If You’re Reading This, You Are Rich

From a book on money magic (Jason Miller’s Financial Sorcery), in a chapter titled “Perspective,” the author writes:

“The truth is that on a global scale, almost everyone reading this book is rich.

The author went on to argue that if you make more than $25k a year, you are in the global top 10% of money earners. And that even the poorest people in America or Western Europe have access to amenities that the poor in most of the world do not.

(We discussed this on GVU’s June book club; members can find the recording here.)

I agree completely that we are rich, but perhaps for different reasons than what our income levels indicate.

In fact, if you don’t already see how you, too, are rich (and especially if you aspire to more), it would behoove you to start seeing the wealth you already lay claim to in life.

Law of attraction dictates that if we don’t feel rich first, no amount of money poured on us is likely to change that. At least not long term.

That’s why it’s worth acknowledging the abundance already present in our lives.

No matter what your circumstances are, I believe we each have evidence of immense wealth.

We don’t need imagination or vision boards to “see” it; we don’t need a certain bank account balance to feel it.

It’s already here.

And if you can’t see it easily, I suspect it’s not because it doesn’t exist for you. But rather because you’ve trained yourself not to see it.

We get whatever we look for, so if you’ve got a habit of seeing lack instead of abundance, that’s a reflection of your focus, not your circumstances.

Because (as Abraham said recently) every moment contains all things. We each choose what we activate and thus carry forward to the next moment based on how we focus.

So if you’re not already good at seeing your treasures, financial and otherwise, I suggest you practice.

Begin a personal treasure hunt by looking for evidence of your financial wealth, and you will discover it.

Ask yourself, “What about my life would give someone the impression that I’m loaded?” and you’ll begin to see your life in a newly abundant light.

You will also find that the better you get at seeing how you’re rich, the more you become so.

Funny how that LOA stuff works. 🙂

  • July 2, 2017
  • For me, if I want to feel abundant I do two things: (1) think of all the things I’m grateful for, and (2) look for ways to give.
    Firstly, Gratitude is how I get my abundant measures firing. I know how easy to loose sight of all the things we take for granted, so I make a conscious effort every day to give thanks—even for a moment.
    Secondly, I look for ways to give money to causes I believe in. That for me is different to spending. For me, that’s my way of feeling good about money or, like you say—a way for my joy to beget joy!

  • Michael says:

    Thanks to you and other teachers, I’ve gotten fairly good at seeing where I’m already insanely wealthy, and then building on those vibes. Thanks for another great post! 🙂

  • Karen says:

    Though I hated being poor growing up on welfare, it has given me the riches of compassion towards others as well as a clear understanding of just how rich I have become and continue to be. From having a dishwasher and a shower and air conditioning, a reliable vehicle, a good job… yeah- I am a very wealthy woman.

  • QueenDani says:

    I just lost a $10 which I received as a tip from a customer today. I’m feeling as though there is a reason for that. So I’m just gonna say I can afford to lose that $10.
    I have a smart phone that came out last year. I live in a 2 story house with a huge yard. I can afford to have 5 dogs and a cat. I have a job. I can afford everything I want

  • Suman says:

    I am rich in my parents and my sister’s love and pampering.I am rich as to my monthly 4GB net data.I am rich in quality me time and care.I am rich in beautiful beautiful and my favorite weather at my place.I am rich in having delicious,hot and fresh homemade food everyday. I am rich in wholesome and positive thoughts…. And I can go on and on

  • Sarah says:

    I’ve got buckets of peonies in a jar, a yard full of shade trees with a hammock in position. My husband and I are on honest and loving terms and it’s MONDAY!:). I have help with every question I ask and the ability to see things in whatever way I choose! Thanks for the inspiration Jeanette.❤️🌸🐘

  • Stella says:

    Huh, this is a fun game!
    Ok, here goes: I’n typing this on my new IPhone. I immediately checked out the book you’re mentioning on my kindle ereader. Which contains so many books that I have a hard time finding stuff. I look at one super sweet cat from where I sit and there’s 2 more hidden somewhere.
    Next to me a vase with peonies.
    I am wearing a silk dressing gown.
    I am going for a walk soon, in the botanical garden of my city. To do so, I just cross the street. It’s practically my front yard. Baroque castle included. I’ll take my IPod with me, and choose from a musical library that could cater to a radio station.
    My room mate just denounced some rather costly Twinings Tea as dishwater. I think she’s right. We’re used to much better tea than that.
    Before I go out, I’ll put on some Odeur 53 from Comme des Garçons. Pure luxury.
    My, I AM loaded!

  • Lynda says:

    Thank you for this Jeannette….whenever I start moaning and groaning about my 1ST WORLD PROBLEMS, I am reminded that, that is exactly what they are. I have affordable rent, able to have a cat, a 2013 German car that runs great, at 76 good health, a job, amazing friends an excitement about “what’s next”! Of course I would like to be able to play the stock market, not have to work and be able to give tons to every charity I deem worthy, but what the hay! I have a mind that can have that fantasy and it is fun. So there.

    • Danielle says:

      I just love the tone of your post Lynda! As I was reading it I was thinking what a groovy fun person you must be!

  • Janette says:

    Yes indeed!
    A quick tally from the present moment…
    I’m drinking an excellent mug (not cup – a big MUG) of coffee which I didn’t make.
    I’m typing on a computer WAY more powerful than the one they used for the moon landing – and it fits in my pocket.
    I have pockets! – deep ones, two of them, in a thick, warm, elegant winter coat.
    I’m full of breakfast.
    My dishes are being scrubbed by the dishwasher pixies at my home.
    I have a home! And not just any old home, a home that is modern and comfortable and easy to maintain – with hot and cold running water and all kinds of mod cons.
    Downstairs from this cafe is my lovely, reliable car. In the back are a pair of riding boots I’ll be wearing tonight for my “other paid gig” (singing Christmas carols in period costume at our local outdoor museum)
    I once said I wanted to live the life of a rich retiree. I’m pretty sure I nailed it already.
    AND I get to own a business which makes a difference in people’s lives.
    Truly rich!
    Thanks for this fun invitation, Jeannette! I’ll be playing with this one again.

    • Jeannette says:

      Just like that, Janette! You’re making it look easy!!
      What I love, too, is how each us will have different evidence of the same truth.
      Well, we might have similar proof. But my point being WE EACH HAVE IT.
      Thanks for sharing your “rich” tally, my friend! Love you!!

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