Q&A: Where’s the Money?

A fellow conscious creator has a situation others might benefit from hearing the community’s wisdom on. Here’s her question:

I’m having a lot of LOA successes with green lights, warm sunny days, close parking spots, pleasant days at work, etc. – everything but money.

The past four months I’ve felt the best I have in my entire life. I’ve been doing manifesting exercises, made peace with where I am, wrote my new money story and read it every day with joy (really getting into it like its a done deal and saying thank you for it).

I’ve been going to sleep feeling good, waking up feeling good, practicing appreciation, practicing seeing abundance, and I know that I can feel good now, before anything manifests, and I’ve been feeling good, finding ways to enjoy myself and have a good time.

I’ve been doing so well, so where’s my stuff?

Abraham says that it can take as little as 30 days for things to begin manifesting, yet nothing seems to be happening in regards to what I really want.

I am antsy and tired of waiting for my desires to manifest. They feel so totally possible for me and I truly believe I can have them. I feel very comfortable with them and worthy of them, and they feel normal to me. I totally see myself living that life. I’ve even completely let it go recently and just focused on feeling good. And nothing, no significant external shifts.

I did some money exercises lately and besides manifesting a penny, a few $1 bills and one $5 bill, I seem to have little success with manifesting money. I tried the exercises on the blog, like manifesting $500 in 10 days and I’ll specify for it to be money coming outside of my work paycheck, and nothing.

It’s already been two years since I radically and genuinely changed my beliefs and attitude about money to a very positive one. I’ve invited it into my experience numerous times. And I do appreciate the money that is coming in. I’ve even placed a $100 bill into my wallet as suggested by Abraham and have been vibrationally spending it on whatever I want. So what’s going on?

I feel like I could get an A+ for how well I’ve been doing, so why is all I’m hearing crickets? I feel like I’ve changed so much internally, like I’ve really transformed positively, so I wonder why there isn’t much transforming in the external environment.

If you could shed some light, I would really appreciate it!!

What say you, fellow creators? Got any words of wisdom for our friend?

Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts!

  • October 3, 2015
  • Elle says:

    How about reaching a “level” where we want nothing and manifest everything? I have experienced this a few times and it is absolutely the best! I think that is where we are meant to be and go about life, but our limiting beliefs coupled the overall lower vibe makes things tricky. Good thing the overall vibe is rising, very slowly, so limiting beliefs are to be let go of. Just appreciating that you are here would suffice. Perhaps too much emphasis is on the wants, when “thou shall not want” is the key phrase that “pays”, so to speak.

  • ada says:

    Thank u Jeannette for the putting this up here and Thank u everyone for the answers.The answers are very informative. I am stuck with the same dilemma as to why the money doesnt flow.
    One particular incident came to my mind and my instinct kept telling me to share it here.
    I wanted to get a new wallet as mine was old and worn out. I didnt have much money to buy a fancy one which i wanted. I having asked for universe numerous times but in vain decided to buy a cheaper one ( which was less than $10 ). I was super happy abt it. The same week one of my frens baby shower was coming up and we had decided to surprise her. I helped decorate and plan.The fren who planned all of this works at micheal cors. She decided to give me one wallet for helping her out. Then one of my other frens worked at coach and he decided to give a Coach wallet out of blue .
    So I have 3 wallets now .I am so thankful for all of them. I thank universe all the time for it.
    The key I learnt from it is Being Happy and letting go.
    I dont know how it wrks with money but I like to be happy and thankful all the time.

  • Mitch says:

    I noticed how the questioner said she specified to universe that she wanted money outside of her work paycheck. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I have done the same thing, and it backfires every time. For me it was because I’m trying to manifest money so that I can leave my hideous job and be free to do what I really want to do. 😉 Can you see the trap in that?
    But when I put my mind on money and how more money feels, period, more money does show up. And it’s often through the work that I’m already doing. And that doesn’t mean my regular paycheck. That means extra money through the work that I’m already doing. And extra money is extra money, mmkay?
    Universe so often works in a *next logical step* fashion. It’s entirely possible that your next logical step is a one million dollar check out of the clear blue. But if not, the universe will take a subtler approach. If your goal is to feel good regularly, no matter what, universe will respond, and not necessarily in big, huge, miraculous ways, but in small, subtle improvements.
    If you could believe in that one million dollar check right now, it would materialize. But chances are you can only feel a little bit better from wherever you are. The problem is not that you aren’t doing the work, because you are. The problem is likely that you’re feeling as good as you can from wherever you are, and you’re not noticing the subtle improvements in your immediate environment that are telling you you’re on your way. They’re everywhere! You feel a little bit better and things get a little bit better. A kind word from a stranger, a loving email from an old friend, even a good parking spot is a victory! (I live in Los Angeles. Believe me, a good parking spot is a mother-effing victory! LOL)
    Don’t demand so much of yourself. Just feel a little better and notice the difference. Also, feel really, really terrible and notice the difference. It’s weird advice, but my bad days teach me a lesson, too.

  • Cat says:

    Here’s a thought that came to me recently, which was of great relief to me: Is “money” REALLY ever what we truly want?
    We want the things we think more money will buy, sure… (and, of course, what we REALLY want is the way we think those things will make us FEEL…) but then we lock ourselves into the idea that money is the only way we can have those things. What if money isn’t the only, or even the BEST, way the Universe could deliver those things to us? What if that’s the message the Universe WANTS us to receive by “withholding” money from super-mad-skills Deliberate Creators like us?
    I subscribe to Mike Dooley’s “Notes from the Universe” and the day before this post, the Note was: “Really and truly, money just isn’t that important. Now, by all means pursue it, spend it, and roll around in it, but just don’t let it become ‘how’ the rest of your dreams will come true. I know how; you just dream – The Universe”
    How does that lighten the idea of money for anyone? What if we’re trying so hard to manifest something we don’t really need, just because we have a failure of imagination?

  • Wynter says:

    I am a relative ‘newbie’ at LoA and in a situation similar to the questioner. However I don’t consider close parking spaces, warm days etc as evidence of manifesting skills; these events occur whether or not I intend them. In my case I have failed at even a practice project But then there isn’t anything small I want to manifest. I tried to manifest someone giving me a treat I am quite fond of, intended few seconds per day and then forgot about it. After few weeks nothing happened so I purchased the treat for myself. I appreciate, enjoy and allow but still after 2 years I can’t get anything small I intend to manifest let alone something bigger. There is only one thing I desire in this world, don’ t need it. Althoug I desire it I have literally given up on ever having it. My point is the questioner is not the only one in her situation and I am wondering why all these can manifest their desires and we can’t

  • Nina says:

    I feel like this question was submitted just for me, as I was dealing with it whole last week. 🙂 I realized it is the worthiness issue. You get as much money as you believe you are worthy of. This was a big blow for me, because I thought I believed I am worthy of more money. After all, I am one of few experts in my field in my country and I am doing exceptional things.
    The fellow creator mentioned briefly she felt worthy of more money, but she didn’t convince me. In her writing I saw me, so I’d recommend her to check this aspect thoroughly. Sometimes it’s hard to admit you don’t believe you’re worthy of more money (or anything else), and you push it further into your subconscious. You convince yourself mentally you are worthy, but in reality the subconscious mind is running the show.
    And don’t forget, the creator did manifest some extra money, so her LoA work was successful. The sum of money she manifested is another question. Worthiness question, in my opinion.

  • I know this is pretty much what others have said, but since it often helps to read the same thing in different ways, I’ll chime in with my version anyway.
    Asking ‘Where’s my money? Show me the money!’ keeps the attention, not on money, but on lack of money. ‘ONLY $5’ keeps you dialed into ‘not enough money’ instead of appreciation for the money you have. When $1 shows up, LOVE THE ONE DOLLAR. Let it be perfect the way it is, not a symbol of the lack of the other $499 or however much you’ve asked for. Because that $1 is the drop that is opening up the crack in the financial dam, for all the riches you’ve already called up to pour through. But every time you poke and prod at the crack, asking why more isn’t coming through, you help to close it back up again! So keep loving the $1 and the $5, and soon enough it’ll be $100 and $500 and more than you know what to do with. Can you really, truly, imagine how that will feel? If not, keep practicing! Pretty sure once that happens, you won’t fret when you get a payment for $1, you’ll just smile and bless the person who sent it to you, and wonder how you can help them. Which isn’t a bad vibe to dial into now.

  • I know this is pretty much what others have said, but since it often helps to read the same thing in different ways, I’ll chime in with my version anyway.
    Asking ‘Where’s my money? Show me the money!’ keeps the attention, not on money, but on lack of money. ‘ONLY $5’ keeps you dialed into ‘not enough money’ instead of appreciation for the money you have. When $1 shows up, LOVE THE ONE DOLLAR. Let it be perfect the way it is, not a symbol of the lack of the other $499 or however much you’ve asked for. Because that $1 is the drop that is opening up the crack in the financial dam, for all the riches you’ve already called up to pour through. But every time you poke and prod at the crack, asking why more isn’t coming through, you help to close it back up again! So keep loving the $1 and the $5, and soon enough it’ll be $100 and $500 and more than you know what to do with. Can you really, truly, imagine how that will feel? If not, keep practicing! Pretty sure once that happens, you won’t fret when you get a payment for $1, you’ll just smile and bless the person who sent it to you, and wonder how you can help them. Which isn’t a bad vibe to dial into now.

  • Jill says:

    Hello dear money manifesting friend 🙂
    A few thoughts occurred to me as I read your words. Here they are:
    1)I am a whizz with money. My friends tell me I should move into being a coach, specialising in money managing and manifesting, and maybe one day I will, for fun….but in the meantime, one of the things that got me here was an idea from a book by Carole Dore ‘The Emergency handbook to Getting Money Fast’. In it, she talks about smelling money – that money has a particular scent and in smelling it, get to feeling ‘I love money and money loves me’ or something similar. I did that for a while and it is true what she says – I started to feel more ‘at one’ energetically with money. Nowadays, I just know inside me, I love money and it loves me – not in a way that I need it, or actually want oodles of it, or worship it – just I love it – simple. Like I love cats, sunny days, oceans, swimming, feeling free. It’s an inner love that feels part of who I am. A healthy feel good love.
    2) Linked to 1), I like Abraham’s teaching ‘Be easy about this’ – the whole attitude to money I have developed is easy. It feels easy, it feels part of me. I know what I need is there. I like Bashar’s definition of abundance – Being able to do whatever we want when we want to….Money abundance for me is part of a general abundance I feel. I notice when little things (and big things!) appear around me to support me and give me riches…when I arrive at a parking area and there is a ticket waving in the wind on the pay machine that someone left to ‘pay it forward’, when I get unbelievable bargains in a sale – I see how the universe has inspired to delight me, make things easier for me, and given me money in all sorts of ways. Not only the physical stuff.
    3) When I was 28, I set an intention to be mortgage free when I was 40. I hadn’t met Abraham and LOA at that point, just knew I wanted this freedom. At 38 I achieved it, then took a small mortgage for the fun of having a small extension on my house that I loved very much. This debt wasn’t stressful to me. 3 years later, I decided to downsize, and simplify life further so I could travel more easily. I got a fantastic bargain on a new build house that was everything I wanted – smaller, low maintenance (Side note: of course, I got a bargain – always do!) I jumped in and bought it, adding a mortgage against my old house to buy it cash. Then…my old house did not sell. For 3.5 years!! So I was left with two mortgages on that old house – way off my original position of being mortgage free. This made me work on my trusting vibe – with every showing that didn’t result in a sale, with every crumby offer that I declined! Most of all, I couldn’t understand how with such a strong intention to be mortgage free and such a great money and abundance vibe, I created this! That house sold and closed nearly 3 weeks ago now and I am basking in being finally where I was aiming for many years ago! The story of how it sold is for another post – but I did get to the point where I faced potentially having the house forever (yes, I got dramatic!) and accepting that. I accepted I may never sell it for whatever reason – maybe it was mine for the rest of this life. Then, finally its new owners came along one sunny afternoon when I was mowing in my bikini, not caring less…lol. The point of this final story for you is this:
    No matter how long it takes us to become a vibrational match to what we have been seeking, no matter how many times we can feel frustration or have our trust challeneged….it still feels UTTERLY FANTASTIC when our dreams are realised. So, hold on to that – reach for the euphoria you will feel!
    I have learned to surrender to divine timing. Things unfold in the perfect way, at the perfect time. You are a master creator. If you haven’t let money flow in as you would like it yet – it is benefitting you in some way. It is happening FOR you, not TO you. You are pulling the strings – why would it be a good thing to be in your current position? See the payoffs. Often this can help us understand why something has ‘stuck’.
    You have everything you need to realise this and other desires, and to know you can be happy right now and even if the money never comes in the way you see it now. Let the universe surprise and delight you with what’s ahead…because it will 🙂

    • Angel says:

      LOVE your story about the house and I personally relate to that, my trusting vibe is up for practice too! And of course, acceptance and surrender is the answer. I know when we look back, the easy path was always there for us to choose.
      Taking heart in your words money whiz!

      • Jill says:

        Thank you, Angel. I am glad it resonated in some way. I am grateful for this question that inspired me to reply – as in replying I saw the funny side of how it was that I was mowing in my bikini when the buyers first pulled up…lol. (That in itself is very unusual – as I live in the UK at the moment, and that must have been the one day we had in my area this year where I could wear a bikini for yard work..!)I didn’t realise until I told the story above, how perfect that was for summing up how carefree I was when I finally became a match for the sale!!…
        It doesn’t matter how long something takes – it will work out and feel great in the end, and you will get to laugh at aspects of the tale…’it’s all just part of the story’. Wishing you the best, Jill

        • angel says:

          I think mowing the lawn in a bikini is unusual no matter what! I live in LA and we don’t even get to do that here – you’ll burn in no time at all. Your being half naked is great symbolism for being vulnerable and trusting in your environment and it’s the ultimate, yep this is my place vibe. No wonder it released so quickly!
          Thanks for the perspective and the reminder that fundamentally, yes everything that happens is part of the story. Best to you too! Angel

  • Mary says:

    This conscious creator has been doing all the right things, for sure. I’m going on gut level here…maybe a little too methodical? Maybe trying too hard and still somewhat “attached”? Let go even more. Set it and forget it.

  • Debbie says:

    From what I have read about our fellow creator appears she is trying to hard which sends a message to the universe she is lacking. That happened to me and when I got busy and put less emphasis on what I was desiring…..it came in floods.
    I had a terrible time envisioning that I already had what I had asked for and fed on it all day and night. So I thanked the universe for giving me what I asked for and moved onto my next vision. Since I had let go of my first desire as if I had already received it…. alignment and attachment fell into place.
    The money has been rolling in. A little at first and now it is coming in droves. I always take money right off the top of what I receive….no matter the amount and give it away with the feeling like there is more where that has come from (feeling of plenty) and that the supply is endless.
    I have manifested an extra $500 a month in income. I am grateful and am enjoying being a co creator.
    Continue to be patient…….and smell your money several times a day and talk to it as if it’s your best friend….becuz it is! I actually have been thanking the money and telling it how beautiful it is….lol…..and it keeps showing up (I think the money likes compliments 😛
    Don’t lose faith…..just don’t try so hard.

  • anonymous says:

    I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for taking the time to share your experiences and advice in response to my question!! I am feeling much love and I am so glad to be a part of such an amazing LOA community 🙂 I think I may have located the “kink” in my vibration – Iast year I had to move back in to live with my father – who is a very good-hearted, kind, and generous man, but is also an alcoholic and very difficult to live with. That’s probably where my sense of urgency is arising.That’s probably where the urgency for the manifestation of money comes in and that’s probably where most of my resistance is. I REALLY want to move out and live on my own again as soon as it is possible which is why I’ve been practicing LOA techniques so devotedly and wholeheartedly – not because I am trying to manipulate or coerce the universe into giving me what I want, but because it hurts to live there and because I am so ready for better. I really do genuinely appreciate all the good things in my life and there is so much I am grateful for. I’ve been doing the best I can to make peace with where I am now, but perhaps I haven’t done so as much as I thought I had. And since I am having so much success with LOA in other areas (ha-ha) that I begun to wonder what am I missing.
    Thank you everyone for all of your wonderful suggestions and insights!! Very helpful 🙂

    • Jeannette says:

      Thank you for letting me post your question, my friend! I know lots of folks will benefit from this subject, and it’s a perfect topic to solicit wisdom from fellow creators.
      I also want to say kudos for receiving the feedback in such an open way. Not everyone who shares a question in Q&A format like this is able to do that so well (including myself).
      I’m remembering this advice that I heard even before I was introduced to LOA: “To get a job you love, love the job you’ve got.” Goes for boyfriends, bodies, bank accounts, and homes, too. 🙂

    • Angel says:

      Hey, anon. I’m with Jeanette, thanks for being so open and now, so vulnerable by simply saying, “it hurts to live there”. I can imagine that it does. Reading your feedback makes me feel that there’s really nothing more for you to do but to sit in acceptance of being there with your dad, hurts and all – at least for now.
      You don’t even need to make conscious peace with it, because on one hand trying hard for that is a way to resist the pain that’s there. I think you’re doing fine by just acknowledging it and opening yourself up to healing by your admission of hurt. We love many imperfect people and being flawed ourselves are thankfully loved likewise. This doesn’t seem a situation that needs to be solved because you WILL eventually move on to be on your own, it’s just a matter of time.
      It’s great strides to be able to name the beast so to speak, so you can refine your desires with more clarity i.e. I want to feel peace and be in a peace-filled home surrounded by health, healing, joy and abundance. Like Jeanette wrote in another post, you may not have the money, but you always have the means.
      You’ve also done all of us a favor by writing out this question, because we all at one point or another have been stuck. All the best to you, and never forget, it’s not if, just when!

    • Elle says:

      Thanks for the question. It is great that you reached out to the community here. That always helps. Also, posting insights and ideas on this blog does wonders. Its high vibration gets things rolling.
      I would also suggest a letter to the Universe, wholeheartedly asking Universe for guidance and assistance to help in your predicament. Express your pain and explain how living elsewhere would be beneficial, at least how you see it. On the good days, be thankful and appreciative, saying more of this please. Thank Universe for the success you are having in other areas and focus on those. Just some more tips.

  • Steffy says:

    Very helpful to me at this point in time. Great discussion.

  • susanmarshallva says:

    Great post Jeannette. Loved it.

  • Brian says:

    First, in regards to the picture Jeannette used, you could view it two ways:

    1) It’s an empty wallet.

    2) It’s an open wallet ready to receive abundance.

    It’s like the glass is half full metaphor—it all depends on your perspective.

    ”I’ve been doing so well, so where’s my stuff?”
    If you’ve been as happy and in alignment and in joy as much as you say you are, you wouldn’t notice the lack or absence of the money.

    I’m not saying you would necessarily have the money right now (everything comes in perfect timing, and the Universe knows what the perfect timing is), but you wouldn’t feel or notice any awareness of lack of money because you understand what-is is, from a vibrational standpoint, old news, and your Vortex is current news. So, if you’re really paying attention to current news, your only awareness would be on on your Vortex and the vibrational presence and feelings of money (i.e. freedom, ease, security and Well-Being).

    “Abraham says that it can take as little as 30 days for things to begin manifesting, yet nothing seems to be happening in regards to what I really want.”
    Then you haven’t been using your emotions as the “something is happening” indicator that they are designed to be for you.

    It’s not, “I have to see money to know something is happening.”

    It’s, “I feel better, I feel lighter, I feel more relaxed, I’m having more fun, I feel freedom, I feel ease, I feel abundant. And all of those good feelings are my indicators that something IS happening.”
    “I know that I can feel good now, before anything manifests, and I’ve been feeling good, finding ways to enjoy myself and have a good time.”

    “I am antsy and tired of waiting for my desires to manifest.”
    So, what was all that, “I know I can feel good now, before anything manifests” stuff about?

    The only reason you want the money is so that you can feel good. And since you know you can feel good now, then you wouldn’t feel any antsiness or impatience when it comes to something not yet physically manifested, because you’ve already allowed yourself to receive the emotional, vibrational manifestation, which is the only reason you want the physical manifestation.
    ”… I seem to have little success with manifesting money.”
    Why do you keep telling that old story?

    You want to tell a better feeling story, and that is your new story.

    And then never, ever again tell the old story.

    Do you want money, or do you want to be taken care of and provided for?

    Because, if you can be taken care of and provided for without the need of money, then the path of least resistance would not be money it would be in the form of something else.

    For example, you could say, “I want money so I can buy lunch.” You don’t receive the money, but, you do run into a friend and they offer to buy you lunch. 

    In that example, you didn’t get the money, but you got the vibrational equivalent of the money, so from Source’s perspective, you receiving the money directly was not the most efficient, fun path (also taking into account you had a nice lunch with a friend).

    • Jeannette says:

      oooh, Brian! “Empty” vs “open” and ready to receive – nice distinction!
      Good point about retiring the old story once and for all. That’s a powerful moe.
      Love your thoughts about the vibrational equivalent of money, too. Always a pleasure to hear from you – thanks, my friend! 🙂

  • Namaste says:

    You feel good about life but do you FEEL GOOD about money?
    The primary reason the money hasn’t shown up yet is because you still have resistance to it. As I’m sure you know, resistance stops desires from manifesting. First, I’d check the two most common places of HIDDEN resistance (there are more but usually these two points get the job done). Ask yourself, “Why wouldn’t I want this money to show up in my life?” Any reasons you write down are HIDDEN resistance that needs to be dealt with.
    Next, I’d check out this list of 101 limiting money beliefs (https://masteryofself.wordpress.com/2010/10/11/101-negative-money-beliefs/). A lot of times, we think we changed all our limiting beliefs but there are still some HIDDEN ones blocking our desire from showing up.
    Finally, I’d think about the money you want (hopefully you have a specific amount) and pay super close attention to how you feel. If you feel good, the moment you stop noticing the money isn’t showing up for real, it will show up. If you feel uneasy, worried, or frustrated (anything that doesn’t feel good) when you think about the money you want, it means you’ve still got resistance to this money showing up.
    Wishing you a quick resolution to your money resistance,

    • Jeannette says:

      Wow, now we’ve got all the LOA heavyweights weighing in on this one! Thanks, Namaste, for adding to this conversation.
      Your process for revealing hidden limiting beliefs is SO powerful! Did we create a separate post for that yet? I keep wanting to get a really good spotlight on that!

      • Namaste says:

        Appreciate being considered an loa heavyweight. =)
        Since discovering that process for uncovering hidden beliefs, I’ve found that it’s only as good as the person asking the question. I recently figured out a way around that very limiting aspect of the process. I’m aiming to have a post to share that sums everything up by Halloween =)

  • Melody says:

    When I began to seriously immerse myself in LOA, I experienced a lot of what you are experiencing now. In the last three months, however, I manifested more money from my art career than I did in the last two years combined. Before that I would raise my money vibe, and I would get a gift check, or win a sweepstakes, or my husband would get a raise and a promotion. But I really wanted the money to come from my work.
    A lot of people here mentioned needing to let go, and I have found a very effective technique for that. Focus on shifting your money vibe for a set period of time, like three days or two weeks, then, when you feel something has definitively shifted, stop thinking about it and move on to another subject (I’m sure there are other things you want right?:). You can tell you have shifted, when you begin to have thoughts you have never thought before.
    My favorite way to permanently shift my vibe is to pick a daily mantra or affirmation and say it constantly throughout the day. Washing my hands I am thinking my affirmation, taking out the garbage I am thinking my affirmation, even watching TV, I am thinking my affirmation. Now it isn’t necessary to put any effort into feeling this is true. Just repeat it. Thoughts are creative. Feeling are not. Feelings are the first physical manifestations of thoughts. All you need to do to manifest anything is consistently offer positive thoughts in relation to your goal. That’s it.
    Wrestling with feelings, trying to feel something or not feel something is counterproductive. If you think the thoughts the feeling will follow.
    I noticed you only mentioned Abe-stuff in your post. You might want to look into other teachers. Jeannette’s Slacker Manifesting book might be perfect for you. Often the simplest stuff is the best. Many people kind of gloss over affirmations for example, but Louise Hay is much more successful than Esther Hicks. She also talks about saying affirmations all the time. Rhonda Byrne is also more successful, and her work is just basic positive thinking, although her book The Magic really is magical, and I highly recommenced it. I haven’t really seen examples of people who found epic success with the Abe material who weren’t also incorporating other systems.
    It’s obvious from a cursory observation of the world that rich people are not focused on feeling good all the time. Donald Trump calls breastfeeding women ‘disgusting slobs’ and goes off on rants about immigrants. Bill Gates spends a lot of time fighting AIDS. Stephen King became a millionaire writing scary books.
    Feelings are just an indicator. They don’t attract. Only thoughts attract. Trying to control your feelings adds another unnecessary layer of complication and difficulty. Controlling the thoughts which is actually very easy to do, gets you what you want.
    My basic approach at the moment is to see what resistance comes up first for me each day, and create an affirmation that contradicts it to focus on that day. The effect of this is two-fold: one, it occupies my thought with the positive all day long, two it ingrains deeply in my mind, and three it releases more resistance each time it comes up. If I don’t feel like being deliberate about anything, I usually practice gratitude all day. I also do lots of other techniques, when inspired to do so. Good luck!

    • Jeannette says:

      I can speak to the power of engaging a strong affirmation like that in a hard core way you described here, Melody …
      I recently picked two sentences on a topic I had struggled with (GVU members heard all about this experiment in August), I repeated one on the in breath and the other on the out breath, over and over throughout the day for a couple of days. It didn’t take long for Universe to respond in kind. Maybe I’ll write up a post about that some day.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts here, Melody. 🙂

  • Jen C. says:

    If money is the result of alignment and you were clear of blocks, you’d be flowing money, right?
    So, I would suggest that you consider where you are unclear on any topic and then set the intention to become Clarity, Ease, Flow.
    I think money flows better for me if I am not complaining about anything in my life–so think of things you might be complaining about (because complaints are like giving your powers away and saying, “I’m helpless”).
    Doing the Wallet Process is a great starting point, and to me, that seems to be where to stay for a while until you sure up your overall vibe. thinking about why you want money (it’s fun) is also a way to stay positive about money.
    I love thinking about money as my friend that comes to visit me and that I keep circulating, but it always comes back to me and lovingly flows to others from me.
    Stay soft in thinking about the money, or completely get off the topic.
    So many good ideas here in this thread, thanks for all these reminders!! I hope something will ignite you to the change you want. 🙂

    • Jeannette says:

      Way to bottom line it, Jen! Reality never lies about what our vibe is. (Not always the easiest thing to hear, but there it is.)
      Thanks for chiming in on this one, Jen. Much appreciated! 🙂

  • Gary Bodley says:

    Hi Jeannette, This is from Joshua:
    Dear Conscious Creator,
    You’ve done a wonderful job on feeling good. We can see that your focus has shifted considerably in the direction of feeling good. You feel good when you wake up and you concentrate on feeling good throughout the day. This is a feeling reality and the only thing that really matters is how you feel. Since you already feel good, why do you want the money? You want the money because you think it will make you feel good. Do you see the contradiction here?
    If you truly felt good, you would not want the money. The money would be a side effect of feeling good. The money would come to support whatever your interests were in the moment. The money would be there when needed. You want the money so you can live a better lifestyle; one with more stuff or one free from worry. The money itself is meaningless. You just think the key to feeling better is the money. It is not. The money is simply a reflection of how you feel.
    Don’t be upset. This is the most common misapplication of the Law of Attraction. As you are practicing feeling good, you are really just attempting to coerce the universe into bringing money so that you will actually feel good. What you are doing is pretending to feel good until the money comes when you think you will actually feel good. It just doesn’t work this way. Be honest about how you feel. Focus on what is interesting to you now, in each moment. Forget about the money because until you do, you will continue to vibrate lack.
    What you are doing is comparing yourself as you stand now to where you think you would like to be. You imagine life with excess money and you think it would be better. However, your current life is already abundant in so many things. You have air to breathe, a place to sleep, food to eat and people to love. You are more fortunate than you can know. The feeling of lack robs you of the feeling of appreciation. Don’t let that happen. Focus on the abundance you do have and forget about the money. Only then will it be able to manifest itself into your personal version of reality.
    We are Joshua

    • Jeannette says:

      Joshua/Gary – you guys share with so much love and compassion that I feel better as soon as I start reading your words.
      Thank you for posting in this conversation! 🙂
      LOVED this: “If you truly felt good, you would not want the money. The money would be a side effect of feeling good.” That’s so true!! In fact, that’s exactly what happened to me with the body changes – once I got to a truly happy place with what is, I didn’t care so much for things to be different, and that’s when things got even better. I didn’t need them to, and they did!
      Isn’t it cool how this system works?! 🙂

  • Stop manipulating the Universe into giving you what you want and start directing the Universe to deliver the thing you desire.
    Imagine the having part, get the feeling of it, and put the together. Make sure it’s something you are willing to have today, right now, otherwise it’s just mental floss.
    Give the Universe room to do is job by turning your attention elsewhere. Make sure what you are looking at instead actually feels better.
    The best vibration for the manifestation of cash, in my experience, is relief. And I’ve had to be reassured over and over again that relief is simply the feeling of expansion.
    If you’re wanting a lot of cash in the bank in order to have to keep from doing this again, you’re missing the point and actively screwing yourself over.
    If you want cash in the bank because you really enjoy having cash in the bank, then it will work.
    Never apologize to yourself or anyone else for wanting cash in your hands for whatever reason. You wouldn’t apologize for wanting oxygen. And they are exactly the same: things you are manifesting because you like having them.
    You can have anything you want but you don’t want just anything, you want specifically what you want in the way you want it.
    Don’t be legalistic. E.g.: Freak out over the word want. That’s New Thought B.S., IMHO.
    After 4 years of driving all over the US and manifesting cash on demand, this is what I found out for myself.

    • Typo alert! Posted on my smartphone…

    • Jesann says:

      “If you want cash in the bank because you really enjoy having cash in the bank, then it will work.
      Never apologize to yourself or anyone else for wanting cash in your hands for whatever reason. You wouldn’t apologize for wanting oxygen. And they are exactly the same: things you are manifesting because you like having them.”
      Apologies for the slight hijack of the LW’s post, but I want to thank you for this. I’ve had the opportunity this year to actually have cash in the bank, and I’ve loved it. Even if I were just sitting in my room doing nothing, I *loved* having this money in the bank. It was like being a little kid at Disneyland — they don’t rationalize why they like being there (fun, enjoyment, etc.), but instead they like being there because it’s Disneyland. I fully understand that knowing the core “why” of wanting money is important, but sometimes one of those core whys can be that it’s just great to have the money! <3

    • Elle says:

      Frank, the thought came to me last night that most of our problems and pain are self-inflicted. We worry, ruminate, worry some more, notice that what we want is not here, compare ourselves to persons we meet, hold on to limiting beliefs and BS others spewed at us in the past which do not even apply anymore, and the list goes on. This is our doing. We live in a self-created prison. Well, some of us do.
      If we let go of all this crap, do what makes us feel good, know that it will all work out one way or another as it always has or else we would not be on this blog, this puts us closer to the delivery by the Universe, because, as you have said before, It wants to make that delivery.
      I think problems are actually an indication that we have “lost our way” so to speak and lead us back to where we need to be, i.e., feeling the Universe’s presence in everything we do, all that is and being more, fearing and worrying less. But we are the ones who must let go, no one can do it for us.

      • Elle – owning ones b******* is the single most important thing I’ve learned ever. Then realizing it isn’t b******* is the second most important thing I’ve learned. And doing it in that order is the third most important thing I’ve ever learned. Because, in truth, there is no b*******. There are only thoughts. And some of them I like. And some of them I don’t. And I prefer to give my attention to the ones that I like, because it gives me more opportunities to think more of them.

        • PS the word b******* is how Google Voice writes out that word so colorfully used to describe the excrement of a male bovine.

        • Elle says:

          Haha, got it!
          When I come to the blog, the pain in my leg actually goes away! I’ve had this pain for a week now and visiting here makes it disappear!
          Yup, there is actually nothing. All this stuff is smoke and mirrors. Most is to induce fear so someone else can supposedly be on top, manipulate, etc, but we know this is false as well. You know the deal.
          So, since there is nothing, all the more reason to create what you do want! Amen.

    • Jeannette says:

      You guys are cracking me up!
      Thanks for this, Frank. What stood out for me most was this:
      “If you’re wanting a lot of cash in the bank in order to have to keep from doing this again, you’re missing the point … If you want cash in the bank because you really enjoy having cash in the bank, then it will work.”
      That is such a powerful distinction! I hope everyone gets that. 🙂
      PS – I was going to edit Recognizero, but I like it so much in that version that I couldn’t bring myself to change it. 🙂

    • Angel says:

      “The best vibration for the manifestation of cash, in my experience, is relief. And I’ve had to be reassured over and over again that relief is simply the feeling of expansion.”
      This. Is. So. True.
      I’m also glad Frank followed that up with noting that the point of the exercise isn’t avoidance (of a repeat of the situation) but ENJOYMENT. The actual pleasure of having fluid prosperity on hand, and having that be part of who you are. Which is also the point about stopping with the apologies.
      I also think when you own something in your head, you clearly don’t feel the need to justify why you need to have it. Saying but I did x so why don’t I get y is a form of justification. For me, the hardest part about letting go isn’t just letting go of the desire – it’s letting go of my guilt, my shame and false thinking.
      Here’s an example: for years most of my money difficulties occurred due to my relationships (i.e. irresponsible ex husband, etc), so in my head I was that person who suffered because of that – that suffering and the fear of that suffering can give you certain things i.e. being the martyr, being the one who’s more loving, being ok not receiving. A lot of that was created from old scripts from my mother who justified a lot of things in her marriage i.e. if you’re a good woman then you do suffer, you do endure, you don’t always get what you want etc..
      My recent foray into debt again had me thinking about this. I wanted money because having it once more meant I wasn’t in that old script again. In truth, I don’t need money for that. Just because my partner and I had some tough financial pinches doesn’t mean I’m back in the cycle again. I’ve broken it a long time ago and it really doesn’t serve me to slot in again. OF COURSE, this time around my partner has the more active role in solving debt – which means I’m in a receiving position. Which also means I wasn’t used to that. Which also means I’m being shown how to trust it will all be ok without ANY suffering at all. It also ties in to how the Universe is helping me experience INTERDEPENDENCE, cos clearly I’ve done the independent thing for far too long. See how convoluted things can get?
      Frank is right. These are only thoughts but they’re mighty powerful. Once you become aware and can give those disparaging thoughts love, you can let them go and clear the way for wanting and manifesting. Gaining awareness isn’t always a walk in the park but it’s ultimately freeing, and I think any desire we have always boils down to wanting to return to our natural state of joy and freedom.

  • Angel says:

    Hmm. Knowing how kinky things can get around money, I don’t have any direct advice as such. Reading what everyone has written and thinking through my own LOA practice around all sorts of things leads me to say the following:
    1) The saying, “A watched pot never boils” comes to mind. Astoundingly this was written by Benjamin Franklin under the pseudonym Poor Richard, and was among a number of similar self improvement sayings he was fond of writing. Hundreds of years later, the man himself graces the $100 bill, also currently the largest US currency denomination in circulation.
    I see some rich symbolism in how this has all worked out. Was he on to something? Probably.
    My point: (and everyone else’s) The wall between feeling poor vs feeling prosperous can be a thin one. FEELING being the operative word here. We all struggle with knowing reality all too well (i.e. it’s not here), but I think aside from the manifesting exercises, there’s the real inner work of “losing the emotional charge” around money which may be plaguing its further appearance.
    2) Money is energy, in LOA I’ve learned to stop focusing on the how (ok, I’ve done xyz so Universe you need to do abc), and really work on the why – more as an effort of getting my emotions, issues, and basically myself out of the way so it CAN actually give me what’s even better than I thought.
    Disclosure: I write this having had a few dark nights of the soul with cheap mac n cheese for dinner.
    The inner work isn’t about “hurry up and give it to me already”. It’s about losing the stuff that keeps you counting and controlling. I like to think of it like this. Imagine that your heart is a naturally powered fuel cell capable of transmitting an immense ray of power to carry your thoughts, wishes and dreams out to a welcoming space we know as the Universe. Now imagine that in order to shine this fully through, your heart must be kept “cloud free” – those clouds being emotions, charges, negative thoughts etc that essentially dull it. I see the Universe as an amazing agency of exchange, it’s there to match whatever you transmit up to whatever it hears translated from your message.
    But if your message isn’t clear, it can’t respond properly. Many times I thought I was being clear, but in fact I wasn’t. Because when I was saying I want this money, I really meant I wanted security, and when I said security, I really meant I didn’t want to feel let down/betrayed etc around a specific person or situation, so on and so forth. There are many layers specific to each of us, and doing that clearing up, can help you find the simplest, cleanest message to send out there. Because you can refine the picture of what prosperity means to you in real ways i.e. cash, savings, etc
    I’ve often found that manifesting happens when there’s no rubble on the road between what I say I want and what I feel. Sometimes it takes time, sometimes it doesn’t. I can only describe the feeling as something like..real love, as when you love a person despite their shortcomings yet believing the best in them enough to know without judgment that they CAN and WILL do better.
    I think Jessan noted she realized she had enough because she doesn’t even have debt. Well, I recently incurred debt after being debt free for a few years, so I had some panic there. I can only tell you I’m trying to love the hell out of the situation so I can keep my heart free for what matters.

    • Angel says:

      Sorry, that was Teresa not Jesann woops..

    • Jeannette says:

      Angel, I’m loving this!
      “It’s about losing the stuff that keeps you counting and controlling.” So true!
      And also: “Many times I thought I was being clear, but in fact I wasn’t.” I’ve noticed this myself, too. It can take strong self-awareness to accurately recognize the vibration that’s in place. Lots of times that didn’t happen for me until in hindsight, once it had shifted further.
      This is so smart of you to “love the hell out of the situation” to keep your “heart free for what matters.” Really great words of wisdom. Thank you, Angel! 🙂

      • Angel says:

        Thank YOU Jeanette for posting this and starting this great discussion in such a giving spirit. The truth is peeling off the layers to get clear isn’t a pleasant experience to start with but I found it to be the most teachable way for me to face fears and beliefs hiding in the guise of a desire. I mean, even if we ask ourselves to get rid of certain beliefs, we know those insidious old programs hide well! Little bastards!
        For me it was a case of “oh” then “euuw” when I figured out I didn’t have a clear channel through to stating what I want. I’m still working on it and really appreciate everyone’s transparency in how they deal with this.
        PS I often read the 3 LOA keys you sent, go away, then come back and read it again. It’s like a gift that keeps on giving because I’ve grown each time I’ve revisited it. Thank you!

  • Susan Dickson says:

    Here’s a couple of things that I have done to manifest more money in the past.
    The first one is, when I’ve found myself needing or wanting more money I’ve sat down with pen and paper and worked out how I can manage with what I already have. If I have extra bills etc. and I’m wondering how I’m going to pay them I work out how I can pay them with the money I have coming in already (my wage) When I actually have it written down on paper and I realise that I don’t need any extra money and that I can actually manage with what I have it takes away any neediness and most of the feeling of lack. I know I can manage and so it sends a different signal to the Universe. That’s when the Universe can get to work and answer my new signal of having enough.
    The second thing that I have done, just a couple of weeks ago actually, was something I usually find difficult to do and that is handing it over to the Universe.
    I’ve just moved house (a wonderful manifestation story) and I found myself starting to worry about how I was going to pay for removals, more bills and everything else that goes with moving. I knew I had to change the signal I was sending out to the Universe so one evening when I went to bed I told the Universe that I was handing everything over. It wasn’t my problem, I didn’t want to think about it. The Universe had brought me this wonderful new home so the Universe could just bring the money that I needed to pay for everything. NOT MY PROBLEM !!!!! The next morning when I got up I was determined to keep handing it over and all day long I just kept saying ‘Your job Universe’. I got on with simply enjoying my day and being in ‘the now’ as much as I possibly could.
    That evening, less than 24 hours later, I received a cheque for £1000. This was a gift that was totally unexpected. I was absolutely blown away !
    It has enabled me to pay for everything I needed to pay for with money left over.
    In the first example I took away any feeling of need and in the second I stopped feeling as if I needed to do something. I got out of the way.
    Maybe it’s time to just let go and turn your attention to something else completely.
    Maybe you are still in the asking mode.
    Anyways I hope some of this helps.

    • Elle says:

      Love this! Thank you for posting! You are right to remind us that it is not our problem nor our job. Our job is to enjoy and go about the day, have faith. “Whatever” is the word I use and hand it over, let it go as well. Not putting any more energy into it at all, like noticing that it’s not there, is the way to go! Instead, relax in the tub, enjoy some chocolate, etc.

    • Jeannette says:

      Way to take off the “need” vibe, Susan: “sat down with pen and paper and worked out how I can manage with what I already have.” That’s a great way to improve the vibe!
      And kudos to you for outsourcing the “how” to Universe! Nicely done, my friend. Thanks for such an inspiring example of what it looks like in the real world. 🙂

  • claire says:

    nice one Jeannette. but how does one detach? any tips tricks or techniques that can help specifically?

    • Jeannette says:

      I’ve noticed that when I’m loving life, fully and truly, really tuned into appreciation and happiness – that’s when my desires don’t seem so crucial to manifest. Because life is already REALLY good. So the more I can love life, or find something about it to appreciate it as it is now, the less I need it to change. That’s one of my favorite ways to facilitate detachment.
      Anyone else have a tip for that, though? (Maybe the Sedona method? EFT?) It’s a good question, Claire!

      • Ming says:

        Detachment is such a big key to manifesting money in my experience… that is what I was trying to say in my comments.. I do remember though focusing on other things that make you happy helps you to “let go” .. and even in little ways… whatever that may be, even with my clients I tell them, even if its listening to your favorite song, hanging out with your dog. Every little bit helps you detach..
        and that is what Jeannette just wrote 🙂 hee.

  • Sophie says:

    Repeat “I don’t want any money” 10 times or more until you feel no tension, no weird energy whatsoever.
    Saying “want” means “to lack” so the more you don’t want it the less you lack it….. That’s a powerful message to the universe 🙂

    • Jeannette says:

      Oh, I think I get it, Sophie! At first I read it as “I don’t want” meaning “I don’t desire” – but you meant it as “I don’t want” as in “I don’t lack.” Very clever!! Thanks for that tip! 🙂

  • Jesann says:

    I’m not the best person to comment on this as I’m sort of in a similar place, but there’s one thing that stands out. You keep talking about how it’s not there.
    That’s not to say you can never have a meta-conversation in which you note that your current reality hasn’t manifested what you’d hoped. If your letter and all those sentences in which you say nothing’s there were just meta descriptions and you’re not normally thinking about how the money isn’t there, then please disregard my post.
    But I just keep seeing over and over, I did all this and it’s not here. I’m doing all this and it’s not here.
    One thing I’ve learned (and this took me a few years) is that the feeling that something is here is a real core feeling. The best description I’ve read is from Neville Goddard, who used the example of thinking it’s another day. You know how sometimes you’re sure it’s Thursday when it’s really Tuesday? It really, really feels like Thursday to you? *That’s* the type of feeling you need.
    One more thing: When you work on your manifestation, are you somehow picturing or feeling it as being in another place? Like maybe you’re combining it with something else (say, you’re now independently wealthy and living in X city instead of Y city where you currently are)? That could be messing with it, too. You’ve got to get to the point where in your head you have it NOW. No matter where you live or work, you have it now, as you sit reading this.
    OK, wait, one more:
    It could be manifesting and you just have a delayed reaction. I know someone who can manifest parking spots very easily, but he’s got about a 30-second delay. So he’ll intend and have to wait at least 30 seconds without fail. Could be you’re in a similar spot and are playing ping-pong with the manifestation by looking for it too soon, thinking it’s not here, and then the universe pulls it because it heard the not-here thoughts.

    • Jeannette says:

      Jesann, you make a really good point here. I often hear from clients (when I suggest that it’s their noticing it’s absence that’s keeping it from appearing) that they are only saying that now because they’re in a conversation with their coach, but in all other moments of their life they’re not dwelling on the “truth” or “reality” of it not happening yet.
      But I can tell the difference between someone who just happens to notice while in conversation with me that, “Wow, it hasn’t happened yet – that’s weird – probably coming soon, though” vs. the person who shares the thought like it’s not the first time its been thought.
      Okay, I’m taking way too long to just say that I think it’s easy for us to not realize how often we’re affirming the reality we don’t want, and your comment spotlighted that nicely. Whether that’s the case for our questioner or not, I have no idea, but I think a lot of people who are in this boat will find this a helpful point to consider.
      Thanks for that, Jesann. 🙂

  • Teresa says:

    I can really relate to this. My life has changed so much through positive vibes being felt and sent out. I NEEDED money badly for support. At least I thought I did. What I really needed was the feeling of security that money can give. I was stressed and anxious about not having enough, until someone pointed out that my needs were being met and I didn’t have any debt, which means I had enough. At one point, when I thought I was doing great with manifesting the good vibes about income, I realized the truth. I found myself saying to myself, “I desperately need this income”…. desperately…. hmmmm desperately is not a good vibe. I was fooling myself. Since then I’ve been able to look at my day to day needs and see that they are being met and as a matter of fact the abundance has been flowing in, I was just looking for more (gratitude attitude). So I let it go, I really released it. I am happy that I have enough. Enough is abundance in it’s own right. And then, things started to happen….and it makes me smile because it no longer matters, I can just enjoy the ride.

    • Jeannette says:

      Teresa, I love so much about what you’ve shared here! First of all, that it’s easy to fool ourselves about what our true vibration is.
      And second, you’re reminding me of the quote that goes something like, “A man will never be rich until he can be poor without feeling deprived.” You said it as, “Enough is abundance in its own right.” That is SUCH a turning point for the vibration to realize that!
      Thank you for sharing here, Teresa. Very helpful to hear your experience! 🙂

  • Avery Ford says:

    As Abraham would say- you can’t be a vibrational match to something and it’s agency at the same time. The key to manifesting anything, including money, is to be unattached to the outcome. In your story you mention feeling antsy and being tired of waiting. You have to get to the place where the money doesn’t matter. You could be feeling gratitude and happiness about your life in general, but still be unsatisfied with the amount of money flowing in- and that small grain of dissatisfaction will fester in the back of your mind, sabotaging your manifestation. You are doing exceptionally well. Keep going. Changing years worth of conditioning about money can take time. Try reading The Millionaire Mindset by T Harv Ecker. And Get Rich, Lucky Bitch by Denise Duffield Thomas. They really helped me when it came to money. Take a look at some of the things you may have learned/ heard about money growing up. Often we have conditioning that is so deeply ingrained that it isn’t easily noticed at first. Above all, be gentle with yourself. You are making huge strides. And it sounds like you are cultivating an amazingly joyful life. Abundance must follow as a result of the work you are doing. Much love. -Avery

    • Jeannette says:

      Avery, I think you’re spotlighting an important aspect of this – how important it is to be truly unattached to the outcome. I can imagine a lot of people rolling their eyes as if that were impossible, because don’t we all have an attachment to the outcome we desire?
      But there is a sweet spot where we can be happy either way … so our feelings aren’t conditional on what does or doesn’t happen. It is possible to desire something without needing it, and that is a powerful place to manifest from.
      I know when it comes to money this can seem like an elusive perspective to find, but as Ming demonstrated above, it is possible!
      Thanks for chiming in, Avery. 🙂

  • Jeannette says:

    My first thought is to imagine you’re Universe and listen for what instruction it’s getting from you. Based on what you’ve shared here, it sounds like it might be a mix of things over the last little while.
    Second thought is that when we engage manifesting exercises to make something happen rather than for the sake of feeling better, that can sometimes backfire.
    Here’s what I know from my personal experience in manifesting body changes: as long as it was important to me and as long as I was trying to manifest that change, results seemed elusive. But the longer I stayed with the self-love practice (loving everything just as is), eventually I stopped taking score of the state of affairs. And not long after that I eventually noticed that things had changed … When I no longer needed them to. When I no longer counted on it. When I stopped noticing that it wasn’t happening, and just got on with loving myself anyway.
    I think it’s common to think we’re doing the work and getting to the right vibration, but as long as our happiness is still conditional on those results, we’re not really nailing it. I hope that makes sense.
    Looking forward to hearing from the rest of the community on this one!

    • Dee says:

      That was an awesome response! Wow! You nailed it and it is very true! We have to be happy w/o what we desire and that is the tricky part. I was just speaking to a friend the other day and I said I finally know what joy feels like in the midst of alot of issues going on in my life. I don’t have the wealth yet. I don’t have the new vocation yet but for the most part, I am joyful and that is the most important feeling we need to have in order to vibrate anything else into our lives!

    • Hi Jeannette,
      Thanks so much for freely sharing your experiences and wisdom on this page. I would love to use your words, “…imagine you are Universe…..from you.” from above on my website imagine365 with your permission and attribution. You can find it here http://imagine365.org/
      Await your reply.
      Thanks again,
      Kerry Littrich.

  • Ming says:

    Dear friend,
    Reading your question actually sounds like me several years back. Everything related to money and LOA that Jeannette would write and say I was all over it. Read it over and over, did the exercises too. I sense some frustration on your part, and I admit I had some as well… I have to say it was when I truly truly found a place where I did NOT need the money is where it shifted. But let me tell you I really did NEED the money to literally survive and eat. But some how I was able to dial myself off of needing it, it was like I told my “brain” that no you are fine, you don’t “need” it and then it started happening. … I may have had to wait a few years looking back it went pretty fast , didn’t it Jeannette?
    I honestly can say that I DID NOT think I would be in this place now, where everything is taken care of financially and I’m not even sure that was my end goal… if you know what I mean.. the end goal for me was peace and joy…. and the money part fell into place.
    NOW, if there is a money question, something compels me to answer 🙂 I hope that helps a little.

    • Jeannette says:

      You’ve definitely got the street cred to weigh in on this one, Ming! Thanks for chiming in!
      And yes, I agree, you’ve covered a LOT of financial ground since you started upgrading your money vibe, Ming! 🙂

    • Richard Toops says:

      “But some how I was able to dial myself off of needing it, it was like I told my “brain” that no you are fine, you don’t “need” it and then it started happening.”
      For me, Ming’s statement sums up where we have all been at some time in this journey after having followed all the instructions, watched all the videos, forced meditations to get in the 30 minutes, etc. etc.
      And then one day you own it. Seems completely unplanned and certainly not recognized until you look back on it, but you realize that the knowledge became you and by law your expression of life had to change.
      Difficult to explain, like using words to describe how a lemon tastes.
      Thanks, Ming for your insight!

  • >