January 2, 2009

Where You Point That Thing

gun-safetyWith a Marine Corps father who put meat on the table as a hunter, I grew up learning gun safety.  Not just to leave the guns alone, but also how to safely carry and use one once I joined hunting trips.
Which required that I get a hunter’s permit from gun safety school.  In fact, my first “real” job was a puller at the gun club and for a couple years I was a young competitor at the annual “turkey shoot” (trap shooting contest).
… now that I think of it, one of my favorite first dates ever was with a guy who took me to the shooting range.
(Kinda cool, if you ask me, that for a girl who spent that much time with guns I never shot a single animal.)
Suffice it to say it was drilled into my head to be careful about where the guns are pointed!  Something I’ve learned to be aware and respectful of all these years later.
Which has actually helped with deliberate creation work, too.  The habit of awareness and respect for our power is what creating our reality is all about, right?
So just a few minutes ago when Russ said, “No doubt about it, it takes work to look good,”  I almost ducked!
We had just finished a joint workout session in the exercise room while watching some tv countdown on best “celebrity slimdowns.”  (He got there first, so he picked the entertainment.)
Although I generally prefer music or Abraham cds, it was actually inspiring to see the parade of gorgeous bodies and hear trainers talk about what works and what doesn’t.
It reinforced that there is no single “secret” to being fit, and I enjoyed picking out the thoughts that inspired me.  (Favorites included “it doesn’t matter what you eat, just how much” and someone saying Demi Moore, after three kids and over 40, just “looks better with age.”)
Anyway, we’re having breakfast afterwards when Russ lets that one fly: “It takes work to look good.”
My eyebrows shot up and I practically took cover behind the fridge door (putting away rice milk), to get out of the way of that thought.
(“That’s his, you do it different,” I reminded myself.  No one’s sucking ME into their “hard work to look good routine.”)
To reinforce a good connection to my truth, not so much to correct my sweetie, I said out loud: “YOU can make it hard work if you want, but I guarantee it’s easier than that for me.”
He laughed, not because of how ridiculous he was being, but because he thinks I am.  I suspect he thinks it’s cute or naive that I ascribe so much power to thoughts.  No doubt we approach this topic differently.
Thank God.
I would not enjoy the (victim) role of thinking something I didn’t enjoy was required to get what I want!
If he had any idea that it’s our subscription to certain thoughts and beliefs that create our individual realities, I think he’d be more selective about the thoughts he bought into.  If he had any clue how powerful our focused attention was, he’d be more careful about where he pointed that thing (his conscious awareness).
And now that he has a new laptop, he can read my blog.  So I will say for the record here that YES, sweetie, you do get credit for acknowledging that attitude makes a difference.  (He did say that and it’s actually one of his resolutions this year – to improve his attitude.)
But, like many of us, he has yet to truly understand and embrace the power of our personal energy (via our conscious awareness) to arrange the atoms that make up the “real world” around us.  (Myself included at times!)
When we learn to get consistently deliberate about where we point that thing – our focused awareness  – !!  Well, let’s just say we’ll be in for quite the party!
And with that, here’s to 2009 being our best party ever!  You can pitch in, too, by being very purposeful and aware of where you point the power of your attention.
Shall we start now by formally sharing where we’re directing our thoughts?  What a great way to launch the new year!

  • Peregrine John says:

    Is that intention loaded?
    Continuing the metaphor and borrowing some phrasing from the NRA:
    Always keep the intention pointed in a safe direction.
    Know your target and what is beyond.
    Use only the correct vibe for your intention.
    Wear eye and ear protection as appropriate.

  • tiffany says:

    well my attention is towards a great relationship, bucketloads of happiness, successful meditation, doing lots of good for others/good karma and easy money.
    2008 taught me that i really do attract what i think about; 2009 really is like the beginning of the rest of my life. i realize how much i’m in control and it feels goooooood. 😀

  • Thauna says:

    Hi Jeannette, I love this post! I’m going to be more careful where I point this year. I was recently introduced through some reading buddies to selecting a word of intention for the year. I love the idea and my word for 2009 is ALLOW, as in:
    Allow me to truly be me and all that entails
    Allow my dreams to manifest
    Allow my vibration to match my desires
    Allow myself to attract love and friendship
    Allow myself to connect truly
    Allow the good stuff to flow to me because I deserve it!
    To practice the Art of Allowing throughout the year
    Allow the Universe to conspire on my behalf! :o)
    Allow those I love to pursue their own path
    Thank you for being such an inspiration to me!

  • jaky says:

    well, your blog is really beautiful. keep up the good work.

  • Tami says:

    maybe the double post is a good sign? lol sorry

  • Tami says:

    I am still pointing that thing in the direction of a new job- hard to keep the vibes up as my severance has run out now but I just KNOW my new job is on it’s way!

  • Tami says:

    I am still pointing that thing in the direction of a new job- hard to keep the vibes up as my severance has run out now but I just KNOW my new job is on it’s way!

  • Kim Falconer says:

    Oh my. 🙂 I am blushing with gratitude. Yes of course share my formula and Rosette too! I’d love that.

  • I think you might be on to something profound with that, Kim … it’s the SO, not the WHY that answers my question.
    Thank you!
    Yes indeed – will be writing about Gregg’s book tomorrow – either for ezine or blog post. Was thinking, though, that the best ezine to write will be sharing your brilliantly simple formula for manifesting!! Would you be amenable? Would love to give folks link to Rosette at same time!

  • Kim Falconer says:

    Jeannette, when I read your response to Iyabo I got this image of a business card that said: ‘For a good time, call Russ:)’ 🙂
    Maybe it is simply for the good times! I think we always look for a WHY when perhaps it is a ‘SO’ . . . So we can laugh, cry, swing, spit, rage, immerse, feel….so we can feel?
    I want to hear more about Gregg Braden’s Spontaneous Healing of Beliefs and enlightenment. Can you blog on that topic this year?

  • JM, just reading this note from you elevated my vibe! Thanks for taking us to the good places.
    I’m right with you on many of these .. thanks for leading the way and offering such great company for the 2009 journey!

  • JM says:

    Great idea! Thanks for the space to formalize this Jeannette.
    Where am I directing my thoughts in 2009?
    All my “eyes” are on:
    -My new affordable and magnificent apartment by myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    -My new home that actually feels like HOME.
    -Closer relationships with my old friends and the excitement of cultivating new ones.
    -The love that is around me all the time.
    -Listening to and honoring my soul.
    -Continuing to indulge in the love of my family.
    -My boundless creativity.
    -Sharing my voice with the world.
    -Sharing the comedy of it all.
    -Awakening to the abundance all around me and the peace to allow it within.
    -Love and romance.
    -Everything I AM as opposed to anything I am not.
    -My continued success as a singer.
    -My continued success as an actress.
    -My magical manifesting abilities.
    -Writing whatever I feel like.
    -Meditation and chanting as often as I can.
    -Did I mention gratitude?
    -Truly embracing and loving everything just as it is right in THIS instant!

  • Yay, Tracey! Thanks for finding your way here and joining us!!
    Such a pleasure to be with someone on their journey of discovery about LOA!
    I will absolutely join you in this one: “Isn’t it great that 2009 is filled with renewed energy, focus and goal attainment!”
    woo hoo, Tracey!

  • Iyabo Asani says:

    I continue to affectionately be amazed at Russ and his LOA cluelessness! What a charming guy!
    I love this post and I love how you ducked. I feel the same way when I hear certain things, I feel like ducking or moving away. Such thoughts have become foreign.
    The beauty of his saying something like that makes you reinforce and appreciate where you are. Contrast in action.

  • Tracey Long says:

    Hi Jeanette,
    I just listened to your phone interview with Pete W from isaga. I’ve never heard of the law of attraction but as you discussed the concept it all rang true to me. I’m excited to discover your website and this concept at the start of a new year! “Isn’t it great that 2009 is filled with renewed energy, focus and goal attainment!”
    Thanks for your insights and energy.

  • Yeah, that I’m still in the vicinity to be able to hear those words says something about where I stand, too. Russ and I might not be as opposite as I sometimes think! ha
    Which reminds me of something Gregg Braden said in Spontaneous Healing of Beliefs about releasing the duality to achieve enlightenment. At least I think that’s what he’s talking about. ha
    Every once in a while I wonder how it is I came to be in this relationship and what the purpose of it is … growth for me, growth for him? Obviously it’s likely both. Or not. What do I know? Maybe he’s simply a good time. lol
    I DO know one thing: it would be very easy to buy into the belief that maintaining great shape is hard work and THAT is simply not the game I am up to this time around. EASY. I know that much.
    Thanks for pitching in, Iyabo. You know how I love hearing from you!

  • Wow, Leslie, I’m sending this comment of yours with Steve’s quote over to a client right now!
    Thank you!!!

  • Leslie Richter says:

    “Commitment and consistency WITH OUR THOUGHTS”
    I love it! It’s not that you didn’t agree you just added more, atta girl.
    Steve Pavlina has a great point on this:
    “If you have taken the time to develop a sense of purpose that reaches deep into your soul, you will be automatically motivated to put your time to better use. If you get the highest level of your life in order (purpose, meaning, spiritual beliefs) the lower levels will tend to self-optimize (habits, practices, action).”
    I thought you would like this quote because it reminds us when we are engaged with our goals in a deep way how action and habits are easier.
    He says a clear goal is more important than a clear plan. And not to wait for clarity to spontaneously materialize but to – GRAB A CHIESEL & GET BUSY.
    Sounds like Russ is good at chiseling and you appreciate that in him. Way to go Russ.
    And we appreciate how great you are with intention and awareness and have the talent of deepening the movement. Way to go Jeannette.
    Love Leslie

  • Isn’t it funny what we attract, Leslie?! lol I’m getting a kick out of the “synchronicity” between what you’ve been hearing and the topic of today’s post.
    Speaking of changing our aim, at dinner tonight I said to Russ that I blogged about his comment this morning. Gave him a summary of it so he’s not surprised when/if he reads it. And he REITERATED that it takes commitment and consistency to get in shape. (This from a guy who stays in shape relatively easily!)
    I wholeheartedly agreed with him that commitment and consistency was key, and left it at that. To myself I added, “commitment and consistency with our THOUGHTS.”
    He can play it however he wants; and I appreciate the opportunity to connect with here lots of other powerful creators who are up to a different game.
    So here’s to changing our aim and leaving the past behind us! Nice new year’s toast, Leslie. Thanks for it!

  • Leslie Richter says:

    Ha! I have been listening to a CD by Mother Mother, local kids from our island, really talented. “My Daddy’s got a gun, my Daddy’s got a gun, so you better run”…is one of the songs.
    But my favourite song is “Ghosting” I will no longer be haunting you…I take the white sheet off my head and fold it up neat so you know I have come out of hiding…You don’t need tricks and you don’t need treats and you don’t need me”.
    I am “putting all my troubles on a burning pile, all lit up and I start to smile. If I catch on fire then I change my aim.”
    I feel hopeful, going to stop haunting the past, burn my troubles and change my aim.
    Love Leslie

  • Thanks for joining the party, Sarah! It’ll be a better one for your presence included!

  • Sarah K says:

    I LOVE the idea of 2009 being the best party EVER! I am going to make that one of my mantra’s. Love it, makes me smile!
    You’re the best —

  • Okay, Kim, YOU expanding YOUR awareness is going to be fun to watch!! ha ha Since everyone I know who knows you (including me) thinks you set the bar on this one.
    Super cool!! Guess what came in yesterday’s mail?! Spell of Rosette!!!! I am SO excited to read it, and THRILLED that I have a signed copy from the author! WOO HOO!!
    Thank you thank you thank you!! 🙂

  • Kim Falconer says:

    Thank you Jeannette!
    2009 is a year for me to expand my awareness, allowing vibrational alignment with my wildest dreams.
    As you say, if we can imagine it, we can have it!
    Here’s to a clear and vivid imagination in 2009!
    Love to all,
    Kim 🙂

  • Thanks for reading and for commenting, Michelle! Much appreciated.
    Yes, I think most of us have room for improvement on getting more deliberate about pointing thoughts in the direction we want life to follow.
    Picking that up as lighthearted play is something I didn’t emphasize in this post, but I think is a super helpful approach as well.
    Here’s to a fabulous 2009 for us both! 🙂

  • Very good article! I am sharing it and will be growing myself this year (and watching where I point things!)

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