When Deliberate Creators “Resort” to Action

deliberate creators work up a sweat, tooSome folks I’ve talked with lately seem to feel a bit of shame because they’ve resorted to action to make something happen.

Just because you didn’t manifest it “out of the clear blue” without lifting a finger doesn’t mean you’re a failure as a deliberate creator!

Indeed, it just may be that taking action was your path of least resistance.

So don’t hang your head in shame. It doesn’t make you a bad manifester. I would actually say quite the opposite! How you create it doesn’t really matter, does it?

So if you …

  • go to the doctor to get better,
  • or exercise to lose weight,
  • or fill out dozens of applications to get a job,
  • or meet your sweetie online rather than having him knock on your door on one magical evening

… lighten up about it.

There’s nothing wrong with “doing something” to make it happen when that action feels inspired and good.

Just wanted to clear that up because we talk a lot here about not doing anything to create effortless success.

Sometimes master manifesters work up a sweat! It’s all good.

What we don’t advocate is taking action without alignment. But when action is what helps you get aligned, don’t judge, please.

The key is to honor your belief system and your desires mutually. To the extent you believe in action or enjoy it or feel inspired to it, rock on with your bad self!

And as Abraham reminds us, part of the joy of being human is getting our fingers in the clay to mold our lovely lives. Enjoy it!

  • November 20, 2011
  • Tambal says:

    Action is wonderful and desirable , but it must be done after Alignment with your desire ( or Goal ) . As alignment makes the action easier , and the action feels good .
    Just action is when it is done without alignment , but with alignment it is Inspired Action ,
    and this is the difference .

  • Stacey says:

    Action is great as long as you’re not using it to compensate for being out of alignment (bad vibration).
    As Abraham says, “Before doing it, align with it.”
    Get in the vortex, then action becomes inspired and positive results flow!

  • DivineOne says:

    This post is so perfect for me right now and Jessica Earl, your aha has triggered my aha! lol
    It’s all about what propels you to action and how the action feels. What a great way to tie two ideas together (physical action vs. no physical action)that on the surface seem to be contrary but, thankfully, don’t have to be!

  • ChipEFT says:

    Whatever you want, the Universe is quite capable of getting it to you DESPITE ALL THE LIMITATIONS YOU PUT ON IT.
    In other words, if you believe you must work hard and struggle for what you receive, the Universe will provide the hard work and struggle in the gaining of your desires. If you feel it is better to give than receive, the Universe will find ways that are acceptable for you to get what you want. A gift from your parents might not be acceptable, but a surprise tax refund would be okay.
    What I am saying is that action may be required in your belief system, and if it is, don’t fight it. It may well be the path of least resistance for you to get what you want.

  • Jessica says:

    I read this last night and decided I would take action on something I’ve been wanting. Then last night I had a dream I had this thing! Which, according to Abraham is a sign that I am in allignment with it. 🙂
    I also had a dream that I had a tame pet tiger, lol.

  • I love this. Sometimes doing something just plain feels better.
    Yet often it’s so easy to get sucked into doing because you’re supposed to do or everyone else is doing. I’m working on looking up regularly and asking myself if I’m having fun doing what I’m doing. Right now. If the answer is no. I stop.
    I started doing this when I was running the Chicago Marathon this fall. It’s amazing how just asking the question about having fun shifted for me and helped me notice all the fun that was around me while I was running.

  • Jessica Earl says:

    Funny, just this morning, I was thinking about the people who have a mindset of good ol’ fashioned “hard work”… that’s what gets you success in life. I realized something. It is THAT belief that actually makes hard work actually successful, not the work itself.
    I realized that it is the vibration of determination, of focus, of a no-excuse all out conviction; that is where the success is really coming from.
    So that’s why those people believe in it, yet why others can choose to believe in something less demanding, but equally successful.
    So then I realized that I don’t have to “do” it any certain way, no one is right, and everyone is right, all at the same time! I am free to choose whatever feels believable to me, and I can be successful so long as I have the faith, determination… the vibration clear. So occasionally, taking action makes us feel powerful, it gives us a chance to roll up our sleeves and be determined about our desire, and brings about the manifestation. The vibration could follow the action, and that’s why it “appears” as though it is the action that is causing the manifestation success.
    I hope that made sense. It was such an aha for me this morning, and made me feel better about both action and non-action. 🙂

  • Milos says:

    This article is a great reminder not to slip to extreme way of thinking. When somebody hear about the LOA for the first time, it is likely that they will start thinking that they could do everything by just imagining it. And that is probably true, but is unlikely to happen. You cannot expect to become a president (?!) just by sitting in your room and visualizing the goal. You will have to move your a.. and start kissing lots of a…s to become the one you want to be 🙂
    My conclusion is that we have to do everything we can, both mentally or physically, to achieve your goal. Thanks for pointing that out.

  • Stephen says:

    Sometimes taking an action helps us line up our energy. When Jackie and I first started talking about wanting to move to Boulder, the first thing I did was start checking craigslist for jobs and sending resumes out to likely prospects. We also started looking at rentals and gauging what the cost of living is here.
    The actions were easy and always seemed like the next logical step.

  • Susan says:

    Earlier this week the Universe brought me evidence of one of my greatest desires.It was the first knock on wood,physical reality evidence and I felt fantastic. But….I wanted more. Rather than just celebrate the fact that everything is on it’s way I took action to try to hurry up the next bit. Of course I was taking that action from a place of lack (still wanting/needing more) which netted me a big fat zero !!!
    So I guess what I’m saying is that there’s nothing wrong with taking action as long as you are aware of WHY you are taking the action.
    If it feels good, if it feels inspired then do it but if it’s because you are feeling that you don’t have what you want yet then hang off for a bit.
    Having said all that, no harm done on my part because the only thing that was affected were my vibrations and I know what to do about that 🙂 (and it was a really good lesson)
    But whatever action we do or do not take along the way, the Universe will still find a way to deliver everything we want 🙂

  • MissyB says:

    Ah-ha ! I always feel bad when I buy something on my wanted list…like I should wait to be given it…or win it…or be given the money to buy it. Buying it out of my savings feels a bit of failure. Until I get it of course…then I forget how I got it…I’m just pleased I’ve got it.

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