Q&A: Why Does It Keep Happening?

Why Does It Keep Happening?Got a couple questions this week from fellow creators experiencing reoccurring issues

One reader has an ingrown toe nail that keeps coming back, even after surgical repair.

Another friend has a problem with his throat that requires medical intervention – again.

Another asks about reoccurring issues in a relationship that result in an on again-off again habit.

I’ve experienced this myself in physical form, in relationships, and even in my bank account, so I know how frustrating it can be for a conscious creator to feel trapped in an unwanted manifesting loop.

At least one of our questioners knows there’s a message in this repeating reality, but doesn’t know how to get the message or to stop the reoccurring issue.

So here’s the question to you guys … if you’ve ever felt stuck in a pattern you didn’t want, how did you change it?

Also, do you think it’s required to get the message before it’ll resolve? And if so, how do you uncover that message?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts on this one! 🙂

  • October 25, 2015
  • Kathy Joyce says:

    I think unwanted manifestations happen when there are unresolved issues you are harbouring in your subconscious. With finances you may be subconsciously fearful of having too much money, I know this sounds odd but for people who’ve always had very little it could be keeping them in a cycle of debt and lack. With relationships, fear of rejection could make a person subconsciously push people away.

  • LuckyLife says:

    For me when something keeps coming up, it’s about cleaning up an old vibe. I recently asked for guidance on how to move forward in my life and to show me what is holding me back. I got a series of uncomfortable experiences with the same theme. It highlighted an underlying thought process that neeeds to be let go because it doesn’t serve me.

  • Elle says:

    Marti Major,
    That’s certainly the spirit to have! Amen!
    I noticed in the above link provided by Della, the cures to almost all of the ailments is meditation and deep understanding. This is what it’s like being in the vortex. When I was in, for example, my mother’s criticism, harsh remarks, and neuroticism was comical to me. I saw through all that, it did not bother me at all, I stood my ground and believed in myself and was above it. When out if the vortex, however, it’s just the opposite. I let her get to me, we argue, I see how crazy she is, etc. so, the question is, though I do appreciate being out of the vortex, how do I get back in?

  • Marti Major says:

    So much learning to do. So many lessons to learn. Went to a workshop that helped me understand a bit about myself, how early childhood incidents could have imprinted in me some scars or beliefs that needed re-beliefing. Sometimes the repeats are there to help me discover my true self.
    What if I didn’t go through it? Over and over agin? Would I get it, would I learn the lessons? Don’t think so…
    The Groundhog movie had a point. Most of us only grow (i.e. CHANGE!) after we go through tough love experiences. In the end he does shift, he does learn, he becomes a better person. God bless us one and all.
    I pray that I will be open to life’s lessons, that they may come as blessings and not as curses. That I will be aware of the grace, love and joy inherent in my learning. That I will continue to improve and become a better and better person, always more closely aligned with my higher self. What an opportunity we have.

  • Hey everyone,
    I agree that the answer is to stop focusing on the stuckness and limitation and allow the solution, but to me that feels like a vague answer. So much of the answers generated by thought about the law of attraction can seem overly vague and inapplicable.
    So, allow me to attempt my specific answer.
    I think that any kind of manifesting loop is pointing to an unexpressed emotion. I had a life coach for a while who asked me what depression was. I told her that it was focusing on unwanted circumstances (which is kind of like the LOA answers I’ve seen in this thread so far.) She said to me, no it’s actually repressed anger.
    This is not to say that repressed anger is what’s keeping the manifesting loop in place, but I do think it’s some kind of repressed and unresolved emotion. That emotion is held in place by limiting beliefs, that are in turn, concealed by the person not wanting to deal with feeling those emotions in the first place. It’s a vicious cycle.
    The universe does not naturally force stuckness and it’s not the person’s fault for focusing on it. There is some exploring that needs to happen here in order for them to release an emotion and work on shifting a core belief.
    From this standpoint, I agree that the best thing to do at first is to surrender to the unwanted cyclical manifestation and sit with the emotions that it brings up. It sounds like it would be good to have an anger or crying release that will help shift the energy.
    Doing this will then bring clarity about what kinds of beliefs this manifestation is pointing to. Often times the emotional shift is all they need. But often, there is more than one belief at play here. And unwravelling them is a journey.
    So, there is no hard and fast solution (and really, coaching does wonders with work like this), but there is a way to take control energetically.

    • Ena says:

      I agree with you Chris..
      With ‘smaller’ things it might be enough to just go into the vortex and often they are shifted without any ‘work’
      But with those deeply seated, more persistent beliefs that are not serving us, I also think we need to ‘deal’ with them in a way, face them and ‘feel’ what’s hidden and repressed, and only then the shift may be completed..

  • Brian says:

    The manifestations can also be representative of how they are feeling.

    With resistance in the throat, they may feel they cannot speak and be themselves, or they don’t know what to say because they don’t have confidence in themselves and/or know in their value and self-worth (they may not believe they have anything worth saying, so even though they may want to speak, they hold back for fear of being judged), and/or they’re afraid of saying something stupid, so they hold back.

    With a relationship being on-again, off-again, which is uncertainty and lack of commitment, you may want to ask yourself, are you ready and confident in yourself to be in a fully committed relationship? Do you have clarity that you want to be in a relationship? Or be in a relationship with this person?

    Also, do you feel worthy and deserving of a relationship where someone wants to be with you? Maybe you only feeling deserving of a half relationship rather than a full one.

    These are not necessarily the reason, it could just be good old fashion resistance, but it may be reflective of where some of your resistance lies.

    ”… feel trapped in an unwanted manifesting loop.”
    I understand what you mean. But, feeling trapped is different than being trapped. You can experience the same unwanted conditions, but offer a different feeling. You don’t need to feel trapped just because you are continually experiencing unwanted. Which is one of the lessons Groundhog Day teaches you. The conditions did not change, the day did not suddenly become different or the next day… He was only able to move on when he fully accepted his current conditions, and decided to make the best of where he was here and now.
    If you did not receive that lesson, watch the movie again and it will be much more clear to you this time around.

    ”… but doesn’t know how to get the message or to stop the reoccurring issue.”
    The message is always the same, regardless of the reoccurring unwanted condition: Make peace with what-is, give less attention to what you don’t want, give more attention to what you do want and how you want to feel.

    That’s it. That’s always the lesson. It’s not complicated. It’s very simple. Well, simple to understand, a little more challenging to implement. But, at least you know what the work is.

    Regardless of how what-is appears, you want to soften your judgment of it. You want to focus on the positive aspects of the contrast and how it is serving you and how it is helping you (even if it’s simply helping you to become more clear of what you do want).

    Also, do you think it’s required to get the message before it’ll resolve?”
    The only real “message” is to release resistance. And the only way something will be resolved is when you release resistance and allow your natural Well-Being. Allow yourself to be who-you-really-are. Allow your own alignment. Allow the solution and change that you prefer to come by releasing your resistance to the solution coming.

    Stop allowing the problem, and start allowing the solution.

  • I think there may be another reason as well, and one we often do not want to admit to our own selves. The old adage, what goes around comes around, or ain’t karma hell?
    Of course this is not the reason for all loops, but sometimes it is. In those cases, (and since we do not always know when those cases are those cases) I have found it is also a good idea not only to relax, but to forgive yourself, to realize you aren’t perfect and just in case this is a karmic response, not only do I forgive myself, but I allow the universe to recognize that I recognize it is shouting at me to learn something new and not keep getting the results of bad decisions made in the past.

  • Elle says:

    Thank you so, so much for your wonderful reply! I felt such relief reading it!
    The pain is on both legs, I.e., both sides and yes, there is fear in both aspects of what you mentioned! Haha! Nailed it!
    It is so interesting how we easily fall into fearing things, when we should do the opposite, but there’s a lot of conditioning that needs to be let go of.

  • It is funny how when we, as conscious creators, run into pain that we cannot get rid of, we think that we are somehow failing. But nothing could be further from the truth. We are magnificent beings of light and love. We cannot get it wrong. True, we create situations that don’t feel good, but that is only our emotional guidance system telling us that beliefs that once served us, are not now in alignment with what we are wanting.
    If we are guilty of anything it is judging ourselves for receiving a message from our emotional guidance system that we don’t like and thinking that we are bad because we feel bad.
    The truth is you are on the right track. It is about fear–fear of moving forward. If the pain is on the left side it would tend to be about moving forward in relationships and if it is on the right, it would tend to be about moving forward with money or career.
    But the fear is not bad, it’s just a messenger. And judging yourself for a bad feeling thought is like judging yourself for getting stopped at a red light. Your emotions are helping you get what you want, and the stop light is keeping you safe on the road.
    You are doing everything right. You are getting all the right signals. And 99% of the time you are following your intuition. But the 1% of the time when you feel pain, you are not getting it wrong, you are growing and having to learn a new landscape. The pain is to get your attention so you can make the adjustments you need to make to get what you decided to have.
    It’s okay to be afraid. Anything you feel is perfect. Feel it without resistance. It will feel bad, but once you see that easy and obvious thought behind the fear, it’s purpose has been served and the thought and the fear will evolve away from you.
    The path of least resistance is always the most easy and obvious one.
    Life Surfer

  • Elle says:

    What great questions and commentary! This is a great topic. I will echo what my fellow creators said. Funny how stress is commonplace when we are supposed to go through life chill. Cool as a cucumber, I always say.
    I should talk, I have been dealing with leg pain for a month mow and it just don’t go away. the muscles ache and I have no idea why. I am told to alternate hit and cold and it works for a while, but then comes back. I am writing in pain now. Perhaps I am afraid of some things and I worry about others and have a regret about the past. But like others on the blog said, so what? I am afraid others will think less of me and think I am not perfect or worthy in what I am doing. In my life I have been told things by ignorant people I took to heart and it has been imprinted within me and perhaps I am trying to be free of it. How? By letting everything go and saying, whatever, I know I will be taken care of anyway. I always am, so what am I afraid of? I shouldn’t have doubts.

  • Heather says:

    Hmmm, if I’ve ever felt stuck in a pattern I didn’t want, (a big yes, of course I have :D)
    how did I change it?
    My answer to that is to surrender.
    When I surrender to what is going on (even though I don’t like it), something shifts. With surrender, I can see something I could not see before when I desperately push and try to change things.
    Do I think it’s required to get the message before it’ll resolve? Maybe or maybe not but surrendering helps me get the message as well.
    So my answer is SURRENDER and listen and after that take inspired action or take inspired no-action.

  • Angel says:

    I absolutely agree with Peter’s points. In many ways, we get much too used to our fears and our limiting thoughts for many reasons. One is that in our culture, skepticism and cynicism are conflated to equate with wisdom. It’s healthy to question things but we need to remember the difference between knowledge (data, facts, etc) vs. wisdom (how you actually use or apply this information).
    The second as Peter points out, is the comfort of our fears. This is in a way a dry drunkenness, we embrace our fears because we think it protects us while deep down we know these same fears provide convenient reasons to not believe or do or be differently. It’s an addiction of sorts, and it’s particularly worse with trauma. At one time or another, we had the benefit of having those fears work for us – as when we lived in circumstances with frequent flight or fight opportunities. So we think, they can’t be all that bad, my fears protect me etc.. Unfortunately, even once we’re freed from the limiting situation, the fear remains to over take a healthier and happier reality. It’s at this point we need to be conscious of the choice of not just surviving but thriving.
    I was reading a Guy Finley article the other day about how our triggers color our association with things, and how viewing/experiencing one thing that reminds us of a painful moment can so quickly hurtle as back there. How this in fact a residue of chemically and electronically stored images of a prior reality. I wouldn’t be surprised to find that it finds its way into our operating system and we inadvertently manifest reoccurrences of situations because we’re unaware that pieces of us still live THERE.
    I actually flinched when I first saw Jeanette post this because surprise, surprise.. I’m kinda living it groundhog day style. In my specific situation which hasn’t actually completely changed btw, I realized a lot of it was about even more deep seated fears I had that I couldn’t quite articulate. For instance, money’s been tight due to a mistake my honey made, he’s apologized and he’s fixing it. Fine. But somehow in my mind, the entire thing has reached epic proportions. Why? It’s not like I haven’t had lean times before, that wasn’t the issue.
    The issue really was contextual to my past and my fears. I’d had an abusive relationship before that had a pretty bad financial impact on my life, and my situation now didn’t just trigger it, it unburied all those scary things which were more along the line of, “if THIS doesn’t get solved, then I made a mistake AGAIN.” and “if things DO resolve, there’s no way what we plan to do can be real because I’ve never had that and I probably don’t deserve it”. This was compounded by friends who harped on the fear out of their own.
    In short, it’s a vicious cycle. It’s startling to realize my actual fear has NOTHING to do with money ( I love money :)), and everything to do with how I’m still blaming myself and inadvertently accepting the blame of others for my past. I actually found myself making this about my relationship (it isn’t after much review) and I took stock of how my honey was accepting responsibility and solving it (he really is). Interestingly enough, this also happened in a way where the onus is on him, and I can’t even default to my habits of over work, stepping in and managing everything myself. So it’s been a challenge to be a) in a fully supportive secondary role, b) finding power in that and c) having oodles of time to think it through (i.e. no escape).
    My situation is also really teaching me about receiving. I’ve always been a big giver and found so much power and identity in that. It’s not easy to acknowledge and even harder to learn as I find myself wanting to leap in and solve everything. It’s part of being in relationship to be interdependent, and I appreciate that lesson this time has given.
    In the end, here’s how I’m dealing with it.
    The past is the past. There’s a reason it’s back there and not here. It’s not so important WHY it’s occurring again – at least in that “oh I must be the common denominator”, “fate is telling me something ominous” kind of way.
    But it IS important in that “hmm, what is this situation actually telling me sans judgment?” and slyly peeling the layers of fears till you hit ground zero. And trust me you’ll know when you hit it because it feels solid. It’s an opportunity to clean things up and don’t be so sure your first inkling of what it is, is what you’ll find. In other words, be kind and open.
    After that, I would point to the immense value of grace. Be gracious with yourself, with your process of growth and try not to get too anal retentive on how this is a reoccurrence. So it is, so what? It’s not like saying it is over and over again changes it. Focus on the little things that move you closer to happiness, and accept the storm clouds of frustration when they occur. Lastly, I’d say trust yourself and trust the Universe.

    • Anonymous says:

      Such a great and helpful explanation. Also, MAJOR props to you for being able to truly reflect on your situation and gain so much helpful insight. I aspire to reach that point in my journey 🙂

      • Angel says:

        Thanks Anonymous. I’m glad you found some solace and inspiration in it, Jeanette, the peeps and this site has truly been helpful to me so I’m glad whatever I’ve to say helps in return. I’m in a truly semi-cray cray situation, it’s SO groundhog day it’s not even funny..but having big inexplicable time and resource sucks in one’s life really poses an opportunity to practice negative capability. And from there to practice core LOA 🙂
        I believe wherever you are is ok, and just as how water seeks its own level, as you change so shall everything around you.. even if it’s not quite as perfect or as solved as we would prefer. I truly wish you well on your journey, I’m sure at some point we’ll each look back on this time with wonder for what it offers.

  • Jennifer Tilley says:

    I’ve taken my mind off of the ‘situation’… and brought it back into myself. I, essentially ‘stick a pin in it’… giving myself a break/vacation from the thought/circumstance; and focus on what role I choose to play in life. A sort of ‘resetting at ground zero’ if you will, and this has worked time and again in removing the charge from the manifested, and returned the power back to the only place where it can manifest anew.

    • Anon says:

      Great tip, Jennifer! There’s one situation that I’ve been obsessing about, and I feel this is the right thing to do about it. Not give up on it, not “let it go”, but give myself permission to “do it tomorrow”. Thank you.

      • mumzies3@hotmail.com says:

        thank you 🙂
        and glad it could help!
        a motto that has worked for me, sort of akin to this: “don’t take your work on vacation with you” 🙂
        give yourself the permission… you’re worthy of it, and the only one who has the right to grant the permission in the first place 🙂

  • Peter says:

    Oh, very nourishing discussion …
    Personally I think if it keeps happening then we haven’t fully put it to bed and the contrast is our opportunity to do so, it’s a gift although it always seems painful at the time.
    Joe Dispenza describes this as something of an addiction, something we’re accustomed to and something we may, deep down, value being drawn back to because we’ve become so good at dealing with it. Our ‘bondage’, as Abraham puts it, can be comforting, in a perverse kind of way, because we’re so familiar with it.
    Treatment for freedom as an opposite, then, requires ‘breaking the habit of being yourself’ as Dispenza puts it, and doing all the things everyone’s mentioned here with focus and persistence.

  • ada says:

    Thank u Jeannette.
    Telepathy Everytime. I was asking myself this question few days back.
    The same circumstance seem to arise every few yrs.The only difference being a new place or new people ard but the circumstance same. Sometimes serious money woes or relationship woes. And I keep scratching my head trying to make sense out of all of it. Looking forward to reading answers.
    Thank you

  • Anonymous says:

    So, many years ago I used to always say I never wanted to get married. I was very adamant about this. The underlying reasin was because I didn’t feel like anyone would actually ever want to marry me. This was my protection mechanism to prevent myself from ever being hurt or rejected. I still dated I just said I was never going to get married. Then, one day, I made a vision board and put a romantic candlelit dinner on it. It manifested, to my surprise, (things like that are still joyful but don’t surprise me anymore because I’ve learned from Jeannette and others that when you expect it, it happens). It was in that time that something clicked for me. I decided that I did want to get married some day. I didn’t try and manifest it but I cleared the energy to make room for it if that was where this would lead. I believe it is easy as deciding what you want. I now believe it is not easier said that done,it get easier once you declare it because your declaration is your focus it is your word that makes it so. (and your vibration, feeling). For the record, I have now been haapy married to my sould mate for 6 years this November, all because I decided I was worthy.
    Now to get to the part about why it keeps happening: These issues I think can be due to some energetic blocks. Perhaps the person with the toe nail issue is hanging on to some pain about moving forward and is apprehensive about taking the next step. The person with the throat surgery is not speaking their truth or is terrified to speak their truth. But why do they keep happening, the physical manifestations? Well, maybe it;s just plain old focus. These events were so traumatic or raised so much energy that it has become part of their vibration. Another thing is that perhaps these things are happening at a time in their life when there is great change. Instead of dealing with the uncertainty that can come with great change, the uncomfortable vibration is manifesting physically.It’s repeating these particular issues because that’s how the energy or blockage manifests in physical form in your body.
    In the past, it has happened to me where I’ve had teeth issues that repeated in times of great change!!? I changed jobs,before and during that time needed a root canal. Just before I got married, I had a root canal. After I had a baby, I need a tooth reapired! Thank you for listening to my ongoing words…lol! Just some things to think about. Lost of love <3

    • Jeannette says:

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts here, Anonymous. Your story about the tooth issues reminded me of a time I went to my dentist with very odd pain. He couldn’t find a single thing wrong and was rather perplexed about it. As soon as he said that, I thought of Louise Hay’s suggestion that tooth pain was about indecision. At the time I was in the midst of a love triangle that really wanted resolving, and when the dentist couldn’t see anything wrong, I told him I knew exactly what it was – I needed to choose between two guys. He didn’t miss a beat … “That’s easy,” he said. “Pick the one with the most money.” lol (Not my style, exactly, but I love that he followed right along with me that it was about men & decisions, not teeth.) 🙂

      • Master Manifester says:

        Love your dentist’s response. Although, would have been even better if he said, “that’s easy. Dump them both and date me.” 🙂

  • Della Monk says:

    Is there truth to the idea that the physical body “manifests” what we think and feel about ourselves and our lives? I learned a lot from this website:

    • Sure, if you let it go that far. But you don’t need to let your body become a bellwether. You can address the contrast long before it becomes a physical issue.
      Life Surfer

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you so much for posting that link! As you can see, many ailments are based on fears. Interesting how some people do not get STDs and some do, but I can see that. In other words, I understand their vibe. A very helpful chart so thanks again!

    • Elle says:

      Thank you so much for posting that link! As you can see, many ailments are based on fears. Interesting how some people do not get STDs and some do, but I can see that. In other words, I understand their vibe. A very helpful chart so thanks again!

    • Pat says:

      I have had success with resolving some recurring bodily issues by looking at the potential mental thought patterns that can be involved with them. I have always been a big fan of Louise Hay and looking up in her book You Can Heal Your Life for the related thought pattern of a particular ailment.
      One time I was experiencing a lot of pain coming up in my knees. In LH’s book it said that knee issues were about being stubborn and inflexible…now at first this didn’t seem right. I always thought of myself as a relaxed, easy going, go with the flow kind of person (which is true, I am) so it begged the question “What am I being inflexible or stubborn about?” The answer came to me very quickly with starling awareness. At the time I was wanting to get out dating again (after being separated and going through a divorce) but I was stubbornly resisting any and every suggestion made to me about going “online” to singles dating websites. I was being inflexible about alternative solutions, I was not going to resort to online dating unless it was my last resort and even then. I also had issues with it that were related to the breakdown of my marriage. I finally decided that “you can’t knock it till you try it” and became willing and walked through all of my uncomfortable feelings and created a profile…and met some decent people. and Yes, my knee pain went away. Nothing ever came of the experience of online dating in terms of a relationship, and I am still not a big fan of it..but I just let go of my stubborn resistance.

      • Jeannette says:

        Great story, Pat! Thanks for sharing it here.
        And Della, I’m going to explore that link next. I am a firm believer there is an intimate connection between our emotional state and our body’s physical state, so I think we can get a lot of clues about the origin of our resistance and how to release it via this connection.
        I’ve also had a copy of Louise’s Heal Your Life book on my shelf for years, and between myself and my clients, it does not get dusty. 😉

    • Maryann says:

      Thanks for posting Our Spiritual Nutrition website. For me it has a wealth of information on many topics and especially on the mind set links to physical conditions. Feel it takes Louise Hays list to more detailed level.

  • As a culture, we are problem solvers. So when we get stuck, we try to solve the problem of WHY we are stuck. But simply just doesn’t matter why we are stuck. In fact, focusing on why we are stuck keeps us, well you guessed it.
    The answer is simple, at least on paper. You simply decide what you will have and see what happens. When you do, thoughts and clusters of thoughts that are not in alignment with what you are wanting will percolate to the surface.
    Now, these non-aligned thoughts won’t feel good. They are what Abraham calls contrast, but this contrast is exactly what you need to feel to get what you want. This contrast shows you the exact thoughts that are keeping you from your manifestation. At this point you simply decide to think better feeling thoughts, thoughts that feel like relief. Keep doing this and you will notice a shift.
    But, you have to make the decision to actually have what you want.
    Then you have to find a way to be okay with how you feel when the contrast arises. The contrast is both helping you and necessary. If you resist the contrast or just simply want it to go away, the contrast will build and you will appear to be stuck. But you are not stuck, you are just building the intensity of the contrast until you finally decide to let it be what it is. In other words, it will feel worse and worse.
    But if you consciously practice being okay with contrast, letting it help you, you get better and better at recognizing it in the early stages when it doesn’t hurt so much.
    Contrast becomes simply a step in the manifestation process.
    Life Surfer

    • Jeannette says:

      Chip, I appreciate your tip to get okay with contrast.
      This is particularly well said, I thought: “You have to make the decision to actually have what you want. Then you have to find a way to be okay with how you feel when the contrast arises.”
      Thanks for that! 🙂

  • Ming says:

    i was thinking about this and I remembered when I didn’t want to be in a cubicle and tried everything or every thought to be out of it. It wasnt until I finally got to a place where I had the perfect job, things started changing. I ended up getting the best cubicle with the greatest view, where hawks would visit me. Then I got DUAL monitors…. so very cool. It was like everything got upgraded. Appreciation of where I was… things just started shifting. Well, I can tell you know I didnt have to wait 5 years to be out of my cubicle. (when they told me I had to stay at my job for the next 5 years) … so, I would say get to where you love and appreciate where you are and then BOOM. Shift comes 😉

    • Pat says:

      I have worked with this approach too in a slightly different way. Many, many years ago (like a couple decades) I was wanting to be married, I felt my boyfriend and I had been together long enough (4 yrs at the time) and of course all of my friends were getting engaged/married etc but it wasn’t happening for me…finally I came to an awareness and a decision. The awareness had to do with what I thought people would think of me if I wasn’t married by a certain age (old family programming)so I let that go
      and the decision was similar to what Ming alluded to…I decided that there was life after 30..that if I wasn’t engaged etc. I would travel, meet people have fun etc. that there was still an exciting life for me even if I didn’t get engaged/married. I completely let it go and decided to love where I was at I guess. Very Shortly after that I got engaged…my wish fufilled.

      • Elle says:

        Yup, I third this sentiment. Did the same thing. I just actually enjoyed dating and being single, unlike the obsession of others telling me to “find someone” (it really is a form of dis-ease) and completely letting go of what others thought of me, after this he shortly walked into my life.

  • Tricia says:

    Thank you so much!!!! I needed to be reminded of this today.

  • Karen says:

    My first thought was pretty much the same as Melissa suggested. Just be easy about it. I’m trying to remember to do this myself in many areas. Just relax with the confidence that it is coming about, not worrying about how, when, if, etc.

  • Melissa T says:

    This of course came at the perfect time. My fiancé and I have been trying to manifest a move to LA for over a year. Just last week we realized this is not suppose to take this long. We kept asking ourselves why do things keep happening over and over again. For example situations with certain family members or continuing to go broke. But it wasn’t until last Sunday one week ago that we realized we were focused on the wrong thing majority of the time. We conversed about the reoccurring more than we did about the end result. And when discovering this something just shifted. Monday we manifest free chipotle, then Wednesday I manifested a free drink from Starbucks, and then Thursday we manifested 60 dollars at a grocery store just found it on the ground with NO EFFORT at all. I think it’s about deciding that what it is you want, and then just only accpeting that as your reality . So then any reoccurring occurance that takes place that doesn’t quite feel like the vortex may just be your source guiding you through contract so you can be more clear with things you want in your vortex. So in a nutshell focus on what it is you want despite the evidence you can see with your physical eyes. Hope this helps

    • Jeannette says:

      Melissa, you are brilliant! Thanks for launching this conversation with your experience and insights.
      This particularly stood out for me: “We conversed about the reoccurring more than we did about the end result.” To realize that and then consciously commit to focusing on the end result is the heart of deliberate creation. Very nice work, my friend!!

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