Who is Abraham?

who is abraham-hicks?Because I quote Abraham so much here, it seems wise to introduce those who aren’t already familiar with this invaluable law of attraction resource.

Abraham is a non-physical entity channeled by Esther Hicks.  Abraham describes themselves (they use the plural, not the singular) as “a group consciousness from the non-physical dimension.”

Esther has been channeling Abraham for over twenty years and together they’ve created an enormous collection of material to support deliberate creators.

I personally consider Ask and It Is Given (by Abraham-Hicks) as the “bible” of law of attraction.  There isn’t another source that rings more true for me.  But that’s just me.

Not everyone is a fan of Abraham.  And that’s perfect – we each have a different resonance with different material.

I remember the moment I knew Abraham was for me.  I read the sentence from Ask and It Is Given that said, “You are not here to fix a broken world” and I felt something shift inside me.  I mean, I felt physically altered.  It’s like my body cells heard the truth and were changed by it.

Because I prefer to give credit where it’s due, you’ll find me quoting them regularly.

Not because I think everyone should listen to Abraham, or because I think they’re the ultimate source of all perfect and true information (that would be your OWN inner guidance you want to go to for that), but simply because I don’t want to pass their teachings off as my own.  That’s all.

Lots of folks who share material about manifesting (including me) learned most of what we know from Abraham-Hicks.  Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Lynn Grabhorn, Andy Dooley and Oprah, among others, have been open about their enthusiastic embracing of Abraham’s teachings.  In others it’s easy to spot (Martha Beck, Harrison Klein, Marci Shimoff).

Notable exceptions: Mike Dooley.  Deepak Chopra.  Gregg Braden.  They’re manifesting heavyweights, but don’t seem to be plugged in to this particular resource.

Abraham isn’t the first to deliver this kind of material.  Some folks are more familiar and comfortable with Seth, Theo, Orin and DaBen or Napoleon Hill, Wallace Wattles, Florence Scovel-Shinn –  not to mention Jesus and Hermes Trismegistus and other early proponents of our power to create reality.

Abraham is also referred to as Abe, Esterham, Abraham-Hicks, and probably some other nicknames I don’t know.

Esther and Jerry Hicks’ website is http://abraham-hicks.com where you will find lots of info and Abraham resources, including DVDs, CDs, cruises, books, online workshops, and more.

There are facebook groups, yahoo groups, online forums, YouTube videos and meetups all based on mutual love of Abraham.

Abraham is not without critics, and not everyone is comfortable with “channeled” information, but like I said, it sure floats my boat.

And that is who Abraham is.  🙂

  • September 1, 2011
  • E&M"s_10" says:

    E&M”s_10″= people HELPING people, weather BIG”..or smalll/ ..Anonymously.

  • Martin says:

    Abraham is amazing, truly, for me, at another level. I am constantly amazed when I listen, even to the same talks over and over.
    One time, I spent a few days, doing nothing but primarily listening to Abraham all day, and that was really amazing.
    Thanks for this.

  • Linda Armstrong says:

    Hi Jeanette, This is my first time posting on your site. I love it by the way, it has such a nice feel.
    I LOVE Abraham, Esther and Jerry, can’t get enough of them. They resonated so strongly with my right from the start. I listened to the intro clips first and have purchased just about everything since. I’m becoming a Law of Attraction Life Coach myself. I can’t get enough of it, Coaching is just the greatest feeling. I love guiding people to tap into their own knowingness, and start being deliberate with their thoughts.
    I credit Abraham all the time and quote them all the time as well. They just say it so perfectly, they are my SOURCE TO SOURCE.
    Enjoy the Journey!

  • Cyndi says:

    My first exposure to “all this stuff” was the book “Ask And It Is Given”. I was interested in learning about LOA and I sort of just “typed that” into Amazon.com and, voila, came upon the link for that book.
    So I ordered it.
    And it sat in my house for months.
    Something finally made me pick it up in August of 2009. I started reading it. And finished. I bought another Abraham book. And another. And another.
    Then, I found their website and subscribed to their daily quote.
    As if that wasn’t enough, I subscribed to their CD subscription program twice monthly. I got my hands on as much of this stuff as I possibly could. And I have to say, it DID feel familiar and comforting. It was so freeing to come upon something that sort of echoed what I had been thinking and feeling for so long. Having come from a confusing religious background, I had no idea that life was supposed to be so easy, and fun, and relaxed. I thought you had to struggle and strive for every little morsel of goodness you could get.
    As far as the channeling aspect of it goes, I believe that even Esther isn’t fond of the term because it connotates some things that she isn’t doing. But, it’s so much easier to say than, “well, there’s this lady that receives blocks of thought from a group of non physical teachers that call themselves Abraham.”
    So, I’ve learned to be okay with the term. 🙂
    Through repeated listenings of the CD’s, and readings of the material, I’ve learned that what we think is more important than what we do. And that we’re never beyond hope. Help is just a relieving thought away. Phew!

  • Fen says:

    I just said “it’s all good” twice. Well, it’s one of my favourite things to say, so hey.

  • Fen says:

    I like Paul. Having a conversation with non-physical folks is so mundanely obviously normal that I feel silly even saying so. There’s no “wow” factor at all, it’s just, “hey guys, how’s it going” to me. It’s pretty funny actually. It’s just like talking to someone on the internet. *yawn* Hey Paul, help me out with one of these physical thingers, yo. It’s all good. I’ve got spirits in high places. We’re pretty tight, me and them. It’s all good.

  • Barbara says:

    I love the post and the discussions here, too. My experience was a bit like Pernille’s. I didn’t feel comfortable with the idea of channeling at first but the messages were so beautiful that I just ignored it and kept reading/listening to Abe (because that felt good). Then one day I realized it didn’t matter to me anymore – the message of JOY as the point of life resonated so profoundly with my “knowing” that this stuff was filled with so much LOVE, that the idea of channeling didn’t matter to me anymore. Now I can’t wait to hear the latest recording (or) go back and listen to old ones to be delighted with new insights and ways of saying/thinking/feeling about things! Love, Barbara

  • Ruby says:


  • Janette says:

    LOL so excited I left out a sentence – I mean no matter how those insights come: a tree, a moment in an otherwise cheesy movie, a song, something said by a passing child in the supermarket. They’re ALL channels.

  • Janette says:

    I’m a huge fan, too, though still often hesitate before mentioning to friends and family unless specifically asked. But I LOVE your perspective, Stephen – it’s our inner guidance speaking through another. Wow. And now I’m seeing how that expands so every time we glean some insight or an “aha” moment – it’s another “channel” that our inner guidance (or Source, if you prefer) has found to talk to us.
    That’s profound. :-O

  • Elisabeth says:

    Excellent intro Jeannette. I refer to them as Abe-Hicks! 🙂
    I discovered them at a time when I threw myself into self-help/metaphysics 100%. I didn’t have any problem with the idea of the channeling but sometimes when I listened to a CD/mp3 for a bit or watched a DVD, I would have this nagging question if it was Esther or Abraham. I remember asking you what you thought about that in our first conversation on an MMC call-in day. To be perfectly honest, I don’t give a rip anymore because I AM learning so much from their teaching. Who cares who the messenger is when the message is so powerful!

  • That’s a nice way of looking at it, Stephen.
    And how funny that “channeling” is a fairly new term! Although certainly not a new phenomenon.
    Thanks for reading and for posting, Stephen!

  • Stephen says:

    When I first found the Seth Books (channeled by Jane Roberts) in the ’70s I was a little appalled by the channeling aspect. And there was no term for it; “channeling” was coined much later.
    As I read the material it resonated so strong that I decided I didn’t know enough to make judgments about the source of the material.
    I have come to the opinion that Abraham, Seth, et al, are the same as the inner guidance that is in all of us. I listen to Esther articulate what her inner guidance is saying because it is stated so eloquently. But Esther’s inner guidance is the same source as my inner guidance. If I tune in and listen to my inner guidance I hear the same thing.
    Isn’t it fun that my inner guidance can speak to me through the mouth of another human!?

  • Pernille Madsen says:

    Great article, Jeannette 🙂
    I openly admit that I LOVE Abraham and all the wisdom and love they flow.
    When I read my first Abraham Hicks book 3½ years ago (I don’t remember which book it was) I was immediately hooked. In a way I had never experienced before. Every word SO resonated with me. And I was totally convinced that what they said was true.
    However, for more than a year I could not cope with the fact that the material was channelled. So I simply ignored that part of the story, while I enjoyed book after book. Then bit by bit I began opening up to the idea that channelling was actually possible, and today there is no doubt in my mind that Abraham is channelled by Esther.

  • That’s very cool, Pernille, that you didn’t let the weirdness of “channeling” stand in your way of appreciating the concepts and principles they shared. You rock!

  • Frank, I was thinking of you (or rather, Communion of Light) when I thought about having other posts here introducing us to the LOA players!
    You have a variety of raving fans I could tap for such a post, too, who are also readers of Good Vibe Blog.
    In fact, there’s something COL has been quoted on lately at Good Vibe U – about how we’re “just a few degrees away” when it sometimes feels like 180 degrees. That’s SUCH a nice thought!
    So appreciating the understandings COL brings to deliberate creators, too! 🙂

  • What an excellent introduction Jeannette!
    My favorite thing about Esther is the new language she has created as she’s been translating the Abraham vibration. It’s not so much new words but rather the syntax and ways of stringing together concepts. I think it’s quite amazing!
    Specifically, I love the explanation of emotions as vibrational indicators. For 20 years, I had studied New Thought (Catherine Ponder and Florence Scovell Shinn), the Seth Material, and A Course In Miracles, besides being a channel myself, and it wasn’t until I came across the Emotional Guidance Scale that I really understood the role of emotions in moment-to-moment experience. This was my big a-ha moment. And so many things that I had not quite understood before then suddenly became obvious.
    And personally, I love seeing the example of Esther and Jerry and how they work together and how the work with Abraham. And, particularly after I met you and a few other “Master Questioners” I’ve come to know and love, I realized that I LOVE answers and bringing answers into manifestation and really don’t like the questions so much. But I love being around people who ask questions. I love this quite a bit!! I think this may be something Esther and I have in common…

  • I agree, Greg. In fact, that’s probably true with most or many teachers – there’s something to be learned from everyone.
    Maybe I ought to invite readers who have other favorites besides Abraham to share an introduction to their most relied on sources. Like Bashar, Kyron, etc.

  • Greg says:

    Fantastically awesome that you are sharing Abraham and other teachers through this blog post! Abraham won’t resonate with everyone, as you said so well, but they offer a LOT of good things to think about in searching for your own truth.

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