When In Doubt, Get Lined Up

Sometimes when we have a big decision to make we approach it like a muggle instead of bringing our creative powers to bear.

Like when we wonder to quit this job or stick it out. We might weigh the pros and cons of giving up the time invested in the company to take a gamble on something new.

Or when we lose sleep debating whether to give the relationship a second chance or cut loose now. We try to figure out whether we can make it work with this partner or whether there’s someone easier to enjoy.

Or when we can’t decide whether to have the surgery or try to resolve the health issue without medical intervention.

It’s easy (and all too common) to get caught up in thinking there’s a right and wrong choice that we need to suss out in order to ensure our happiness. Even among savvy creators.

But that’s a muggle way of thinking that comes from ignoring the vibrational nature of our world.

Conscious creators know it isn’t about choosing the best action – it’s about finding a better vibration.

Muggles think it’s the action that determines the outcome. We know it’s the energy behind the action.

Abraham reminds us that it doesn’t matter what we do; it only matters how we feel.

Which means that when we have a big decision to make and aren’t sure which way to go, the first thing to “do” is find the feeling first.

Specifically, find the feeling of what we want first.

What does success feel like? Try that on for size.

Or remind yourself how happiness feels. How does satisfaction and well-being go again? Conjure it up vibrationally and then you’ll be well-positioned to make a successful choice.

Because here’s the deal …

If you’re making a decision from dissatisfaction, your choice is likely going to bring more of the same.

So if you’re in an unhappy marriage and wondering whether a new partner is the way to go, you don’t actually know the answer until you know the vibration of what you want. 

If you’re in an exhausting line of work that makes you fantasize about an easier livelihood, you can’t tell whether you’ll find relief somewhere else until you adopt the feeling or relief first.

If you’re hating what’s happening with your body, and contemplating a new diet or training routine – you won’t make your best decision from that place of dissatisfaction. You’ll make better choices for yourself when you find the vibration of satisfaction first.

And yes, sometimes doing anything different is what breaks the evil spell by giving us a reason to believe something different could happen.

Sometimes that works.

But savvy creators know that our best path to happily ever after becomes crystal clear obvious to us when we get happy first. Just practice a little alignment before you weigh your options.

So before you toss a coin or lose any more sleep wondering about the right thing to do, practice feeling your success first and then see how different paths feel. Once you get lined up, the best choices reveal themselves like a red carpet rolled out taking us straight to dreams come true.

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  • April 14, 2018
  • Michael says:

    I just love you. I have had this on my desktop for a few days now, and read parts–before getting back to work. And the parts were great…but mostly I’d have my head down, working to work on work. I finally read it all through and have listened to the podcast…and started to feel like I could CONSIDER having my vibe shift.
    Then my kid walked in, asked for my phone and put on Boston’s ‘More Than a Feeling’ before saying: ‘I know this is your favorite singer, and favorite song…you should put everything down, just relax for a bit and enjoy your favorite song!’
    Between you and my kid…you guys are day-changers. Thanks, and love you lots. 🙂

  • Sally says:

    Lovely blog, I will definitely have a feel of what I want before making my decision or second guess myself. Am so glad I read your blog. Thank you so much.

  • David says:

    … the vibrational nature of our world… those words are definitely food for thought.

  • Kat says:

    Jeanette, I’ve been following you for some time and practicing the feeling of what I want first. I was not fired but recently laid off from a job I’ve had a long time (as in um last Friday). The job really was no longer lucrative, but because at one time it was, and because it was at home with no boss, etc. (which I created years ago before it was popular to do so), I was afraid to let go of it. When I started thinking about what I really wanted, I let go of the profession I was used to doing for over 20 years (out loud, fully releasing it for the first time, being honest with myself), and the NEXT DAY I was laid off! I have never been happier so I am so excited about all the new unfolding! Never got into fear, imagine that!! Just cleaning and reading and writing and eating cake. Seriously. lol. New ideas are flowing in. 🙂

  • Herm Albany says:

    This is so powerful. And yes, it is easier said than done. But this article helps a lot. I heard a saying, not sure who said it, that “Whatever you are paying attention to, that is the experience you are buying.”

  • Jiya says:

    I really messed up that comment.
    What I wanted to ask is how I should work on my beliefs and success as you said, that it doesn’t bother me. I am totally out of alignment right now. 🙁

    • Jeannette says:

      I’m not sure I’d work on my beliefs, Jiya, until I worked on my joy. Or my appreciation. Or my “feel good” vibe overall.
      I’d want to develop a dominant vibration of enjoyment and well-being, and then turn my attention to work and my thoughts around it.
      That might sound like a stretch from where you are now, but if you just started with releasing whatever resistance you can, letting it be okay for now, and activating a focus on what’s going right, that’ll put you in the right alignment for success at whatever you point your attention to next.
      That’s just my thought, though – you’ll want to tune into your inner guidance for what will serve you best.
      Sending good thoughts your way, my friend!

  • Jiya says:

    Hi Jeanette,
    Thanks for this article!
    So, if I want to leave my current job and continue doing what i like that also yields some money time to time— but i fear losing the job and a source of steady and increasing income. But I also feel like my sould would break-free. At the same time I also doubt if my dedication for my side business would remain the same. I feel like if I really like it i should give my 100 percent to it while being in a 9 to 5 job. But then I give myself a slack thinking that i get really tired (mentally) that i eevute he ideas I have. What does it sound like? I really don’t know but I badly want to have a growing income and a job that i really enjoy doing.

  • Cindy says:

    This is a beautiful article. I shared it with 6000 people. May you have good vibes every hour and every day. May all your dreams come true. Bless you.

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