You Are Legend

Some days we forget just how fabulous and well-supported we are.

Here’s a reminder for the next time you need one:

You Are Legend

You each walk with a Divine Entourage every single moment of every single day … perpetually surrounded by higher power beings who see you fully for the miracle that you are.

They never leave your side and they only – and always – love and adore you.

This full time support crew is not only your biggest circle of fans, but also your most committed confidantes and experts – sprinkling your path continually with an abundance of solutions and synchronicities for every fleeting desire and ambitious dream you dare entertain.

Your sacred cohorts know you can achieve anything you choose, and each and every one believes in you fully, even when you don’t.

Your spiritual posse sees your success before you even have a whiff of it, and celebrates every single step in your adventure of life as yet more proof of the legend that you are.

  • April 15, 2016
  • Shan says:

    Whilst I like to think this is so, it’s also god to have people to talk with face-to-face

  • Janette says:

    Brilliant reminder that we are never ever alone. <3

  • Elle says:

    Thank house much for this reminder! It is we who turn our backs on them at times, I know. But instead of doing so, we can call out to them for guidance, blessings, etc. I know they send me signs all the time. If love to communicate more with them, so if anyone else has tips on this, they’ll be most welcome!

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