When What You Want Doesn’t Seem Possible

how to manifest a miracleYes, miracles happen.

Things that seem extremely unlikely, that we might hope for but don’t really plan on – sometimes they happen.

But it’s smoother manifesting when we learn to expect it; to see it as the next logical step.

How to do that when it’s something that seems so far out of reach?

Practice, my friend.

We practice it in our mind’s eye until it feels normal in there.

And pretty soon it will seem normal out here, too.

That’s the cue Universe is waiting for.

Abraham says we can’t manifest the “big thing” as long as we think of it that way.

When it’s no big deal, when we’ve come to expect it – that’s when we’re a vibrational match and that’s when we see it in real life.

In addition to seeing it in my imagination I also do these things to practice expecting the “big thing” until it feels like an “of course”:

  • Revel in stories where it’s happened for others. (If they can do it, so can I!)
  • Remember other “big things” that happened in my life. (I’ve done this before!)
  • Connect with someone who expects it for me. (Welcome to the power of a mentor!)
  • Remember how the system works: anything is possible. (If I can imagine it, I can have it.)

And then I get back to imagining it.

That’s the short version of how you put “miracles” within real life reach.

If you’d like more support, get hooked up with an LOA coach. My life changed more in three months of working with an LOA savvy mentor than in three years of working this stuff on my own.

And that’s a big part of how my LOA coach business went from pipe dream fantasy to real world fact.

Isn’t this manifesting stuff cool?!

  • June 27, 2015
  • Another thing that helps me manifesting the magical life of my dreams is feeling gratitude and expressing it. When I am in a state of gratitude then I am in alignment with all the wonderful things that I want in life–because, of course I am grateful for them, too!
    When those things I want are “out there,” as in outside of me, then I am creating the separation, keeping them from appearing in my life. When I am grateful, I break down that wall of separation, allowing them to knock, enter, and waltz right into my life. As you point out, with practice, this gets easier and easier.

    • Elle says:

      This is really great, Sharon. Thank you for sharing.
      I am looking into more tips on how one can be in a position to receive orders requested to the Universe that already exist in non-physical and we just need some tweaking to make in appear in physical. I mean, I think it is tweaking. What else can it be?
      Man, good thing non-physical is endless, because it is full of stuff!

    • Jeannette says:

      Sharon, I love that idea – of gratitude breaking down the wall of separation. That’s brilliant!
      Thanks for chiming in on this one! Always a treat to see you here. 🙂

  • Lara says:

    I’ve been visualizing for some months now me and a singer I really like together and happy. I have a crush on him for 9 years and finally I’m going to see him on August! I always had this feeling something would happen the day we meet but at the same time my ego sometimes gets in the way with the idea – there are so much girls that like him, why would be me he would fall in love with? Therefore, I have this idea that it seems so unlikely to happen. But I won’t give up!!

    • Jeannette says:

      I wouldn’t ever give up on any idea of love, Lara, but I’d also be open to how else that might manifest in my world. “This or something better” is a great approach to it! 🙂

  • Another Anonymous says:

    What if what you want is so far out of reach that you would need to win the lottery to get it? I live in a country where housing is in a bubble. A very ordinary, average house in my area would be at least $1 million. We did have a house, and without going into particulars, we don’t any more and haven’t had for 6 years.
    We are now in our 50s with very little savings and we are renting. We could afford to borrow to settle for less, and move about an hour out of town which would be extremely inconvenient and impractical and I would feel like a loser anyway, or could stay put, renting where we are, where is not where I would like to buy anyway.
    I know what I want exactly, but it is very different from my current reality, and it only upsets me to think about it. I live with our years of poor decisions and bad luck every day. It is very hard to not feel regret with just about everything I have done or not done over the years. In fact, I am so used to living with this cloud of regret and shame that it has become a habit.
    I know I should be grateful for what I do have, but it is very hard to ignore the reality, and when I do occasionally imagine or visualise what I want I only get disappointed.

    • This is a difficult situation and a real challenge. I am 67 myself, so one I believe does have to take age in to some consideration on issues of manifestation when one is up there in age. However, what I am going to say next is not meant to be hurtful, but just an observation from someone reading your comment. Your attitude is holding you back, but you probably already know that. Yes, we live with previous decisions, but we also learn from them. When regret and shame become a habit, it is time to break a rather nasty habit. Shame and regret are worse than picking your nose in public. I find at my age of 67, that taking a big challenge, and breaking it down into smaller parts and working on one of those at a time, is far more productive. Instead of being disappointed, I suggest working on the regret and shame you feel, because those two qualities will keep anyone from manifesting what they want, because either consciously or unconsciously they will feel unworthy of receiving because of the emphasis put on past regret and shame.
      I know it may sound harsh but it is true. One step at a time requires removing the road blocks before you drive the car down the road.

      • Elle says:

        Love it! Thank you for this!
        I was a prisoner of regret and realized I was holding myself back! It is a form of self-sabotage, the worst thing. I built that prison by myself, and kept myself locked up in there for a while. Now, I am free with the help of this great blog and community! we really need to leave behind all the crap. It is a bad habit. I regretted something that fell into my lap, but so have other things, so now it is time to focus on those. Peace.

      • Another Anonymous says:

        Thanks for your reply, Ian, the shame and regret that I live with daily is a nasty habit! It certainly has led to feelings of unworthiness and I have been very conscious of this in terms of manifesting the things I want.
        Age surely has to be taken into consideration when it comes to manifestation, as you say. We have limited working years ahead of us. When you are younger, it is easier to accept the idea that anything can happen. I am 56, and of course you feel the same inside as when you were 36 or 26 but you also know that the future is no longer as bright as it was back then.
        I’m past the stage of shock, as in how did I end up in this situation? I think that’s why I am now in this daily habit of feeling undeserving and self-sabotage. I understand what you’re saying about removing the road blocks, and I suppose I first have to figure out how to do that.
        Sorry this is a longer post than I had intended, but I really believe in LOA and manifestation. Over the years I have manifested many things so I know it works, even if I haven’t always felt fully in control of this phenomenon. But now, the thing I want is SO big, and so expensive (it’s not a big house I want, by the way but a big thing, nevertheless) and I just feel that I won’t succeed in manifesting it because the chances are not in my favour. (Maybe the universe is not in my favour.)
        Therefore, and I don’t really expect anyone to have the answer – do I just accept that I can never have it, or still have hope without expectation which leads to disappointment anyway?

        • If you cannot have faith that the bid thing will happen, how about having faith that the right thing will happen whatever the Universe decides? Sometimes what is needed is not faith in yourself, but faith that the universe will provide the right thing, and give it up to the universe when you can’t quite seem to have belief that such and such will happen, (perhaps it wasn’t intended too) then have faith that the right thing will happen. Remove the blocks one step at a time.

    • Jeannette says:

      I could not have said this better than Dr. Ian (thank you, Dr. Ian!) about the importance of shifting habits of regret and shame.
      The good news is that you’ve had enough contrast flowing that when you do start making that vibrational shift, you’ll feel dramatic improvements from it. 🙂

  • Kerry says:

    Thanks Jeannette for your generous sharing of information and techniques. Please feel free to also share your wishes for a better and brighter world on my website at imagine365.org where we would love to hear your ideas and share with an even wider audience. Thanks and love, Kerry.

  • Ryan says:

    This is a fantastic article, Jeannette! Thanks for highlighting such an important topic 🙂 I still struggle with part of it though. Sometimes when I’m trying to practice a certain visualization or affirmation, the constant repetition and having that thought at the forefront of my mind for days and weeks sometimes prevents me from letting go. In fact it sometimes makes me notice what is not there, because I’m paying so much attention to it. What do you suggest?

    • Jeannette says:

      This is a good question, Ryan. It’s making me think about how Abraham talks about two ends of the stick. Like, with the subject of money, there’s the end of the stick that is “abundance” and the other end that is .. mm, let’s just call it, “not abundance.”
      I’ll check in with myself to see which end of the stick I’m really picking up. And if I’m on the end that isn’t helpful, I’ll either clean it up (get to the other side) or drop the stick altogether.
      It takes some self-awareness to know which end we’re really on, but it sounds like you’re already realizing that sometimes you’re on the “lack” side of your subject? If that’s the case, I’d either switch things up or drop the subject altogether and go play with something else.
      Is that helpful at all?

  • Isa says:

    Reading this made me remember my own manifestation powers from 30 years ago when I had not heard about LOA. Back in college at 17, I developed this huge crush on my Econ professor who was only 5 years older than me. Even though it seemed impossible he would notice me in a class of 60 plus students, I remember I used to “fantasize”- now I know it was visualization! – about he noticing me, asking me out, etc… and at the same time I had no expectations about it, the letting go part of the equation. To make a long story short, he did notice me – it helped that I aced the first test, eventually asked me out amd we ended up being married for 12 years 🙂 So yes, anything is possible and I have done this before!

  • Aloha says:

    1 Remove the ‘big deal’ thing
    2 Imagine, make believe, rehearse, whatever you call it (train your brain)
    3 ENJOY the ‘meantime’
    4 Learn to receive (check your core beliefs)
    5 Don’t make a problem where there isn’t one! ie when things a taking a little while
    Thank you for another Awesome post Jeannette!

  • Remembering other big things that have happened is the best way to go it for me. When ever I think a thing too difficult, I remember other things that were as difficult or more difficult and that they happened. It helps.

  • anonymous says:

    I’ve been having trouble with this lately, this post came at the right time. I’ve been visualizing and imagining what I want (the end result) for years, getting into that feeling, but I still feel resistance around it and have had struggle with actually doing things that will take me there. I’m taking steps in the right direction, but I still have really depressing and low moments. I’m definitely not a 24/7 happy smiling person, and don’t think I ever will be, but is that really required to get what we want through LOA?
    I feel frustrated and jealous when I see people for whom this is so easy for, who apply LOA easily and effortlessly and get their desired results. Or those who have what I want, who have allowed it, while I am still having trouble. I just wish I had what I wanted already, that I didn’t have to clear any more resistance, that what I want just came to me instead of me feeling like I have to apply at least some force to make it happen. It seems that some people literally have had what I want so much just fall into their laps effortlessly, without any action or planning.
    It feels best for me to keep taking steps in the direction Iw ant to go, even though I’m not sure how I’ll get there or if they actually do anything to help. At least it feels like I’m making progress and am actively participating in getting what I want. I know I will get it, but I just wish it would happen sooner.

    • Jeannette says:

      You know, anonymous, there’s something to be said for practicing loving what is, too. I know you said you wish you didn’t have to clear any more resistance, but if you started turning an eye toward what’s right about reality as it is now, that might help smooth out your path.
      Because when we love where we’re at, or at least make peace with it temporarily, then it doesn’t matter so much what does or doesn’t happen next (because life is already good). So we get a little “hootless” about our dreams, which is crazy cool magic for letting them unfold. Because they don’t matter so much.
      Kind of ironic and maybe even frustrating, but just turning some attention to what’s good about life right now can help accomplish that.
      This might be helpful to review, too:
      Sending good thoughts your way for encouragement, empowerment and inspiration. 🙂

      • anonymous says:

        Thanks for your kind words Jeannette. Like you said, when I notice the great things already in my life, I feel a lot better, and more confident about what I want to manifest. It always seems the things I forget about manifest so quickly, I wish I could just forget my biggest/oldest desires so they would finally manifest too. Nevertheless, I can see clear evidence daily that I’m lining up with them. That feels good to know!

    • Jill says:

      A thought that also occurred to me when I read your comment, Anonymous, was to think about all the things that ‘fall into YOUR lap’ that maybe others also might not be finding so easy. There will be things you have achieved or have come to you, that came easily – you have things falling in your lap too. Focus on these. Celebrate them and the ease and your already marvellous manifestation powers!
      I like to do this and whenever I do, I realise I often have overlooked how much I do allow to fall in my lap and how well I am doing – especially those things that came to me with so little effort. They are the easiest to overlook and the most helpful to recognise at the same time! This really soothes me about the things I am still allowing and helps bring me closer quicker, knowing it is all a process and if I have this kind of ease in some areas, I certainly can have it in others. It makes me feel better in the moment too, and helps with the ‘loving what is’ that Jeanette comments upon.

      • anonymous says:

        Thanks for sharing this Jill. 🙂 you are right, remembering all the effortless manifestations really does allow for more allowing. And these effortless manifestations I didn’t even have complete belief in, many I didn’t expect or didn’t think we’re possible, but they happened. There are some things I really desire that seem nearly impossible to manifest, but I just have to keep reminding myself that I will get them. Even if I don’t know how, they will come to me, and I don’t have to know how.

  • Elle says:

    I’ve been waiting for an article such as this. I wanted to know what miracles really were. People say that they only happened in Biblical times, only to those who were with Universe, but they can always happen. I just did not know what they really were logistically, you know? Like, what are the mechanics of miracles?
    I am getting a better understanding of miracles, and am feeling more comfortable with them being the next step to something. It makes sense. This may even happen subconsciously, right? Such as old lovers coming back one day out of the blue, or old friends getting back together, getting into a school you were supposedly not qualified for. Getting pregnant when it seems impossible is a biggie, but hey, Sarah in the Bible did it. She just knew. One may truly know what the rest of the populace definitely does not, against all odds and viola, there it is!

    • Jeannette says:

      Exactly, Elle! We just practice it until it doesn’t seem like such a big deal any more.
      I love the story John Assaraf tells about his son’s first day of school. Prior to the first day, he’d been driving him to the schoolyard for two weeks to walk around the playground and peek through the windows, telling him stories of what it was like when he went to school.
      So when the first day arrived, instead of being terrified like a lot of the other kids were when sent off to do something totally strange and scary, it was like “old hat” for his kid!
      If we don’t have a school yard to drive to, if our big thing is something else, we can go there in our minds until it’s our idea of natural, normal and familiar.
      Thanks for sharing the example of Sarah, Elle. I love that!! 🙂

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