Wisdom from Good Vibe Readers

Wisdom from Good Vibe ReadersDo you readers know how meaningful your comments are?
I regularly hear clients quote wisdom they picked up from your comments, and often hear stories of cool things that transpire when someone uses a tip they picked up here.
You may or may not know that you guys have a stellar reputation for being an incredibly smart, insightful, experienced, generous, helpful, supportive and highly engaged LOA community.
Which is why I started collecting some of the phrases you’re quoted on.  Your words of wisdom are posted on refrigerators, scribbled on sticky notes on bedroom mirrors, copied into journals, printed out and taped to computer monitors, and some are hard wired into memory.
I myself regularly share things I learn from you here when I’m on GVU calls, doing interviews, and conducting client sessions.
So I wanted you to know the difference you make to the rest of us.  Below is a short list of reader quotes that I’ve gathered from friends, family and clients over the last couple months that we were able to attribute:

Things usually happen to people around you before they happen to you so the Universe can show you how easy it is to get. – Kristy M.
Any food cooked with love is good for you. – Chip Engelmann
Control is the ability to make “no” happen.  Power is the ability to make yes happen.  – Peregrine John
What’s the worst that can happen?  Whatever it is, I’ll still be all right.  – Berta
I try to keep in mind that the world I inhabit is solely my own creation and that the government and the political process is just the backdrop not the foreground of my world.  – Stephen Taylor
Feel the raindrops, don’t just do a rain dance. – Michele Woodward
We have the choice to write our script and I choose comedy, romance, adventure, and/or fantasy over drama.  – Susan, Pure Potential Coach
Self-love is not just an optional extra – it is oxygen-mask crucial to our well being. – Janette Dalgliesh
The sun is always shining.  – Robert
When you’re seeking wisdom from the Universe, you should ask in faith—not doubt. – Stacey
I’m here for the experience, not the lack of experience.  – Kim Falconer
Decide what you want, then act as if it’s a done deal.  – Laura Gevanter
Preference = unattached to outcome.  Need = attached to outcome.  – Tia
Very difficult issues resolve themselves once I am willing to own my stuff. – Frank Butterfield
Automagically.  – Eric
LOA matches vibes (not actions).  – Sara Exley
Stop. Breathe. Relax.  – Kati
I often think of action(s) as a ritual that aligns me with the truth of my commitment and intention.  – Patricia Michel
You can’t get what you want until you know what you want.  – Lynn Hess
What others are manifesting is not my realm.  – Mandy
What you call yourself, you become.  – Goddess known as Jacqui
“I don’t think the Universe can take care of that, I better do something right away.”  (facetiously) – Julie Masters

And that’s just a recent sampling.
I share just a few of these because I want those of you who post here to know that your words make a difference in other lives. Mine included.
Thank you.  🙂

  • June 12, 2012
  • Tia Sparkles says:

    Awwwwwwww!!!! I’m so touched to be included 🙂 My ALL time fave from you is “I’m the Queen of Goofing Off” and boy do I ever use it + variations of it. Love you long time, J-birdalicious! xoxoxoxooxoxoxo!

  • Janette says:

    Oh! I’m not sure if my coffee-spit was due to über-delight at being quoted, mega bliss at being in such extraordinary company, or just the woohoo of having so much wisdom collected in one place.
    THANK YOU deserves big shouty capitals because I’m always grateful for what YOU bring to this LOA party, and to me personally. The coffee-spit of glee from this post is the cream, icing, cherry and nut sprinkles on my cake.
    xoxoxoxoxox too 🙂

  • Danae Sinclair says:

    I LOVE you guys!

  • Berta says:

    Automagically! It’s my favorite! How cool is that idea?
    Can’t wait to use it.

  • Marquina Rawlings says:

    Automagically! That was my favorite one, too! 😀

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