When the Magic List Isn't Working

You’ve got to admit, those two hour success stories are fabulous to hear!
(Thanks, Pernille, for guest posting your experience with us about how your phone rang with good news hours after listing what you wanted.)
And much as I’d like to say that’s how I roll, too, those immediate result stories tend to be the exception rather than the rule in my life.
It’s much more typical that my big “wins” creep in gradually – over weeks, months or even years.

This post is for anyone who’s been frustrated they didn’t get immediate magical results or still haven’t had even a whiff of their happy ending.

What gives when you’ve been making the same list for 4 1/2 years?

For me this isn’t a hypothetical question.  My Intentions Journal dates as far back as October 2005 with the same elusive entry:

  • In fall of 2005 it included a “slam-bam-thank-you-ma’am” body
  • In December 2005 I intended to gift myself with 2″ smaller hips.
  • In May 2006 I wanted to lose 7 pounds.
  • In June 2006 I started to get a better handle on the true desire: “feel even better about my body.”
  • But in July I was right back to wanting size 6 back.
  • August 2006: perfect body
  • September 2006: feeling good in my body
  • October 2006: reaching my ideal weight
  • November 2006: embrace my natural size 6 self
  • February 2007: be the girl who loves her body
  • March 2007: enjoy my sexy size 6
  • October 2007: best shape ever
  • By 2008 I was intending fabulous health, getting better every day
  • December 2008: lean, strong, toned, flexible & rockin’ was on the list yet again.
  • 2009 intentions included “gorgeous, healthy, fit body”
  • February 2009: love and appreciate this body 100%

If that doesn’t deserve a couple rounds of “What the hell?!” I don’t know what does.
After all, I know how this works and I’m a pro at working it.
I know weight comes from resistant thoughts, and that all I gotta do is drop the resistance wherever I find it. I know this stuff. And I practice it!
But here’s what else I know:

  1. As long as I think something is wrong or that something should change I am in resistance. (What we resist, persists.)
  2. Until I make peace with what is, nothing can change.
  3. If I don’t love this body as she is right here right now there’s no hope of loving her when she weighs whatever I think would be better. It’s gotta start right here. With the scale saying whatever it says.
  4. For me to think I know best what this body should do is pretty ridiculous. She’s way smarter than I am.

And perhaps through her consistency in offering me this lesson, I will finally have to break down and just love and accept her as she is.
In that moment, there will finally be vibrational alignment. (Not just alignment to size six, or to 15 less pounds, but alignment to love.)
That’s when bodies get healthier and happier and even more smokin’ hot than they already are.
I guess the gift here is that the list didn’t immediately give me what I said I wanted, and in that opportunity I am forced to truly (eventually) learn unconditional love. For myself. For my body.
Come to think of it … maybe this list is magic after all.

The same way my crackhead neighbor taught me how to feel better before there was any reason to, my body is teaching me an even deeper skill level. Love yourself, love your life – no matter what.

I can do that.
In fact, I just flipped ahead in the Intentions Journal to recall what I wrote for January 2010. Here’s what it said (among other things): love my body, through and through, AS IS, now.
I might be on to something finally, huh?  😉

  • January 18, 2010
  • Monika says:

    Jeannette & all,
    I have read on Michael Losier’s website that we offer resistance as long as we don’t *believe* it can happen. He suggests that we think about
    — is there anybody else who already achieved *it* (our goal)? YES
    — is it therefore possible to achieve it? YES
    Now we can believe in its possibility. We can believe that we, too, can achieve our goal.
    He also suggests that we change our affirmations (if they don’t work) to the following formulation: instead of affirming that something already exists; we could instead say, “I am in the process of …”
    Just as Julio said — it is *cooking* …. :-))))

  • Good to know, Gemstone 😀 Love signs of being on the right track! Thanks xo

  • I couldn’t have said it better, Julio. (Your sentiments gave me goosebumps!)
    My favorite part: “most of the time my desires are just taking a little time to cook.”
    How helpful would THAT be for all of us to remember? Instead of thinking it’s not happening, or wondering what we’re doing wrong. Rather, “it’s cooking.”
    I love it!
    Thanks for posting, my friend. Please come back again.

  • Julio says:

    I am so grateful that you shared because that’s my experience too. I’ve traveled the road of “slowly but surely” in my manifesting… and boy, the result, I have to admit, is a wonderful life.
    Yet the slow and steady drives me nuts at times, when I let myself slip into believing that nothing is happening. Sure, sometimes it ain’t happening because I’m resisting. But I’m starting to get a handle on the idea that most of the time my desires are just taking a little time to cook. And in hindsight I can see how beautifully the Universe has laid out a series of life lessons to go along with the sometimes slow gestation of my desires (like patience, faith, forgiveness, acceptance, surrender, and yes… self love!).
    It’s comforting (big relief!) to think that slow and steady is amazing too. Thanks Jeannette!

  • Thanks for echoing what I know many feel, MissyB!
    In fact, I quoted you in the next post!

  • MissyB says:

    Its oh so simple, yet so hard to do…make peace with what is, because actually its all we have at this present moment in time. Yes I can dream and manifest…but right here right now is all I have so I might as well make peace with it…otherwise I’m going to feel pretty down about the size of my hips because they are not going to change within 2 hours ! Well at least not healthily ! Thanks for the reminder GVG.

  • You’re well-read, my friend! With a good grasp of these LOA concepts – not just that, but also practicing them. In fact, you could probably stop saying you’re new to LOA. You don’t sound like a newbie.
    This part I especially appreciated: “the process– while at times frustrating– has more often than not been a joy! Without learning all of these things, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to find out who I truly am, and what I truly want out of life.”
    I’ll second that, Gemstone! Thanks for posting.
    PS – I heard Kate has a fan on facebook who has organized a study group around her book, for anyone who might want to check that out. Email Kate (www.goldstarcoaching.com) for more info if you can’t find them on fb.

  • gemstone3 says:

    Another informative post to appreciate. Thank you!
    Jeannette, Zoe and Leslie– Thank you for sharing your experiences! ( and Jeannette, you’re gorgeous and look like a skinny-minnie to me!)
    I’m new to LOA ( just 10 months in). What I’ve found through all of your generous posts is that I learn something new with every topic that helps me, and that new knowledge illuminates subsequent manifestations for me. For example. I too have wanted to lose weight. Then I learned about feelings and their importance, and the power of being content where I am. I’m getting better at this, and have made great strides to love my body in all its glory– with some days being much better than others.
    New posts taught me about limiting beliefs. And though the back and forth allowed on this forum, I’ve been able to uncover some doozies! For example, my mother– with all her good intentions– also made statements I took to heart. She said I was asking for trouble if I had a bangin’ bod, and as proof, all I had to do was look at my half-sister. She was thin and gorgeous, and it got her into the wrong crowd. She died three years ago from liver failure brought on my alcohol and heroin use. I also bought into the belief of what a co-worker said when I got my first real job: “You look much younger than you are. Men are going to have a hard time taking you seriously”. I now know that subconsciously I didn’t want to add a size 4-6 body into the equation. (And there are other beliefs in there as well, but I’ll spare you.)
    However, I have to say, the process– while at times frustrating– has more often than not been a joy! Without learning all of these things, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to find out who I truly am, and what I truly want out of life– I’m no longer such an enigma to myself.
    I did get the e-book “Think yourself Thin with the Law of Attraction” by Kate Corbin. I do recommend it. In the three weeks since I’ve began reading this book, I have noticed positive changes in my body. Will I manifest my flat stomach and long, lean legs? Only time will tell! But I know I’m okay if I stay a size 8. (and world events have pumped up my appreciation vibe. I’ve got it pretty good– cellulite and all!)
    Before I go, I wanted to also comment on TIA. Your post sounds just like the book I’m currently reading (and highly recommend) “Calling in the One” by Katherine Woodward Thomas… You’re doing everything she advises in the book!

  • Nice intention, Nancy. Thanks for sharing it here!

  • Zoe, the feeling that “being sexy was NOT a good thing” or *not safe* (as in attracting UNwanted and INappropriate attention) is not uncommon.
    I intend that the universal woman in me knows she is not responsible for other’s unwanted and inappropriate behaviors, and that she is allowed to fully love and appreciate her body into it’s naturally beautiful shape.
    Jeannette, as always, I love the sharing and connection on this blog and GVU! Thank you for creating the fertile ground.
    Many blessings,

  • Gillian says:

    Awesome, Awesome, Awesome! You are a gem!

  • Gorgeousophie says:

    Wow, thanks Dude! I love that Jeannette is so generous and inspires other people to be so as well!:o)

  • “Cracking the set point” – you’re brilliant, Zoe!! Off to read that one now!
    Thanks, Annette and SelfHelp Goddess – your comments are much appreciated!

  • Zoe Routh says:

    Hi there everyone! Thanks Jeannette and Tia for giving me permission to post the links and for reminding me it is a service to offer value to others.
    Jeannette, my block to losing weight until I cracked it in 2009 was that I was afraid of the attention a slimmer body might mean for me (I worked out this was from a teenage association that attractiveness meant shame, danger and inappropriateness – from some advances from older men I did not clue into, but my Mum did – and sure left a delible impression that being sexy was NOT a good thing and definitely shameful – a weird translation, but it stuck with me for 20+ plus years until I worked out I wanted something different).
    The link to my blog post about ‘where’s my stuff” http://zoerouth.blogspot.com/2010/01/wheres-my-stuff-and-other-distractions.html
    And to my You Tube videos where I report on my Body Transformation process from the mindset point of view:
    This is the first video in the series: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EGDnQViPiQY
    And for Gorgeousophie on your stubborn 9kilos – how to crack the set point:
    Thanks for inviting me to share!
    And thanks to Jeannette for sharing too – this topic is so deeply personal it’s like your soul membrane at times – this is how I’ve felt – and I know you can step beyond it.
    Lots of love to you all!

  • Annette says:

    a) it’s good to want to improve
    b) What does the word ‘ body’ translate to you? I’m getting the impression it might mean ‘body of work’ or to ’embody’.
    c) Your butt: what is the ‘but’?
    I am sitting here reading this and all the responses and I am SO MAD at myself that I’m not out there training for the Run for the Cheetahs in late April! How am I supposed to do a 5K or 1 mi run if I sit here for 3 months prior? I want the T-shirt, an award AND some sponsors for the Cheetah Conservation Fund!
    I want this, right? So why do I not go out and get it done?
    What my body compass says: F*E*A*R
    I will have to Be Committed – every day! I will have to talk to folks about it. I will have to Show Up. I will be in the spotlight in my head.
    And then I will have NO EXCUSE, no story, no limitation to doing what I want in the future. There will be no familiar conversation that includes “Oh, that’s too bad.” I am going to have to expand my comfort zone to include ” I did it!! It was hard in the beginning, but I did it!”

  • Leslie: I 100% agree with both of your posts!
    Jeannette, you truly are drop-dead gorgeous, both inside and out!! From what I can see, you don’t need to change a thing! 😉 And I can’t wait to meet you someday in person… (that’s me putting it out to the Universe!)
    Also, Leslie, I love this part: “The universe answers requests that don’t have a question mark after them.”
    So true! In my experience, if I’m not manifesting something that I’ve said I want, it’s usually because I have conflicted desires and beliefs somewhere. It usually means part of me really wants it, but part of me doesn’t and I’m flowing two different desires or counter-intentions.
    Good food for thought!

  • You’re hilarious, girlfriend!
    My dad uses the morning song (and his is laminated in the shower), so you’re making me think maybe I should check that out.
    And I am SO borrowing “Go figure!” ha ha That thought is just DELICIOUS to me! Especially because I can say it right now, as is, with lots of love and appreciation.
    Thanks for posting, Gorgeousophie. You’re just what I needed today!

  • Gorgeousophie says:

    Lol, how I love this post Jeannette! Because I am OBSESSED with the 9 kilos so far fervently clinging to my heavenly body suit (also to me slimliness equals lightness equals excellent health equals freedom!).AND because, lo and behold, I had not put it on my list of dearest desires! But since I read Ptah morning song,http://www.ptaah.com/page/page/4736851.htm, although I have not managed as yet to print it out, laminate it and stick in in the shower, I have, every day whilst scrubbing away with yummy shower gels, told every part of my body that I love them AND described them as I desire them to be! On the scale (every day ritual as well ladies, I also am a member of the ego club!) no change but as I was going back to my room on Sunday, sky-clad (shockable readers, look away, look away now!) after massive divine pampering and ablutions session, I caught sight of myself in the mirror and, unbelievably enough, I looked fab and slim and juicy (I do not hanker after anorexic body at all, just slim with curves in the right place and all)…not like the small waddling and wobbling creature I often think I am…go figure!;o) As my Mummy always says, we do, for instance, tend to assume just about EVERYONE sees the tiny flaws which we have magnified out of proportion but they don’t…as for Source, they find us just perfect as we are! All together now, I am gorgeous, healthy, slim and wealthy!

  • Dang, Berta!
    That’s a cool story to tell!!
    I wonder if I could practice that version of “I’ve always been this same ideal weight” (or something close to it) myself. lol

  • leslie richter says:

    I guess the LOA point I wanted to make is how current is this desire/request? Is it what you think would be a good idea or do you know it to be a heart’s desire.
    My experience with manifesting is that when you really own that desire it’s a clean clear request that’s answered. How often have we experienced that when we have been unhesitatingly clear and clean and bang it’s there. Often catches our breath away because we didn’t have time to clutter it or question it.
    The universe answers requests that don’t have a question mark after them.

  • What a wise and wonderful sweetheart you are, Leslie!
    This is exactly what I’ve come to see in working with my coach: “There always is a reason why the ‘reality’ doesn’t match the request. True heart’s desire is saying something else.”
    My true heart’s desire is unconditional love for self. And how am I gonna learn that if everything’s perfect and easy to love? The REAL love comes when it’s not how we think it “should” be, right? Learning to love it NO MATTER WHAT.
    And I’m grateful it’s just my hips in on this ‘teaching Jeannette unconditional love’ gig. lol
    Thanks for speaking up on this one, Leslie. I’m reveling in the good love you’re sending.

  • leslierichter@gicable.com says:

    I personally think you have manifested your heart’s desire because you are drop dead gorgeous. Your beauty touches so many people’s heart and we haven’t even seen your hips.
    There always is a reason why the “reality” doesn’t match the request. True heart’s desire is saying something else.
    Maybe it’s that fear of success. Success means change, a shift out of the comfort zone, maybe we will lose loved ones.
    And do we really want the consequences of a twenty year old’s body in an older body? Do you want the attention? And is there an expectation of having to maintain torture to maintain the 20 year old’s looks.
    With age comes a widening of the face, the hips and the heart, do we have to give that up to look younger, slimmer, more perfect?
    My personal opinion I’d rather be around some one with a heart of gold and with hips however they come.
    Love Leslie

  • Berta Bauer, Lighthouse Coaching and Retreats says:

    I am on the opposite side of the spectrum on the weight issue. I have always maintained my weight and haven’t changed sizes since high school. I am not bragging, but whenever I hear (or read) people talk about being over weight I realize how I have been putting it out there since I was a child to be my perfect weight. So here is my method, and how I unconscienciously have been using LOA all my life.
    My mother was always heavy, thus tired, lethargic and limited in activities. I decided I would always be slim as a child and told myself that often. When my kids were young and growing I needed to spend money on their clothes and didn’t have money for new clothes for myself. Instead of being bummed about that, I choose to tell myself that I would rather spend the money on fun things after the necessities were taken care of. I also decided that when my clothes were starting to feel tight, I could come up with a million other things to spend money on that mean far more to me.
    It hasn’t always been easy to stay at my weight, but I have been able to manifest it but telling myself my really good old stories.

  • That’s the thing, isn’t it, Mitch?
    I know that inside and out (it’s the feeling we really want, not the results), I just need to practice it and honor it more on this particular topic.
    It’s easy for me to release specific results in my relationship with Russ, in my business, in my house, and I’ve even pulled it off with my animals.
    So there’s no but after that sentence. AND I can do it here. I am doing it here already, in lots of ways, on lots of days. I’ll get there all the way soon.
    Thanks for the coaching, my friend.

  • Mitch says:

    I have felt the same frustration over things not yet manifested. Just this morning in fact. lol And as I was driving and thinking, I heard your voice in my head, Jeannette, saying “Why do you really want this thing? What do you think it will make you feel?”
    That helped me detach a little when I remembered it’s not really the thing I want but the feeling I hope it will give me. It makes what I desire seem like much less of a big deal that way, and my feelings suddenly become more important than some thing outside of myself that I need in order to be okay. (Which of course I don’t!)
    So thanks for chiming in, both on this blog and in my thoughts! 😀

  • Carol – that made me laugh! I remember that routine! Except mine was more of a command than a request. lol
    And how high vibing is this?!: “it is healthy and gets me where I am going, and that matters more than what it weighs.” That feels GREAT to me!
    Your comments are much appreciated, my friend. 🙂

  • Carol says:

    @Toni, I loved your comment, “now I find myself more often being thankful for all the things my body is capable of doing – even without having been loved just as it is.”
    My previous comment about weighing myself every morning was just to show that my ego still has a hold on me. As I’m stepping on the scale, the thought going through my head is, “please say (insert number).” And my costume/body could still stand to lose another ten pounds. 🙂 But it is healthy and gets me where I am going, and that matters more than what it weighs.
    My soul knows it is irrelevant . . . but my ego doesn’t (though it has been loosening it’s grip a bit these last few years).
    And I color my hair, too. lol

  • Wow, that IS something, Toni! Cool that you have that to draw on (pregnancy and childbirth) but just appreciating it for getting us through busy days is powerful, too.
    Thanks for posting, Toni!

  • Toni says:

    “Love it no matter what” – that would be a perfect mantra for me, too!
    I’m intending to present a slimmer and lighter body this summer (and yes, I do mean my own one!), but at the same time I don’t want to deprive myself of a little snack here and there which will help me get through the dark winter months and stressful situations at work.
    I used to engage in a real fight with the kilos – now I find myself more often being thankful for all the things my body is capable of doing – even without having been loved just as it is. How about, for instance, pregnancy and childbirth? Or breast feeding? – Isn’t that something?
    Or mostly staying healthy and carrying me through the day with tons of chores and all sorts of topics to multitask around.
    So I’m no Heidi Klum or Claudia Schiffer. But I get to be ME – this physical shell has offered me such a wonderful opportunity to experience the most interesting physical sensations. And, honestly, I wouldn’t want anything less.
    – Your blog post is, as always, very inspiring. And timely. Thank you 🙂

  • Well, if it was good news I’d weigh myself every morning, too. lol
    Carol, I was talking with a fellow coach recently who suggested that weight loss issues might be overly “social self” centered, and Martha Beck coaches know that’s where we get into trouble.
    My essential self doesn’t care what I weigh, I’m sure.
    Indeed, from our soul’s perspective, we must be HILARIOUS!! lol
    Thanks for posting. 🙂

  • Carol says:

    From “eagle view,” our bodies are just costumes that we have donned so we could come down to the time and space playground to play. We just went into the cosmic closet and picked the costume we felt would best serve us for this lifetime. If only we could emotionally detach from the costumes as easily as we can from our clothes in our closets!
    From “mouse view,” we play into the media’s fantasy of the perfect body. Last night I was part of a group that watched the Dove Evolution video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYhCn0jf46U). Is it any wonder people don’t think they are good enough? They are striving to look like a computer enhanced photo.
    Just for laughs, I went back and read your elusive entries again, but replaced “body” with “costume.”
    – a “slam-bam-thank-you-ma’am” costume
    – feeling good in my costume
    – be the girl who loves her costume
    – gorgeous, healthy, fit costume
    From our soul’s perspective, it must be pretty funny, huh?
    That being said, yes, I weigh myself every morning!

  • And Zoe, you KNOW Jeannette would love for you to hyperlink here – she’s cool like that 🙂 Good to see you, been a while since we were in contact!

  • Tia, you sure know how to make a girl feel better.
    Knowing I’m not the only LOA coach with an ongoing desire is .. somehow .. comforting.
    Is that wrong? lol
    And I totally get the personal growth that the experience has led to … that’s a pretty big reward, huh?
    Thanks for posting, girlfriend!

  • Ooooohhh hahaha I can relate 🙂 Mine since 2001 has been to “be married to the love of my life”.
    Since then I’ve had a couple of guys ask me to marry them (SEVEN since 1998) but they weren’t the love of my life and so I said no.
    Plus… I really wanted to travel and experience the world all the while I was saying I wanted to be married.
    What I’ve learned from this:
    1) Seems like I equate marriage with loss of freedom and independence (old story, changing it now)
    2) I am just fine and happy when I am single too, I don’t need a man to make me happy – I CAN look after myself! This was important to learn cos I’ve always been “looked after” by male figures – dad, bro, friends, bfs, etc my whole life
    3) The personal growth I’ve had over the last 5 years has turned me into a completely different and much nicer, emotionally healthier person
    4) I attracted men I didn’t want to marry but who wanted to marry me so I could feel needed and wanted which is what I was REALLY after to heal my childhood abandonment wounds
    5) The energy I gave to “being married” has always been one of fear, not love. Fear that I’ll end up alone and unloved (inspite of all the proof saying otherwise)
    6) I am whole. I am loved and adored and no matter what, I will never abandon me or be alone. Hence, I don’t need to be married for those reasons anymore
    7) Now when I DO get married, it will be for all the right reasons, for love, for growth, for sharing my life with an equal partner.
    I don’t think I have every thought about this or articulated it so clearly – wow. You wrote this post for me, darling Jbird. Thank you and manifestations away! Tia

  • Zoe Routh says:

    Iyabo – love the concept of integrated manifestation – it’s always about the FEELING isn’t it?

  • That’s it, Iyabo – like Sue said. The body manifestations can be tricky because they’re “too close to home.”
    I mean, leaving this topic behind is not as simple as others. (I can forget about my boyfriend, my money, my business, even my foster kitty’s health. But this butt? Constant reminder here.) lol
    Or maybe that’s my limiting belief.
    Where DID your photo go? It pulls from gravatars … ?

  • Iyabo Asani, The Inner Genius Coach says:

    Waaaahhhh! Where is my picture? I have no clue what happened to it.
    How are your comments handled?

  • Iyabo Asani, The Inner Genius Coach says:

    Jeanette, I do not know what triggered this but I had a very clear “aha” when reading this post.
    I think we sometimes live our bodies out of manifesting!
    OK, this is what I mean. We are spirit, soul or mind, body, and emotions. (Maybe even more.)
    I do believe that this life journey is to integrate ourselves. Yes, we are spiritual beings having a physical experience but that physical experience has lots of value for ever, not just our lives here.
    So when we want to manifest something and we do not include any of these parts of ourselves to create an “integrated manifestation” then we do not have a complete manifestation.
    Now, Super Duper Master LOA coach, when you were putting down your desire for two inches off your hips, did you really spend time in that energy of smaller hips. How did it feel? How long did you stay with those hips?
    With the body, I think it is sometimes more difficult to stay with what we want because we feel and observe what is.
    Big hugs. I just love how you put your stuff out there. I love it!

  • Zoe, please come back and hyperlink. That IS a courtesy at this blog.
    I have to say your approach to not naming it makes tremendous sense to me, because as I tell this story it certainly isn’t serving me!
    And yet, I had some tremendous relief when Kathryn was taking me through the Work on it, to just finally SAY out loud what I have purposely not been allowing myself to say.
    That surprised me.
    But I guarantee this won’t be a topic I write about a lot.
    At least not until I’ve got a much better default vibe running.
    Link, please?

  • Zoe Routh says:

    HI Jeannette – thanks for being in me head – again! I wrote a similar post on this on my blog – but did not have the nouse or courage to name my unobtained goal (I thought I was just giving it up by not mentioning it – but maybe I’m still attached?)
    I had an epiphany similar to yours – get at the essence of what you want – this helps let go of the how, and the obsession with the results.
    For those who like to dialogue on this stuff, you can read my latest post “Where’s my stuff? and other distracitons on the real game on my blog) – I won’t hyperlink it out of courtesy to Jeannette
    P.S. The body thing – I went full throttle at the same thing for myself this year – used all my mindset manifestation techniques etc for it, and got the results (after YEARS of similar yearning/list-writing) – even You Tubed about it – sounds like a nudge for me to offer a course on this! Thanks for the prompt!
    P.P.S. You KNOW you’re gorgeous – we all do 🙂

  • Actually, Sue, that is a thought that I’ve found comfort in. lol
    And I love how you said we’re raised to pick at our bodies rather than marvel at them. Unless we’re still six years old, at which age apparently we still have it goin’ on. ha
    Thanks for posting, my friend! Just what I needed to read.

  • Sue says:

    I think it is safe to say that you are already smokin’ hot
    just from reading all the wonderful responses you have been getting to your blog. If it’s any comfort, and perhaps it’s not, Esther has had the same list and still fights with it, from what I’ve seen on her newest dvd’s.
    She’s mentioned wanting to loose a few and still not a size 6. Go figure. Those body thingy’s can be too close to home to detach from and we’re so focused on our bodies and how they look, and or are they the picture of health. We are also raised to pretty much pick at our bodies, rather than marvel at them.
    My daughter watches a 6 year old, and as she was taking her to school the other day, someone complimented her on how nice she looked in her new outfit. Her response
    was YUP! total and complete agreement. Love it

  • PS – this post is NOT to be a party pooper to the last post! I am ALL for immediate results!
    With this post I intended to let those know who don’t get amazing results instantaneously from writing down their desires that there is still good reason to hope, trust, and know everything’s working out perfectly.
    Or maybe I just wanted to make myself feel better. lol

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