Work Wonders with These 2 Questions

Manifest Magic: Work Wonders with These 2 QuestionsBashar tells us that the process of manifesting isn’t a matter of figuring out how to create something from nothing.

Because what we want already exists.

So it’s not like we have to try to make something happen – because that something is already happening.

(You’re already rich, beautiful, healthy, successful and loved by all in a parallel reality. Whatever you want is already a done deal.)

All we have to do is get ourselves where that’s happening … which we do by becoming the same energetic frequency of our desire.

Here it is in Bashar’s words:

Manifestation is not bringing something to you that you don’t already have. It’s revealing to you what’s already there (by matching its frequency).

The way you match its frequency is by acting on your highest excitement.

You cannot experience what you’re not the vibration of first. You have to be the vibration of the reality (you desire) or you cannot experience the things that are germane to that reality. It’s simple physics.

Be the vibration first, then you will be inspired and attracted to the synchronicities, thoughts, and ideas that come hand in hand with that vibration.

If you are not that vibration, then all the doors that may be right there in front of you will be completely invisible to you.

That’s why when we’re thinking about what we want, whatever that might be, it’s important to ask if we know how to be that now. Do you know the frequency of your desired result?

Lots of us know the frequency of the contrast (“ugh, not this!”), or the frequency of the desire (“man, I really want that”), or even the frequency of the effort to get there (“I’m gonna make this happen”).

But do you know the vibration of having it? That’s what we want to nail.

  • If you want more money, do you know how to be rich?
  • If you want helpful support, do you know how to be well supported?
  • If you want a more relaxed schedule, do you know how to relax now?
  • If you want better relationships, do you know the vibration of love?
  • If you want a big problem to be resolved, do you know the feeling of relief?

Because our desired result can’t reveal itself to us until we’ve gotten there first energetically. And many of us have been practicing the opposite vibrations for a while.

So if you’re really good at feeling restricted, or broke, or busy, or unappreciated – or whatever you’ve got going on contrast-wise, that’s important to change.

What do you want, and how does that feel? Answering those two questions will work wonders in your world.

The other day I wasn’t feeling very financially savvy or abundant, so I turned it around to feel on top of things, very financially fluent and prosperous. In short order Universe changed everything!

Last night I started looking for a cat gone awol, who revealed himself shortly after I replaced my “Where are you?!” vibration with the “There you are!” declaration.

It’s Manifesting 101, but easy to forget.

What do you want, and how does that feel?

You’ll be magic when you work these two questions.

  • May 3, 2014
  • Carolyn says:

    Mrs. C. That is so cool. And I agree the main thing is to have fun with it otherwise I take it too seriously it becomes work. I am soo inspired by your story. Thanks so much for sharing:)

  • Mrs. C says:

    Carolyn, You were correct the first time. I was just a Freudian slip (parapraxis) All you really have to do is live it.
    I have noticed over the past few days now that when I am out and about I get treated differently by people. One of my neighbours said hello to me when he never said anything for months. This is all due to me stepping into my new reality. I did lit it slip while I was in the que for the post office and noticed a change. The main thing for me is to have fun with it.
    Just under two years ago I embodied the fact that I only attracted multi millionaire men for a joke as I was so pissed with my ex who loved being in debt for some reason. (I had my own money though…)
    I did attract a gorgeous man as I listed and acted as if. Well this man has is own oil Co. we are still friends to this very day but it’s all on a very shallow level. I have not deleted him from my contacts as when I see his pic’s and talk. I just use it as a sync reminder that I can meet the vibrational match I want even if it is shallow.

  • Carolyn says:

    Mrs. C – I meant I love your processes..

  • Carolyn says:

    Mrs. C – I live your processes. “1. Acting as if every
    day for 10-20minutes for a few weeks then build
    up the time until I am doing it 24/7. Also keep
    checking up on my self every few hours of my
    mood/vibe by setting my alarm. This helps me
    keep to stay in my embodied new state more
    consistently.”. I will definitely tey that. Thanks.
    Sharon – that is very good advice. Leaving it alone for a while and the energy will fizzle out. So distract myself right. Hmmm. Will do my best. Thanks.

  • I love Mrs. C’s answer, Carolyn! (Thanks for that, Mrs. C.)
    And Sharon is giving very sage advice, backed up by Abraham who says that to their hotseaters rather regularly. (I love quoting Esther, “I don’t have to think about this right now.” Such relief to leave it alone for a bit!)
    I was going to chime in and say that this is exactly why I have a wide variety of processes to play with, since I can experience a bit of “process fatigue” if I overdo it with one for too long.
    I know other creators who experience the exact opposite – the longer they stick with one process, the more powerful it becomes.
    Here’s to getting creative in order to discover whatever works best for each of us!

  • Sharon says:

    I’m not Jeannette Carolyn, but for me I think the best thing to do when you are in that situation is to just get off the subject the best way you can. Leave it alone for a while and the energy will fizzle out. Then you can always revisit the subject at a later date.

  • Mrs. C says:

    @Carolyn You hit the nail on the head with me on that one because this is what was bothering me too. Funny enough I used to be one of the natural people who was able to sync into whatever vibration I wanted instantly. I lost my mojo, something I thought would never happen. But I am glad for that experience all the same as it has kept me grounded.
    One thing for sure that really help me during this period was going drama improvisation classes at school. This changed my world within weeks. I am looking to find a group or even create a meetup group as for me this is key.
    So now what I am doing is 1. Acting as if every day for 10-20minutes for a few weeks then build up the time until I am doing it 24/7. Also keep checking up on my self every few hours of my mood/vibe by setting my alarm. This helps me keep to stay in my embodied new state more consistently.
    2. only have one goal (having too many goals can be too much to focus on (for me anyways)
    3. Step out of my comfort zone. I have been shocked with the amazing results I get if I aim higher and take action.
    4. Write out what are your limiting beliefs and fears about that goal. e.g one of mine was that I had to stop a habit first in order to get my goal. which was not true even if I knew it but it was fixed in my head. so I had to write out what new beliefs would I have to have in order for me to have my goal. What would be your feeling of knowing be like?
    Just be and become. Someone that I knew was doing this and she was faking it until people caught her out. I’ve seen many other people do this too. They lie so much acting as if but their vibration is not conducive to what they are saying.
    I guess you are doing all this things anyways but I have also started to use heart energy instead of mind energy and keeping everything simple.
    I love Bashar because he cracks me up laughing all the time esp @12:10 in the last link. (I know I am doing that LOL)

  • Carolyn says:

    Great post Jeannette. So our work is to feel as we would feel if we had the thing we desire. I get that. To get there we can use some of the processes taught by Abraham or whatever works for you. The thing that kind of gets me is when I use one process and it puts me right there in that vibration I want, until it doesnt. I mean after a while it stops working and seemingly no other process works at that time much as I try. So then I feel as though I am struggling or efforting to feel good and in that moment it does not feel good. Kind of frustrating! Any idea what to do other than perhaps take a nap ..which can be hard to do in the middle of my job:)). So I know what to do but I need help getting there more consistently.

  • Vee, I have to thank you for the inspiration to revisit the Lakshmi chant. Your story made me excited to pick it up again!
    In fact, I found (and updated the post with) this version of the chant, in case anyone else is interested, too:

  • Vee says:

    I love these reminders. I think it is always useful to return to LOA 101 basics.
    I have been doing the Lakshmi abundance chant for 13 days now. I have done this 40 day process twice before with so much success. I learned this technique on your blog. Yesterday I won a pair of shoes from a contest I had entered! I have found $ in the last 13 days. Not big amounts but 3 days in a row. I alos found $ I forgot about. I started my blog and have had amazing response already. On and on.
    I love manifesting my abundant life. Thanks for being part of it.

  • I think, Steve, a lot of people don’t know about or pay attention to their personal energy – but it works the same whether they’re aware and consciously managing it or not.
    So someone who just has a naturally aligned vibration – cool to be them! Someone who doesn’t at least has a clear instruction about how to change things.

  • Steve says:

    I don’t mean to be a pain in the rear (really I don’t) but there are people who have good health and/or are doing OK financially who don’t know anything about vibration and/or frequency. However someone lacking these (or other things) has to change their vibration and/or frequency. Is this to say that someone who has whatever is at that vibration and/or frequency without knowing it?
    It doesn’t seem that straight forward.

  • haha – that one still makes me smile, Nat!
    I have to say, too, that using words is one of my FAVORITE ways to get to the aligned place! I know some folks do better with visioning and such, but I click in SO easy with the right words!
    Thanks for starting the conversation, my friend! 🙂

  • My favorite statement that helps me feel abundant is one that I learned from you Jeannette: “Holy Shit, I make a lot of money!” Works like a charm 🙂

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