When Things Get Worse Instead of Better

When Law of Attraction Isn't WorkingAs a conscious creator, you might be familiar with this routine …

We get inspired to use our creative powers on a super fun desire. We unleash all our best skills on this new goal – or maybe it’s just one little alignment process we engage.

Either way, good things are supposed to happen when we put our manifesting tools to work:

  • The money is supposed to get bigger
  • The lovers are supposed to treat us like gold
  • The perfect clients are supposed to come out of the woodwork
  • The body is supposed to get healthier

Instead, sometimes we experience the exact opposite: things get worse instead of better.

Law of attraction newbies might conclude either they’re doing it wrong or LOA is a bunch of hooey.

But that may not be the case (that you’re doing it wrong). It could be the exact opposite!

Many of us have experienced this, where it seems like our intentions “backfire” in the beginning.

What’s more likely happening, if we’ve engaged our alignment work effectively (in fact, especially if we’ve engaged alignment effectively), is that Universe has heard our new instruction and is responding appropriately. It’s clearing out what doesn’t match and making room for the new delivery.

If you’ve ordered up an amazing relationship, and your boyfriend breaks up with you, that just means he wasn’t up to speed with what your desire. If you say “big fat easy fun money” and you get fired, that just means Universe has a better way to deliver it. If you say “perfect home” and your offer isn’t accepted, that just means it wasn’t actually perfect.

We’d be smart to trust Universe’s process (after we’ve ensured we really truly are vibrating what we think we are).

It doesn’t mean law of attraction failed you. It doesn’t mean you’re doing it wrong. Sometimes we just misinterpret what’s really unfolding.

Here’s a recent personal example:

In the past I’ve struggled with a very sucky “support” vibration. It’s been easy for me to think I have to do it myself; No one else is helping; They aren’t doing it right.

Obviously not a cool vibe to go through life with.

So with last month’s topic at GVU being focusing skills, I finally got serious about dialing up a new instruction on this subject. I plugged into a new and improved support vibe using a mantra where on the in-breath I thought, “I am in such good hands” and on the out-breath I repeated, “I get such good support.” Over and over with each breath, really feeling what it was to be well-supported and in good hands.

The first couple days I did it for several minutes at a time until I had a good foothold in the new energy. After that I just repeated it spontaneously throughout the day as inspired.

What happened next was good stuff: Russ scooped kitty litters for me! I didn’t even ask! (Woo hoo!)

Then I had a tech issue on a Sunday night and emailed support. I not only got a response within seconds, but it was from the owner of the company! On a Sunday night! And he worked the issue himself until it was resolved! I was impressed. My mantra was clearly working.

Two days later more stunning evidence of how well-supported I was unfolded. (This one was an unexpected and unsolicited refund of nearly a thousand dollars from a vendor I closed an account with.)

By now I’m thinking I’ve got this new vibe nailed and I even dare to hire a third virtual assistant (VA) for the business. Great things happening there, too.

And then (cue the gloom and doom music) …

My web host company decides to migrate servers, causing us major issues in the process. The blog is offline for an uncomfortably long while. When it comes back online, comments don’t work. (Hello! That’s the most important part of this blog!) Tech support isn’t responding well to my VA. (They’ve suspended their phone support, only using email now, and they’re taking over 24 hours to respond to an urgent request.)

Well, this isn’t at all what I’m used to, I think. Because I am in such good hands and I get such great service!

After reflecting on it briefly, I decide to stick to my story. I get great service – that’s a fact. I don’t know what’s going on with this other crap – that is not how I roll. I am well supported and everyone knows it.

Back in 3D world, two VAs recommend switching providers. Feels downstream to me. The vendor we hire turns out not to just offer more reliable service and better customer support, but also costs half as much!

And then it occurs to me …

The issues I had before weren’t something gone wrong. They were part of the successful manifestation.

The stuff that doesn’t match “good hands” and “great support” has to make its exit. It’s not a sign of failed alignment – quite the contrary. It’s evidence of just how well I dialed in.

I told Universe I am in great hands and get great support, so when it finds an element in my life that isn’t up to speed, it’s gonna get cleared out.

The important part for me is not to suspend my alignment when I’m looking at my misinterpreted “questionable” evidence. When the site went down I could have started grumbling the old grumbles I know all too well – “They aren’t doing it right,” “This isn’t working,” “No one’s helping.”

But to be able to maintain the alignment, even when things don’t look how we wanted, that’s how we let Universe do its best work of manifesting our desires.

So when it seems like things are getting worse instead of better, remember that sometimes it works kind of like a detox … The process of cleaning up might also involve some clearing out, and that’s a good sign you’re doing it right. 🙂

  • September 5, 2015
  • Veronica Graves says:

    Revolutionary mantra, and in perfect timing….thank you Jeanette!

  • Sarah says:

    Love this so much!! Perfect reminder that it’s when things go wonky that it’s most important to keep the alignment up. It’s like the healing crisis that can happen before you get well. The toxins have to come out first!

    • I beg to differ. The healing analogy doesn’t work because you were never sick or broken in any way. You have just evolved. Thoughts that once brought you relief, simply no longer do. So contrast, your emotional guidance system, simply brings these no-longer-in-alignment thoughts to the surface so you can let them go.
      You are doing everything perfectly–just like you did in the “past.”
      Life Surfer

      • Hmmm, I’ll have to think on that one. Some of my old toxic thoughts that I’m flushing out do seem to have come from a broken place in my past. But maybe the word ‘broken’ is inaccurate. It was just part of the pathway to where I am now. Couldn’t have gotten there without that.
        But the way the old thought patterns seem to come up with more vigor than ever when there is an intention to shift my thinking DOES remind me of having a big breakout when I’ve been drinking blood cleansing teas to clear my skin.
        Thanks for offering some further nuance for me to chew on Chip!

  • This post from awhile back just showed up on my radar on a day that I clearly needed to read it!
    Self-doubt, feeling like things are chaotic, and not having as much fun today as I’ve experienced other days here at work.
    Plop in there a sense of urgency and it can feel like you are about to go over the waterfall down into the raging river!
    But…(deep breath)…it’s just the falling apart before it’s reassembled to work as perfectly as your new server vendor! Whoohoo!
    “Everything always works out for me!” “I’m doing alright.” “Whatever I need comes easily and effortlessly.” “It’s going to be okay.”
    Thanks for helping me to align with who I really am! 🙂

  • Ramona sun says:

    This gave me goosebumps… Of course I already knew what was going on with my situation and trust and feel great about it but this is a great confirmation for me. Thank you for this message : ) thank you for this little uplift : )

  • Tim says:

    Great advice Jeanette, it just seems so counter-intuitive at first, so that we think the LOA is not working for us. Trying not to analyse it all too much helped me gain my confidence in the LOA at the beginning.

    • Jeannette says:

      That’s a helpful point, Tim. I practiced a fair amount of that myself, too – not analyzing it too much when it didn’t seem helpful, and giving LOA and myself room to come together. 🙂

  • Mia says:

    Thank you, Jeannette – for me, too, this posting comes just at the right time. It makes complete sense to me that I have to let go of the “lesser” things in order to have better things coming into my life.
    I especially appreciate your reminder of sticking to the story, maintaining the alignment – no matter what! I tend to “forget” that when things seem to be heading in the opposite direction …

  • Jules says:

    Brilliant!! Thank you Jeannette … 🙂
    I have certainly experienced my intentions apparently backfiring… Knowing this will help me to keep my vibe high knowing that it’s actually all part of everything unfolding as intended!
    And I totally have a less than ideal vibe in relation to support… I wasn’t really aware of it though…. Now I am.. Cheers!

  • Elle says:

    Does this also mean that there is no such thing as wasting or wasted time? I know in Universe’s eyes there isn’t such a thing but people always want to know about gaps one has had here and there, even though it is the now that matters, not the how.
    So, in interviews, if you go in there with a high vibration and maintain it, these questions won’t even be asked, I’d gather. If contrast is a stepping stone, then it is best to perhaps embrace it, hard as it may be, ppreciate instead and then you are led to where you want to be, I’d say, based on what is said here.

    • There is no such thing as wasted time. When you decide that’s true, it won’t matter whether anyone else thinks it is or not. It won’t have anything to do with you and the right place for you will be one where there is either alignment with that or very little contrast.
      One thing that’s become clear to me, abundantly clear, is that trying to shape an experience in advance in any way that includes someone else’s behavior will probably not work well.
      You go in, clear about who you are (not perfectly, just more clear than not), and the sea will part. Just don’t go in with an attachment to someone else and their behavior.
      It you don’t get this job, it’s not the right one for you. And, to paraphrase the lovely Florence Scovel Shinn, you only really want the one that belongs to you and you don’t want anything less than that.
      Hope that helps!

  • Marti says:

    Hello. Just want to send you some appreciation for you and your work. I see how glorious my life is as I have learned to use consciousness creates and LOA. You are a great teacher. I thank you. Much love.

  • Elle says:

    Love this. These posts keep getting better and better.
    I guess you indirectly answered my inquiry on how the “unqualified on paper” get into the college of their dreams and get the jobs of their dreams as well after initially being told they do not have this or that. The point is, they do not change the vibe, they keep it high. They are like, “no sweat”, all is well, the best is yet to come and it will happen one way or another.
    So, the knot in my stomach needs to be kneaded out. I think that is what contrast is actually doing for me- undoing the knot so that can step into the life waiting for me. Amen!

    • Jeannette says:

      Well said, Elle – I love the idea of kneading out the knots.
      I am wondering if I’ve missed an earlier question from you, so I’m combing through prior comments to find it …

  • Juliette says:

    The things I lost before my current life manifested (in order):
    My love (reconnected as friends 5 years later – who knew?)
    My car (tree fell on it, insurance paid in full, new car 0% interest)
    My girlfriends (betrayal, couldn’t trust them anyway, enter new friends)
    My cat (cancer – she lived a long life)
    My job (5 1/2 years was a good run)
    My house (new career couldn’t afford it)
    My dog (illness – he lived a long life)
    Everything worked out awesomely in the end, but the transition and the loss were so harrowing to go through, I am still slightly fearful of the ‘be careful what you wish for’ concept. However, I do know better and I’m grateful for the reminder 🙂

  • Amanda says:

    This reminds me of the Bashar concept that whenever you set a new intention some old patterns may show up to give you the opportunity for having a different/new reaction. This is to help you solidify your new intention.
    Loving this reminder thread!

  • Namaste says:

    Thanks for sharing your in good hands/great support story. Gave me some things to think about. Thanks =)

  • Gillian says:

    Excellent post, as always Jeannette! You know what I noticed is that the more successful you become, the more you evolve in consciousness or the better you become at something, some external resistance is bound to creep up on you. People will criticize or contest you out of the blue for no valid reason, challenges here and there start creeping around the corner and testing you. The more you begin to stand out, the more others will try to pull you down. Criticism & challenge comes to those to stand out & pursue excellence, that is how opposing energy works.

  • C. says:

    Earlier this week I was asked to accompanied someone to the library. Well, I decided, for fun, to send out a request that while I was at the library, I would get to meet someone who can help me out in life right now; a mentor.
    Well, later that day, the visit to the library was cancelled at the last minute and I thought maybe the request I sent out just wasn’t meant to be.
    However, this blog posting has got me thinking differently. Maybe it was cancelled because an even better time to meet that future mentor is in the works? Which is funny, considering just yesterday, the library visit got rescheduled for this upcoming Tuesday.
    I’m excited to see what will happen!

  • Thanks was what I needed to hear at this time!

  • Cat says:

    How super-important is THIS to remember! Thanks a zillion for this one, Jeannette; I always knew it wasn’t because LOA is hooey, but I couldn’t come up with a good reason WHY it wasn’t that! Awesome!

  • SC says:

    Major life mystery solved. Thanks J.

  • Terri says:

    You know my story. Ended my 20 yr marriage kindly and with compassion and lost my job two weeks later at the end of 2008. Got a part time job at a ski resort living my dream of being a ski bum! Found a great place to live that I could afford on unemployment that allowed me to have my two dogs. And voile at the end of ski season (spring of 2009) had two job offers. Wow! I’ve not found my rest of my life partner (got goosebumps when I came up with that phrase) but I’ve had some amazing trips and adventures with some really lovely people. I’m doing what I love for an amazing company. Those first few months I truly wondered what had happened to my life. Now I live my amazing life everyday.

  • This is a great post and even better comment thread! So juicy!
    And, one thing I like to remember is that, as we’ve remembered that we are indeed master manifestors, hopefully we start being a bit easier on ourselves.
    I know, for myself, that I went through a powerful experience of applying the old logical, linear expectations on my newly recovered intentional desires and encountered some not-so-nice periods of being very down on myself.
    Then I was reminded that All Is Well is not an affirmation but a statement of absolute, observable truth and the clouds parted.
    This, of course, the contrast of all this helped me to start looking at myself and my intentions and my experiences kindly and gently and with grace and plenty of room for expansion.
    It was no longer the long upward path of accomplishment, but rather an easing into the naturally-occurring expansion of unconditional love in all sorts of forms.
    Being easy with ourselves is so helpful. As is giving positive and helpful interpretations to events.
    So juicy Jeannette! Thank you!

  • Christina says:

    I need to remember contrast is supposed to be good. If I want to have good communication, then there are times the communication may not be so good so that I can have it better in the future. It’s all a process of change and growth.

    • Jeannette says:

      It sure changes the vibration when we can see it that way, doesn’t it, Christina? As Abe says, the system is fueled by step one (contrast) moments. 🙂

  • Ming says:

    A similar thing happened to me yesterday. I woke up and my website was down. Heart starts racing… trying to find the VA support. Focusing on its all going to be okay, I went and took a shower.. when I was done, they had responded, we are on it. In fact they had responded in minutes but my email had gone down at the same time. Little did we know they were linked! Website was back up in minutes and the email issue did get fixed and I didn’t lose all of them.. either.. so your post is a good reminder , I always love reading them. I always stop what I’m doing to read them too Jeannette 😉

  • Sophie says:

    It never hurts to always ask “how does it get any better than this?” and “what’s right about this I am not seeing?”
    From the moment you say something is wrong, it starts being wrong. What if it just was?
    Grateful for you!!!

  • Tish says:

    So GOOD Jeannette!! Thank you ????

  • Nice.
    I spend so much time trying to convince people that contrast is a good thing that it’s fun to see someone else carrying the banner.
    I look at it as a matter of alignment. You decide what you want and focus on the vibration of that desire, so naturally, any thoughts that are not in resonance with what you want to manifest percolate to the surface. It is simply part of the process. You have the opportunity to make those thoughts mean something that IS in alignment with what you want.
    Whatever you are thinking, there will be a thought that feels better, and is in more alignment with the new life you are manifesting. It’s like contrast stepping stones to your dream.
    Life Surfer

    • Jeannette says:

      Chip, I absolutely love this: “Whatever you are thinking, there will be a thought that feels better, and is in more alignment with the new life you are manifesting. It’s like contrast stepping stones to your dream.”
      That is such a powerful thing to know, practice and remember! Thanks for that. 🙂

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