World Peace Day

planet.jpgAs I reflected on World Peace Day today, I thought back to this morning when I worked myself into a tizzy trying to decide whether to take a shower before the Comcast guy showed up or wait till after he left.
They gave me a four hour window for arrival of the service tech (starting immediately) after I called in a problem with my modem. What to do … ?
I KNEW he’d ring the bell as soon as I jumped in the shower, and also knew if I waited till after he left, he wouldn’t show up till this afternoon. Not that I’m opposed to spending the day in pajamas, but I had “out and about” plans for this Friday that required real clothes and preferably a shower.
So, I decided to take a record fast shower. What were the chances of him really getting there within 20 minutes of my calling in? Surely that wouldn’t happen. I went for it.
Once in the shower though, every car door I heard close and every dark bark and voice I could make out made my heart leap with fear at the thought he’d arrived while I was indisposed. Let him in with wet hair? Miss the appointment? Make him wait?
My mind was going to all the places I wouldn’t want to find myself in real life. Ever done that yourself? lol
I recognized I had no peace in my mind. I needed to relax and know it would be perfect timing.
He shows up in perfect timing. I have PLENTY of time for a LONG shower. “Relax. Plenty of time.”And then Koda would bark again and my heart would leap .. “Is that him??”
Wait a minute, Jeannette, there’s PLENTY of time for a nice LONG shower. Relax. Take your time. It’ll work out perfectly.
Over a service call I’m getting this worked up!! lol
But that’s good practice to find my way back to the peaceful place in my mind. Where it all works out perfectly. Maybe I’m supposed to answer the door half dressed and make him feel awkward that he interrupted my shower, or maybe he’s supposed to get no answer at the door and move on to his next appointment, or … maybe … it’ll be perfect timing.
As it turned out, I had plenty of time for a nice shower which I only half-enjoyed because my mind was split on it, and he arrived in perfect timing after I’d finished cleaning up the kitten room downstairs. And we had a pleasant conversation (ps – I’m such a pro at manifesting handsome service techs – my word!) and my new modem is fab, and I’m now recognizing that the important part of peace really truly starts within.
I get more practice to remember that as I’m feeling rushed to post this before Peace Day is over. And then to move on to putting finishing touches on the e-course launch for next week, and then pack for the hike trip with Russ …
Sheesh, does it ever end?
Deep breath. Ahhhhhhhh. Peace. I pick it again.
Feels good, huh?
Happy Peace Day. : )

  • September 21, 2007