Q&A: When Will It Happen?

how long does it take to manifest?How long does it take for desires to manifest?

It’s one of the most common questions deliberate creators ask as they wonder what time frame to expect on Universe’s delivery of their dreams come true.

(I can’t believe we haven’t fielded this subject yet in our LOA Q&A series!)

Sometimes when I remind coach clients that their manifestation is right now in process of unfolding, they say, “That’s great, but when?!”

I have some thoughts on how to answer that, but since it’s such a good question I wanted to post it for you readers to play with as well.

What say you about how long it takes for our dream to become reality?

And if you have tips for speeding things up for antsy creators, let’s hear those, too!

Actually, here’s a graphic to help speed things up (below). ย Anything that puts you in vibrational alignment to the “done deal” feeling speeds up the manifestation. ย And flowing the vibration of “Yay, it happened!” certainly does that!
and one day it happened

  • October 5, 2013
  • LG says:

    Hi. I have a question. When I write in my pray rain journal is it okay to set timelines. Like say if my birthday is in 2 weeks and I write in my journal that this year my birthday was the best because all my dreams came true I woke up feeing happy and I knew when I woke up that the punisher will call me and that’s exactly what happened. and I got the perfect gift from the universe and I am so happy and so blessed to feel this way. Or to say something like. I remember that my book got published and I was so happy. it was a beautiful sunny day in late September when the book arrived in the mail.
    Please do let me know. Because I feel this is the only thing that’s blocking me. I don’t know whether I should let the universe decide when is the best time to deliver it to me or I should just order the universe when to deliver it to me. Many thanks! Love your website and all your work I’m new to this and I can happily say that ever since I have started reading this I feel a lot happier. I know all my manifestation or well on their way to me.

  • TeshaFirstClass says:

    Ok I’ve been looking into scripting/pray rain journaling. I read somewhere that by the time you finish the journal, you should already have what you were writing about. How long should this journal be? Would writing and then deleting an entry affect its manifestation? How do you keep the faith/motivation when your partner is not exactly the most positive person? That’s it for now ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Jeannette!
    Your formulation may be as succinct as one can get on the subject. It’s the reminder to be lighthearted and free about it that resonates with me. If you ever decide to create wall posters or desk plaques, this would be a candidate.
    (Or I could see this in a collection of Jeannette’s Best, in the form of scrolls in a small clay amphora . . . maybe there are 30 to 50, and when needed, you just pluck one out for the just-right inspirational teaching.)
    For things I desire, I favor a loose ‘put it out there’ method now. My life is already so insanely good that I’m not in the hurry I once was. I’m relishing each little breath along the way. So I tend to identify a wish and then play with it in my mind, in my morning vision pages, even talking it out with people I’m close to . . . and then letting it go. When it comes always seems to be a sweet surprise. Sometimes it’s within hours, other times within months . . . hakuna matata, it just doesn’t matter!
    Tesha — I too have always written things down . . . It wasn’t until I read Jeannette’s Pray Rain Journaling that I began to make it a practice. It’s one of my favorite ways to connect deeply. I highly recommend getting her book. You’ll want to read it once for the sheer enjoyment of traveling along with Jeannette in her own experiences, and then a second time to really grok the message.
    Frank — Thank you for your considerable insight here, and for taking the time to share it with us. It is like getting two genius posts in one. Wow, wow, wowza.
    Warmly, fondly —

  • So Iโ€™m wondering if I continue to write about my desires and I feel good about things, will the manifestation happen quicker? Iโ€™m actually afraid to write more, afraid Iโ€™ve lost that edge. It was fun though. Anybody know what the heck Iโ€™m talking about?? ๐Ÿ˜›

    Yes, Tesha – it’s called Pray Rain Journaling (Jeannette wrote the book) or “Scripting”. Search her blog here, and you’ll find tons of posts on the subject.
    *Anything* that gets you in the juiced-up, high-vibing place, is moving you in the right direction. That feeling, itself, is your indication (according to Abrahahm-Hicks) that you are aligned with your Inner Being (Higher Self). Whenever you are aligned with your Inner Being, you are moving toward your desire(s).
    Before Rhonda Byrne (producer & author of The Secret) writes, she spends time focusing on/writing down everything she loves that makes her happy, then she begins her writing. Maybe your sarcastic riff is an indication that you’d enjoy writing about some sarcastic characters. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Jeannette, I echo much of what has been shared. If I’m too emotionally attached to the outcome, I tend to get overly focused on the HOW which then leads to micromanaging the Universe. Pure Awareness has proved to be an awesome tool for getting into the moment and allowing the solutions to present themselves!
    Many blessings,

  • TeshaFirstClass says:

    Question! Please bare with me as I try to explain. Can writing a story about the outcome of your manifestation put you into alignment so that it could happen quicker? I’m assuming it does, I just wanted to know if I was on the right track.
    For instance, about a month or so back I posted a comment on Huffington Post about winning the lottery (I know, I know, everyone wants to win lol)..this was back when the jackpot was close to $400 million. As I read through the comments, I decided to be a smart-ass! Maybe I’m a cynic but there were comments like how this person would donate half of the money to some charity, this one would help their neighbor, etc. Could just be me but I swear half of those people aren’t being truthful about what they’d REALLY do if they won.
    So my comment was the exact opposite, it was tongue-in-cheek and totally obnoxious and I had so much fun writing it. I wrote things like how I’d drive around town in my insanely expensive car, going to places like Starbucks where coffee costs $11, I’d be wearing $1300 boots made of the skin of some exotic animal I’d never heard of, wearing oversized sunglasses carrying a purse that housed my spoiled bejeweled pomeranian, on my blackberry yelling at the nanny to not be late picking my child up from the ultra-cool exclusive school that I sent him to, running my $50 manicure through my $150 hairdo, etc etc.
    The point was that I purposely chose to be over the top as a response to everyone else being so….under the top? On the bottom? lol I have to admit that even though this comment/story was no more than 2 paragraphs, it brought me so much joy type it out. Thats actually saying something because I write, and have always written even as a teenager; short stories, poems, etc. This comment was the first time I’ve written anything that gave me a thrill and jump started my insides.
    So I’m wondering if I continue to write about my desires and I feel good about things, will the manifestation happen quicker? I’m actually afraid to write more, afraid I’ve lost that edge. It was fun though. Anybody know what the heck I’m talking about?? ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Bliss says:

    Ah, what a great post! I love how simply you’ve outlined obstacles to receiving! It’s all about allowing, isn’t it ๐Ÿ™‚ and you’re so right,when we’ve taken our attention away from the absence of what we want, we allow it to come so much quicker!! xx

  • Debbie Z. Lattuga says:

    I’m not sure about the time frame… and I do a couple things to speed it up. The first is “activate joy.” Find something in your life that activates joy. For me, joy is the quickest “manifestor.” It doesn’t matter what it is or even if it’s completely unrelated. (I think that speaks to “not needing it”)
    Secondly, (similar to Frank’s suggestion of calling a friend with “the good news”) I imagine calling a friend with the news and I make sure I include the 5 senses in the visualization… what do you see, smell, hear, taste and touch? Then I create a quick, 5 minute art sketch based on the feeling of the conversation with my friend and hang it up where I’ll see it every day.
    Yummy, speedy manifestation, baby!

  • Priscilla says:

    It happens at exactly the perfect “time.” Not a moment too soon or too late as per whatever process I am experiencing. That HAS to be because I never have and never will make a mistake. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I saw this post this morning and have been musing over it all day as I was driving… So much good stuff up above!! Some of mine below are repeats, but still… Here are a few of my musings (which have been delicious to muse over!):
    — If I ground what I want in time, it will happen. If I don’t, it won’t. The trick is to feel into which point in time feels better. Sooner rather than later but not urgently seems to work best for me. Most of my very clear intentional manifestations take about 24-36 hours to happen.
    — When I have spent time getting wrapped up into the awfulness of not having it, it sometimes help to say something like: “I don’t EFFING care if this never happens!!!” And to do so really loudly in a place where no one can hear me…
    — Sometimes it helps to feel the fear associated with not having the thing or experience, if that is an aspect of the story. Denying imminent danger always works for me (having been in a major earthquake is so helpful for this), but denying anxiety rarely does.
    — It used to work for me to find a touchstone to signify the manifestation (like the suits I tried on that got me a job where they ended up buying suits for me) but that now feels like “magic” instead of inevitable reality.
    — Speaking of which, I have a way of creating the feeling of inevitability for myself, and that speeds things along quite wonderfully. Only it can’t be something magical (I don’t mean the feeling of a delicious and mystical and unknowable moment). It has to be real. The best way for me to do this is to backtrack into the manifestation by imagining that it has happened and then finding elements of the story that fill within the inevitable part.
    — Something that slows things down to molasses: “This is the specific person that will do this thing for me.” Even if I am pretty certain that only one specific person can be the agent of the experience, I have learned over time to sort of skip over their role and make the receiving of whatever it may be a more personal thing. One of the biggest indicators I’m putting too much emphasis on the person is that it starts to hurt emotionally when I think of the wanted thing/experience.
    — This is the big key for me and is central to my intentional manifestation process: I imagine having the thing/experience after the woo-hoo moments and when everything is settled down and I’m reflecting on the experience (like the day after right when I wake up and remember what happened the day before). I then associate that image with strong waves of relief.
    — Sometimes it helps to imagine having a phone conversation with a friend who is far away and telling them something like, “It was so awesome and I don’t want to bore you with all the details, but something wonderful has happened and it feels really good.” That’s a very real conversation for me and matches my personality.
    — As I was musing today, I realized that I don’t like anticipating the woo-hoo moments because they feel too intense from my normal vibrational state. It’s almost like the feeling I get when the roller coaster is making the clack-clack sound as the train is going to the top of the incline or like watching Lucy and Ethel just about to get into another scrap. Too much negative anticipation and I don’t want that associated with what I am intentionally creating.
    Thanks Jeannette!

  • Mrs. C says:

    Hi Everyone!
    Amen! Every single post hits the button for me. When I don’t give a hoot or have forgotten about it because it has taken years than BANG! When I need a good clout I listen to Neville Goddard’s “Live the answer now”
    I used to be better at manifesting because I was so sure. I just had the feeling like, I know for sure but did not know how or when. I even used to have bets with my mum and friends and then chill out in a smug way LOL.
    I have noticed over the last few weeks that I am not in alignment with one of my major goals, so hence nothing is happening as yet. I have to keep embodying my goal and stay in alignment. Just like a musician or dancer getting in the groove. I just have to keep acting as if.
    When I get desperate I feel that I ooze that low down dirty trampy feeling and feel shunned by the almighty for not acting my faith. That’s when I slip into victim mode. So I have a laugh to myself and clean myself up and get back in the groove. Humour helps me a lot.
    A couple of weeks ago I contacted a Co. for a job. I never got a reply and called them again after sending in my email. I had to send in my proposal to another person but again no response. I thought that working for them would be perfect etc. but now I see it as something even better is on it’s way elsewhere. it’s already there but I just don’t have it yet. In the meantime I am writing down all the details of my perfect job. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Couldn’t have said it better than this, Rosa: “It depends on how long is going to take us to feel good where we are and stop noticing that what we want has not come yet.”
    Thanks for chiming in!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Rosa Muziotti says:

    There is an “universal timing” that is controlled by vibrational alignment. How long will it take us to achive our desires? It depends on how long is going to take us to feel good where we are and stop noticing that what we want has not come yet. We can focus upon positive aspects of our current situation while expecting that something even better will happen to us in the future.

  • That’s an important statement to spotlight, Brenda: “Iโ€™ve never had anything manifest when Iโ€™m not enjoying myself.”
    I think that offers us good incentive to have a good time! Because whenever we’re enjoying ourselves, we’re in service to our dreams coming true!
    But I also love where you shared that it was about week four where you became grounded in the feeling of already having it. The alignment doesn’t get any stronger than that, right?! WOO HOO!!
    Thanks for offering that creators may NOT see evidence of things happening, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t!

  • Brenda says:

    Wow! Great list, Jeannette!
    It’s pretty dead-on with what I’ve found for myself too. Actually, I’ve never had anything manifest when I’m not enjoying myself, whether or not I believe that it will.
    And, actually, believing that it ‘will’ can trip me up too, because ‘will’ implies it’s not my reality yet – it’s in the future. The only time that ‘has’ worked for me is the time when I wasn’t focused on anything specifically, e.g. I knew something ‘good’ was going to happen and I loved the thrill of that feeling. That โ€˜goodโ€™ thing might appear in my physical world or it might arrive in the form ofโ€ฆa dream, for instance โ€“ no conditions. Otherwise, it’s better if I can embody the feeling of my ‘already’ having it in some reality, knowing I neednโ€™t concern myself one bit with what will happen on the outside – trusting Universe has that one covered, so it’s not my concern.
    As for looking for signs or things moving within two weeks…I’m not sure about this one for myself. My most cool and favourite manifestation to date took about 5 weeks – 6 tops. I’ve always been pretty sure I felt totally aligned right from the get-go with that manifestation, but I’ve analyzed that lately, and while I still think I was, I also think that somewhere around the 4 week mark, although my process was the same, I became …or felt, rather, ‘really’ grounded in the feeling of having it already. I believe it was a very subtle shift – perhaps …a fusing of neural pathways that couldn’t have happened more quickly if I’d made a tweak. I was rocking that vibe from the start. Seriously, I saw nothing in my physical world to suggest things were moving – not a thing. Although, it didn’t matter to me, because I wasn’t looking for anything ‘out there’. I was having too good a time in my ‘internal’ world. So, as far as the two week thing goes, personally, I’d be more apt to use it as a guideline in terms of how I โ€˜feelโ€™. If I don’t feel a lightening of spirit and distinct faith about my desire, then it behooves me to re-examine or tweak what I’m doing, thinking, and imagining relative to my desire.

  • SUCH a good point, Sophie! And a super empowering way to look at it!
    In fact, Brendalea shared this quote from Neville Goddard in the GVU forum the other day:
    “There isn’t a thing to become; all things are taking place …
    “If you will see all things are now, you don’t become, you simply select the state that you would occupy. Occupying it, you seem to become, but it is already a fact, every aspect of that state in its most minute detail. It’s worked out and taking place. You, by occupying the state, seem to go through the action of unfolding that state, but the state is completely finished and taking place.”
    I LOVE that!

  • Sophie says:

    Yes to everything you said above ๐Ÿ™‚
    And really, it happens right away. Time is an illusion so the only reason we don’t see it in this reality is because we are not willing to let go of the limitations that prevent us from receiving everything the universe wants to give us.
    So what if we stopped thinking that anything is right or wrong and only lived from the place of possibility? Then everything would be right here right now ๐Ÿ™‚ What else is possible that we have not considered yet?
    Much love,

  • Here’s what I’ve noticed about how long it takes for something to manifest:
    the more we need it, the longer it takes.
    the more we notice it hasn’t happened yet, the longer it takes.
    the less we believe it’s possible, the longer it takes.
    the less fun we’re having otherwise, the longer it takes.
    It seems that it often happens when we stop paying attention and are off enjoying life in some other way.
    It also seems to unfold rather quickly once we come to expect it. Once it’s a “normal” idea for our life. When it seems like an outrageous unlikely thing, it takes longer to happen.
    So the more I don’t need it and the more I expect (believe in) it, the quicker it happens.
    This is why those “little things” seem to manifest so quickly while the “big things” seem to take longer. When we can figure out how to hold even the “big things” just as lightly as we do the little things, that’s when manifestations happen FAST.
    For a more objective response, though, I tell clients that if they don’t see things moving (signs it’s coming or evidence you’re getting close) within two weeks, then the vibration needs tweaking. Because it doesn’t take long for Universe to respond to a new signal.
    I’d love to hear your thoughts about how long it takes for something to manifest …

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