Your Day In Day Out Manifestation Stories

Supposed to be writing today’s ezine, but instead I’m posting manifesting stories on my twitwall
Thought it’d be fun for all of us to share some of our day in, day out manifesting stories.  
I’ll start by copying my not-so-happy ending stories recently revealed on twitter.  This one’s about my sweet girl Cher who has a habit of peeing on things I wish she wouldn’t:

Cher is my 5 year old gorgeous female black cat that pees on any dog beds, people beds, furniture or blankets that are not hers.
My personal assistant inadvertently let her out of her approved area today, which I didn’t realize until she’d already had free run of the house for over an hour.
As I corralled her in the upstairs office and started checking her favorite spots to pee, I remembered to change the vibe up before I did.  Instead of looking for problems with the $#@%* vibe, I switched it to “she is a LUCKY girl!” because that’s what I’d be thinking & feeling if I found no problems.
Front room couches: all clear.  Formal couch: no problems there either.  Checked a couple big chairs with blankets: so far so good! 
As I walked upstairs, feeling a little incredulous, I hung on to the “lucky cat” and added “lucky PA” vibe to it, too.
Master bed: a-ok.  !!  This is starting to feel like a MIRACLE!!  I check the upstairs office: no problems there.  Guest bedroom next:  NOTHING.  Absolutely nothing!
How can this be?!  I double check.  Really, nothing?!  This is hard to believe.  (I actually thought those words.) 
I run through my mind, have I missed a room?  Has she truly had an hour to herself where she didn’t create trouble for some blanket or furniture cushion?!
I check the bed AGAIN.  This is the triple check.  Huh.  NOTHING.  “That’s crazy,” I think!  I’ve got this cat locked up for no good reason?  She doesn’t pee any more?! 
As I pull the cover back over the bed, I wonder, why does this spot here feel cold?  Sure enough.  She hit the corner of the comforter.
No miracle here today.
I start the laundy and realize I averted a near miracle by flowing my “I can’t believe it” vibration.  Next time, maybe I’ll leave that one behind.  And maybe my next post will be about a more positive manifestation.  ha!

Here’s the snowstorm manifesting story from the weekend:

Yesterday as we left in what my boyfriend was sure wasn’t enough time (because I wanted to wrap up a project before we left), I intended we’d arrive safely in plenty of time.  (Had tickets for Bret Michaels, former Poison lead singer  90 minutes away in Wendover, Nevada.)  Russ wanted to leave at 2, but we didn’t get out the door till 3.
Challenge was there was a wicked snow storm that brought traffic to a crawl, and it was rush hour traffic to boot.
Russ suggested a couple of times we give up and turn around … 
But HELLO, it’s BRET MICHAELS.  I’m not giving up!
So I set this beautiful intention that we arrive safely in plenty of time.  (“Bret doesn’t start without us!”)  Didn’t seem possible, given that we were CRAWLING on side streets (gave up on the dead stop freeway) and still had 100 miles to go.
I said, well, even if we are late, Bret’s probably gonna be late too, since he surely was flying in in this storm and that might slow him up.  Russ argued with me that Bret’s days of flying in on planes are long gone; that, sorry to burst your bubble honey, but he’s probably stuck on a tour bus.
I closed my eyes for a little road trip nap with my intentions in mind.
And woke up just a few minutes away from the venue.  WIth two hours to spare.  HA!! 
So proud of myself for such fine manifesting (with no help from my sweetie), I suggested we have dinner before the concert since we had plenty of time for it.
Which we did.  After dinner we still had 30 minutes prior to concert start. 
And THEN, at the venue, we waited almost two hours for Bret to take the stage, because apparently his plane was delayed and then his 1.5 hour ride from the airport was delayed, too, because of slick roads.
So indeed we arrived safely, got there in plenty of time, Bret did not start without us, and he was late, too.
I think next time I could clean that up a little.  lol

Live and learn, huh?  As one of my favorite twitter friends says: “My pain, your gain.”  (Although I don’t really think it’s painful as much as it is funny.)
Your turn – let’s hear your real life manifesting stories next …

  • December 23, 2008
  • David Ekstrom says:

    CORRECTION: That Green light I was talking about was probably not 1/4 Mile, that actually would be really far, but it was like 400-500 feet away, but still, lol

  • David Ekstrom says:

    haha I got ONE more, I keep forgetting about some of them
    this was like when I was 17 or something..
    I was at my friends place, and he said “If you can guess which tape I have in my stereo, you can have it”
    (It was not playing)
    and the tape could have been anything!!, out of like millions of tapes, and of ALL the movies ever made, I said “Is it the Men in Black soundtrack” and I was right! I don’t know if this is some sort of physic thing or LOA…
    but it’s crazy, lol
    he didn’t give me the tape tho, haha, he probably thought I wouldn’t figure it out. 🙁 haha

  • David Ekstrom says:

    Oh yeah, and one more…
    the other day, I had to use the Jeep, so I had to drive my Girlfriend to work, on my way home from dropping her off, I was just passing by one intersection, and I thought to myself, “That light at the next intersection is going to stay green” and it’s pretty crazy, because I must have been a 1/4 mile away (Approx) and there was a car waiting for the light to change, (Which would make my light Red) and this light it usually fairly short, and I never thought in a million years I would make it from that distance, with a car waiting, without it going Red, and It was already Green before I even got to that other intersection where I thought it would stay Green.
    It was very surprising to me!
    and on my way in my apartment (I’m trying to manifest winning the lottery) and there was a piece of mail which read “We only missed winning the lottery by 6 numbers” I don’t know what to think of that, it’s not very positive, I tried blocking it out of my head, and immediately said a positive affirmation to myself.
    What would that mean seeing that? being it’s negative…
    – David

  • David Ekstrom says:

    I have had a few experiences…
    STORY 1: My dad gave me the idea of how it would be cool to have a Train Horn, and I thought it would be too, so for a bit I had thought about the horn, and how it would sound, and then one day, there was a Train Derailment in my city, and they were scrapping everything, they had already been working on cleaning it up, and one of the locomotives you could see the horn on it, was destroyed from the wrecking equipment, so I knew they wouldn’t care if I took the horn hehe…
    So me and my girlfriend went down to the derailment at nighttime, and the horn was not at all damaged, and I was able to get it off with little, to no effort at all, to this day, I believe that happened because of my desire to have a Train Horn.
    STORY 2: My girlfriend has a friend that calls her every now and then in another city, and he didn’t call for about 4 months, all of a sudden I said “Joel hasn’t called in a while hey?” and I swear not 10 seconds later he called!!
    STORY 3 (Similar to STORY 2) – One day I said “Jerry hasn’t emailed you in a while hey?” and the very next day he emailed her!
    STORY 4 – One night me and my girlfriend were outside looking at the stars, and I said to her “Wouldn’t that be neat to see a meteorite burn up” (Not a shooting star) I was picturing a meteor burning up close to the ground, and as we were driving home from the spot we went to to look at the stars (2 minutes after I said it) we see EXACTLY what I was picturing!
    I even had a women call that was suppose to call me, and she didn’t call for a week, and I said “That women hasn’t called me yet” and she called me 10 seconds later!
    get this…it was AFTER business hours, on a Sunday!
    I know this is all hard to believe for people, but I’m not even joking, I swear to God, these are true.
    It’s very interesting!! there is definitely something more than what we see!!

  • Debra says:

    These stories are such wonderful reminders of “how to” manifest! Not to mention “how to” appreciate your life and everything in it. I especially loved how Sarah realized that her “why me” was really a “Yay me.” Talk about a paradigm shift! Thank you!
    With that, I am off to manifest completing a project from yesterday that I made “impossible.” It’s gonna be so easy now! I’ll let you in on the details later…

  • Pauline says:

    I don’t have a manifesting story to tell as of now, but I will soon. I just wanted to thank each and everyone of you for sharing. I am inspired to keep at it and to keep it light. I will be back with my story soon.
    Love and light!

  • Nancy says:

    The great holistic vet is in Naples. She uses a Bicomm resonance machine. We met her through the VOM (Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulator) who also does distance energy healing.
    We were all at a Pet Fair to benefit the Lee County Animal Services in Ft. Myers 5 or 6 years ago. I won several hundred dollars that day so it was a very lucky day in more ways than one!

  • Thank you, Felix!! Much appreciated! 🙂

  • Felix says:

    Thank you so much, Janet!
    I checked your blog too and because I like it I added it to My Favourites. I will refer to you from time to time.

  • SK says:

    Hi Nancy,
    Well maybe I attracted you because I live in FL too! Where is your holistic vet located?

  • Ariel, the ease you did that with really makes me smile when I think how you’ll apply that same ease to other areas of life, too!!
    woo hoo for two yellows (and getting what you REALLY want)!!

  • Ariel says:

    The other day I stood in front of the gum ball machine and thought I really want a yellow one. To make my vibe a little lighter, I thought sour apple wouldn’t be bad either. But as I was putting my quarter in I decided I should go for what I really want.. so I imagined biting down on the yellow one. I got not only one but two yellow ones!!

  • Nancy says:

    I’m a novice at deliberate creation, but we have a fantastic holistic vet (in sunny FL) that we attracted.
    It seems easy to attract what I want for my pets because the desire is very strong and positive.

  • Sarah, to be able to move from “why me” to “of COURSE me!” is the mark of a highly evolved manifester, in my humble opinion!!!
    Oh my gosh, what a story! And what a turnaround!
    I LOVE that your dog was safe and sound, too. 🙂
    Sarah, I imagine others have pitched in by the time you read my comment, but YES, you absolutely can flow energy that supports your beautiful dog.
    Those have been my more challenging situations (involving animals I love with health issues) because, as in Kim’s formula above, it was difficult for me to arrive at the “not needing it” place.
    But the answer to your question is a big fat YES!
    Sending good thoughts your way for just that …

  • SK says:

    These are great stories!!! Thanks for sharing everyone.
    I have had some powerful experiences lately — I moved into a new apartment in a brand new city. I had to find housing within 3 hours because I had to relocate ASAP for work. I found a place that looked decent and moved in. Since then (4 months ago) I have just “felt” really uncomfortable here. It is on the ground floor so I cannot open my shades (and I live in sunny FL!) and because I was feeling strange here, I didn’t unpack fully (totally unlike me) and never really “moved in.” I also spoke outloud about how much I didn’t like this apartment, how loud my neighbor upstairs is, how I wish I could break my lease early. Well the week before Thanksgiving, I got exactly what I asked for! (in the LOA sense) — My apt was broken into during the day on a Monday (and I”m in a really safe neighborhood) — my laptop, digital camera and TV were stolen, but my beloved 9 year old rescue dog was untouched. Soooo…. to make a long story short — I was able to break my lease and I’m moving into an 18th floor apt in a highrise (on the water!) this weekend!!! YAY!!!!
    So while my first instinct was to burst into tears, crying “Why me?”, it took me about 10 minutes to realize “Of course me!” — I asked to be able to break my lease, I spoke about wanting to move out, and here I am… moving out 8 months early.
    Quick question for all of you LOA experts — In September, my dog was diagnosed with a tumor in the neck of her bladder. We have been told its inoperable and there is nothing to do but wait for her urethra to be totally blocked by the growing tumor. Well she is such an energetic happy little baby, but recently her energy has gotten low and she is straining to urinate and having accidents in the house.
    Is it possible to manifest health for someone else? I know Louise Hay and others have spoken about healing their bodies with their thoughts. Is it possible for me to do that for my dog?
    Thanks and love to you all.

  • Kim, I LOVE this!!
    (You knew I would!)
    “Formula: want it + not need it = get it”
    It’s that super simple, isn’t it?!
    woo hoo!!
    Thanks for a great example of what that looks like in action!

  • Kim Falconer says:

    I love these stories! I have one too.
    My son and his family have been up from Sydney for the holidays and staying at his dad’s. We’ve had some nice visits but they are going back soon. Yesterday as I was riding into town to meet a friend for lunch I thought ‘I’d so like to be having lunch with my son!’
    I got to the cafe (one of about 50 in the area) and waited. My friend soon text me to said she was stuck in traffic and could we make it another time. As I text back saying ‘no worries’ my son and his family arrived.
    I was so surprised I didn’t even make the connection (my desire-them showing up) until halfway through the meal when I said, ‘I really wanted to have lunch with you guys today!’
    want it + not need it = get it
    What a treat!
    🙂 Kim

  • MaryK, your fellow travelmates on that flight owe you one!! ha ha
    Another great story! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  • MaryK says:

    I have a similar manifesting story about flying over the holidays!
    Yesterday I was returning home to DC from visiting my parents, and my parents were going to fly to Florida to continue their Christmas vacation. We got to the airport and went our separate ways to find our respective flights. My parents called me a few minutes later to say that their flight had been cancelled, and that they weren’t able to book a new flight until two days later! I knew I didn’t want the same result, so I just sat at my gate and visualized my flight leaving and landing home safely as best as I could. Over the loudspeaker I could hear that flights all around me were being cancelled, but I just kept visualizing and feeling that our flight would take off. Even as our departure time kept getting pushed back and people around me were saying it was only a matter of time before our flight was cancelled, I just stayed focused on my desired result.
    Sure enough, a few hours later our flight was cleared for take-off and I arrived home safely last night and my luggage did too! Proof once again that LOA does work if you practice it. 🙂

  • I got goose bumps reading about her story, Nancy!!
    THAT’S the kind of manifesting that comes in handy, too! lol
    Thanks for sharing here, Nancy. Your energy is much appreciated. 🙂

  • Hi, Jeanette,
    I talk about LOA and Abe to my friend, Kathy, all the time. She just emailed me that her 30 yro daughter had called her in tears last Sun night after being stuck at the Portland Airport since Friday afternoon. They kept getting bumped. Their luggage left on Saturday without them.
    Kathy remembered what we had discussed, and she spent some time teaching her grown daughter the techniques that I have passed along.
    Despite 40 people ahead of her, at 6am the next morning the daughter caught a flight to her destination. About 30 min. before landing, she heard rumors that luggage would not arrive on time. The daughter sat in her seat imagining the luggage waiting for her, and imagined how great it was to pick it up.
    When she got to the destination airport Monday evening, her luggage was sitting on the carousel going ’round and ’round (since Saturday). 😉
    Our attitudes, thoughts, and beliefs create our vibrations, and that’s what LOA brings back to us. LOA is constantly working, and you can only live what you have first created in consciousness. Decide what you want…then believe and trust you’ll receive it, and you will!
    Many blessings, Nancy

  • Thanks for the laugh your post gave me today, Jake!!
    Too funny!

  • Jake Cameron says:

    Yesterday my 13 year son and I went to do some last minute Christmas shopping. My son is a self proclaimed genius at this age and will tell you exactly how everything works and where it came from. We get in some heated “discussions” from time to time when I try to correct some of his all-knowing mis-information. Yesterday he was telling stuff about every car we passed on the freeway, as to the make and model of each. I tried to gently tried correct him on his automotive information, but he only got mad at me. So I just decided to go the easier route and not argue with him. I let him just ramble as if to agree with him.
    Last night we watched TV and just about every commercial that came on was a car commercial, stating the exact make and model of each car. Needless to say he got corrected by the tube. He just looked at me. I didn’t say a word. Nannie-nannie boo-boo.

  • Blessings came for you in the snow, huh, Leah?! Nicely done!
    Thanks for being part of this community, my friend. 🙂

  • leah says:

    what a blessing Robert… Thanks for sharing. My manifesting was that I really, really didn’t want to travel today… and 2 feet of snow meant I didn’t have too. I have my lovely kids and husband, we walked the dog in the snow.. and a dingo in the snow is a very joyful thing. bless you all and i am truly thankful for you all.
    bret michaels? go figure… lb

  • Indeed there is, Robert (something to this)! What a lovely manifestation to give not only yourself, but your neighbors, too.
    Nice work! And happy holidays to you. 🙂

  • Robert Higginson says:

    I did NOT want to spend Christmas alone. So I imagined how nice it would be to visit a neighbor on Christmas Day. I figured that I would suprise them and just show up with a small gift and then stay and visit for a while. But the surprise was on me. THEY called and invited me to their Christmas Eve dinner. And it really was a surprise, they have never invited me over to there house before. There really is something to this world of things that we can’t see.

  • MsNikki says:

    EL~ what an *awesome* post!! I just felt the abundance overflow from reading it!
    Mine is a minor manifestation. I have been lazy about getting my Linked In profile/connections, etc up to speed. A thought had occurred to me that I should send out an invite to a transitional coach that I met once in person. I wasn’t too sure if I should send out the invite as I thought he may not remember me. The next day he sent out a newsletter that discussed the benefits of Linked In and to invite him as a connection! I did just that and he promptly replied (and added me as a connection)!

  • Okay, who besides ME wants to live next door to El?!?
    Fabulous things you’re up to, my friend!
    Thanks for sharing them here!!

  • Ah, Ms Nikki, no such thing as minor manifestations! Although it might not feel like a miracle – it’s fueled by exactly the same technology!
    Great story – thanks for reading ours and for writing yours too!

  • EL says:

    We have a rental property. Our (best we ever had.. so far!) tentants moved out the beginning of Nov.
    Hubby’s gone into a bit of a “lacking” mode, but I just keep affirming that we’re not missing money, it’s just coming from a different direction for now.
    Since Nov. 1, I’ve found $100 cash in a parking lot, $250 on a mysteriously appearing gift card, $300 extra in my bank account (unexplained). I manifested free lunch at Red Lobster with my BFF for her birthday (when I decided, tenats or not, I’m going to lunch and we’re gunna have FUN!). They made a minor booboo with my lunch and totally kissed my butt the rest of the meal, then said it was on the house!
    Even GAS is cheap when I need it. Everytime I need to fill up, gas drops lower than norm, then goes right back up within hours after I’m done. Went from $1.63 the other day down to $1.39 for about 4 hours, then right back to $1.63. I had to laugh at it.
    I also suggested to my family (mom, gram, 2 bro’s) that we draw names this year and buy for one instead of ALL. I figured it was a longshot. We’re such a small family, buying for ALL has never been too big a deal. They actually agreed! So, instead of spending $120 @ $30 a person, we’re buying only for gram!! There’s $90 in my pocket.
    We live in the country with no natural gas hook up. Everything in our house is electric (lights, hot water, dryer, etc) besides our fuel oil heat. Dec. 5th, our electric bill came in at $69. That was an actual meter reading too. I went outside to check and be sure.
    It’s really been an amazing time for me the past 2 months. Everytime I affirm to myself that I’m taken care of no matter what, something else I was needing appears for me. I walk around in fits of gratitude all the time now. I can’t seem to thank enough.
    Yesterday, on our way to some last minute shopping, I was literally brought to tears by an overwhelming wave of pure bliss that washed over me. There were Christmas songs playing on the radio, and there was snow coating each little branch of each tree and I suddenly felt so filled with appreciation for everything in my life and the beauty around me, tears just started rolling down my cheeks. I can honestly say I’ve never felt so happy about tears! LOL
    May the spirit of Christmas fill you all to bursting!

  • Sweet of you to say so, Tevis! Thank you!
    And happy holidays to you, too. 🙂

  • Maria, not waiting in line during holiday shopping might even be a more powerful manifestation than the one I thought was the mother of all manifestations: jeans shopping. ha
    You go, girl!!
    Thanks for sharing your story with us here!

  • Dear Jeanette:
    Just a quick note to wish you joy in this most wonderful season. Know that if I am having a hard time finding gratitude in the morning, I find you on Twitter and make it here to your website. Your words help me find the light of the LOA on those days when it is a struggle.
    Blessings and grateful to know you!

  • Maria says:

    Yesterday my daughter and I went out for some last minute Christmas shopping. As we left the drive we intended 2 things:
    1. Excellent parking spots
    2. Short lines
    Well we forgot to intend speedy, flowing traffic because we sat for a while getting to the mall, but once there we instantly found an open spot right next to the mall entrance! And not just any entrance but the entrance right next to the store we wanted to go to!!
    Then in the mall we NEVER had to wait in line…not even once! Even at Auntie Anne’s (fabulous soft pretzels if you don’t know) where there was a crowd waiting…the minute we got in line a group of about 5 teenagers got out of line…and we were next!
    We went to 8 stores in all that required driving and parking and EVERY time we got a primo spot right up front. And EVERY time we walked right up to the register and checked out instantly. And EVERY time the store employees were friendly and helpful!
    How cool is that 🙂

  • Oh my gosh, Amy, I never heard a story like THAT before!! Cool manifesting!!!

  • Amy says:

    I decided to take my mom to see Neil Diamond to thank her for helping me so much with my son, babysitting, etc. I checked the ticket prices a few times, seats a few times, and wasn’t pleased with the prices or timing. By the time I got around to booking them, all that were left in my comfort/price range were total nose-bleed seats! Almost behind the stage!
    I sat at the computer looking at the seating chart crankily and then I just spent a few minutes making peace with it. I decided to book those seats and just see what happens. I had a feeling that it would be just fine somehow.
    When we got there, they moved us into some very expensive seats that never sold about 10 feet from the stage! No one was sitting in front of us! We were sitting with other people who had also been re-assigned and our whole section was over the moon with delight over this surprise!
    When Neil glided by with his microphone and that smoldering eyebrow expression, my mom and all of the other women of her age in our section went crazy! Hee hee! OK, I liked it too. I grew up listening to those songs!
    It was really a night of appreciation. The fans appreciating the artist, and him appreciating the appreciation, and us appreciating our great seats! And, full circle, me showing my mom my appreciation for all of her help. She really appreciated my taking her… ok, I’ll stop. 😉

  • Talk about having your cake and eating it, too, Judy! ha!
    I like your style – not willing to give up Seattle weather just because you live in the desert. hee hee
    You go, girl!!

  • Judy says:

    Ok, I was just cracking up over this today w/ a friend. I’ve been pining and pining over Seattle lately-well, periodically since summer. All the things I miss-fresh food from farmers, rain, wearing socks, hats and jackets-not to mention my friends-and now they’ve had a week of snow!!!
    I did this while also being quite relaxed about living in Tucson and noticing what I like here too.
    WELL, today is the PERFECT Seattle day here in Tucson. Socked in rain so you can’t see the mountains and about 44 degrees-absolute heaven for me! I got to wear my favorite hat and socks that don’t match anything i’m wearing!
    So, now I’m feeling a lil cocky-heck, I just conjured up some WEATHER-everything else seems so minor, you know?
    So, then of course, I have people offering me money, calling to see how they can pay me, over paying me-that sort of thing.
    Me? I say rain on baby, rain on! lol

  • Look at you go, Hannah! Not just a phone call, but a THREE HOUR phone call!! lol
    Master manifesting, indeed!
    Thanks for sharing the story and the inspiration to stick with it, even when it takes “strong arming”!

  • Hannah says:

    Bret Michaels, eh? Did you ever watch Rock of Love? It´s actually quite entertaining 😉
    I manifested a phone call recently from somebody who I really wanted to call me. Now don´t think it´s complete black magick, the person SAID they would call.. but it was one of those that could have gone either way. So I just lay on my bed and MADE myself imagine how fun and wonderful it would be when they called. Every time my thoughts wandered to “but what if they don´t” I literally had to FORCE my thoughts back in the other direction. I was pulling all the tricks from my bag: “wouldn´t it be nice”, visualizing, telling myself that even if it´s only in my mind, I¨m still going to enjoy this great phone call. Imagining the phone ringing, feeling the great rapport between us…So after a few false calls (from other people) I kept doggedly on until, ring-ring, the call AND the fantastic 3-hour phone conversation. It makes me realize that for myself personally I *really* have to strong-arm myself into thinking those good thoughts, with a “no monkey business” attitude towards diversions towards negative thoughts. It´s actually WORK (I guess I really mean that it doesn´t come automatically and so I have to constantly be on top of myself in a way), but when I do really do it and stick with it, manifestations come through. I think one of the trickiest things is the re-training of the mind and just the determination needed to constantly constantly saying to yourself “no no, what DO I want…no no, what DO I want..oh no no, what DO I want?”. I´m looking forward to the time when this is all automatic! But at least now I am DOING something to manage my thoughts instead of letting them just go on autopilot!

  • Good advice, Leslie. Rest assured she’s already been to the vet for a checkup for this. And the pet psychic, too. 🙂

  • Leslie says:

    Take the cat to the vet to get checked. Every cat I’ve ever had that peed in the wrong places usually had a bladder infection. That’s their way of telling you they’re sick, usually!

  • >