Wisdom Nuggets from Mike Dooley

Here are three nuggets of wisdom from Mike Dooley’s Playing the Matrix workshop in Salt Lake last weekend:
1. Leverage details but don’t attach to them
Much of Mike’s material encourages deliberate creators to focus on specific details of the end result we’re manifesting. 
But he makes an important distinction in that we don’t focus on those details in order to create those particular results.  Rather we just use them to get in the feeling of what we want.  That’s the only way those details are helpful. 
In Mike’s words, “The details are visualized to get you excited about your end results, not to be your end results.”
If we get hung up on a particular job, or person, or weight, that’s when the details don’t serve us.  But we can imagine those details since they’re often helpful for creating the feeling state of what we want.  Just don’t lose sight of the big picture.
2. Things will still look weird
Evidence of progress toward our success is often easy to miss.  Mike specifically said, “… the miracles of progress are usually invisible.”
So you can’t really say, “It isn’t happening.”  Because just like on a cross country road trip – you could be 24 hours away from your final destination, and things could still look really weird.  Doesn’t mean you’re not almost there.
So don’t worry if things aren’t looking like you thought they would.  It doesn’t mean you’re not making progress.
3. Why believe in limiting beliefs?
That wasn’t exactly the way Mike said it, but it was clear he does not invest much (if any) time exploring and resolving internal limiting beliefs.
Instead Mike believes that by taking action you automatically navigate around limiting beliefs.
I sure haven’t practiced that personally, but I’m willing to play with that idea!
There’s actually lots more to share with you, but I’ll save it for later! 
(If you’re interested in getting your hands on Mike’s material directly, here’s an affiliate link for that.)
In the meantime, I’d love to hear your thoughts on anything here that sparks your interest!

  • February 28, 2010
  • Lisa says:

    has any one been to one of Mike’s live seminar’s? any thoughts you would like to share? I am gathering up some money and just want to know if it is more than one expected after going!
    thanks for any feedback!

  • bronte Bushnell says:

    Clue … clue … clue! I keep revisiting the negative past and constantly have a sense of unhappiness. No wonder! Tip … tip … tip! Look at the end result I want to achieve …
    I feel better already! But, can I sustain the focus and not slip back into old mind sets? Let’s see!

  • Dana - Your Inspired Coach says:

    I’ve recently played with the new idea that you don’t have to dig into all your old stuff to resolve it. You don’t have to play around with “limiting beliefs” and “gremlins” when you feel resistance. All you have to do is feel better now. If feeling better means you have a trigger thought for the day that you go to every time you feel resistance, then do that. Lynn Grabhorn talks about having a positive aspect that you are going to talk about to yourself (about YOU) every day for 30 days every time you feel a tinge of lower vibration. Just instantly snap into, “Dana, did anyone ever tell you that you really are a great brainstormer? You come up with fantastic ideas! Yada yada.”
    I used to think “working through” your old stuff was the way to get rid of it. Now I think it just makes you relive it, and your brain knows no difference between what is happening and what you are envisioning happening, past or future. It’s the whole premise of LOA, so might as well spend time in a good place rather than back in the muck trying to process what happened. Instead, focus on what makes you smile and feel that warm, tingly blood flowing through your body because you’ve amped up your energy.
    As for action, for me that comes into play sometimes just to do whatever feels good right now. It might be doing the dishes or walking the dogs or dancing to music.
    I’m all for what Mike had to say.

  • livingtheloa says:

    That’s what happens after too many double-manifestation gin and tonics!! 🙂

  • Gorgeousophie says:

    Aaaaaaaargl! I do not know if it is what is in my glass but Living the LOA has been stolen and there is someone else’s picture by her comment!

  • Peregrine John says:

    This is the principle behind Pray Rain journals, no?

  • Lynn Hess says:

    Love Mikey Dooley, and love his points here! I think the “things will look weird” reminder will be VERY helpful in keeping my vibe up when I get impatient 🙂 I’m of two minds about the limiting belief thing — I agree with him in that getting really attached to the idea of limiting beliefs just means you’re going to find them everywhere (because what we pay a lot of attention to always shows up!)….BUT, I also think that when I hit a point where I get really stuck and frustrated and it’s bringing my vibe wayyyy down, it is almost always helpful for me to question any limiting beliefs that are showing up. Perhaps there will be a day when I no longer believe limiting beliefs exist, but that day is not here yet — so it makes me feel good to know I’ve got the ol’ Byron Katie process handy!

  • livingtheloa says:

    What Gorgeousophie said! 🙂 Manifestation gin & tonics (as i will be referring to ALL gin and tonics from now on) are henceforth my favorite beverage!!

  • I do notice that when my Gremlin is persistent if I move ahead and take action anyways . . . I start feeling more empowered and those beliefs kind of dissolve into the ehter. I tell myself that I have a MAGIC wand . . . I can say “Abracadabra!” and change from “Woe is me!” to, “Look out world . . . here I come!! My last newsletter was about that and I got rave reviews . . . people are ready and willing to hear this now!

  • Zoe Routh says:

    Hokey dooley – I believe in limiting beliefs. That was a corker of a realisation in this post! It’s kind of like police needing a crime to have purpose – not a great thought! Though the window through this one is if we imagined police having a different role than ‘fighting crime’ – perhaps to help kitties out of trees, be friendly to tourists, and to create throngs of panting women with a thing for men in uniform…
    Maybe law of attraction leadership coaches like me are not about changing limiting beliefs but about expanding thinking…now that feels better!
    I don’t think action can overcome limiting beliefs (because they are real – I believe in them after all! geez maybe I am still addicted to overcoming stuff…) but I do like the idea that things look weird – it doesn’t mean there’s no progress. very cool.

  • Gorgeousophie says:

    Barman! I am having what Ginny is having! Yep, a double manifestation gin and tonic! No, make it a treble and hold the tonic! Wow!

  • Ginny says:

    The thing I’m dealing with right now is having things manifest so quickly that I haven’t had time to prepare for them! I’ve wanted to someday illustrate children’s books for a while now. But it was only this year that I made up my mind to really pursue it. I figured in about six months or so I would have built up an adequate portfolio, learned more about the business – you know, I’d be a lot more “prepared”. So what happens? An editor from a major publisher just “happens” to see my website. I have ONE photo of ONE clay illustration on that website. I also have the words Clay Illustration, but had not yet turned that into a live link. So she found me based on those two things alone!! And of course, she wants me to submit samples of illustrations I don’t have. I have done some, just not in the subjects she’s interested in. And she wants them ASAP!
    This is the second time I’ve set an intention and had it manifest so fast I wasn’t ready! So now I have to manifest BEING ready, and having time to create and submit the best illustration samples I can do. How do we deal with this issue, though? You know you set your intentions because you think it will take some time for them to come to you, and then BAM! Before you’re even ready for it!

  • I’m glad you have experienced the truth of that tip, Adrianne. Thanks for sharing that!
    And what an excellent point about the role between limiting beliefs and the actions we take!
    That could be a blog post all on its own!!
    Very cool observation, girlfriend. 🙂

  • Adrianne says:

    Good, helpful tips! Thanks for sharing 🙂
    I relate to number one. I can think of several examples when I couldn’t really see the progress… and then all of a sudden one day my intention just came together to become an obvious logical next step for my reality!
    I just had this thought about number 3 though:
    I’ve noticed that taking action does lead to exposing and resolving limiting beliefs. But unfortunately, sometimes it’s those limiting beliefs that can really prevent us from taking the actions we think would make a difference.
    I guess that’s just a case where you have to keep taking little steps just slightly outside your comfort zone.

  • MissyB, you’re in Good Vibe U, too, right? Look for the Dreams Always Coming True post I put in the general discussion forum.
    (It would have been a blog post if it hadn’t contained intimate details of a good friend’s life, so I didn’t post it publicly.)
    But it’s another good reminder about how things are happening despite appearances!

  • MissyB says:

    Point number 2 is such a coincidence today. I was only telling my friend at lunchtime how things had changed on one manifestation front, but I felt I had actually moved backwards. She tried to convince me that I hadn’t and that progress was a major move. Looks like I needed to see this post to realise that despite its appearance, I have made progress.
    Thanks !

  • It does call for some trust and faith to get through phase, doesn’t it, Ellen?
    Thanks for chiming in, friend!

  • Ellen Besso says:

    Great article. I particularly like the ‘things might look weird’. We really can’t tell often when we’re getting there; we don’t always have outward manifestations of it.
    Re limiting beliefs: I like to do both; addressing them with Bryron Katie’s exercises & visioning.
    Ellen Besso
    MidLife Coach & Author

  • omgosh, “making friends with action.”
    That sentence made me realize I do have a little chip on my shoulder about it. I’d love to follow your lead, Mitch! And at least find my way to peaceful neutral.
    I like how you leverage it to quiet the gremlins and get more focus on the part that REALLY matters.
    Very nice approach.
    Thanks for sharing it for everyone here, Mitch!

  • Mitch says:

    Yay! Thanks for sharing this.
    That line about the details makes SO much sense. It really holds with the idea that everything we want has already been created, and the visualizing is only to make ourselves a match to it. I forget that sometimes when I start to fall in love with the specific details of my imagining. But never again! 😉
    I love his thoughts on limiting beliefs too. I have recently made friends with “action” for the same reason. I mostly believe that I can have what I want only by attracting it. But I’ve started taking little actions in the direction of my goals just to quiet that part of my mind that freaks out when I hold still for too long, and it’s working like a charm. Now I’m free to continue the *real* work of vibrational alignment.

  • And you know, Janette, just hearing the word the way you did likely conjured up the smell inside your brain, I’m sure!
    (That totally counts!)
    I think the treasure hunt is an excellent way for us to practice the “openness” Greg mentioned in his comment. It often shows up in ways we wouldn’t have expected!
    Here’s to more of that for all of us. 🙂
    Thanks for contributing to the conversation, Janette!

  • Janette says:

    Things look weird – LOVE it!!! Until I started reading what folks were finding over at the GVU Treasure Hunt, I still had some limited versions of what my manifesting success might look like – even though I knew in theory that stuff comes to us in a whole variety of different packages.
    My big step forward on this happened on the weekend. I’d been invited to join a novel critiquing group (something I’d been seeking for ages – yay!) and was on my way to meet with them for the first time. I had a piece to critique from an Australian author, and was immersed in the text when I came across the most beautiful, lyrical phrase which included the word cinnamon. Even though it wasn’t the smell of cinnamon required by the Treasure Hunt, it felt right and I had a little happy dance in my seat on the train.
    Later, when I mentioned how much I loved this phrase even though I didn’t quite know what it meant – the author explained that the use of aroma is a key concept in the world she’s created, and the relationships she writes about.
    Holy toledo!! That wasn’t just a whiff of cinnamon…. it was a rush! I consider that item well and truly checked off, even though the old me would have considered it too weird to count.
    Love this stuff!! And thank you for bringing us Mike’s nuggets – I love my daily dose of Notes 🙂

  • Oooh, that’s lovely, Maria, how effortlessly you see the signs all around you of what you’re manifesting!
    That’s a very helpful trait for keeping the vibe up, isn’t it?
    Thanks for reading and especially for posting, my friend. 🙂

  • Maria says:

    Thanks for sharing these nuggets Jeannette!
    I love the clarification about details in #1! So often we get encouraged to think about the nitty-gritty details, that I feel lost when I try to follow this advice. Most of the time when the Law of Attraction worked for me I did not have any near the number of details I thought I should, but yes my desire vibe was pretty high.
    Watching the progress of some of my manifestations for some reason has been easy for me. I get tons of signals that something is happening. Pictures on the topic show up. People around me end up talking about something in the same sphere, friends send me e-mails or post things in relation to my desire (even if they have no idea what I’m up to), TV shows pop up on my way to looking up for or doing something else. I pick up (or I’m given) novels that end up having related topics etc. etc. – it’s all around me. I must say this seem to happen more when I’m better aligned. There are also plenty of times that it’s hard to know whether I’ve even generated the vibe I desire.
    Taking action instead of waisting time and effort in eliminating a limiting belief sounds really good. I can see how this can work and I believe I’ve used it on some occasions. I’d love to hear or read more about it to get a better grasp of the idea.

  • Yes, Greg, key point being that openness!
    And thanks for sharing that “action as a solution for worry” tip. That creates a huge different in the vibe, doesn’t it?
    Like you could take action and still be worried; or you could take action and feel better.
    Important for us to know ourselves, isn’t it?
    Thanks for sharing here, Greg!

  • Greg Blencoe says:

    Thanks for sharing this!
    Here are couple of quick thoughts…
    Regarding #1, I think this might be particularly useful with trying to manifest an ideal boyfriend/girlfriend. I know it is very easy to focus on one person in your life. And I could see where some might think this isn’t good.
    But I like how Mike says this can still be productive as long we are open to attracting other similar people that could also be just as good or even better for us.
    Regarding #3, I really like this approach. You are solving the limiting belief problem indirectly by taking action. If you take action, you don’t have to deal with the limiting belief.
    Perhaps in a similar fashion, I have found that action is the best solution for worrying. I have noticed that my worry immediately goes away once I take action towards solving the particular issue.

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