Your Fortune Telling Thoughts

Your Thoughts Foretell Your FutureAre you thinking about something you want to unfold?

If not, redirect.  Because life follows your thoughts – and you can tell your future based on what you’re thinking now.

Here’s my recent experience with that:

The other night when my newest ex-boyfriend said to me, “Seriously? You couldn’t clean the sink out?” I felt psychic because I knew he was going to say that!

I had repotted four plants in the kitchen, made a bit of a mess of it with the dirt and such, and was anticipating his criticism.  “Couldn’t you do that outside? You’re making such a mess!” is what I heard over and over in my head.

Which is why I made a point of cleaning it up spotless after I was done.

Even though it was perfectly clean, I still anticipated he’d find fault.  Which of course he did.  (He practically has to when I’m flowing that vibe!)  I could hear him grumbling as he sprayed the sink and wiped it down again.  “It’s never good enough for him,” I thought to myself.

A few hours later when I walked into the kitchen myself, I realized my mistake.

Well, several mistakes.  The first one being that after repotting the plants, I took Sadie on a walk up the canyon and came home with very dusty sandals and feet.

Which I rinsed off in the kitchen sink.  (That might sound gross, but I was already IN the kitchen when I realized I was leaving dust footprints across my ridiculously clean floor and didn’t want to walk any further – so I just popped each foot under the faucet.)

And forgot to clean it out after I was done.

So my ex wasn’t being an anal triple virgo when he complained about the state of the sink.  It was a legit complaint.

Which I had tried to avoid earlier when I cleaned up the kitchen spotless.

But Universe has to bring our thoughts to physical fruition no matter what actions we do or don’t take to assist.  (It’s not the action that matters – it’s the vibe!)  And because I heard his imaginary words in my head so strongly about what a mess I made and how I didn’t clean it up right – of course that’s got to manifest.

I often say to clients: “Tell me your thoughts, and I’ll tell you your future.”  (tweetable) Because as we think (consistently and persistently), so shall it be.

Which is why, several nights later when I declared to my ex, “I KNEW you were going to say that!” (he’d changed his mind about something he’d agreed to prior) – I realized I couldn’t blame him for it.

I have a very powerful mind.

And so do you.

Let’s use them for good, shall we?  🙂

  • June 14, 2012
  • Anonymous says:

    Brenda, you are hilarious! Funnily enough, of course, I have to sit on my hands myself at times not to say such things about my friends’s sweeties turning sour – I know better than not saying it myself when it happens to me…but like Jeannette, I actually giggle when my friends start being rather inventive with er…new names to define whoever has ‘wronged’ me! LOL!

  • Janelle says:

    Great reminder! This morning I woke up worried, thinking about the future in a negative light, and once I looked at my gratitude list and thought about all the things that I am going to be happy and grateful to experience in the future all the worry lifted.

  • Sanjay says:

    “Man becomes what man thinks about”
    Oh..and woman too 🙂

  • Anna says:

    My friend was talking about having Power of Attorney over his father’s affairs, and what this responsibility entails. In the beginning, he called others he knew who had gone through this before, to ask what to do. After a while, they started calling him & said “So, what are you doing with your Power?”
    I giggled & thought of Glenda the Good Witch – “I use my power for the *good*!”
    He talked about paying bills. “I can do whatever I want with mine – let them pile up, past due, pay them off & start all over – but not with my dad’s bills.”
    It struck me how we automatically do our best for someone else, but not ourselves.
    So I’ve decided to take Power of Attorney over my own thoughts, feelings, and affairs. This way, not only do I get to make decisions over All That Is Me – it’s my job!
    And since I *always* do my best for my job, it’s impossible for me to reap anything but the best of me, for me.
    I LIKE it!
    Thanks for reminding me to ask myself what I’m doing with my own Power.

  • Loulou says:

    Thank youuuuuuuuuuuu Jeanette for your beautiful timing and your very helpful and insightful reminder – as always.
    Your story has encouraged me to turn a bit of negative fluff that’s been buzzing and expanding through my internal monologue for the last few days, into a happy and easypeasy outcome on Monday morning, hurray!
    Thanks muchly again

  • Brenda says:

    You’re so dead-on, GeorgeousSophie! So allow me to classify my naughty knee-jerk reaction in the same category as Russ’s reaction (previously known as ‘ass-like’) as…interesting! Yes, I like that much better! 🙂 lol
    Also, I’m SO with you that our girl needs no defense – she’s got it down! …and the next time I find myself in a similar situation, I’m going to know where it all started. OMG – ‘I’ just did it!

  • Lorii Abela says:

    Enjoyed this post, Jeannette. Thanks for sharing!

  • Stephen says:

    Some folks really do believe that in order for an unwanted event to not occur again, they must point out the event, complain loudly about it and explain in excruciating detail why it is so bad and how it should never be allowed to happen again.
    The irony (and I do love irony) is that doing that pretty much guarantees that it will happen again.

  • GorgeouSophie says:

    Oi naughty ones above – if Jeannette herself, who is in the eye of that particular storm manages to remain graceful, humorous & all round adorable, is the Ross bashing *truly* necessary?!
    Or is it what Jeannette thinks but does not express thus the comments?!Lol!

  • lib says:

    Hi Jeannette,
    I was just thinking about this and found your post. No surprises there. I love your openness on the subject and have an experience to share with you. Last week I was so wrapped up in writing, that I kept thinking things like ‘You’re a bad stepmum. You should be doing the washing. You should be making a posh dinner’.
    Then in a rush, I made the boys a snack when they came home from school and inadvertently added something that contained peanuts, to which my youngest is allergic. We had to give him his epipen and he spent the night in hospital :/ He made a full recovery, thank the Cosmos. It took a few beatings with a big stick, imprinted with ‘Bad Stepmum’, before I realised that I’d brought it all on. All my thoughts were leading up to it, so it really was no surprise.
    On the plus side, I’ve used the LOA with the writing and now have an agent! see article on Writing from the End
    This stuff works, both ways!
    Lib x

  • Steve says:

    I’ve done that; meaning rinsed my feet off in the kitchen sink. Isn’t that why we have indoor plumbing?

  • Brenda says:

    Thank you for saying that, Stephen. I was too shy, but seething to the point of bursting to say something…not quite so polite. :-/ lol
    Jeannette, I love where Evan said, “you bring it back to you, not him, because you know where the power is.”
    Reading about how you’re handling this ‘situation’ helps me to identify (and remember) where my power lies also. I can’t believe how much stronger and confident I feel lately in my ability to create a future that thrills me, and it’s because you share your stories with such raw honesty and clear introspection that I’m inspired to be bold, brave, and authentic. With a hand on my heart, I thank you, my friend.

  • Yay for rebuilds, my friend! Indeed, I’m doing one, too.

  • Anonymous says:

    Thanks Jeannette. I was feeling real good today and now I know it’s just gonna get better. I’ve had a couple of months of a lot of negative thoughts and when those thoughts burned down the house (figuratively) the rebuilt turned out just fine. Your message will help keep me on course.

  • Glad you enjoyed, TerriC – thanks for reading!

  • TerriC says:

    Jeannette – thank you!!! Love your clarity and how you break things down step-by-step. Helps me SO very much. 🙂

  • Evan Griffith says:

    Go Jeannnette —
    Here’s what I appreciate about you — first, your honesty; second, the way you bring it back to you, not him, because you know where the power is.
    Thank you!
    PS: I’m so very much looking forward to the newest new boyfriend reference in a not-too-distant post(if that’s what you want . . .).

  • Evan, I like the way you think.

  • You make me laugh, Stephen! As usual.

  • Stephen says:

    Yeah, you’re right about all of that, but he was still being an ass.
    hee hee

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