.

Deep breath.

Here’s the good news.

The next day as I drop him off at the golf course, I ask, “What are we doing today, Sweetheart?”

He’s a good student while he’s in the car. Once he’s on the course all bets are off, but in the car he says, “I’m making friends with the tree.”

Oh, that’s good. THANK YOU.

Thank you thank you thank you.

And then he adds, “But I really don’t like the looks of that wind.”

Oh jeez. The flags were flying straight out – it was windy – but do we really have to manifest the wind ruins the game now, instead of the tree? Oh my WORD!

So I say, “Okay, so you’re making friends with the tree and what else??”

“The wind,” he says with a tone like he would to a teacher he makes fun of as soon as she turns her back.

Okay, I’m going hiking.

When I return, he reports that his score was even worse than the day before, BUT – on the shot with the tree, the ball sailed right through the branches. And the wind was not a factor in his awful score.

So there’s hope.

There is always hope.

I tell this story because I want you to hear for YOUR catch phrases, and check in on what they’re bringing you. I got a couple myself that could probably use tweaking, but … until I’m dating an annoying attraction coach, I’ll probably be deaf to them. lol

Aren’t we the most fascinating creatures?! I’m SO in love with us!!! And yes, you too, Sweetie, no matter how much you try to ignore me. : )

  • May 7, 2007