Where to Buy a Good Vibe?

Where to Buy a Good VibeIf you’ve heard me on any GVU calls lately, you’ve probably caught a whiff of my recent technology challenges.

It’s been one ridiculous thing after another, in particular with my laptop and PC.

(I’ll refrain from elaborating since I’m working on a new story.)

The other day someone asked why I didn’t just get a new computer. I could easily afford it, so why don’t I just solve the problem by investing in new equipment?

If only it were that simple.

If money could buy a better vibration, oh my …  what kind of world would that be?! I would love to go shopping at the good vibrations store!

I would pick out a “love my body” vibe, as well as a “technology works fabulous for me” story. I think I might also pick up a “cooperative cats” frequency. And I’d love a “plenty of time” thought pattern to take home.

If only.

But the truth is money can’t buy a good vibration.

(Which may be a good thing, since it puts everyone a level playing field.)

No, the only way to get a new vibration is to find it yourself. Money can’t fix it for you.

I have to earn it by focusing on it. I have to choose to give it attention. (Can you believe I think it’s easier to buy it than to simply change my mind?)

But that’s how it is with thought patterns – changing them takes effort. It requires an investment of conscious energy – including choice, commitment and repetition. (I wish I could just buy it from someone!)

That isn’t to say that spending money doesn’t sometimes inspire us to a new vibration (and thus new results). But it’s our vibration that makes the difference – not the money.

Here’s how I know: I already tried buying my way out of this bad vibe. (insert sheepish look here) Last year I bought a new computer to fix my problem, and get this – the new one is even more frustrating than the old one.

A girl might be perplexed about that if she didn’t understand this is just law of attraction at work.

Makes total sense when you think about the energy that was flowing, though. I invested so much energy in my “I hate this computer” story – that of course I couldn’t possibly bring home anything other than something that matches my story. I undoubtedly turned a perfectly good computer into a … well, I won’t call it any names because we’re working on a new relationship now … but my vibration is responsible for what’s happening here. Not Hewlett Packard.

I should have gone through the instant vibe wash machine before I went shopping. That’s the other thing we should have – a vibe wash on every corner.

Well, some might argue that we do – they’re called parks, and churches, and gyms, and bookstores. I’m digressing though …

My point is: spending the money doesn’t guarantee you’ll flow a new vibration.

Yes, sometimes it gives us a reason to believe things will be different – and that belief can switch things up. But it’s the belief that makes the difference. Not the money.

I think it’s Abraham who says, “Wherever you go, you take your vibration with you.”

It’s worth remembering next time you try to buy your way out of a bad vibe.

So how do you get a new vibration? I’m going to practice that next as I activate “Smooth Running Technology” in the Vibration Activation series.

What new vibration are you giving yourself today?

  • May 5, 2013
  • Christina says:

    I like the Abraham quote about taking our vibration with us. A new job won’t fix it. A new spouse / boyfriend / girlfriend won’t fix it. Your kids growing up and moving out of the house won’t fix it. As long as you’re holding on to the same old vibrations and acting out the same old patterns you’ll continue to get the same results. It’s a difficult lesson to learn.

  • Eva Rawposa says:

    I have a knack for breaking computers ONLY for as long as it takes for me to not do something I don’t want to do! It’s amazing actually. One day recently, BOTH of my computers weren’t working AND one at a library at the same time. Turns out the event I was trying to plan was NOT a good idea. I didn’t know it at the time, though!
    I look at these situations as wonderful Creator-given and timely messages as to what I could better be doing with my time. Or at least what is NOT a good use of my time and energy!
    BTW, I prefer MACs BY FAR after the computer challenges I’ve had, but on the day with three computers not working, even one of those was a MAC!

  • Helen, I love it when that works! We still get credit for the shift, but yes, when someone else leads the way to inspire us to a new vibration – that is a beautiful thing!
    (And we know that we get that credit personally, because not everyone has the same result from the same work done. Have you ever been frustrated that you send someone in need to your favorite energy worker and they TOTALLY didn’t get it? I have, and yet it doesn’t stop me from still referring people. lol)
    Thanks for chiming in, you two! 🙂

  • For some reason, that visual (of my computer as unfairly taking the brunt of my bad energy) inspires me to be much more compassionate and friendly, Janette. Thank you for that!

  • Helen says:

    Hi Jeanette,
    I disagree, you CAN buy a new vibration. When you pay someone to do energy work on you, that to me is the equivalent of buying a new vibration. 🙂 Sometimes it’s good to receive some help in shifting your vibration. Toning, music, a walk in nature, playing with your animals are all gentler, quicker ways than battling in your mind with changing the vibration.

  • Janette says:

    I love that you’re lining up a better vibe for your technology – I bet its giving a big electronic sigh of relief, poor thing LOL.
    And wow – I LOVE the vibe-wash on every corner!! Yes indeed! Parks and trees and little kids and pretty shops and dogs and people….. I’ll be viewing every drive through town utterly differently from now on. Nice! 😀

  • Well, you sound very sane and evolved in this crowd, Swati. 🙂
    I’m intending both our computers get some good TLV (tender loving vibes) and are back in tip top shape in no time.
    And Stacy, anything that can bring laughter in place of frustration is a good thing!
    Thanks for posting, Swati & Stacy.

  • Jeannette, I don’t know if this will help you with your technology story and vibe, but have you ever heard of the English show called The IT Crowd? It’s available on Netflix streaming. Anyhoo, one of the main character’s “catch phrase”, whenever someone calls (as he’s the IT guy) is to ask “Have you tried turning it off and on again?”
    The show is hilarious and it’s a big fun joke with me and friends that whenever something electronic/technology-wise isn’t working is to try “turning it off and on again”. I swear I’ve employed that technique (and vibe) and a dvd player I thought was kaput works perfectly after all.

  • Swati says:

    I just tried to tell my IT guy that my computer isn’t working well for me, but I feel its not the computer’s fault but my vibration’s. I received the “what are you smoking these days?” look and he just unplugged and took it away. Sometimes, I do risk looking lame in the real world that’s far removed from the one that says everything happens due to LOA.

  • That’s a good reminder to look at what vibrations we’re sending our equipment, Nicole! The same way we look at what vibes we’re sending to money, to our bodies, etc.
    In fact, someone said on one of Stephen’s GVU calls last year about how this is the computer I’m building my business with – for that reason especially it deserves lots of love.
    Thanks for posting! 🙂

  • Nicole says:

    I noticed a few years ago that when one piece of technology broke down, suddenly several pieces of electronics followed. Definitely proved to me how my emotions and vibrations were affecting everything around me, it wasn’t the technology, but it was me!
    When I train people on a new computer program or I hear them saying “I hate this computer,” or “My computer hates me,” I venture into a hippy journey with them towards self-discovery. A lot of people’s computers aren’t broke – they are just clogged up with bad vibes from all that loathing from the other side of the keyboard. I would run slow, or turn off unexpectedly if I was used & abused in the way I’ve seen people use their computers.
    For instance – clicking a million times on the same shortcut cause its not loading fast enough for them.
    Or…Just do a hard reboot when its in the middle of processing.
    Lol I could go on and on!
    Sometimes, when the computers are acting up, its a sign you need a break from them. I wrote an article a couple years ago called “Relax, Your Systems Love You!” Check it out if you like 🙂 http://geekymoms.com/2010/06/30/relax-your-systems-love-you/
    Much love to you all!

  • Jeannette says:

    Well that’s the trick, isn’t it, LovelyMe? To make sure it’s RELIEF that’s flowing and not frustration.
    (And you’re absolutely right – we want to head in whatever direction offers relief.)
    I think my experience proved it’s possible to take the action and still have the same old vibe flowing. (Which trust me, wasn’t hard to understand when I think about HOW many times I repeated affirmations of frustration.)
    But this time around – after having Geek Squad tell me there was nothing wrong with my laptop and knowing that the PC is fairly new – I suspect that once I get my energy lined up, things will come together nicely even without an intervention from the technology gods.
    In the meantime, I’m getting lots of practice of being okay with what is – since resistance was flowing strongly at the beginning of all this.
    Thanks for posting, LovelyMe! 🙂

  • LovelyMe says:

    Jeannette, fun and thought provoking post as always!
    While I get that money can’t buy a new vibe, and yes it’s Abe that teaches us we take ourselves and vibe wherever we go…but we are also taught to seek out the feeling of relief.
    Wouldn’t it be important to question whether the thought of buying a new computer felt better or worse? And if it had felt better, felt like relief, wouldn’t that have been the way to go?

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