Your Personal Happiness Recipe

January’s Success Magazine quoted a recent British study that boiled down the recipe to happiness in five elements:

  • 6.5 hours of sleep
  • 20 minute commute
  • 5 home cooked meals a week
  • a night out with friends or loved ones
  • regular exercise

We do love clear cut instructions, don’t we?  😉

It’s worthwhile for deliberate creators to focus on happiness is because it’s the key to getting everything we want.

Abraham’s Get Happy video

(Indeed, happiness IS what we want – but we tend to associate it with lots of other conditions and things.)

Recognizing happiness as a key to all this manifesting stuff made me wonder what my personal happiness recipe is.

I already get plenty of sleep, have a 2 minute commute, prefer nights in with loved ones to nights out, and exercise every day. So I think my maximum happiness recipe might dial it up a little differently.

Which of course made me curious about everyone else’s personal happiness recipe …

Do you know yours?

I asked around and here’s what I heard (from a coach colleague, an ex, and an in-law – can you guess which was which?)

  • good (and frequent) sex
  • good food
  • participating in competitive sports
  • a successful intimate relationship

then this one:

  • making a positive difference in the world
  • self-care
  • fostering connections and relationships

and finally this one who said for him it boiled down to just one element:

  • being of service (having an outward, selfless focus on life)

(Note: two of these three respondents are parents. Reminds me of this recent news report explaining why child-rearing is not on their lists.)

When I started this post I wasn’t sure what my personal recipe was, but I think it’s starting to take shape: 1 kilo of chocolate every week. (Thank you, Sophie, for sharing that tidbit from Jeanne Calment’s long life.)

And probably a bunch of wagging dog tails every day, at least one daily lap cat nap, a hearty laugh preferably for an irreverent reason (I would share the link to Sarah’s honey badger find on you tube, but it’s definitely not for everyone) …

ok, here’s the Bad A** Honey Badger video, but don’t say I didn’t warn you! If you’re sensitive to animals eating each other and very foul language, do not click it!

(The DamnYouAutoCorrect on Becky’s facebook page is pretty hilarious, too.)

And maybe one loud music session every morning. Preferably P Diddy or Bee Gees or my absolute favorite chant. (Loud is key.)

What else strikes me about our personal happiness formulas is that no one mentioned financial abundance, despite several studies confirming a link between prosperity and happiness.

So I hope you’re curious enough about your personal happiness recipe to give it some thought, and perhaps to share it here for those of us still formulating ours.

Regardless, let’s all remember that happiness is a big key to successful manifesting, not to mention a fun way to do life, so please make it a priority in yours.

  • March 22, 2011
  • Cassie says:

    I’ve been thinking about this recently as I just moved and I love my new place more than I imagined I would.
    Today here’s my happiness recipe
    15 minute walking commute
    Cooking dinner for someone else at least once a week
    At least one laugh fest w/ anyone of my favorite gals
    Coming home to a spectacular view (My entire wall is a floor to ceiling view of the mountains)
    Fresh flowers in my house

  • Leslie Richter says:

    To feel inspired.
    To be aware of love.
    To be amused!
    To create.
    To feel connected.
    My top five for happiness and all around feeling good.

  • Madisen, I pulled up the blog post to take that off two different times after I published it!
    If it weren’t for a few f words I would sure feel better about sharing it! ha
    Glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for saying so to ease any potential regret I was still flowing about it.
    So it’s called Sacred Spirit? I didn’t know that. Maybe if I find lyrics online I’ll be able to chant along properly.

  • Madisen says:

    Jeannette, I loved the badass honey badger video!! AND I must say that your favorite chant is totally MY favorite chant too! Sacred Spirit is AWESOME! Thanks for the post 🙂

  • Oooh, Rhonda – you’re reminding me of one of my favorite happiness inspirations. Which is breaking the rules.
    I’m putting that on my list. 😉

  • Rhonda says:

    Great post.
    My Recipe is not having a recipe. Or having to have a recipe.
    This is ironic because I am a Chef.
    No Rules, Rules!!!!

  • Awww – I made Nikky’s list!! lol
    How sweet!
    And that is quite a list to be on! Thanks for posting, Nikky.
    PS – what is it about Australia? I’m never been, but sometimes fancy a trip …
    PPS to Ruby – I love that holidays are all good for you! Some folks stress out when they approach – so I’ll be channeling you next time I feel that coming on.

  • Ruby says:

    All smiles now! Nikky… this is my life and I love it ! 🙂
    things that make me…. happy
    thinking of holidays
    breaking into a dance whenever i hear a good tune 🙂
    my shoes!
    ginger and green chilly in my food
    hanging out with friends
    watching movies with my husband
    beaches / ocean / water
    Oh and did I mention vacation / holidays ??

  • Nikky says:

    lovelyyyyyy post !!!!…….am all smiles reading everyones happiness recipe 🙂
    Here are some of the things that make me what makes me happy ( there are sooooo many ). And this list is relevant for this stage of my life and is ever changing
    – orgasms ( sorry had to write that one ) 🙂
    – chocolate
    – chai with my girl friends
    – long conversations with my partner about our spiritual awareness
    – vacations
    – planning for vacations
    – funny movies/shows
    – beautiful beautiful australia
    – Seeing my toddler involved in anything he loves doing
    – Jeannette Maw
    – Listening to Abe
    – My ability to choose better feeling thoughts
    – My knowing that all is well and will always be makes me happy
    – Flirting
    – dancing specially after a couple of Mojitos 🙂 🙂
    Am loving writing this……thank you for this post
    Smiling nikky

  • Well said, Pamela. I noticed it also made the top of Jennifer’s list!
    And Jennifer, I didn’t even think about the delicious happiness that comes from honoring inner guidance. Good one!

  • Jennifer Hooper says:

    My personal happiness recipe has been fun to think about this morning! Here are my ingredients:
    – Love: giving and receiving
    – Passion: in fulfilling my life’s purpose
    – Physical attention: to food, shelter, sleep, exercise, and good sex
    – Intellectual and spiritual nourishment: quenching my thirst for knowledge, personal expansion, and connection to the universe
    – Honoring my inner guidance system
    I tried to boil it down to five things, but I think I cheated since several ingredients have “sub-ingredients!” LOL!

  • Pamela says:

    Happiness is such an individual thing but it does seem that love and connection are a common theme in some form, whether it is self love or love from another. Good food, good relationships, warm weather, time in nature are all up there but love really is the key for me.

  • That’s a sure sign you nailed it, isn’t it Stephanie? (Smiling when you even think about it!)
    I could do very well myself with your same list.
    Thanks for reading and for posting! 🙂

  • Stephanie says:

    Oh, and the honey badger made me snort with laughter. Reminded me of when ‘badger, badger, mushroom’ was all the rage. Still not sure why that was funny, but it was.

  • Stephanie says:

    My top 5 are:
    good food
    good books
    and lots of hugs.
    Smiling just thinking about it.

  • Harmony Harrison says:

    Nice! This goes right up there with my own personal recipe for chocolate chip cookies!
    My recipe for happiness, in no particular order:
    C.O.L. (Cat-On-Lap) and S.D. (Snoring Dogs)
    To-be-read pile o’ books
    Deeply nourishing relationships
    Good nutrition (including chocolate, but not necessary)
    Movement that my body loves
    Great sleep & rest
    Healthy community

  • What are the elments of a 5 star day for me? (and lord if I got all elements EVERYDAY I would probably be Abrahamm and Esther would have to channel me….lol!)
    -Immersing in Nature- by walking in the woods, the beach or staring at the clouds.
    -Dare I say it? A deeply connecting sesh of fornication.
    -Dinner with my BFF and a dirty martini to talk about our dreams, disappointments and projects du jour
    -Goofing off with my kids- finding the silly in obstrporous teenager and tantrum prone 6 yr olds.
    -A green smoothie made by Susan Honnell (it must be made by her!) and a giant hunk of toasted french bread with butter slathered on it, with amazing coffee.
    Thanks for reminding me how awesome my life is!!!

  • Harmony, I laughed out loud to read good nutrition and chocolate in the same line. Thanks for that!
    We seem to have several of us who find happiness in new books, huh?
    Very cool. 🙂
    Hope the self-expression you experienced by posting here helps amp up your happy factor today!

  • Laura, wouldn’t it be nice if we could dial up that “uncontrolled laughter” on a dime?
    Well, maybe we can and I just don’t know how yet?
    I like that one, too. And nature! That’s a reliable element for me, too!

  • Laura says:

    LOVE this post Jeannette…and not just because I love Honey Badger! I also love the chant as well. It reminds me of sweat lodges I’ve done and the connection to the ancient ceremony…
    Anyway, so many things to put on the list:
    . Kisses from my kitty (he’s sitting in my lap right now)
    . Kissing a really good kisser (a man, lol)
    . The pile of books next to my bed to be read
    . Music
    . Sunsets and moonlight on the ocean
    . Uncontrolled laughter
    . Great conversation
    . Movies that inspire or touch me
    . Unexpected money
    . Chocolate
    . Exercise – feelng strong
    . Sleeping through the night (when I get it)
    . My alone quiet time
    . Racewalking through the gorgeous area where I live
    . Seeing nature around me (deer, bunnies, wild turkeys)
    . A new relationship blossoming
    . My morning tea
    . Knowing I am having an impact on the lives of others
    . Being eternally grateful that I was born with a curious mind
    That was fun! Thanks Jeannette!

  • Oh, Sara, four of yours feel like they belong on my list too that I didn’t even think of.
    Thanks for that!

  • Sara says:

    Oh this is cool!! This is exactly what’s been on my mind. Very synchronistic indeed! So here’s mine:
    (Not in order of importance)
    • good conversation
    • good food
    • having a flexible and loose schedule
    • LOTS of play time with my kids
    • LOTS of time by myself
    • a fun and fulfilling romantic relationship
    • laughter
    • movement – exercise, dance, walking, freeze tag, etc.
    • music

  • Janette says:

    OMG, laughing out loud at honey badger. He don’t give a sh*t! I’m gonna get me some of THAT mojo after the couple of days I’ve had. 😉
    Hm… time to think about my recipe! Sleep, definitely; good coffee as required; a good-sized ‘to be read’ pile from which to draw the next book; time to read it; hanging out at GVU…. 🙂

  • Oooh, I forgot about the “to be read” book pile! That is a delicous happy factor, isn’t it, Janette?!
    In fact, for one of my old high school friends that was his ultimate happiness.
    Good one – thanks for sharing!
    Yeah, channeling honey badger could come in handy sometimes, huh? lol
    Thanks for reading and for posting, Janette! 🙂

  • You crack me up, Sarah! “if I got all elements EVERYDAY I would probably be Abrahamm and Esther would have to channel me …”
    And again with the fornication! You should maybe that url, don’t you think? The Fornication Coach? lol

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