Who Says Your Manifesting Isn’t Working?

manifesting headset heavenA good headset.  It’s a coach’s best friend.

Sound quality, comfort, good buttons for mute and volume adjustment – if you spend your day on the phone like I do, you know how important it is to love your headset.

Which is why when my very first and incredibly trusty Plantonics headset fell victim to feisty foster kittens after three years of reliable service, I was super bummed to not find the exact same replacement.

Everything else was crap compared to that beautiful first model. Not even more expensive models worked nearly as well.

And none of them lasted as long, either.

Which is why when my most recent headset (also a Plantronics) shorted out on Friday after barely five months of use, I was especially miffed about my obviously missing alignment.

Because, as any deliberate creator knows, if I had half a decent vibration going, I wouldn’t be having these issues. I’d be in headset heaven, like those early years.

Or so I thought.

So Sunday I grudgingly shopped for headsets. Again.

And was pleasantly surprised to see my old model back in stock at Staples!  At least, it looked like my old one. I was so suspicious that it could really be my favorite that I brought home two other models just to make sure I ended the day with something that would work.

But it was my favorite one from years gone by!  How lucky am I?!  I spent the first hour wearing it on my head just waiting for someone to call. I love that headset!

Yet, my first thought when my prior one shorted out was that something had gone wrong. Clearly my vibe was off.  “Bad” things don’t happen when you’re lined up, everyone knows.

How wrong I was to call it “bad” or “wrong,” though!

My fab headset manifestation is exactly what I thought of when a client shared her concern about a kinky vibe that caused her to lose her wonderful job. And another one whose dream home fell through. And another one whose online date turned out to be a dud.

Their first responses (just like mine) was to assume that their vibe was off and needed work since things clearly weren’t working out.

But sometimes – it might just be that the crappy headset has to take an early dive in order to make room for the fabulous one that’s manifesting out of your vortex!

Sometimes the jobs get pulled out from under you when your alignment requires something even better to come through. Sometimes Universe doesn’t let your second best home appear when something even better is coming up. And it’s not that big a stretch to believe that occasionally when the date doesn’t go “well,” it’s actually good news.

These things we’re quick to label as “bad” or “wrong” could very well be the exact opposite. They could be a sign of things working OUT!  Of things going your WAY!

It’s to be celebrated!

My fab new headset manifestation is what I intend to remember the next time I’m judging my seemingly kinky vibe for something gone “wrong.”

In fact, I like the plan where we assume everything is always working out for us. It’s a given.

That seems like a good approach no matter the situation.

So the next time you find yourself wondering where you went “wrong” with your vibration, consider that maybe it’s actually the next step to things getting even better.

  • August 30, 2011
  • So true Jeannette.Many people are programmed to think the worst when “bad” things happen. More often than not, there is something better on the horizon.

  • Lizette | WebContent says:

    When we start diagnosing the vibe as being “kinky”, it actually starts to become kinky.
    So glad to read this today, because I’ve been telling hubby this all week, but deep down I’ve been a bit concerned about my vibe. LOL!

  • elisa says:

    Thank you! I’m ordering it right now! As someone who spends 4-6 hours on the phone with clients everyday, a good headset IS joyful! I’m doing my happy happy joy joy dance NOW! 🙂
    Now if I could only find the perfect phone…

  • Jeannette says:

    You’re making me laugh, Elisa. I’ve probably oversold the joy of this headset – but for me it really IS joyful! It’s a Plantronics – I think it cost about $30. Picked it up at either Best Buy or Office Max or Staples, I think.
    It’s got an adjustable clip to the shirt, it only covers one ear and is nicely padded, so very comfortable to wear for extended periods, has an adjustable volume and really easy mute switch. If I knew the model number I would share it, but it doesn’t appear to say so on the actual headset itself.
    Here’s to headset love! 🙂

  • elisa says:

    Wow! I must be on a manifesting roll today. I was just online looking for a new headset and was “guided” to your blog! So yes, I am on pins and needles…Jeannette, what is this dreamy headset of which you speak?

  • I bet it was me, MidwestGal, starting to wonder how long they’re supposed to last, how easy are they to replace, how feisty are these crazy kittens, etc. lol Or maybe even getting a little attached to the one that was serving me so well, when I heard a lot of coaches complaining about not being able to find the right one.
    It was long ago enough I don’t really remember.
    Steve, nice practice you’re engaging there! That’s my favorite way to play with this stuff – experiment and be light about it!

  • Steve says:

    My take is that headsets do break or they get broken. At that point are you going to have a vibration that is high, or one of frustration that is low. My example is from a Abraham-Hicks youtube video. A guy is in line at a store and he’s frustrated because the line is moving slow. His next stop, a bank where the line is long again and he’s just as frustrated. I was in line behind a lady in the grocery store that had an issue of being over charged. I thought now this is a good time to try this out. I waited patiently till my turn keeping good thoughts. The next store I went to the line at the checkout was very long. I did my shopping, when I got to the checkout, I was first and only one in line.

  • MidwestGal82 says:

    I agree with Amanda42- if the contrast hadn’t happened there wouldn’t be this blog post!! There is comfort in this.
    But I have to ask…what was “wrong” with the original favorite plantronic headset? Why did the Universe think you needed a new one? Why did that one have to get destroyed by ferocious little kitties? Purely for the journey of getting a new fabulous headset?? For the contrast?

  • Mariette, I’ve had good Plantronics and so so Plantronics. They cost about the same. This one doesn’t have a model number on it, but I’ll email you with more details.
    There you go, Amanda! That’s a feel good thought I hadn’t thought of! ha

  • Amanda42 says:

    Hehe Jeannette, you manifested the contrast in this story to lead Mariette to the headset, too! I’d say getting the chance to help someone find what she’s looking for is one of those better things that couldn’t have come without your experiencing delay.
    I really like this post, and I’m loving the comments, too. (Hey, that’s two more things that wouldn’t have been created without the contrast!) I am finding a lot of comfort in this.
    GeorgeouSophie, that “nice girl” bit really clicks with me! It’s so easy to look at the *censored* as *censored* but way reassuring that it’s actually the path to bliss (or “fabulosity” as Elisabeth put it) in disguise!

  • Mariette says:

    Great post!
    I have a hard time remembering that everything is exactly the way it is suppose to be, but I try to remind myself of it as often as I can and that helps:)
    Today it was traffic and people driving like, hmmm…. “everything is exactly the way it is supposed to be” @@
    But what I really wanna know is: WHAT headset are you using???? @@
    My old Plantronics stopped working and I cant find a good one either, and the same with our friend, please let me know 🙂

  • That’s a great fall-back thought, MissyB. An easy way to feel better about it, huh?
    Ashley, how great that you bring this to your real estate clients!!

  • Ashley says:

    I practice a very zen approach to real estate brokerage. I always tell my clients when things don’t work out they way they want, “It’s not meant to be, you are meant for something else. You just don’t know what that is yet but I assure you that it is going to be great and then you will know why all this other stuff didn’t work out for you. You were always meant for something else, something better.” and that always comes true for them.
    I love and appreciate your blog posts Jeannette.

  • MissyB says:

    I always try to remember this when I am caught in a queue…for some reason I’m meant to be caught in it. It all happens for a bigger picture I suppose.

  • You do make a great example of lining up no matter how it looks, Elisabeth! Kudos to you.
    Gorgeousophie, I’m laughing at your “dented wall”! lol

  • GorgeouSophie says:

    Lol! LOVE it! There is a dent on my wall, due to the multifarious times when I banged my head against it in dispair re the flatmate, wondering how on earth & in heaven & anywhere in between I had attracted such a piece of *CENSORED* into my enchanted life, how beyond kinked my vibe must have been, what the hell the Gods of Karma were doing as I have always been a nice girl…Well, there you have it, it is leading to bliss!

  • Elisabeth says:

    Perfect timing on this post Jeannette! When things don’t happen the way or the time we want, it actually is leaving room for even better to happen. I know that my Vortex is overflowing with so much fabulosity and I AM doing my job of getting lined up with it. 🙂
    And you know what, my job of getting lined up with it is actually the most fun part of it 😉
    Thanks! ~E

  • Thanks, Dana!
    And yes, Julie B, it can take a little mental work to get there, but even if we don’t really believe it, just being open to the possibility makes room for the good stuff that wants to come into our lives.
    I remember how much I LOVED my house I owned when I started dating Russ. I LOVED LOVED LOVED it! (Still do!) And then when we moved in together, we got a new house, which I thought it’s going to be really hard to enjoy a new living situation than the one I already had – but guess what? It just got even better!
    That was such a good example to me about how even when you think you’ve got it good, Universe can make it even better.

  • Julie B says:

    Wonderful post and reminder Jeannette! I had a little light bulb go on over my head the other day when we were talking about “who’s to say that not having that job anymore isn’t just perfect and making way for the even BETTER job?” Intellectually I knew that, however I was resisting that notion as I really liked my job! It’s the trusting that and really believing that idea where I am feeling good about releasing any weirdness around it. Like, “oh, right, this is perfect and on time! I am excited and wonder what the next chapter is!”.
    So glad those frisky little kitties got you to the place where your perfect headset could manifest!

  • Dana - Your Inspired Coach says:

    While it’s hard to remember when you’re feeling out of alignment or judging yourself, and especially when others are judging you and telling you to clean it up or get coaching on something, it’s true. It’s always about what you’re creating, and sometimes more clarity, but everything is always working in your favor. I’ve come to firmly believe that.
    Great post, J, and glad you found a new headset like your favorite one! 😀

  • I think you nailed the heart of what this post was all about, Anonymous – learning to trust that all is well.
    Even/especially when it looks like the exact opposite.
    You know what else I realized in this one, too? I didn’t realize that in my vortex was that crazy headset love feeling, but it was. Remember how Abraham says that when it’s even better than you imagined – it’s just because you forgot all the great stuff you put in your vortex? This one kind of felt like one of those moments.
    Anyway thanks for reading and thanks for your comment! 🙂

  • Anonymous says:

    Awesome post Jeannette!!! And congrats on the new headset! I think we all sometimes feel that as Deliberate Creators we’re supposed to only be creating the good stuff… when maybe we should just be hanging out in the vortex, knowing its already there? Even super cool headsets that will always be available so you will never have to settle for something less.
    A friend of mine said yesterday- absolutely out of the blue( she doesn’t read this blog sadly)-“I’m learning to trust the universe more”.
    What!?!! OMG- thats exactly it, isn’t it? We’re “learning” and its not about giving up any of creator tendencies, right? Its just about believing that you’ve already done all the hard work of thinking up the good stuff, and trusting it will arrive on schedule, whenever that is.
    So, yeah- excellent excellent post. Just more affirming to the fact that sometimes when I feel like maybe I did a craptastic job of botching things up- its all just leading to real stuff- the stuff I created and hung out in the vortex to get.

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