Q&A: Why Are Things Getting Worse?

Why Things Are Getting WorseThis question has come up several times recently, so I’d love your input on why it seems like things sometimes get worse after we engage a practice to make them better:

Do things get really bad before they become really good?

It just seems like I’ve had a string of unfortunate/unlikable things happen to me all year long! I’m wondering why? It just makes me wonder if something especially awesome is coming my way! I hope so.  🙂

I’ve heard this question from people who are new to deliberate creation, who sometimes discover that as they engage law of attraction practices things seem to get worse.

Emmett Fox had this to say on the subject (from The 7 Day Mental Diet):

I want to tell you that people often find that the starting of this diet seems to stir up all sorts of difficulties. It seems as though everything begins to go wrong at once. This may be disconcerting, but it is really a good sign. It means that things are moving; and is not that the very object we have in view? Suppose your whole world seems to rock on its foundations. Hold on steadily, let it rock, and when the rocking is over, the picture will have reassembled itself into something much nearer to your heart’s desire.

What have you guys experienced? Would love to hear your words of wisdom to share with our fellow creator.

Thanks in advance for sharing your wisdom and insights!

  • November 1, 2012
  • MissyB says:

    Just as sure as the tide goes out, it does comes back in Tesha. It will turn around.

  • Tesha says:

    Thanks everyone! This was my question because, well, life appears to be kicking my butt lately and I’ve just about had it! I lost my first child, then my Godfather passed away, had to have surgery and emergency blood transfusion then I was in a serious car accident last week with my little sister and I believe I have a cracked rib or 2. I’m grateful that I’m ok, my sister is ok as well. There are just days when its like Man, something awesome better be coming my way after all of this (BLEEP!) lol

  • Steve says:

    This brought to mind a question that I had for a while but didn’t know how to articulate it. Say I want something (you might say this is change) but it is something easily within my reach for example I wanted some new shirts so I went to the mall and made a purchase. When I did this, was I sill practicing deliberate creation? It seems that it is when we want something that doesn’t seem to be within our reach that we consciously practice deliberate creation. But are we doing this all the time? That what we call “simple” things are second nature to us? I know that as we progress that what we once thought was complicated seems to be second nature to us.
    It just occurred to me that I may be posting this in the wrong area, but this is where all this came to me.

  • In the last few years, I realized that things “going bad” is actually a good sign.
    The first thing I do, is to repeat one of Louise famous affirmations: Out of this situation only good will come. Everything is working out for my highest good. I am now moving into my greater power.
    Ahhhhh, doesn’t that sound good? 🙂
    When I work work with my Coaching clients I always make them aware that we are opening pandora’s box when they start working with me. It’s just that their consciousness need a little clean-up and as soon as they say ” I am ready to do the work” they will manifest opportunities to get rid of the garbage. When those garbage thoughts and beliefs manifests it usually doest feel good at first but as soon as they are addressed with clarity and self acceptance, Huge movement is created in people’s reality.
    Literally miracles can be manifested during the process. And sometimes we need these little crisis to make simple, clear and honest decisions that can give us what we truly want, finally.
    This can also be a very quick process, when it’s conscious and not judged. Accept the events manifesting, process, clear things away AKA take out the garbage and re-focus. Done.
    I love these opportunities to get the move on. And I love teaching my clients how to get the benefits and leave the fear behind.
    Happy thoughts everyone!

  • Kitty says:

    I have had some of my best manifesting of what I want, after things went completely “wrong”. Lost the coop sale, due to the owners lying, only to land a condo that was exactly what I wanted. Was let go from job for no good reason, only to get a job that was 12 minutes from my home, with fab boss and more money.
    Need to continually remind myself when things are not going my way, the universe is changing course to bring me something better.

  • Akira Dawn says:

    Lots of good responses! 🙂
    My thought to add is the deconstruction that is at times required for you to become the person who is living the reality you requested.
    We live upon the foundation of our lives – all comes from the center point, passing through the many filters of our perception on its way to Being Real.
    Some of those filters (many?) are just plain invisible until we run straight into them (sometimes repeatedly) enough to finally figure out that first, they’re there…and second, that we’re the ones who put them there.
    Eventually we figure out they’re there, that we CAN take them down. This doesn’t mean we do…it’s comfortable where we’ve been – and there’s so many unknowns!
    One day, we finally trust ourselves/life enough to take them down. This can take place through pain, or surrender, or creation, or any number of ways.
    Death has its place – things have to end for new things to begin. The discomfort of this is something many run from, especially in the world today.
    There is a timing to transition, in all its seasons.
    I’d guess that you asked to be someone pretty darn awesome – way beyond what you can begin to imagine right now. So the things falling away feel huge and painful and awful – bewildering unknowns.
    Is the pain a requirement? No… the falling away is a requirement, but it can be cherished even in its discomfort.
    It can feel ‘darkest before the dawn’ b/c that’s when the last of your fingers are being pried from the old reality so the new one can come in.
    If you relax and move with it (trust), it can be less traumatic and you can begin experiencing the awesomeness sooner. It’ll be on the horizon already, or you wouldn’t be experiencing the endings.
    Reminds me of a favorite song 🙂
    “Let Go”
    drink up baby doll
    Are you in or are you out?
    Leave your things behind
    ‘Cause it’s all going off without you
    Excuse me too busy you’re writing your tragedy
    These mishaps
    You bubble-wrap
    When you’ve no idea what you’re like
    So, let go, let go
    Jump in
    Oh well, what you waiting for?
    It’s all right
    ‘Cause there’s beauty in the breakdown
    So, let go, let go
    Just get in
    Oh, it’s so amazing here
    It’s all right
    ’cause there’s beauty in the breakdown
    It gains the more it gives
    And then it rises with the fall
    So hand me that remote
    Can’t you see that all that stuff’s a sideshow?
    Such boundless pleasure
    We’ve no time for later
    Now you can’t await
    your own arrival
    you’ve twenty seconds to comply
    So, let go, so let go
    Jump in
    Oh well, what you waiting for?
    It’s alright
    ‘Cause there’s beauty in the breakdown
    So, let go, yeah let go
    Just get in
    Oh, it’s so amazing here
    It’s all right
    ‘Cause there’s beauty in the breakdown
    [Background sounds]
    So, let go,
    Jump in
    Oh well, what you waiting for?
    It’s alright
    ‘Cause there’s beauty in the breakdown
    So, let go, yeah let go
    Just get in
    Oh, it’s so amazing here
    It’s all right
    ‘Cause there’s beauty in the breakdown
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    ‘Cause there’s beauty in the breakdown
    The breakdown
    So amazing here
    ‘Cause there’s beauty in the breakdown

  • Thomas, I gotta read that post. You gotta direct link you can share?

  • Thomas Warner says:

    I think it is a matter of our vibration towards what is happening. Whether we see a silver lining or not. Here is a link to what happened to my car during Hurricane Sandy. Bad circumstance or total miracle. I choose miracle. Message to self: Be grateful for the things I have.

  • That’s very true, Caelan – it is so relative!!
    Great example from Rene. Thanks for posting.

  • This article reminds me of an experiment of Rene Descartes: he would put one hand in cold water, and the other in hot water. After five minutes he would plunge both hands into tepid water.
    The same water was perceived as cold by one hand, and hot by the other. Yet the temperature was the same.
    I think we see things as getting worse when we don’t have anything great going on for a while. And then, when something good happens, it’s greatness is amplified by the juxtaposition.

  • Yeah, Michele, I’ve experienced it as what I did not WANT (not just didn’t expect).
    And I guess it wouldn’t be contrast if we didn’t have any response to it. Remembering the value of that initial response “ew – not this!” in how it expands our desire and ultimately our reality can help soften the edges of it. Sooner or later.
    My answer to this question is whatever thought feels better at the time.
    Sometimes that better feeling thought has been “2012 is shaking things up” and others it’s “ok, what’s coming next must be REALLY good” and even others “someone else is doing this to me.”
    Since it’s our nature to want to explain and understand, and since we’re making it all up ourselves anyway, I suggest we go with whatever feels best.

  • What is “worse”? Is worse really just “what I did not expect?” Well, then – there you have it. Worse is simply learning. Better is simply learning. Accept whatever the learning is and point in the direction of the flow – that’s all you have to do.

  • Thanks, MissyB, for the spotlight on not making it good or bad. I’ve struggled with that one myself recently.
    And Stella, that is just BRILLIANT!! Thank you for the “aliens witnessing seasons” analogy!!

  • I second Sophie and Janette, you’re both so wise 🙂 Just to add to the conversation ~ if someone from another galaxy visited our planet and didn’t know anything about the seasons, they may just freak out about the leaves dropping off the trees and all the other apparent loss, decay and worsening of the situation that occurs during the shift from Autumn to Winter. We Earth-dwellers just know that Spring draws closer with each transition ~*

  • MissyB says:

    I was thinking about something similar to this just yesterday and might have shared here already. Let’s say you say to yourself “that’s it, I’ve had it waiting for that bloke to get wise and realise I’m great so I am moving on”. And that’s what you do. Then a few days following your chosen course, said bloke appears in your life and you question whether you should perhaps wait a little longer. I guess how it’s how you to choose to see it. Once I would have said it was a test – to test your resolve at committing to a new life. A dangling of a carrot similar to someone offering you cake on day 1 of your diet. Now I am more likely to think that it’s a change in our vibrations that ripples the water around us. And perhaps because our resolve isn’t as strong as we would like to think it is, we get a mix of stuff coming our way. As Sophie says above – none of it is good or bad, it’s just our label for it.

  • I love that you reminded us of the power of big contrast, Janette!
    It definitely has its pros and cons, doesn’t it. ha ha
    Yay for the big steps!! And I agree, there’s lots of ways this can unfold, it doesn’t HAVE to be uncomfortable.
    Thanks for posting. 🙂

  • Janette says:

    Oh – and no, I don’t think things HAVE to get worse before they get better. Just sometimes, they do.

  • Janette says:

    I love Sophie’s response to a – seriously – fabulous question!
    I’ll take it a little further. When we want change (and we always want change – that’s how the system of expansion works, right?) we have two ways that can go.
    Little baby step, bit by bit change. Which can be fine and dandy, and works for many things.
    And big-time change. Which seems to be what you’re experiencing right now. Your rubber band is being pulled way way back by the kind of contrast that makes you sit up and take notice. That big resistance, the gift you get from strong contrast, has the kind of momentum that enable big change to happen fast and clear.
    Is it comfortable? Hell no. Can you imagine how that rubber band feels as it tightens around your midriff, cutting off your breathing and squishing your poor belly? But when it lets go (when you let go) man, you’re gonna have the biggest funnest bestest ride ever!
    Pulling the rubber band back a little bit would feel way more comfortable. And it would carry you a little way, it’s true. And maybe right now you’re not playing in the baby-step sandpit.

  • Sophie says:

    So sometimes, when we ask for something new to show up in our life, it means that we are asking for something else to change. For instance, if you are asking for a LOT of money but you are employed, you are basically asking for your employment situation to change.
    If you are asking for more time, you are asking for change.
    If you are asking for a new love, you are asking for change.
    If you are asking for your body to shed the weight, you are asking for change.
    Change is change. It’s neither good nor bad. It is just change.
    So for something we ask to show up, many times change is required. And because we cannot understand the mysterious ways of the universe, we judge this change as “bad” or worse, without receiving the gift that the universe is delivering.
    What if we just noticed the change without judging it? What if we continued to ask what it would take for XXX to show up?
    And also, what if we started by acknowledging that we can get what we want instantaneously (hence the Bashar video fo today on GVU), but that it may NEVER look like what we expect?
    After all, “All of Life Comes to me with Ease, Joy and Glory”™ 🙂

  • I appreciate that reminder, Sophie, that our idea of what it was going to look like may not be what Universe uses (via the path of least resistance). Releasing judgment about the change helps us stay in receiving mode.
    Thanks for posting!

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