Without Lifting a Finger

Some who criticize those of us who work with the law of attraction – indeed even some supporters of deliberate creation principles – say that positive thinking is well and good, but action is required to get results.
Indeed, many manifesting formulas include taking inspired action.
But sometimes we mistake what “inspired action” really means.
If you’ve readΒ Adventures In Manifesting, you know that one of my inspired actions was to go to bed for four days and read a book (which led to a complete reversal of my bad luck in foster dog adoptions).
If you’re familiar with Pray Rain Journaling, you know my inspired action was to take a long goof-off lunch (which put me in the elevator with a perfect prospect at the perfect time, leading to a record-breaking short sales cycle).
These are not unusual experiences, for me or other creators.
In fact, just this week I experienced success without any action at all on my part, other than saying “yes, thanks.” That happens often enough that I do not consider action to be a required element of manifesting.

That story: rock and roll icon KISS was coming to town; a performance I’d never seen live. Missing the “hottest show on earth” by a band I grew up loving wasn’t an option; yet, surprisingly, I never felt inspiration to buy tickets. Puzzling, I know! But I’m getting better at living from inspiration rather than “shoulds,” so I never bought tickets.
The day before the show my ex-boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend decided she couldn’t use the fourth row tickets she’d bought at a premium ($250 a seat!), so I found myself in a much better seat – free, to boot – with fabulous company. (Front row folks are die hard fans!)
Which wouldn’t have happened had I bought my own tickets.

My point: sometimes we think taking inspired action means we have to feel good about posting a dating profile online, or get excited about starting an online newsletter for our business, or finding an exercise routine we enjoy.
But what you want can happen in a bazillion different ways! Many of those ways much better than you’ve been imagining.
The fact is sometimes inspiration just doesn’t look anything like you think it “should.”
That’s the thing about inspiration – you can’t dictate or predict it.
And smart creators don’t question it when they feel it. Β πŸ™‚
Sometimes you get what you want without lifting a finger. Our power, after all, is in managing our energy to create vibrational alignment to our desire. Not in “making it happen.”
It’s worth adding, though, that those who believe action is required in order to get what they want are right.
Those who believe action is optional are also right.
Our beliefs rule.
I personally have nothing against action, but if you’re taking some that’s holding up your alignment, it’s worth rethinking the role you think it plays in effective creation.
You may just find Universe whispering something you didn’t recognize because it didn’t line up with your idea about what you “should” be doing.
This is your reminder Universe likes to play with us when we make room for it, and will do the heavy lifting if we simply believe it’s possible and let it.

  • September 25, 2010
  • J says:

    I was half way through reading the comments, when I remembered I should finally contact someone about the street lights outside my home being out of order for days on end. When I (rather quickly) found the right email address, I happened to look out the window – and the street lights are on! I could hardly believe my eyes! πŸ˜€
    I’d like too look at this as a “good sign” from the Universe that, indeed, we CAN manifest without any action. I’ve been pondering this issue for the longest time now (for years I guess), being rather put off by all the LOA people who insist on action being necessary.
    My gut feeling has always been that no action should be needed, but I think I’ve often given in to the opinion of others, who supposedly know more about this than I do. On top of that, the rest of society who don’t believe in LOA at all, relying only on action (or luck?).
    I mean if the Universe/God/etc. is so powerful, why on earth would it/he/she need our help? That’s just too funny when you look at it that way, isn’t it?
    So THANK YOU Jeanette and everyone commenting for your refreshingly positive view on this topic! The most uplifting info I’ve found on the LOA lately! LOVE IT! πŸ˜€
    (Going to finish reading the comments now…)

  • Lois says:

    Hi Jeannette,
    It’s been a while since I have been on your blog. I don’t know why I have stayed away, because everytime that I read one of your blogs I feel uplifted and discover something that makes me feel good. The topic of this blog is exactly what I needed today. Three months ago I was fired from my job of 6 years. It came as quite a surprise and I have not felt like looking for anything else at this time. I know eventually that I will go back to work but for the last 3 months I have just been relaxing and reading and waiting to feel inspired to look for another job. I have been feeling pretty good, because I was able to get unemployment, so didn’t have to worry to much about money. But then today instead of finding a check in the mailbox, I received a letter from the unemployment department that they had some questions about my last job and wanted to have a phone interview with me. So right away I am bummed because I didn’t get my check and then feelings of unworthiness start taking over. What am I going to do? I need to continue receiving my unemployment that I was expecting for another few months. I don’t know what kind of work I want to do. I feel so sad and depressed. As I was taking a nap, I thought, “I need to get on the Goodvibe Blog, there will be something there from Jeannette or Abraham that will help me to feel better.” And sure enough there was this topic. Just because I received a letter today from the unemployment office requesting an interview does not mean that my benefits are going to be stopped. But if they are, I am trusting the universe to provide me with another source of income. The most important thing is that I am feeling good right now. And I know that this is something that Abraham always says is the most important thing – feeling good. Even though this topic was last posted on a few weeks ago, I am writing this and sending it out to the universe. I am aware that no one might read it, but I feel good about sending it off to the universe. Just writing it has lifted my spirits. As always, thank you Jeannette.

  • Jeannette says:

    So glad you’re finding inspiration here, Gopali! You’ve got good company in this deliberate creation work, and I applaud your commitment to finding the vibe that allows all your good stuff in.
    Thanks for reading and especially for joining the conversation.

  • GOPALI GHOSH says:

    Hi Jeannette and everyone else
    I am so glad of this blog- I have been having long talks with the Universe about ” getting on with it” and delivering what I want to attract- but I keep on thinking about it instead of sitting back and chilling. I know it will happen and then niggles pop out their scrawny little heads and I sigh and think here’s goes alignment! But i am a hundred person sure it will materialise in the time frame and place and with whom I want this- that I am abslutely sure of. I just want it sorted and soon- So trying hard to relax and sip my sangria(visual one anyway!) and know at iall true and happening now without me lifting a finger.
    Thanks to all
    Much love…

  • Julio Blanco says:

    Jeannette, I so appreciate this perspective of inspired action. I’ve struggled to get my head around this in the allowing part of my LOA journey. I often feel resistance when I think about “but you’ve got to take action, the physical is the realm of action…yadayadayada.” And yet what often feels good to me might be described as “lazy” by some. Actions like taking naps, sitting and doing nothing, or going for a run or yoga instead of “real work.” After reading your post, I feel better about embracing my whims about how to live as “inspired” indeed. So I’ve been getting more of it right than I thought all along. Hi five. Thanks… again!

  • MissyB says:

    Melissa – I made a new year’s resolution this year…to give up searching for a bloke…which included giving up online dating (which I hated). We’re in to the last quarter of the year, and no, I’ve not met the one (or maybe I have, but just don’t know it yet), but, I FEEL so much better. If a man comes along, great, but I am free from looking, I’m free from thinking what’s wrong with me because I never got many hits online. My relationships have improved with men in my work circle and friend circle because I can be me…no trying to be something I’m not.
    You can meet guys ANYWHERE ! It doesn’t have to be online dating.
    And the Universe will help introverts…the Universe helps everyone that helps themselves.
    Perhaps Mr Right will knock on your door too, without you having to lift a finger.

  • Melissa says:

    Okay, so I want to manifest the right relationship for myself. And people I talk to who are married often say to me, “So, have you tried Online dating?” and a part of me cringes. So, I decided to give it a try. At first is seemed kind of fun, I even met a few nice guys, but no Mr. Rights. I’ve been on it for a while, and frankly I’m disillusioned and find it a very frustrating outlet to meet a man. Is it not working for me because I’m not focusing on it, and because I am turned off by my experiences so far? I kind of feel like I HAVE to pursue Online dating in order to meet a man? I am thinking of taking a break since I haven’t had much success. I guess I just feel like I “should” stay with it because where else will I meet someone? I’m more of an introvert and honestly don’t put myself out there (and does the Universe help introverts? :o) ). I guess it all boils down to this, and I know it’s going to sound silly, but is Online dating really the best way to meet someone? Can I just ask the Universe to send me my mate and kick back for a while without doing any of the work?

  • Stacy says:

    I realized I got what I’d been asking for – but not in a way I’d expected – and without any real action on my part. A complete and total stranger emailed me yesterday about some websites I have and offer me $275 to change some links from other websites to his. The only thing I can think of that I did a bit differently recently was I did a “Quantum Heart Connection” the night before where I imagined connecting energetically to paying customers. And that was what I’d been asking for – paying customers. But I imagined them in very different ways. Yet this way definitely works! It took me all of 10 minutes to do as he asked and he paid immediately through paypal. All I had to do action wise to get this in the first place was to “ask”, “envision it” and then log into my email and respond! lol

  • Ryan Biddulph says:

    Hi Jeannette
    “Our beliefs rule.” Luv it!
    I receive some flack from people who criticize my work less/feel better theory of manifestation. By thought, what we want is brought to us. Through acting, we receive it. Some people get the equation all wrong. Attempting to receive all day yet pushing away what they want.
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful insight and have a great day.

  • MissyB says:

    The right bloke for me is definitely going to knock on my door…no action required other than to open the door. πŸ™‚

  • Nicole says:

    Love the concert story Jennifer! Great analogy for how sitting back, enjoying the moment, being excited and happy no matter what, is more rewarding than pushing your way to what you want.

  • Jennifer Aligning says:

    Jeannette – what a great topic! Here’s an interesting true story that contrasts the difference between taking action versus not lifting a finger.
    I recently attended a Jason Mraz concert with my beloved, his daughter, and my daughter. Before the concert started, we observed a woman trying–in any way, shape, or form–to convince the security guard to give her access to the front stage area. Her actions included showing the security guard her tickets (obviously the wrong ones), arguing with him, and shouting over him at people she knew behind him. The security guard wasn’t buying it. My beloved and I chuckled, whispering to each other “that woman is really out of alignment!”
    Our daughters, on the other hand, were excited, thrilled, and exhilarated to be present at the concert. Although we had purchased lawn tickets–way in the back of the arena–the girls stood for a while outside the gate area, near the stage, at the beginning of the concert to catch better glimpses of the performer. They were so happy.
    Lo and behold, a concert promoter approached the girls and asked if they would like to watch the concert from the pit area, directly in front of the stage, because it wasn’t filled. Without doing anything, they manifested their heart’s desires. The four of us watched the concert from the best location in the place, without lifting a finger.
    So while the woman trying every action possible to get what she wanted yielded no results, the joyful act of being present in the moment yielded the best possible results. What an interesting lesson for us all!

  • Madi says:

    SO, I’ve already had the Universe show me I’m on the right track: I got a raise at my current job! Out of nowhere! I even just had one a few months ago, but my boss said that I got another one because they wanted to reward me! Yay! Thanks Uni, I’ll take more of this please! πŸ™‚

  • Lin E says:

    I love when Universe plays with me. I love this post Jeannette!

  • Pamela says:

    Great stories. I love when I can manifest out of thin air. I have had lots of small stuff happen but I’ve had some big things with no work on my part.
    I wanted to manifest money to take a vacation. Didn’t do anything but buy a lottery ticket. My father called me and asked if I was interested in taking a vacation. He had an unused time share week.
    I’m also working on building a new blog. I don’t have it up yet, but I’ve been thinking about how I will get links to my site. Out of the blue a very generous webmaster offers me a link on her fabulous, popular site….
    I love manifesting without lifting a finger.

  • Madi says:

    Thanks Jeannette, I’m quite enjoying the “free woman” vibe myself! I intend to keep it activated for a good long time πŸ˜€
    Yeah, I actually received that Abe cd too about the woman and her “hope” not being vortexy enough. I’m going to go have a re-listen to it just to get all I can from it. I think they said to just hang in the good feelings long enough until you feel the “lit up” can’t NOT do it feeling. That’s the best time to take the action. Which…I haven’t been feeling any of that regarding sending out more resumes, etc. lately, so I think I’ll sit with the “free woman,” having fun, chilling out, enjoying the fact that I have A job at all, vibration long enough until I feel that high energy inspiration vibe!!! Thanks again, Jeannette!!!
    Happy Manifesting πŸ˜€
    (PS-I’ll stay in tune and let everyone know when that inspiration comes!!! πŸ™‚ )

  • Laura says:

    Along the lines of what Frank just wrote, I too, have had really amazing things happen once I “decided”. Just wrote a post about this on the GVU forum. I decided a while back that I didn’t need to look for a job because I had one…I was a coach. Once I decided I was one (whether or not I had a ton of clients and enough to support me full time) I was a coach. Opportunities just came at me. I started speaking differently about it, was more confident in explaining what I do, etc. I decided and I BECAME it. That is how it works…decide it and then you become it.
    Same thing for my desire to move in Oct. and not knowing where or how. Didn’t matter. The answers, clarity and circumstances made their way to me and I am indeed moving in October.
    I decided I wanted a way to bring in supplemental income to present itself to me. Nothing I “saw” really appealed to me, so I had the intuition to ask a friend about doing VA work (not for him necessarily) but asking if he knew how one becomes one. Turns out, he was looking to hire someone. Poof! There is was. Didn’t do a damn thing.
    I could go on and on, but the BIG lesson to note here is this. You decide you want something and trust you will get it. Start thinking, acting and believing that it is on it’s way to you and get ready, get excited and you will be pleasantly surprised!

  • Thank you Jeannette!
    “Yes, but you can’t just sit on the couch and expect the Universe to do it all for you.”
    I can’t count how many times I read this or heard it in the year after The Secret came out.
    And yet, in my own life, I see again and again that the very best experiences come when I do nothing other than DECIDE “this is what I will have” or DECIDE “this is what I will experience.”
    It’s as though I can literally feel the physical world around me shifting to bring me exactly what I’m wanting.
    Since 2005, I’ve transitioned from working as a project manager in a technical industry to being the channel that I came here to be. And being a channel literally means to just sit in one place (like a couch, for example) and let something happen through me.
    And that something is always quite powerful and constantly surprises and delights! No matter how much I try to do so differently, clients find me and this delightfully playful work. The less I do to find them, the easier it is for us to connect.
    Thanks again for this!!

  • Visionaryfairy says:

    I love reading everyone’s stories! My favorite experience like this came to me years ago. I was finishing my last year of college and had met a few folks that were performing on cruise ships. I loved what they told me about it and had planned on making a video audition to send in. I had an address ready to mail it to but never got around to filming anything. I graduated college and took a marketing tour job immediately. Cool job-touring the country and making good cash, but nothing that I wanted to be doing for my life! That tour was fun but a lot of things fell through and instead of lasting 8 months, it lasted 3. I was sad and didn’t know what to do. My only plan was to get myself another marketing tour and I was getting ready to send out my resumes. I walked in the door with my mom and we listened to the answering machine. There was a man who worked for Royal Caribbean who happened to be looking for “funny women for their ship” and a random friend from college had given my name. I made an audition video in a weekend and within 2 weeks I was sitting in my hotel in Miami getting ready to leave to board the ship!
    This was one of those very first magically moments in my life where I knew there were other things contriving to get me exactly where I needed to be when I needed to be there! This is years before I learned of LOA. All I knew is that something was showing me I could earn money as a performer and plopped me easily right in the middle of it!
    To top it off, I got experience “being funny” and performing in ways I never would have if I had just auditioned as a singer like I initially wanted to. Eventually I did work as a singer on ships as well though!

  • I can relate, Monika, as one of my mentor coaches once introduced me to a group of colleagues as “the girl who isn’t happy unless she’s in action.” ha
    (I do like to do things still, but have since learned that they don’t have to be things that necessarily make “sense.” Rather, just things that feel good.)
    Sounds like we are in the same boat on this one. lol
    Nice to have good company for it! πŸ™‚

  • M(onika) says:

    Have I already mentioned that I absolutely adore these avatars? I love mine! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  • M(onika) says:

    I love this!!! πŸ™‚
    I can second all the posts too. Action or not, I think the most important thing is that we do *not* take action when it doesn’t feel right. In the past, I did so many things out of panic that I regretted afterwards because they resulted in more misery than I had before. πŸ˜‰ It is imprinted on my forehead now: “Never do anything that doesn’t feel right!”
    Inspired action can come in all forms – from doing *nothing* πŸ˜€ to doing a lot, just what feels good at the given time, what feels right. I have always been a *doer* so it is harder for me to not take action, than to jump into it rightaway.

  • How inspiring, Susan! “Yes, please.” !! I LOVE it!!
    And you’re right – it’s the stuff that we REALLY want/need that can be a little more challenging to find that nonchalant, effortless, letting go place that serves us so well.
    To be able to appreciate the small TV, too, I think that was an important element in the unfolding of the new free TV.
    I knew you guys would come up with great examples of this! Thanks for this one, Susan. Much appreciated!
    JG – well said there. That is nice food for thought!

  • Glad you found some inspiration here, Ande, and that you’re having fun with the splat recovery! How cool!
    Jacqui, that’s about as beautiful example as effortless asking and allowing as I’ve ever heard. Thank you for it!

  • JG. says:

    Maybe sometimes, feeling no inspiration toward something -or someone- is, indeed, inspiration!

  • Susan says:

    My latest manifestation, without lifting a finger, is a new television.
    My old one had broken down and I was using the small one from the bedroom. When I first moved this small one into the living room I noticed how small it was and how I couldn’t see the screen as clearly. But, and this is the big thing, I was OKAY with it because it actually looked really good where it was and I could always put my glasses on to see more clearly.I had a thought that some day I would like a bigger television but I was happy with the one I had.
    I had no more thought about it whatsoever, and I really mean no more thought, then one day just a few weeks later one of my family phoned me to see if I wanted a television because someone they work with had one going free to a new home !!! All I had to do was say ‘yes please’ and it was delivered to my door. A lovely new television, free and so easy. The only action I had to take was saying ‘YES’.
    I could give you a list of things I’ve manifested in this way, no action on my part,except from saying yes to what I’m offered.
    It’s always soooo easy if I get out of the way and don’t think of it again (but that’s the tricky thing isn’t it)

  • Ande says:

    Ditto to Janette. This post is timely for me too. Right now, I’m about 3 weeks from coming up $1000 short on my monthly budget, i.e., not enough coming in to cover bills and none in reserve. So what has been my inspiration? I felt moved to start a new site. Eventually, I think it could be a viable enterprise. But now? No way–not in time. But it felt right, so I’m doing it. It’s called upfromsplat.com and it made sense to do it because what I’ve gotten very good at doing is getting back up when I fall down and go SPLAT.
    I’m having a ball with it, but my fear voice jumps up and yells, “You need $1000!” And I take a deep breath and follow my bliss and pet my dog and relish the falling leaves and the rain. And I tell myself that it’s not an action journey.
    Your post is like this happy bobblehead doll nodding in agreement at my choices. THANK YOU!!

  • Janette says:

    Having done my last day on the job, I’m feeling some internal pressure to GET INTO ACTION – and yet I know none of it would qualify remotely as “inspired” LOL
    This post could not be more timely. I love that I get to choose whether I believe in action or not! There is nothing I want to do right now except rest and recover. So that’s ALL I’m gonna do – the icing on top is that I can relax and enjoy the ride knowing there is nothing that I SHOULD be doing.
    Thank you Jeannette and everyone else. And squeeee!!!

  • Jacqui says:

    I’ve got one!
    I was once ironing and thinking about my grandmother who had died six months or so before. I said out loud ‘I would like something to happen that really makes me feel connected to her’ and then forgot about it. Went for a coffee with a neighbour in the afternoon, and at bedtime I realised I wasn’t wearing the ring my gran had left me – I never took it off, and it wasn’t loose. I certainly was thinking about her a lot with having lost her ring, but I assumed I would find it.
    A week or so later I was still thinking about the ring, and said again out loud ‘ok, enough now, I’d really like my ring back please’. A couple of hours later I went to see the same neighbour, and on my way back I walked on the other side of the road, and saw a sign nailed to a tree saying ‘found – ring – looks like an old lady’s piece of jewellery. Call at number 17’. There it was! It must have fallen off my finger on the first visit to neighbour, and someone picked it up from the street. I remember how easily I’d asked, and how quickly what I wanted came.
    This is a great post, feels really good! Thanks for letting us share.

  • Yeah, Janette, I think we have to have a pretty high Belief to counter the energy of Should in order for that to work out well.
    (I’ve done it prior to LOA enlightenment, so I know it’s possible, but it’s surely not the best use of our power. ha)
    Here’s to honoring that rest and recovery is much better for allowing us to get what we want than “should” actions that prevent our alignment rather than further it. (Reminds me of going to bed for four days and having long lunches.)
    I know the magic of it! πŸ™‚

  • Dreamhowl says:

    I think that’s awesome. I too believe manifesting can happen very easily without action, though I am not on the ball with it lately. I few weeks ago I essentially manifested $2000 that arrived as a check from my school because, the night before, I had printed out and hung The Secret sayings and pictures on my door. This included a check from the Universe, which I filled out for only $1000, with the date listed as “Today”.
    Anything is possible if we believe it. Thanks for the great post!

  • Madi, I like the “free woman” vibe you’ve activated! WOO HOO!!
    THAT one is taking you good places!
    Your post reminds me of something I maybe should have included in the post. I recently heard Abraham say to someone who said she had done the stuff to get aligned, and taken the action she felt inspired to take, and that she had hoped it would pay off but it hadn’t really.
    Abraham said hope was not vortexy enough to move on.
    Specifically, and if someone remembers this one better than me, please chime in, but they said hope will get you on the BRINK of the vortex, but you don’t want to take any action until you’re IN the vortex. They said don’t do anything until you can’t NOT do it.
    If that makes any sense?
    Like, you are so on fire about it, so lit up, that it’s harder to sit in your chair than it is to leap up and get started.
    Nice distinction about the different energies that move us.
    So I would say you are on the right track, my friend!! Feeling the “free woman” vibe and only moving when you feel truly inspired. Sounds like a powerful combo to me!

  • Madi says:

    Whoa weird! I must have unknowingly told the computer to delete something! I said at the end, “I only wish there was a new post to read everyday!” LOL I guess that’s what I get for not replying enough to these πŸ˜‰
    PS-I love the little monster guy… Purple is my favorite color! =}

  • Madi says:

    You are so good! I love this. Reading it raised my vibe significantly … reading everybody’s replies did as well! I’ve recently graduated from the U and am “looking” for a job. At first I was sending out my resume to anything and everything that was remotely related to my field, but I haven’t felt the desire, inspiration, nudge, what-have-you to do anymore “looking” or applying. For awhile, I was puzzled by my non-desire to actively seek a job, but after reading this timely post, I’ve realized that my not taking action due to no inspiration to is all part of the plan. I’m just chilling out and enjoying being a free woman (free from papers, exams, presentations, and stress of school!). I feel great, thanks Jeannette! I love reading your blog, every post is magnificent and always a sure fire way to raise my vibration! Thanks again!

  • $2,000 showed up the day after you wrote $1,000 down? I think Universe loves you, Dreamhowl. lol
    That’s a cool story! Thanks for popping in to share it.

  • Ooh, “we get whatever we impress upon it.”
    That thought with the soft clay image really works for me, Angela!
    Your preference of combining inspiration and action reminds me Abraham saying that we do like “working with the clay.” We like to get our fingers in the pie – it’s one of the pleasures of being in physical form.

  • Jeannette,
    I think you’re right. If we believe we have to take action – we do. If we believe we can pause and allow the Universe to create the perfect conditions, then that’s what will be. The Universe is as malleable as soft clay. We get whatever we impress upon it.
    I prefer a combination of both action and inspiration, and allowing the Universe to set up the “bowling pins” for me. I agree – it’s all our “shoulds” that get in the way of our manifesting.
    Thanks so much for another wonderful and insightful post. I think you’re blog is terrific!

  • Stephen, that’s an element I can still use some use improvement on, I’ve noticed. The “letting go” part.
    What a beautiful example of honoring inspiration, taking inspired action, and not having any attachment at all to the outcome. Way to let it be easy.
    Nicely done, my friend!

  • stephen taylor says:

    In mid July, on a complete whim, I looked at craigslist for western colorado for a job. I found a tech job listed for a company in Pagosa Springs and thought it sounded interesting. I sent a resume off and promptly forgot about it. 3 weeks later I get a call from the head of IT at Parelli Natural Horsemanship asking if I would like to come up and interview for for the job and by early september I was packing my stuff and getting ready to move up there and start work.
    The job absolutely rocks and Pagosa Springs is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Sometimes inspired action is acting and then totally letting go of any expectation. I sent my resume off and moved on and the universe delivered the goods.

  • Sophie, I wonder if the action you took prior was useful in terms of bringing you to a positive expectation or belief?
    I know sometimes it works the opposite way, too. Doing what we’re “supposed” to can be an energy drainer that actually takes us OUT of alignment to the desired result.
    Wondering what the situation was for you? Did the resume sending feel good to you?

  • Sophie says:

    After college, I was looking for work. I tried all the things I new: sending resumes, etc. One day, while watching TV, I get a phone call from a friend who knows someone looking for an assistant. The description is me to a T. I call the person, have lunch with him and start working the next day.
    That job lead to my dream come true: producing musicals. I never thought I would have ever been able to do that. Also, that job lead to all kind of connections, including the one that lead to my husband.
    And all of this happened while I was watching TV, waiting for the phone to ring πŸ™‚
    Love manifesting without lifting a finger!!!!

  • Anna, I love it when the manifestations include great food!! lol
    Thanks for sharing that fun one! πŸ™‚

  • Anna says:

    I once manifested chicken and dumplings without doing any thing. I make very good chicken and dumplings and love them. I had been thinking about them for several days and I knew I could make them anytime,but I did not want to do all of the work. After about 3 days of me thinking about making them my friend Mary who lives around the corner and who also makes excellent chicken and dumpling brought over a huge bowl of them because she made too much.

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