When to Lie about Money

When it comes to conscious creation, the truth is overrated.

Creating new things requires we make room by relaxing focus on the old things. If we’re unwilling to release attachment to what’s already so, it’s hard to make room for what wants to be.

This is particularly true when it comes to manifesting money.

Telling the truth about our money situation reinforces more of the same. So when we’re rolling in it and feeling fabulously abundant, that’s a great time to tell our truth. (Feeling abundant calls in more abundance!)

On the other hand, when we’re looking to manifest more of the moolah, it’s helpful to stop reinforcing the current reality of it. Conscious creators know to offer a vibrational instruction that says we’ve got plenty, even before that seems to be true.

That’s what conscious creation is – being willing to feel it/see it/say it before it’s so.

When it comes to money, though, there are times we can feel conflicted about being less than honest.

  • Like when talking with anyone who we might believe is in a position to help or hurt us financially (i.e. applying for a loan, negotiating alimony, filing taxes, asking the folks for financial help).
  • Or when we might feel uncomfortable sharing because of what others might think (fearing the judgment of friends/neighbors/co-workers, etc.).
  • Or even just balancing the checkbook or tallying up what’s in the wallet. A person might feel nervous about successfully conducting themselves in the world without at least some grasp on their true finances.

So when is it okay to lie about money?

The easy answer to that is whenever it feels better to do so.

Because conscious creators know that it doesn’t matter what we do, it only matters how we feel.

So whatever feels best to you is what serves you best.

And that can be highly individual.

For example, I personally would not feel good about misrepresenting to clients or readers how much I make, even though it would be lovely energy to have everyone thinking I’m doing seven figures up in here!

Other conscious creators may feel differently and I wouldn’t pass judgment on what felt best to someone else. (Donald Trump comes to mind as one who seems to  consistently exaggerate his wealth. More power to him if it feels good to portray something other than the “truth”!)

That’s what conscious creation is – getting ahead of the reality we prefer in order to allow it to manifest. (How’s it ever going to be different if we’re stuck on what is?)

Some folks are doing the opposite routine – pretending things are worse than they are. (Like pleading poverty in order to get a break, or minimizing portrayal of wealth in order to avoid uncomfortable situations.)

If it feels better, it’s working for you.

But if you feel any angst or discomfort in saying something that’s not so, it won’t help anyway.

That’s where scripting circles and private pray rain journals and manifesting buddies can come in. You can create places where it’s not only okay but feels fabulous and is perfectly appropriate to speak what isn’t so about your money yet.

If something feels good to someone else, but doesn’t to you, just don’t practice it yourself. We don’t all have to agree about when it’s okay to deviate from the truth and when it isn’t.

We just want to mind our own vibrational business and make sure whatever we’re practicing is what feels best to us. Wherever you see room for improvement, whether it’s by questioning the beliefs that led to a routine you don’t love, or just giving yourself permission to go all out vibrational with it – whatever you feel better about, practice that.

  • If you can’t lie about your taxes and feel good about it, you better stick to the truth.
  • If it bothers you to pretend to the parents you’re doing better than you are, make some peace with a different approach.
  • If you can’t keep the mistaken extra change or the found wad of money without feeling uncomfortable, you gotta return that shit.

Because it doesn’t matter what you do; it only matters how you feel. So all you have to do is make sure you’re feeling good.

That’s the conscious creator answer to when it’s okay to lie about money: whenever it feels better to do so.

  • September 22, 2018
  • Serena says:

    Thank you this post makes me feel so much better I live in a rough neighbourhood the kind where if people think you are rich they would try to rob you. (Have you ever heard of the famous pickpockets of Barcelona? Most tourists to Barcelona know to beware of them and usually the pickpockets target rich looking tourists but leave poor looking people alone. I don’t live in Barcelona but in another Spanish city and it is similar.)

  • jackie burns says:

    Great post, it all comes down to FEELINGS:-)

  • Sandra says:

    “But if you feel any angst or discomfort in saying something that’s not so, it won’t help anyway.”

    So true! This is why traditional affirmations don’t work for most people. If someone has a negative net worth, unpaid bills, and doesn’t bring in enough income to make it through the month (and has a lot of negative vibes about their situation), saying “I am wealthy” over and over is unfortunately not going to change anything.

  • Ming says:

    haha. I didnt even think about that when it comes to DT. Feeling very abundant these days and the more I feel that – the more my outside reality is reflecting it as well. Love it when you talk money Jeannette!

  • Susan says:

    Great post Jeannette! Thanks!

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