When Universe Says No

Today’s guest post is for those times we wonder why our manifesting isn’t working. Enjoy this gem from Raised Vibration co-founder Maggie McReynolds:
Maggie McReynolds

So you’re doing everything the books and gurus tell you to do. You are thinking positively.  You are clear in your intention. You are repeating affirmations. You are holding the vision of exactly what you want to unfold for you. You can feel that it’s going to come to you–it’s right around the corner!–and so you ready yourself and you open your hands and heart to receive.

Only nothing happens.

And there you are, standing there with your open (and empty) hands and your open (and disappointed) heart, feeling confused and maybe even a little ripped off.

Actually, I cheated just a little bit with that headline. Because I don’t think the Universe (or God, or Buddha, or All That Is, or your Higher Self–substitute whatever works for you here) says “no.”

I think instead the Universe says, gently, “not yet.” Or “soon, but first you’ve got some stuff that’s really important to do/process/work through.” Or, most excitingly, “hold on, honey, because have I got something even better for you!”

I have had things come to me exactly when and how I envisioned them. A great 10-year run as a restaurant critic. A new home that met 24 out of 25 of my “must-haves” and a few more perks I didn’t even know were on the list.

Yesterday, I held strong to my wish to read and bask in the sun and swim for two hours, and even though the forecasts and the sky said “thunderstorms!” and even though the pool was closed for 1.5 hours before my arrival, within 30 minutes of my plopping myself down in the lounge chair, the sun came out, the clouds went away, and I had exactly the day I had envisioned–for exactly two hours, until the storms rolled back in and blew the chaise lounges around and sent everyone scurrying for cover.

And I have dodged manifestation bullets, too. A job and a move that would have been disastrous had it come about as I thought I wanted it to. A devastating miscarriage of a miracle pregnancy that would, ultimately, lead to the birth of my son, who is the love of my life. The determination to stay in a place that, though I didn’t know it, was toxic to me and was gradually killing me, until I got booted out on my butt (it sure didn’t feel like a loving experience at the time!).

Through it all, I know the Universe had my back. Bringing me what I intend and take inspired action towards when it serves me. Postponing things I am not yet truly ready for.

Replacing the way I thought I wanted things to go with a much more perfect and beautiful unfolding.

There are gifts in all outcomes.

The moral to this story? Form your intentions. Ask for what you want. Take action in the direction of your dreams. AND be open to “YES,” “not yet,” “soon,” or “something better than that is on its way.”

The Universe, after all, has your back, too.

Maggie McReynolds is a writer, life coach and founder of Lifeworks Coaching and co-creator of Raised Vibration, an online suite of visualizing, planning and manifestation tools. 

  • August 12, 2013
  • Mrs. C says:

    I am grateful to the spammer as when I received the follow up alert this morning I was in the middle of getting attached again. So this was just a reminder for me to stop thinking about my #1 goal and distract myself.

  • I’ve found the same thing, Mrs. C – that it works best for me when I honor when it’s time to let go. And that time is shortly after I’ve invested some good juju in the project. Sometimes I can overwork something, and delay its manifestation.
    I loved this related article published today by Jeanna Gabellini on “Waiting for the Goods”:

  • Mrs. C says:

    As a cruiser on the Good Vibe Blog. I need some good vibes.
    Funny enough I was woken up my this email blog and I just had to read it because I felt that it was something that had a message for me.
    Well I’ve got a whole list of things which has not come to pass as “yet” but I think it’s because I am attached to them even if I hate to admit it. Anything that I have manifested before was done with ease, take action or non at all depending… and got what I want. I have also have to keep telling myself that if I do not act as if it will never come to pass. As I act as if my manifestation has come to pass. I have no fear because It’ already here. I am happy and I get in to that fun playful vibe, which opens up doors and things happened rapidly.
    I also noticed that I need to focus on just one manifestation in my life at the moment and do my affirmations constantly for 1 month and then drop it. This has worked for me in the past with instant results. I have just got back into visualising and writing and feel good about it. I also believe that even though I need to take a pause on my visualising and writing, just to take a birds eye view and space. I was also doing it out of fear. Fear that my manifestations will happen.
    Yeah sure I want my my manifestations will happen but I didn’t think I was ready for the change it will cause. So I kept my self stuck but now I am free and ready.
    The things that I thought I really wanted before in the past didn’t seem to want me. e.g a couple of past relationships but I was so desperate and lost self respect looking back but the minute I let go (even if it took me a very long time to do so) these people was running after me but by then I didn’t want them. Also things would not have worked out for both of us in so many ways.
    A job that I didn’t get that I wanted for over 5 years. It was offered to me but not the days I wanted to work and I would have to pay out double fees in room rental and travel. So it turned out to be a blessing as I have found something super fun in the same line of work, no rental and I can work when I what and get free travel worldwide, with a wonderful pay.
    For me it was keeping my self from falling in to victim mode and know that it is on it’s way or something even better. Also to keep my mouth shut about all my manifestation’s until they come to pass.
    I’ve been using these affirmations below because I find sometimes to detach a bit I need to get general. My subconscious mind knows what I want and it these affirmations help me stop thinking of “how” and if things will happen and which one will manifest first or not etc.
    “The unexpected happens, my seemingly impossible good now comes to pass for my greatest good, in perfect ways.” or “My faith is built upon a rock and my heart’s desire now comes to pass, under grace in a miraculous way.”
    I thank you very much for this Maggie. I couldn’t agree any more with your words of inspiration and I did laugh at the title that you mentioned and also the bit about feeling a little ripped off. Loved it!
    Thanking you too Jeannette.

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