Why I’m Not Wishing Away Contrast in 2016

Anyone plugged into Abraham material lately has probably heard about how sometimes our inner being guides us to contrast.

Because of the benefit we get from the expansion. That’s why Source might point us in a contrasty direction, Abe says.

Ok, I knew what they meant, but I wondered if that was really necessary. After all, Abe also talks about how we’ve had enough contrast to last multiple lifetimes. So I didn’t really get it …

Until last month.

When the rescue group that I was already fostering a litter of kittens for asked me to take in another pregnant mom.

I don’t have two foster rooms. One litter is enough to keep a girl busy. It’s challenging to do everyone justice if you have too many cats on your hands.

But it was all hands on deck after a discovered hoarder house filled my local shelter.

So there I was with a pregnant mom in my basement storage room.

Not just any mom, but a half-starved mom with seriously compromised health.

Who had eight kittens the next day.

EIGHT. That’s a big litter for even a healthy cat. For a struggling mom, it’s even more of a challenge.

Staci hooked me up with all the supplies and know-how to syringe feed. Which I hadn’t done in years, because ever since I learned about conscious creation, I manifest pretty easy foster gigs. My cat moms do all the work – all I do is feed her and keep the litters clean. My part’s easy.

This gig wasn’t easy.

It was around the clock feedings for three weeks; a couple of 2 am emergency vet visits with a mom who didn’t look like she was going to make it. (One time they kept her hospitalized.) Plus it seemed like every other day I needed another Petsmart run for more kitten formula or mom food or kitty litter.

Kittens became my whole life. My business went on autopilot. My social life become nonexistent – other than begging friends and neighbors to help socialize my older litter, who were basically ignored while I tended the new family downstairs.

I don’t even want to tell you how many dog walks got skipped.

Other aspects of self care also took a toll since I couldn’t leave the house for more than a few hours at a time. Hair appointments, movie dates, leisurely brunches or dinners across town – not happening. More than once my ex asked when was the last time I showered.

It was Kitten City at my house.

And it didn’t take long for sleep deprivation to hit.

I have a little story about how I don’t do well without proper sleep, and that story was manifesting in spades.

The few clients I spoke with ended up coaching me half the time.

It wasn’t pretty.

I wondered how I was aligned to this. After all, I’m known for easy gigs! All my foster cats do well – healthy moms, healthy kittens, everyone gets adopted fast. No troubles here.

And this was not that.

But I will say this … there’s something different about kittens that are bottle fed. These kittens loved me! I mean, they were like glue to me. They sat in my lap, looking adoringly up at my face. Like I was their whole world. They slept in my lap. They played in my lap. They were fed from syringes in my lap and even learned to drink milk from a bowl from the comfort of my lap.

Man, this was the coolest gig ever!

Not like with my other kitties, where I have to teach them that people are friendly, that they can trust us, we’ll be cool with you.

These eight new guys grew up knowing me as a source of comfort and warmth and food. And love. Tons and tons of love. Like I’d never felt for foster kitties before.

Plus there was this … in fostering kittens you learn pretty quickly that not everyone makes it. It’s not unusual to lose one or two kittens from a litter. I don’t know what’s up with that, but it happens.

I was determined to give these eight kittens every chance to make it. Every single advantage I could give them. Highest quality food, ideal room temperature (keeping that basement room warm was tricky!), and tons of love. I was committed to bring all eight kittens to the adoption fair when all was said and done.

And get this – so far so good! It looks like everyone’s going to make it! In fact, my two littlest most at-risk kittens have outgrown some of their siblings! I’m so proud of them. And me, and their mom. We did it!

All in all, this story is shaping up to have an incredibly happy ending. It feels like a miracle!

Ok, next I need to tell you about Barbara Clark’s 2016 scripting call at GVU, where every year she leads a fun discussion about all the wonderful things that unfolded for us in the new year. (It’s like group pray rain journaling, except we do it out loud on the phone.)

Anyway, Barbara mentioned she was going to hit the record button, which surprised me. I didn’t know these calls were on the record.

She said, “Of course they’re recorded. To refer back to.”

In fact, she said, she just listened to last year’s call, where I talked all about the amazingly rewarding work I did with all the foster kittens.

I scripted this?! I scripted the most rewarding foster work ever? (As soon as she said it, I remembered.)

I remembered intending the most amazing and fulfilling volunteer work with foster kitties.

This was definitely that.

To go above and beyond what I’d normally do, to be stretched in a way I’d never stretched before … this was what set me up for the experience of a lifetime.

What an eye-opener.

It wasn’t so much a kinky vibe that led to such a challenging foster gig … but the intention for an incredibly rewarding experience. Where I knew I was making a powerful difference. Where I felt more strongly than ever before how much I loved this work.

And this is how Universe got me there. By steering me straight into a sh*tton of contrast.

From this view, Abraham’s words make sense about how sometimes we’re divinely guided to a crap situation because of all the good things that can come from it.

Like staying up all night tending to brand new baby kitties. And late night emergency vet visits to give mom the help she needs. And all the cleaning of litter boxes and blankets and towels and food dishes. All the medicating. And the tending. And the nurturing. And the loving.

All of it I picked. None of which I’d change.

And that’s why I’m not wishing away any contrast in this new year.

But … maybe don’t take my word for it. After all, I’m still a little sleep deprived. 😉

  • January 3, 2016
  • Saffron says:

    You can never have too many cats!

  • Melody says:

    I really believe this. A close relative dying years ago inspired me go on a spiritual path, where I ended up manifesting the incredibly amazing beautiful life I have now. How things begin is no indicator of where they can end up.
    Also, the two most wonderful cats I ever owned were abandoned feral 2-week old kittens I found and bottle fed, so I know what you mean. We were completely connected.

  • Monica says:

    I actually got a chill at “what an eye-opener!” I knew there was a reason I’ve been hanging around here for a couple of days! I think I’m in for an interesting year!
    “To go above and beyond what I’d normally do, to be stretched in a way I’d never stretched before … this was what set me up for the experience of a lifetime… Where I knew I was making a powerful difference. Where I felt more strongly than ever before how much I loved this work.”
    That’s the adventure ride of life, as Chip is saying. I wouldn’t call that contrast. It’s the main event! Contrast helps you decide what you want, and this was your full and complete manifestation!
    Thank you for sharing, again. Hopefully now I’ll recognize my own manifestation for what it is. 😀

  • Meg Amor says:

    Aloha. What a terrific post. Loved it.
    As I read it. It dawned on my that I was at the end of my rope last year. And how many times did I say. “I just want to pay all my bills, feed my kids and pay my rent by myself.” At the time I couldn’t pay anything.
    A year down the track. I always JUST pay my rent, my bills and feed my fur child Leo by myself. But there’s none left over. And if there is. I soon make short work of that and have my car throw a wobbly and need Some work. Lol
    Funny… In a – oh dear – sort of way.
    So I’m going to use my “I just want to … ” phrase and put in for more things.
    I just want to travel all over the world with my lover whenever I want.
    I just want to sell 1000 books a month etc.
    I just want to be able to eat luxury food every week.
    Etc etc.
    Thanks. Good eye opener. I also like the contrast. It often let’s me know ‘what is not’. And guides me into what I DO want.
    Thanks. So good. Aloha Meg. 🙂

  • Janette says:

    I’m with Kim – best post ever!! (along with all the other best posts LOL – but this is genuinely brilliant, no doubt).
    When I shared this on FB I said “What if that challenging situation was the door to your biggest desire?
    And my corollary question – what if you simply decided that it was, and acted accordingly?”
    I keep thinking about that. What if I decided every single bit of contrast was the door to my biggest desire?
    Because the larger, wiser, unlimited part of me knows that it is.
    My only work is lining up my thoughts to match that knowing and BEcoming the girl who knows that more consciously, more of the time.
    Which as you know, Jeannette, I do by rewiring my in-skull squishyware. OMGosh I love how this system works!!!!

  • Jennifer Tilley says:

    Nothing to say, other than… I love it!… I just love it!! 🙂

  • Kim Falconer says:

    This is my favorite post of the decade, for so many reasons!
    It’s the perfect post for welcoming in 2016 and a whole new set of intentions!
    Thank you for your endlessly generous sharing.
    Happy New Year, Everyone!

  • Brian says:

    “… sometimes we’re divinely guided to a crap situation…”
    And the crap situation would be the individual’s out of alignment perspective, not Source’s. Source never sees any situation as crap.

    Contrast is not negative or unwanted (and does not have to be experienced that way); contrast is neutral. It’s like food at a buffet. It’s all contrast, and you get to decide by looking at all of the options what food you want to enjoy. And the benefit of a buffet is, you can try foods you’ve never had before, and you do not know if you like it or not, and then decide after tasting it if you want more like it or not.

    ”And it didn’t take long for sleep deprivation to hit.”
    “And it didn’t take long for alignment deprivation to hit.”

    Abraham says we don’t need sleep for rest, we need sleep for alignment and releasing resistance. So, the more you are in alignment, which you typically are, you would feel good, feel awake and feel refreshed. When you feel sleep deprived, you’re really alignment deprived because of resistance being introduced with thoughts focused on what you don’t want.

    “It wasn’t pretty.”
    I understand what you mean.

    And, ugly is still pretty. It depends on how you look at it =)

    Unconditionally pretty. That, no matter how it looks, it’s beautiful just the way it is.

    ”I was determined to give these eight kittens every chance to make it. Every single advantage I could give them. Highest quality food, ideal room temperature (keeping that basement room was tricky!), and tons of love.”
    Even though you were focused on the kittens, the kittens were actually the ones taking care of you =)

  • Contrast is fundamental to our existence. It’s what we came here for. Before we became physically-focused, there was zero contrast. We came to experience the contrast between green and blue, vanilla and chocolate, and hot monkey sex and luxury sex. We then build a universe based on our preferences.
    Then when we decide we want something new, our old preferences are no longer in alignment and contrast, through our emotional guidance system, hand us on a silver platter, the exact thoughts that are standing in our way.
    Contrast, is and always has been, serving us in the most fundamental way. Contrast is what gives us choice. And it tells us how far where we are now is from where we want to be.
    And we can use contrast in many ways. For instance, we can look back at where we were two years ago and compare it to where we are today, and note the positive contrast.
    The only reason contrast has such a bad rap, is that because it feels bad, we vilify it. We then spend time trying to get rid of the villain, which then gives us more of the villain to get rid of, because we are spending time in that vibration.
    The essence of our discomfort lies in a question Einstein asked, “Is the Universe a friendly place?” Because if it is then,
    –You are perfect just the way you are.
    –Everything and everyone are there for you and on your behalf, some to point our what you want more of, and others to point our what you no longer want to experience.
    –Everything you feel is purrfect. What you feel shows you the difference in vibration between the thoughts you are thinking to the vibration of what you are intending to create.
    It’s the idea that the Universe is an unfriendly place that leads to thinking that bad-feelings are something you want to get rid of.
    Life Surfer

  • Marian Mills says:

    Well, I’ve had a real love/hate relationship with contrast. I really wanted to obliterate it but …….. I have to say I am feeling my most empowered ever after almost 2 years of stretching and bending and flexing and standing up for myself again and again in the face of the beneficial contrast that I thought I didn’t want.
    I am actually calling for contrast sometimes these days as I know it’s what takes me to interesting places. Trying to shut it out leads nowhere interesting and nowhere fun and nowhere free.

    • Jeannette says:

      I love that you posted this, Marian, because I think a lot of creators come to law of attraction in an attempt to do exactly that – eliminate all bad things from life forever more.
      But that’s not what it’s really about, I suspect. Here’s to (more joyfully) going along to those interesting places! 🙂

  • I just get so much enjoyment hearing about your kitty fostering escapades! Your love for it shows through loud and clear from opening your home to these precious ones to cleaning, tending, medicating, feeding, all of it…we can tell that you love what you do!
    I can think of several times in my life when I felt that some contrast was the worst thing that could happen and later found that it led me/us directly to our highest good and so much good stuff!
    Thanks for sharing with us about contrast. I will be looking at contrast much differently in 2016!! 🙂

    • Jeannette says:

      You’re making me remember the first time I volunteered for a rescue group … they had me scooping litter boxes and walking dogs. That’s all I did, and it was mostly litter boxes. It was hectic. It was chaotic. It was kind of dirty and very smelly business.
      And at the end of that day – that FLEW by, by the way – at the end of that day I felt fulfillment like I had never known. I had never felt so FULL. So on purpose. It was AMAZING!!
      Yeah, here’s to saying yes to whatever contrast takes us to even better places in the new year, Mindy! 🙂

  • Heather says:

    Congratulations, Jeannette! For your foster parenting and also scripting.
    And I can imagine how cute they are! 😀
    Also what a great story to help us appreciate the contrast. Thank you. 🙂

  • Jen C. says:

    I love the eight fluffies in your lap, Jeannette! We are wishing for one of our own and know the right timing will bring us *one*. True, contrast is a topic I’m also getting more comfortable with. I just heard a Esther-Hicks video about how we can guide the contrast, and ask that it come in more interesting ways to us. For instance, in the form of questions…Wish I could find it. This really wakes me up! Better focus is coming to me.

    • Jeannette says:

      I love how Abe is talking about how being comfortable with contrast is one of the steps following the three they always talk about. I can feel myself getting there more and more!
      Here’s to your perfect feline friend finding his/her/their? (haha) way to you in perfect divine timing! 🙂

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