Who Says We Can’t?

Joe Pelton is somethin’ else! I just stayed up too late watching this 29 year old kid win the Legends of Poker WPT Championship. (Yeah, it was a rerun from last August, but it was new to me.)
Not only was he the youngest and least experienced, but also the only amateur at the final table. Apparently he was just introduced to poker a few years ago when he watched the first World Poker Tour Championship.
Here he was sitting amongst true LEGENDS of poker at the final table, playing for a $1.6 million dollar first prize after putting up $500 to get in on satellite play (whatever that is). “Calm, cool and collected” is what they called him, and deservedly so. His profile online says he played internet poker with college buddies before he bought in to a competition, and it didn’t take him long to get to the top.
Who says we can’t?! Who says it can’t be done? Who says we don’t know enough, are too old or too young, or don’t have the resources to make it happen? We do! Anything is possible when we tap into our passions and possibilities!
I just love watching nice guys and underdogs win!
At the end of the show the announcer asked how he felt. “I feel pretty good tonight,” Joe said. Still playing it cool.
Here’s to feeling pretty good – every night – all of us!

  • April 11, 2007