When You Don’t Know What To Do

when you don't know what to doSooner or later we get in one of those spots where we don’t know what to do

  • wondering which project takes priority
  • vacillating about whether to see the doctor or not
  • not sure whether to book the vacation or save the money
  • second guessing about whether to break up or give it another go.

We can drive ourselves nuts trying to figure out solutions to our quandaries.

That’s a good time to use this two-point sure fire formula for confused situations, big or small. Try this next time you don’t know what to do:

1. Remember the end result you want

What are you shooting for? Tune into what your happy ending looks like. (Satisfied clients; healthy body; relaxed & rejuvenated spirit; happily ever after romance, etc.)

Focusing on what you want makes it more likely that your next actions will take you there.

This is a good time to let go of “hows” and open up to new ideas.

2. Give inspiration (spirit within) a chance to speak

Don’t try to figure it out from your limited physical mind – let spirit/source help out by allowing higher guidance to chime in. Clearing some space in the noise within allows miraculous insights or sometimes even immediate resolution to the challenges we face.

This process can be summed up simply as this: Refocus, then Relax.

The reason this works so well is because when we make a decision out of uncertainty, limitation or frustration, that vibration dictates the results we get. (Which won’t be fab.)

Taking a minute to shake off the kinky vibes and remember what we want, then partnering with guidance to get there does a world of good.

Bottom line: the vibration of the answer is different than the vibration of the question – so get out of question mode before you take action or expect good answers.

Focus is everything, and our actions aren’t as important as the energy fueling them!

  • August 14, 2013
  • Thanks for reading, Jas, and for commenting. 🙂
    Christina, isn’t it cool how quickly it shifts after we change our mind? I love how Universe sends the goods in from “out of the blue,” too! lol

  • Christina says:

    I love this too. I had to remind my husband of this the other day when he went to the post office to complain about the rude notes on our mail (DO NOT BLOCK MAILBOX! Move little red car!)
    He was griping about the guy and I said, what do you want? What do you want the outcome to be? And that calmed him down and he was able to see the postmaster about the issue, state what he wanted and got it handled.
    It’s amazing how things change when you define the solution you want instead of continuing on and on griping about the problem.
    We were also struggling for a long time on what to do regarding my husband’s lack of a full-time job. Stay or go? Stay or go? Just as we’d decided to try applying for jobs out of state, a job came in that he loves. I guess when you’re supposed to be in a particular area then a way is made.

  • Jas says:

    I appreciate, “the vibration of the question is different than the vibration of the answer.” Thanks Jeanette!
    And Chip, really appreciate your comment about when intuition doesn’t answer. That used to stress me out…now I can look at it from a much more relaxed perspective!
    And Susanne, love that analogy of simply ordering what you want at a gourmet restaurant. That was my life belief…just forgot it for a while. Now coming back 🙂
    These 3 gems are enough to help me start lining up again!

  • Excellent point, Chip! Thanks for chiming in here!
    And Susanne, what an empowered choice you’re making! (I say “making” because I know sometimes we get to choose it over and over again.)
    But that’s so powerful when we do – thank you for sharing your experience and inspiration here, my friend!

  • Susanne says:

    Oh, yes, yes, yes, YES. The last 6 months have been one of extreme transition for me: major decisions, major life changes, major moves (mental, emotional,physical). In the past, I’d have wrestled with each of these for weeks, struggled, fretted, worried, spent sleepless nights trying to “figure it out”: should I, shouldn’t I, how, when, what’ll happen if . . . yadda yadda.
    No. More. This year, I have *finally* gotten where I can catch this “old world” thinking, take a deep breath, say out loud: “y’know, I don’t have to struggle with this. Instead, I choose to let it be easy and perfect for me.” And then I focus on the final outcome I want — not so much the details as the feeling behind it. I remind myself: this is what I want, but it’s none of my business how the Universe delivers it. Sometimes I wind up doing this 379 times a day as the old worry gene kicks in, but each time, I gently turn worry aside and let it go.
    And, wow, does the Universe deliver. Want to know what I conjoured up about 3 weeks ago? A free house for as long as I wish to live in it, so perfect that it has 22 of 24 things on my “perfect home” list. And the 2 missing things are minor. What are the odds of that? In my “old life” — so small there isn’t even a number for it. Now? I’m *almost* to the point I consider it normal. [“Almost”, because I still get these moments of awed disbelief . . . then I give thanks, hug myself and do a happy dance!]
    And YOU, dear Jeannette, have played a major part in my shifting from old “hardship & lack” thinking to this wild, LOA mind! Woo! It reminds me of ordering a gourmet meal at a good restaurant. All I have to do is look at the menu and decide what I want to eat and leave it to the experts in the kitchen to do the work of putting it together & getting it to my table. Ain’t my job. My job’s just to enjoy!

  • ChipEFT says:

    Sometimes when your intuition doesn’t give you answer, it just means that there is nothing to do on that topic. It’s like waiting for a bus. If it isn’t there yet, you don’t have to start walking.

  • You and me both, Cate. lol Glad it could help! It sure is (helping) me.
    Matt, here’s to powerful creation! 🙂

  • Matt says:

    Really really really powerful Wisdom here.
    After I read this last night, I just focused on number 1, I was meditating on the result I want, seeing it, feeling it, smiling, just letting go any of the ‘steps’ to what I want and solely focused on what I want, kept coming back to it and feeling how good it was to just rest in that space, knowing its coming, knowing its already done, relaxing and being with my pure desire…….it was truly a divine experience! So simple, so beautiful.
    Thanks for the reminder, Jeannette. 🙂

  • Cate says:

    Oh boy did I need this just now. thanks!

  • Many blessings,

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