You Won’t Be That Excited

Whenever I ask a client how they’ll feel when their big desire manifests, often they say “excited!”

They’ll be so excited when their true love says, “I do”!

Or when their big fortune rolls in, or their business is thriving, or they’re rocking that bikini body … they’ll be so excited!

It seems like that, doesn’t it?

Except you won’t be.

You won’t be nearly as excited as you think.

Here’s why, and why it’s worth knowing how you’ll really feel when your big dream unfolds …

In fact, I already know how you’ll feel when your favorite desire manifests.

Am I psychic? No.

I just know how the system works.

The way you’ll feel then is the way you’ve been feeling all along.

Because law of attraction.

We can only get what we’ve been vibrating.

If you’ve been dialed on mild contentment lately, that’s likely how you’ll feel when you get the big job.

If you’ve been feeling frustration on a dominant basis, guess what? You’ll find a way to even be frustrated even after you’re partnered with your dream lover.

(I swear to you this is truth!)

I know it doesn’t seem like you could be anything other than bouncing-off-the-walls excited when that supercool thing happens!

But those things out there don’t change how we feel in here.

Rather, our feelings in here change things out there.

Our vibration creates our reality.

I’ve got a personal example for you …

Those last years I worked in corporate world were pretty stressful for me. I won’t elaborate, but anyone who’s been in corporate probably doesn’t need me to.

So, “stressed” was what I’d been vibrating in a dominant way for quite a while.

I was stressed on that job. I was stressed thinking about quitting that job. I was stressed when I was unemployed and building my own gig. I was stressed even after that gig was up and running.

(So many people wanting to work with me, not making time for self care, secretly wondering whether this could continue, figuring out how to even run a business, etc.)

Stressed. Through and through.

It’s what I did, it’s what I knew, it’s who I was.

So even when I got what I wanted (just out of sheer commitment to instructing Universe that “clients” filled my world), stressed is how it felt because stressed is what I’d been practicing for so long.

Even my successful thriving business couldn’t change my dominant vibration.

Only I can change my dominant vibration.

Conscious creators know this.

Muggles try to change life circumstances so they can then be happy. But conscious creators know it starts here within us. Everything “out there” just reflects what’s “in here.”

And we know that once we find our way to feeling what we prefer to feel, the external morphs to match those feelings.

I got a little sidetracked, but stick with me …

This is why the key to successful manifesting, as Abraham says, is simply to “get happy now.”

Because the only reason we want anything is because of how we think we’ll feel when we have it. That feeling is usually some sort of happy, or relieved, or satisfied, or something along those lines.

That’s why it’s helpful to know how we’ll feel when we have what we want … so we can practice that vibration now.

That’s how we create alignment to what we want, and that’s what requires our desires to manifest.

Which is why I ask every client, “How will you feel when your big desire has come true?”

And they say, “Excited.”

Except you won’t be.

Because by the time it manifests, you’ll have been expecting it.

That’s the only way it can manifest – through your expectation of it.

And when we expect something, excited isn’t usually how we respond.

Happy, yes. Delighted, sure! Satisfied, in spades.

It might be content, proud, relieved, successful – all sorts of good things we’ll likely feel.

But excited is for things we weren’t expecting. It’s for surprises and “didn’t-see-that-coming” sort of things.

If you didn’t see it coming, it can’t manifest.

When you do see it coming, you aren’t surprised by it. You were expecting it.

So the more aligned vibration to practice is perhaps something more like believing, expecting, happy, satisfied, etc.

Make sense?

I’m just saying that when you think now about your big dream come true, and you think you’ll be excited – it might reveal how far away from it you are vibrationally.

Because you won’t be excited by the time it gets here in its full glory.

You’ll see it coming long before it arrives. You’ll have reasons to believe in it. It will seem sort of obvious and ‘of course’-like.

And we don’t get excited about the “of course” things in life.

We acclimate to our desires.

That’s how they manifest. We align to them.

When Meryl Streep wins another Oscar, do you think she’s excited?

Maybe happy, and appreciative, and rewarded.

But I bet not that excited.

Because that’s what Meryl Streep does. She wins Oscars.

Can you see how imagining that you’ll be so excited when your big thing happens might even keep you from it?

I don’t mean to be a killjoy, and I have nothing against excitement!

(I felt it the other day when I drove a boat on the lake for the first time! I felt it when I said yes to a new rescue dog last month!)

But I am saying that getting up to speed with what we want likely means practicing a different vibration than “excited.”

You’re going to want to dig deeper into what it will feel like when you’ve gotten used to the idea of having won that lottery, or married that prince, or dropped those pounds, or accepted that dream job.

How will it feel when you’ve been living it for a month, or a year, or a decade?

It won’t be excited. It’ll be normal. It could still be delightful and amazing and wonderful!

But excitement is usually overrated for our visualizations.

Because when you really truly believe your big dream is happening, you feel confident and worthy and content. Or something like that. I don’t know for sure what your exact feeling will be.

But I’d like YOU to know. I’d like you to know how you’ll feel when you’re living your dream come true.

And practice that feeling now.

Because nothing else will make you a better match for receiving it.

  • June 24, 2017
  • Y-Sho says:

    I never get excited when my intentions manifest because along the way I have been imagining what it would be like and if you like, I guess you can say I used up all the excitement for that manifestation. Infact my thought usually is okay this is great! What next??

  • HappySandra says:

    I think it’s also important to understand what’s behind the excitement. If it’s “I am one awesome Conscious Creator! Me (and my Inner Being) are getting ready to ROCK yet another desire/dream/goal!”, this is fine. But if its “Okay, deep down inside (that I’m not willing to admit out loud), I really don’t think this desire/dream/goal is possible, but if the Universe
    decides to GIVE it to me anyway, boy will I be excited!”, then it might be beneficial to focus on those other feelings
    of happiness, appreciation, expectation, worthiness, etc.

    • Jeannette says:

      Oh, Sandra, that really nails it! That’s exactly the difference I didn’t speak to!
      Good eyes, and important distinction. THANK YOU!!!

  • AmBentious says:

    It seems that you were trying to explain that excitement wouldn’t necessarily happen once a manifestation occurs. However, how does the manifestation occur at all if you are only dialed on mild contentment or if you feel frustration on a dominant basis? How could a good manifestation occur if you aren’t happy most of the time?

    • Jeannette says:

      At the heart of what we’re doing here is finding a way to “feel now how we would feel then.”
      A lot of people think they’d be SO EXCITED when their big dream unfolds, but in reality that’s not how it usually unfolds. Maybe brief exhilaration, but it’s more likely that we’d feel happy, content, peaceful, relieved, free, or something besides excited. (In my experience, we’ll feel just like we’ve been feeling all along! And for Izabella, as you can see above, that may very well BE excitement, since that’s how she rolls day in day out.)
      I remember Abraham telling Esther, when she was practicing being SO excited for what she wanted to happen, Abe told her that that’s not how it’s going to be. It’s going to be more like, “Of course, I was expecting you.” Not bouncing off the walls with excitement. They said it’s a much more calm, confident, expectant vibration.
      The reason I shared this is because a lot of people find it difficult to activate the vibration of excitement on a regular basis, so their manifesting practice feels stumped since they can’t necessarily easily dial that up on a dime every day. So for one, it’s challenging to get there. And for another, it’s often not an accurate representation of how we’ll really feel when it manifests. Because expectation. lol

      • I tend to think that when my long sought monetary relief manifests I’ll feel, well, RELIEF…with a deep sense of contentment thrown in…

      • Barbara says:

        Yeah, relief is good. I can bring that one up a lot. But they say we have to feel it real, so you have to feel emotions in order to manifest anything. If we just feel ‘of course, I was expecting you’, and be in more of a low key kind of frame of mind, then there’s not a lot of feeling there. Wouldn’t that slow things down? For example, I just reached a goal of walking for 20 minutes! I’ve been visualizing that for almost a year now, and it finally happened. I did it, and I felt elated and joyful and cried at how happy it made me. Excitement was not really it, but the excitement of one day doing it did get me there. My new goal is an hour walk, and that really makes me feel happy and joyful and I cry even thinking about it. I don’t know if thats excitement or not, but its not a low key vibe. I think its the word excitement that’s messing people up. I still like it because it makes me feel happy.

  • Izabella says:

    Based on personal experience, I have to disagree. I’ve always been super excited whenever I manifested something wonderful. Why even want anything you wouldn’t be excited about?

    • Jeannette says:

      Yes, I’m not saying excitement isn’t a delightful vibration. I like it, too!
      But in my experience, and what I’ve noticed in others, it’s rather short-lived. We get a quick hit and then it fades. It’s not the “dominant” vibration that makes up most people’s experience of having what they want.
      Plus, it’s a challenging one for most people to maintain on a long term basis. Appreciation, happiness, joy, freedom – those vibrations are easier to sustain on a day in, day out basis.
      How long do you find yourself generally feeling that excitement, Izabella? Maybe you have different insights to offer here that others will appreciate, too! 🙂

      • Izabella says:

        I agree that the excitement does wear off. What I’m saying is that if your manifestation is of the sort that takes the form of an object or a distinct event, then excitement would definitely be there, and IMO is an effective feeling to rehearse. Yes, there are longer-term feelings involved, and it’s important to identify and focus on those, too. But to say that you won’t be excited when something manifests is, in my experience, innacurate–unless of course it’s a gradual thing, like making x amount of money from your business and it happens over the course of months or years. But one would hope that something such as a marriage proposal, winning the lottery, getting the part, etc., will still bring excitement. Because even if we’ve come to expect it, we don’t know exactly when and how it will manifest. And finding out is, well, exciting. To me at least. 😀

        • Barbara says:

          I visualize myself reaching a goal, and feel excited about it. It’s a big deal, so it works. I visualize the spirits of my parents being there and smiling and embracing me and my guides and angels and fairies are all so happy for me, and i have a big smile on my face and ‘I did it!’ I term that excitement, although it could also be joy and relief and happiness too. I can’t always get excited when i visualize it though, so I get what Jeanette is saying. Sometimes i just visualize it and do the best I can.

  • I’ve been keeping a personal journal on my computer since last year, and it’s such an eye opener to read back every few weeks. When you have bad days you tend to think they have been happening for sooo long, in reality it’s been 24 hours. Lol
    And the manifestations that occur when you ‘think’ it’s all gone flat and nothing is happening… haha… yep. Those things just became ‘normal’… and not so exciting because they were the next logical step 🤣
    Such a great blog post… made me giggle. So so true. X

    • Jeannette says:

      Way to put things in perspective, Julia! Thanks for sharing that observation here (that bad vibes aren’t really as long as they might sometimes seem).
      Glad this one made you giggle! Thanks for reading and for posting. 🙂

  • Kat says:

    Thank you for this Jeanette. I came to this conclusion also after I observed when I got certain things I didn’t seem overjoyed and I thought something was wrong with me or that I wasn’t being grateful. But I was simply acknowledging that I received what I wanted and out of that was born another desire or on to the next thing. Contentment, peace, and relief are easier for me to imagine while a high level of excitement is not and also says to me this thing that I am Desiring is Out Of Reach or nearly impossible. It was a big revelation for me.

    • Jeannette says:

      That sounds very familiar, Kat. Thanks for chiming in here.
      There is something very aligning about perceiving our desire as easily attainable, which can still allow for an abundance of appreciation, contentment, etc.
      And whatever is easier to imagine is easier to manifest! 🙂

  • Steffy says:


  • “The next logical step.” Yeah!
    I manifest my stuff, and I don’t even realize it for a while, that’s how “next logical step” it feels. Not exciting. Just, Oh yeah, that’s what I’ve been allowing all along!

    • Jeannette says:

      Yes, that reminds me of how Jerry Hicks told the story of finding that vision board they’d made years earlier in the back of a closet one day, to discover that everything on it had come true!
      Only, he didn’t notice it as it was happening. Because it wasn’t like, “Yay, this amazing thing happened!”
      It was more just so expected and natural that none of it really registered as dreams coming true. Not until they found the board did they realize the progress they’d made!

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