Q&A: Why Do Negative People Get Good Things?

why do bad people get good things?Loved this question from a fellow creator who wondered why people with negative energy (complaining, mean, angry, etc.) manifest good things like material goods, relationships, and successful careers?

We’ve all seen examples of it, right?

  • the high anxiety neighbor who wins a vacation trip to Europe
  • the mean-spirited uncle who gets richer every year
  • the old college roommate who is worthless on the job but gets promoted regularly

What gives? If like attracts like, how can they be doing so well? And why does it always seem like nice guys finish last?

Turning it over to you smart readers to weigh in on this one: How is it that people with such negative energy manifest such positive things?

Thanks in advance for sharing your expertise!

  • June 21, 2012
  • It’s all relative!
    ‘Good Things’ are subjective – Jeannette adores her car while I would not! I adore my car while Jeannette would not!
    The Universe does not judge! It responds to what we are focused on, what we devote our thoughts to.
    And a great example of contrary beliefs is Christina’s comment. The ex sister-in-law believes she can have good things, but it doesn’t look like she thinks she herself can get them, She ‘needs’ someone to give them to her. So that’s what she gets – people who give her what she wants.
    Most of us here would rather do it for ourselves, and that’s why it may take longer. We’re looking to do what’s ethical and moral for us, while learning the nuances of manifesting.
    Might be easier to TRUST that we are ethical and moral, KNOW that the Universe responds – ALWAYS – and just go for the feel-good 🙂

  • Julie says:

    We are manifesting our beliefs and expectations. These are not visible to the eyes of third parties but third parties interpret our behaviour and classify it into “good” or “bad” in responde to what they are attracting into their lives. So what we see from others on the surface is like the tip of an iceberg.

  • I was thinking this the other day in relation to my ex sister-in-law. She cheats on my brother, leaves her daughter, marries another guy, cheats on him, leaves their two kids, marries this guy’s BROTHER, he puts her through college and now she’s getting a Masters degree. It just doesn’t seem fair when she left this path of people hurt in her wake and just doesn’t care about anyone but herself.
    I guess that is my perception of her and that’s why I see her that way. I don’t know that I can ever see her any differently, though.

  • I’m thinking in many cases it’s about not being attached to that outcome and also in others expectation.
    Further, in some cases the things we labeled as “good” manifestations may be contrast to those who receive them. For example, that trip to Europe may make the anxious neighbor MORE anxious (packing, flying, not being at work/away from home, being in a foreign country, fear of being pickpocketed/luggage stolen, etc.). The crap employee may be pissed that they got promoted and now have more responsibility/longer hours.
    Meanwhile, the mean uncle either EXPECTS to be successful and/OR isn’t ATTACHED to the outcome being “success”.
    Something that used to bother me (when it really bothered me that I was always single) – it seems like the bitches always have the (great) guys lining up for them (just as nice guys often bemoan how the asshole always gets women falling over them). But after really understanding LoA I think it’s that they purely expect to be in relationships/pursued – they think they DESERVE it. Also, maybe they are still attracting what they don’t want – ie the guy(s) they are with still aren’t their ideal guy.
    So I think it’s a combination of – just because we see what they are getting as good, maybe THEY don’t. And of course, there’s always the possibility of they just are vibing right in that area/don’t have any attachment to that outcome/have no doubts they deserve what they desire.
    Ironically, I just posted a new thread in the abeforum.com about coming up with things that maybe we don’t think are great about our lives and thinking up how someone, somewhere probably envies us for those very things. It’s just about perspective.

  • Sanjay-HypnoticLaws says:

    They are attracting exactly what they are supposed to attract. They are in the right frequency for money and material goods but their relationships will be sour and never be meaningful.
    Keep in mind that you will never have the money and other material things you want until you really do believe you deserver them and they’re coming your way. Sadly these arrogant people already feel that.
    But this isn’t the right way to live a fulfilled life. You can have material belongings but until you really are able to see the value in others and help them out in life yours will be very meaningless.

  • Berta says:

    Oh, geez! That bed was suspend to be bad–bad guy. Typing on smart phone– pain. Failing to proof before hitting send–dumb.

  • Berta says:

    Last night I ran into an old coworker who filled in on another coworkers misfortunes. This woman used to come to work every, & I mean EVERY am and fill me with the bad things her husband said & did since last am. The fellow I was talking to was so surprised because of the generous things her hubby had done for him. I said we all have both good & bad in us. I have a favorite quote: “I am capable of every human emotion.”
    I think most would think I’m a good person, but I know a few Who do not. And I admit that I’ve done things that I wish I hadn’t. To those involved, I’m the bad-to me also. And I know I’ve attracted every experience into my life. I try to choose the high road, and when I fail, I learn something needed.
    My thoughts went to those who see me as the bed guy wondering about why good things happening to me. So I was looking at reverse side of this coin, looking within.

  • Stacy says:

    I agree with Steve about the karma. Like attracts like vibrations and that’s it. The Universe doesn’t care. For example, if you REALLY believe money is easy to get, it will be. But the thing is, those people who attract money from a place of fear, lack, greed, having to step on others, or feelings of not deserving, etc., will not really be able to enjoy it in the same way as someone who believes in a limitless abundant Universe. They will fear the loss of it, fear that someone is after it and ready to step on them for it, fear theft. They will make poor decisions with it or guard it in such a way that puts up barriers to joy and sharing with others. You can attract anything. But enjoying it all to the fullest is another vibration.

  • I think they get positive things – – but they can NEVER enjoy them!!! Maybe they’re manifesting something GOOD to teach them how to appreciate life, but they haven’t quite gotten the message yet!

  • Monica says:

    I love that goofy blue avatar the system gives me! Will I get it every time?

  • Monica says:

    Hmm. “Negative people,” and “good things.” Both are judgments made by us, the observers. We don’t know the experience being had by the people we are watching. They may actually be feeling good, and experiencing “good things” that match their vibe. Or, what we consider to be “good things” may not feel that good to them.
    I think at the very heart of the question, though, is that “where’s my stuff?” vibe. Why does that ratty person have that nice stuff that I want so I can be happy? I wouldn’t be “negative” if I had that nice stuff.
    And I think everyone here sees the problem with that. 😉

  • Stephen says:

    Hi Berta – no need to draw any line that I can see. If someone seems offensive to you, that’s okay. But if they are part of your experience you put them there.

  • Berta says:

    Some people that I find offensive others find fun etc. How do draw that line?

  • Anita says:

    First of all, we are always manifesting and creating our reality! Even the mean and crabby people. A lot of is also to do with beliefs and perceptions. Not just “good” vibes! And to be brutally honest how many people always think the most perfect thoughts all the time? Anyone on this earth? I’m sure that most people are a mixed bag of negative and positive thoughts.
    Anyway if someone is always angry and they happen to win the lottery – so what? Those angry thoughts are affecting their health and other parts of their reality

  • Steve says:

    I think in some cases they have the “Let Go” step down pat, almost to the point of not caring. I did know someone who many of us considered worthless on the job and got promoted because for whatever reason upper management didn’t see it the same way we did.
    However the interconnections in the universe can be complicated. You may be in your rich uncle’s will.

  • JG. says:

    I love Jeannette´s answer, but anyway, I´d like to share another take on this question -one I probably read on “Excuse me, your life is waiting.”
    It is that while emotion supplies the energy, thought gives direction. So, even an angry thought may lead you to a “positive” outcome, as long as that is the thought you entertain.
    For instance, if I am angry but thinking money is coming to me, that thought will attract the money… even if the energy derived from anger.
    Of course… it´s always better to feel good!
    (By the way, this belief has been very useful to me, since at times of “negative emotions” it helps reminds me to entertain productive thoughts which, in due time, switch the emotions.)

  • JG. says:

    I love Jeannette´s answer, but I used to have another take on this question -one I probably read on “Excuse me, your life is waiting.”
    It that emotions energetize your thoughts. It is like emotion supplies the energy, while thought supply direction. So, even an angry thought may lead you to a “positive” outcome, as long as that is the thought you entertain.
    For instance, if I am angry but thinking money is coming to me, that thought will attract the money… even if the energy derived from anger.
    Of course… it´s always better to feel good!

  • Kimberly, The Fur Mom says:

    I’ve wondered this many times myself and one thing that I always see is that these people are still negative and miserable despite what they receive. The things that come into their life are things that I would be thankful for; but this doesn’t mean that they appreciate their windfall.
    So when I see people attract things that I wish for my life, I celebrate it, because it means that I’m that much closer.
    I like what Chip shared. I’ve found that when a negative person comes into my experience, I’ve attracted them – whenever I focus on raising my vibe, I don’t attract negative experiences.
    The people stay in my life, but I’m able to see their attitude and behavior as part of their life experience without it touching me. I don’t feel the need to label their behavior. That only comes when I feel frustration within my own experience.
    So, in this person’s example, I would both celebrate that I’m closer to manifesting a goal and I would also take a measurement of what else I’m attracting, because I don’t want to slam the door on my manifestation.

  • ChipEFT says:

    To add to my last post, if you are witnessing a negative person getting what they want, remember that your experiences are 100% your creation. That means that you in alignment to some degree with that person.
    So the question I would ask is: “What belief are you holding about what you are wanting?”
    If we use the example of the mean-spirited rich man, the belief might be something like: “The rich get rich on the backs of the poor.” This is a very common belief that has been passed down vibrationally for thousands of years.
    People who make this observation might want to examine their own source of contrast that the observation calls forth.

  • ChipEFT says:

    Of course anyone can manifest anything if they are in alignment with that thing. If a mean-spirited person manifests a lot of money it simply means that he expects to make money.
    On the other hand, if he is mean spirited it also means that he has a lot of unresolved contrast. I suggest not trading places with that person.
    You, since you are reading this forum, have evolved beyond that state of contrast and have decided that you want to use Law of Attraction to experience Joy in all parts of your life. His methods will not work for you because it does not fit what you are wanting.
    So rejoice in who you are. You can’t get it wrong and you are always moving closer to the joy you are wanting. Enjoy the process.

  • Steve says:

    Hmm… I go back and forth on this, and I’m no too sure everyone will like my answer. Bottom line is the Universe just doesn’t care. The Western perception of Karma doesn’t really exist. There is no “thing” out there judging us – meting out rewards and punishments based on a hard set book of rules. Good and Bad are relative. That prick who cut you off in his Porsche may not be on his way to the hospital to donate a kidney. He could be off to meet his mistress, and he still finds free parking on the street in front of her house – and a $20 bill in the gutter to boot. He just Vibes it, and it is attracted to him. Personally, my Vibe is lifted by doing what I perceive to be good things for other people. Take this story for example: Monday I had a phone conference with an out-of-state client. We made several changes to the original contract. I called my supplier and found out the exact cost of those changes and charged my client that amount – no additional profit. I just wanted my client happy. Today, a registered letter with a $20,000 deposit showed up from a different client that had put his project off for health reasons – and unexpectedly “out of the blue” decided to go forward because he “suddenly felt good” about it. Ten minutes after that, another supplier called up and offered me 5 Rockies tickets because he felt bad about something he thought he did wrong (I never complained about it – it wasn’t that big of a deal). I was Vibing high and heavy. But then I got home and an offer to buy my house (which has been for sale for a long time) was withdrawn. Why? I don’t know. But I don’t think it’s because I was being punished or rewarded – it’s because the vibe was kinked – problably because I’ve been stressing on the whole packing up and moving heavy stuff thing.

  • Justin Mazza says:

    Great question.
    We are always in a state of attracting what we want. It only takes a few seconds of getting out of our own way to manifest our desires. After we get what we want we can than go back to being mean and grumpy if we choose to.

  • Jennifer says:

    I used to watch Two and a Half Men when Charlie Sheen’s character lived the hedonistic lifestyle. Yet things always went his way no matter what he did to anyone else. I know it’s a fictional show, but contrast that with his worrisome penny-pinching brother, and it made a lot of sense to me.
    Charlie did what felt good. And knew that everything would turn out OK. It did… until Rose pushed him off the Metro platform.
    I just found it very interesting.

  • Stephen says:

    We only see the aspect of any person we choose to bring into our lives and we usually only recognize what we see. There is always more than we see.
    When I lived in Arkansas I used to work for a guy named Leo. I had a great relationship with Leo. I liked him and he seemed to like me, too. He was always kind to me and understanding when I made mistakes. We had lots of great conversations and he always treated me with respect, even when we held differing opinions.
    He was not that way with everyone, though. I saw him fire a couple of different people that worked there and he did it none too kindly. I saw him yell and curse and order someone off the property as he fired them. A very interesting and complicated man.
    Anytime we label another as mean, cranky, evil (or delightful, kind and considerate) we are only calling out what we have asked them to contribute to our reality. No one is one dimensional.

  • Michael says:

    Yeah! I always thought: ‘If Eddie Van Halen’s life is such a mess, how come he gets to be a guitar-god and live like a king?!’ But he vibrates guitar-god, and living like a king is something he assumed went along with being a rockstar/guitar-god. So there it is.
    BUT!…was he really h-a-p-p-y being a guitar-god? Not so much for a long time, I think. So I’d rather practice being happy AND being a rockstar…knowing one isn’t dependent on the other!

  • I’ll weigh in: the only reason anyone attracts anything is because they vibrate at that frequency.
    So if a “mean” person knows the vibration of easy money, or a good-for-nothing employee vibrates professional success, or if a totally fabulous person is dialed on “nothing’s working” – we simply get whatever we vibrate.
    Kind of inspires one to find a fab vibration to attract from! 🙂

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