April 1, 2007

Who's Whispering in Your Ear?

Who’s whispering in your ear lately? I’m not talking about the secrets your four year old shares at bedtime or the comments colleagues mutter during staff meeting. I’m talking about the voices you hear inside: those of your Gremlins and Guides.

Most of us get input from both, and we tend to hear one better than the other. Who’s whispering to you lately, and which promptings do you follow?
Last weekend on a dog hike I passed a healthy young man and his Corgi dog on the trail, and intuitively knew he’d need a ride back to his car. My immediate thought was “I’m not giving a ride to a stranger!” Gremlin or Guide?I didn’t have to think about it until an hour later I’d reached the other end of the trail where my car was parked, when once again I came upon the hiker and his Corgi. Sure enough, as I passed he mentioned needing a ride to his car. (I knew it!)
I’m not in the habit of picking up hitchhikers and don’t usually invite strange men into my car. But a whisper in my ear said “Give him a ride.” Gremlin or Guide?
Could have been Gremlin wanting me to conform with what others expect – doing the “right” or “polite” thing. Or was it a Guide letting me know it’s okay to give little Corgi and his human companion a lift?
How do we ever know who’s talking to us? Clients ask me this often – how to interpret the little whispers inside that are often at odds with each other. If you don’t already know how to distinguish Gremlin thoughts from True Guidance, read further to learn a fail safe method in choosing which whispers to embrace and which to dismiss.

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