Work Wanted

I liked this story from my girlfriend Anne so much, I asked her permission to share it.
She’s been on the job hunt for a couple months now. After joining her boyfriend in California last year, she burned through a couple of different positions that for one reason or another weren’t right for her. She’s been out of work now for several weeks, and is getting unnerved by her extended unemployment.
Anne wrote the other day, saying she’s been searching job listings, sending out resumes, writing cover letters, reviewing web sites, trying to line up interviews, all to no avail. She was frustrated, to say the least.
Her note to me said she recognized she was “needing” this new job, and knew from an LOA perspective that that was keeping it from her. So she was going to work on “believing” it.
But before she got around to that she decided to give herself a break and go see her favorite band perform live. Her boyfriend took her, and even though he’s not nearly the fan she is, he stayed for entire concert and they had a really good time. (She’s such a big fan that her personal email address is the band’s name, and she’s travelled the country to see them live! I mean, the band members know her name!)
Can you guess what happens next?
The very next day she got four messages. Three from employers asking to set up interviews, one asking her to come in that same day.
So now she’s feeling in “high demand” and her whole vibration is turned around.
What a difference a day makes, huh? Especially a day that includes us doing something that feels fabulous!
You know as well as I do that lots of folks would have given her advice about how to “make it happen” in her job hunt. They’d counsel her to work her network, beef up her resume, or take some other conventional action to make herself more desirable to prospective employers.
Not too many “experts” would suggest a night out with her favorite band for the solution to getting a job.
But that’s often exactly what shifts the energy – doing what feels good. Which is what allows our escrow to squeak through our “real life” door.
Congrats, girlfriend, on letting the Universe do some of the heavy lifting. And I know since you pre-paved this next job that it will be a keeper!
PS – that’s not say that taking real life conventional action doesn’t make a difference in getting what we want. For lots of people, that “real life conventional action” is what shifts the energy, right? We do what we “believe” will work, and that believing is sometimes exactly what creates our vibrational alignment.
It’s just a matter of finding your way to what feels best to you. 🙂

  • October 14, 2007
  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    Holly, you have GOT to give us a link to your LOA Adventures blog when you comment. It’s fabulous!

    For those who don’t already know, you can also get there by clicking her name, which will take you to her profile, which lists her blog at the bottom.

    It’s informative AND entertaining! Keep it up, Holly! And thanks for reading & posting here! : )

  • holly says:

    it hit me as i was walking up the steps to my w/w meeting today : ‘oops, i left a post to good vibe coach quite possibly as my alter-ego, instead of my journey persona. oh boy.’ i’m thoroughly glad you enjoyed that, though.
    this other blog, although it has a different focus (it’s my humour outlet), is actually part of my attraction-ing (that’s a word…). it is taking me down a path that my intentions have created. i’m ‘following my bliss’ and the site is really snowballing in terms of that development. i love the possibilities of what will happen.
    but then i thought ‘hey, i need more visibility for my loa blog’, so i’m now going to start attracting some visitors to that. it’s so much fun watching things unfold!

  • Good Vibe Coach says:

    Yeah, it’s good that we’re hearing the message more, so it’s easier to release the old programming about how we have to “work hard” or “make it happen.”

    After having an experience or two like this, it makes it even easier to follow the “feel good”!

    Thanks for posting, Holly. 🙂

  • holly says:

    awesome post! i was listening to ‘The Astonishing Power of Emotions’ cd yesterday and today, and this is quite in line with its message.

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