What’s Your Manifesting Archetype?

Which archetype are you when it comes to your manifesting habits?

As with traditional archetypes, we likely exhibit a combo, and notice that it changes throughout life.

But one or two archetypes may dominate our personality and behavior when it comes to our conscious creation habits.

Keeping in mind this is just for fun (we’re not hung up on labels), see if you recognize yourself in any of the following:

The Natural
Doesn’t know the term deliberate creation and isn’t familiar with law of attraction, yet this person practices it day in and day out. (Often to the chagrin of their LOA savvy partners.)  They’re gifted at easing into vibrational alignment and natural allowers. For them, living in alignment to what they want is simply a way of life.

The Militant
Likes to work hard at achieving their manifesting goals. Follows a strict routine to the letter. The more complex and involved their manifesting ritual is, the better. Satisfaction isn’t had until they’ve checked off a long list of LOA practices and techniques each day.

The Procrastinator
Knows about law of attraction and the magic of manifesting and will get around to doing it … one of these days.

The False Starter
Gets excited by someone or something (The Secret is a common catalyst to this archetype) about playing with law of attraction, but after a couple days of no results they retreat into old habits. Until the next time they get revved up … and so the cycle continues.

The Story Teller
Limits their manifesting success by telling a story about what they’re good at and what they have trouble with. (“Why am I so good at rock star parking, but can’t get a second date to save my life?!”)

The Disbeliever
Accuses known law of attraction fans of selling snake oil. Doesn’t believe deliberate creation works and makes fun of those who do.

The Student
Has read every book and watched every video about deliberate creation, freely and supportively shares that knowledge with others, and doesn’t apply it themselves. (The negative side of this archetype shows up as the Authority who is quick to point out, as a self-appointed expert on all things LOA, what we should all do different.)

The Uplifter
Spreads good vibes by walking the LOA talk of consistently finding something to appreciate in life, and by example inspires others to the same. Everyone naturally feels better in the presence of an Uplifter, who will generously share the ins and outs of deliberate creation when asked. Their positive outlook is contagious and you are most likely to find them in the vortex.

Did I miss any? Please share!

The value of identifying our archetype(s) is that it increases our awareness and may stimulate us to a new way of embracing the art of deliberate creation.

At least, it did for me. I don’t believe I’m a slave to my archetype. Rather, that I can choose how I want to go through life with manifesting skills at my side.

I invite you to do the same!

  • May 20, 2010
  • this is funny 😀
    it`s an original way to educate people about their problems and disbeliefs
    I like it 🙂

  • Kimberly, I can’t help but love your dad for his reaction to the Secret. lol
    I wonder what that was like being raised by someone who thought of this stuff as “obvious”?! Cool, I’d imagine!

  • Kimberly Gauthier says:

    I like this one! My dad and boyfriend are “The Natural” – my dad laughed when The Secret hit big, because he thought it was obvious. Why are people acting like this is something new?
    I’d like to think of myself as “The Uplifter,” although I started as the “False Starer” and “The Student.” I still have some “student” tendencies, i.e. advising others, but I’ve toned that way down and just use the habits of others as examples rather than evidence that I need to fix them.
    My mom is a combination between the “False Starter” and “The Procrastinator.” She understands the concept of LOA, but it’s difficult for her to let go and let things happen. I can so relate to this so she and I have great talks.
    Great post!!!

  • You know what I love about your books, Kim? That through your writing all the archetypes are uplifting!

  • Kim Falconer says:

    I first read this post and thought my archetype was missing. I came back and there it was! Uplifter!
    I love the whole idea of archetypes and especially how most of us can see they that are fluid, changing, overlapping. We have so many ‘sides’ to our psyche–so many sub personalities. My ambitious subP is a militant, my carefree subP is a natural and my intellectual subP is a students….I think I could find a part of myself that has, on occasion, been every one. All rolled together though, I look at life and feel uplifted, so going with door number 8!

  • I love it when a post draws some people out that we don’t always hear from!
    Nice to hear from you on this one, Val. Rock on with your Natural self!

  • Val says:

    Oh busted! I’m definitely a student, but maybe that’s just a way of allowing myself to procrastinate with using techniques with some false starts mixed in. But then, since I often sincerely offer gratitude and follow my inspiration at least some of the time, that really makes me a natural…

  • Tim, I can tell already what a good time it must be being YOU! lol
    Love your style, my friend.
    Thanks for joining the conversation.

  • Tim Rhoades says:

    I’ve got a few of the types rattling around in my head.
    The Natural seems to ignore the constant dialogue (or argument as the case may be) between my Student and my Procrastinator. The Student is constantly telling my Procrastinator what I should be doing and the Procrastinator is replying with “Leave me alone, I’ll get there when I get there” all while my Natural is out making the good things in my life happen to keep me moving regardless of the constant prattle between the others =)
    Great list and awesome comments.
    – Tim

  • I love that you had the experience of being the Natural, Michael, which I think makes it that much easier to return to it.
    (Since you’re familiar with what it feels like and know that it’s truly within your grasp to live it.)
    Nice intention. 🙂

  • Michael says:

    I’m a combination of the student and the uplifter at the moment, but I did have about three good months of some ‘natural’ tendencies…that’s where I’m easing back to…

  • Yay for seeing the progress, Lovely Me!
    And seriously, this is one of the best mantras I’ve heard all year: “I’ve come a long way and am doing great.”
    I’m putting it on my board. (ooh, goosebumps!)
    Thanks, Lovely Me! 🙂

  • Lovely Me says:

    Hi, Jeanette!
    I happened across your blog about a month ago and your posts always inspire me. I deliberately set out to find more like minded blogs to read, and yours was one of the first I happened upon!
    Labels or not, I saw myself in a couple of those descriptions (The Storyteller, The Student, even The Procrastinator when I first started reading about LOA)…but what I more importantly saw was the progress I have made in becoming the Uplifter and all the progress I’ve made in general.
    I’ve come a long way and am doing great. I have come to change my thinking habits and am generally in such a better place all around than ever before.
    You can never get it wrong and you can never get it done!
    -Lovely Me

  • I’d say with emphasis on Uplifter, Mitch.

  • Mitch says:

    I’m resisting the urge to put my friends and family into a lot of these categories. Does that make me a Student? lol
    Well, I’m happy to say that I’ve moved past my Procrastinator and False Starter days. I’m currently enjoying a mix between Militant and Uplifter. 🙂

  • Coach T.I.A says:

    Vibrational Tourist!! LOVE IT Julio!!! Yes I take it back – I refuse to be categorised and I think we can be each one at any given time, haha. Ha.

  • MissyB, have you read Pernille Madsen on the topic of wishing? She has a beautiful perspective on this that is highly empowering.
    Your post made me think of it again.
    Can’t remember if she shared it on her blog, a GVU call, or a GVU article. I’ll ask her …
    … but she’s found trememdous power in this habit of wishing just like you described.
    Thanks for joining the conversation, MissyB!

  • MissyB says:

    I’m a Whimsical Wisher manifestor – whimsically wishing for things…if I get it then my wish has been granted…if I don’t then my wish has yet to be granted. A wish here and a wish there. I don’t really want to be visualising or journelling…I just want to wish. :o)

  • Fun ride, indeed, Julio! Thanks for adding that one!
    And of course, the Bigger Picture Mystic, Leslie. That fits you nicely, too!
    Thanks for sharing yours, too, Candy. Always a pleasure to see you here.

  • leslie richter says:

    I always seem to like to pretend to myself that I am
    an accidental manifestor but the truth is my spirit always knows what I am up to!
    Sometimes it takes awhile to understand why you have manifested something but the reason is always there. Recently friends lost their mother to Alztimers just a few months after losing their father. Besides helping out the family we share common experiences with me caring for my mother at my home. The brother said to me it gave him great peace of mind at the end of day to know he had done the very best he could have for his parents, instead of being guilt ridden.
    I can easily find love and admiration for this family and I have started to look at myself with the same love. I know as I watch my mother’s steady decline that it takes tremendous strength and courage to find the depth of love to be a witness for another. And I know that at the end of the day like my friends I will be a bigger person for it. So in the bigger picture I am not such an accidental manifestor after all.
    that’s it I am a bigger picture manifestor – ha ha.

  • leslie richter says:

    yikes – never the militant, I look on those with that talent and inclination with fascination. I am the sloppy artist with a natural talent for manifesting and a mystic viewpoint. But sometimes the downside to that is you can go sideways without the militant discipline – ha ha.
    Fortunately my mystic inclinations always bring me back and you know if all else fails, read the instructions.

  • CandyB says:

    I LOVE Julio’s vibrational tourist! And on most days with increasing frequency am that. Rest of time I flirt with militant, storyteller and student.
    Thanks for the opportunity to think about this!

  • Julio Blanco says:

    For myself, I might add the archetype of vibrational tourist… my life seems to entail an exciting tour from unconsciousness to increasing consciousness. From clueless to seeing some light. From forgetting Oneness to remembering again. Fun ride indeed.

  • Dana, you’re making me realize it’s not just one (or two) we are, but the evolution we’ve been through, and will continue through.
    Like, we could map out our life journey with this work, and everyone might have a different path.
    Hmm, that’s an interesting thought to me.
    That must also make you a Stimulator. lol (Sounds kind of kinky.)

  • Dana - Your Inspired Coach says:

    Hmmm…well, I am romantically linked to a Natural and I was born a Natural. Other archetypes bullied me into being a Storyteller, and now I’m a bit of a Militant, but only to create new habits, not because I think that’s how it has to be done. Ah…I have many friends who would put me in the Uplifter category too. I dunno. 😛

  • Oh, Jason, you brought to mind another one, too!
    The one who learns about LOA and then suddenly gets paranoid (or scared of) every negative thought they have! lol
    (Been there, done that.)
    This seriously does make me laugh!

  • Awesome list, definitely gets people thinking. I like Pernille, can play along for fun, and am not a huge fan of categorizing people 🙂
    An interesting thing about categorizations:
    Malcolm Gladwell (author of “Outliers”) and Richard Wiseman (a brilliant psychologist and author of “The Luck Factor”) notes how we as a species have evolved ‘categorization’ and ‘generalization’ as a tool to navigate a complex society. So there we have it, society likes categories, and it may be time for that paradigm to shift, but either way, they’re still fun.
    I’d add one more archetype… ’cause it’s fun:
    The Scaredy-Cat: This type avoids encountering the materials or conversations which would introduce them to conscious deliberate creation – they don’t outright disbelieve, they don’t false start, they simply limit + restrain themselves from diving in.
    Many people consider me intelligent and respect my advice on a broad range of topics (art, relationships, I.T., sex, exercise, etc.) but when it comes to LoA they often manage to skirt the issue. It’s cute 🙂

  • Ben Weston says:

    Haha, I love this Jeannette! I think I’m a militant student that is slowly learning to let go and just do what feels right (a natural?).
    I found that being militant about the process and trying to implement everything I read with a strict regimen wasn’t particularly helpful. Despite going through the processes and games, I wasn’t being playful with the overall process.

  • That’s a beautifully self-aware and honest answer, Parul!
    You always give me the biggest smiles when I’m reading you – whether it’s here or at GVU. (Oh hey, that’s evidence to your Uplifter, huh?! lol)
    Thanks for popping in on this one. 🙂

  • Parul says:

    I’ve spent time with all the archetype and continue to do so. 🙂

  • Yay for the evolution, Ben!
    I’m with you that Militant and playful don’t go together for me.
    Thanks for posting, Ben and Pernille!

  • Pernille Madsen says:

    I used to love dividing people (particularly myself!) into categories but now I just realized that this doesn’t feel good to me anymore 🙂
    It most of all feels restricting and limiting to me!!!
    I guess it’s because I more and more believe that we are all different, individual, unique beings and are supposed to be so, and dividing people into categories is trying to show that we are the opposite.
    Nevertheless, I will play along just for the fun of it 🙂
    I never was a Natural at this
    I started out being a Militant, but that felt so very heavy and impossible to me, that I almost gave up on LOA.
    I recognize the Procrastinator in me, although not as much as it used to be.
    I am definitely a Student, but I do also apply the things myself
    I can mostly relate to the Uplifter!
    I was telling a group of Managers about LOA yesterday and I introduced myself as both a student and an expert 🙂

  • Oooh, yes, the Curious Seeking One! Nice addition to the list, Steve!
    And thank God for our Seekers – they send out so many rockets for the rest of us to benefit from, too!

  • Steve says:

    Gets me to thinking though I’m infamous for bucking labels. I was a Natural for sure – but I’ve got to add the archetype of “Seeker” after that – very curious about just why I could whip up gifts from the Universe and not being satisfied with the answers from my religious upbringing. I sure do see the Story Teller aspect in me now, lacing strings of self-fulfilling doubt every time I hit up against an unexpected “bump” – even though I know better!

  • Yes, Debra, if we looked up “Uplifter” on Wikipedia, your picture would be there.
    And I’m not surprised to hear Mark as Alchemist! That would be a fun one to add to the list!!

  • Debra says:

    Whew! Yeah, I’m digging Uplifter too.
    When I first read the list I felt like there weren’t any that were completely me. Uplifter is IT.
    My bio says, …lives her Joy of Brilliance and assists others in doing the same.
    My fave Abe quote has always been, “lead by the clarity of your own example”. Easy-Peasy…live JOY and others will naturally do the same.
    Marianne Williamson’s quote says it, too. “…And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.”
    In living JOY and being an uplifter…life magically delivers everything delicious I could ever hope for, and more! YUMMY! 🙂
    From the list in the blog post, I’d say that The Natural fits pretty well (I’ve really always lived this way, didn’t know it was called LOA ’til within the last 7-ish years), with a generous slice of The Storyteller added in.
    Thank the Universe, I’m married to a Natural…he’s SO good at LOA…and I think it’s ’cause he doesn’t try…he just is…and he’s not continually looking at how to tweak it and make it better/different…it just is. Don’t get me wrong…he can get his knickers in a knot every once in awhile and he can find a kink in his mojo like the rest of us. But then, it just goes away and he’s back in the zone w/incredible manifestation after manifestation.
    Really, he’s the Wizard, or the Alchemist. Everything he touches turns to gold!
    Our son is the BEST Natural. He came out that way and 15 years later he’s still rockin’ it.
    I’m blessed to be a part of this team! Woot!! 🙂
    Cool post, Jeannette…that was FUN! XO

  • ChipEFT says:

    Uplifter. Now I like that one!

  • ChipEFT says:

    I see a lot of myself in several-student, storyteller, procrastinator, natural–I was a great militant but have since outgrown it (too bad because manifesting is easy with hard work. hehe.)
    This is interesting, but I would caution against taking ownership of any of the archetypes.

  • Yeah, Chip, your comment about not taking the labeling thing too seriously reminds me of Eckhart Tolle’s suggestion to practice seeing and experiencing the world without naming it.
    But, I had fun with this “naming” project, so keeping in mind that it is for fun insights only and not to be taken seriously is a good reminder.
    Thank you. 🙂

  • Iyabo Asani says:

    Lord, me and my left brain, I am the militant! If I have not checked off a few boxes, I am not happy!
    Love that “Manifesting To Do List.”
    Remember when I was doing the Lakshimi chants for 21 days and I did a bunch of others too….LOL!~
    I am lightening up though!

  • Iyabo, I know (a few) people who find the “militant” style extremely satisfying AND effective … so maybe you’re onto something! ha
    Good to hear from you on this one – I was wondering what you would say.

  • You two are cracking me up!
    And you’re making me think that I missed one – the Uplifter. One who walks the talk and in doing so inspires other to do the same.
    Allison, too funny we’re both hanging out with Disbelievers.
    At least we have (all of) each other, if not our significant others, huh?! lol
    Thanks for starting the conversation, ladies! 🙂
    Update: I just added Uplifter to the list, but am soliciting wording changes from those of you who know it best!

  • Allison says:

    HA – HA! I was a “Natural” until The Secret and all the other resources starting out, which named what I was doing and convinced me there had to be a better way to do it. Grump. Moved to “Student”, then to “Story Teller”. I’m married to a Disbeliever that just ignores the whole thing altogether. *sigh* And I deliberately attracted him – figure that!

  • Coach T.I.A says:

    Storyteller! Haha! Used to be a Student. Moving up!

  • >