Who’s Up for a Miracle?

Last week I heard an experienced coach express his belief that planetary peace was our destiny, and that coaching was the most powerful way to usher it in. Someone ridiculed him by asking if he’d watched the news lately and curtly added “world peace would be a miracle.”

The coach paused before earnestly responding: “Well, I’m up for a miracle.”

That’s exactly how it’s done, isn’t it? Someone believes in the impossible. Someone dares to hold the possibility for what they want. It starts with someone daring the idea and making room for it to happen.

So are you up for a miracle?
“Who isn’t, Jeannette?” you might be thinking. Don’t we all want dreams come true with miracles of change happening all around us? Getting the bodies, bank accounts and relationships we’ve always fantasized about? Well, it’s one thing to say it; it’s another to do it.Here’s the deal: in order to really be ready for a miracle, you have to give up your old stance. You have to give up pigeon-holing others, give up your unconscious payoffs to current reality and your old “stories.” You must open to new experiences and possibilities – for yourself and others.

I’ll be the first to agree it takes strength, courage, and maybe even a little naiveté. Yes, it might be scary, and yes we risk failure. But what happens if we don’t?

So if you’re up for a miracle, there is no better time for it. Join leading edge players in embracing our potential to create whatever we want; leaving all excuses and reasons behind. People are already proving there isn’t anything we can’t have or be or do! It’s time to get in the game!

  • April 1, 2007