Your Vibrational Instructions

signalsI laughed while listening to a recent workshop CD when Abraham says Esther begged her not to tell the bus story, which Abe says of course means they have to.  (Gotta love Abe and the law of attraction!)
What I especially appreciated, though, was Esther’s insistence to Abe that she’d cleaned up her vibration on the bus repair people. 
And YET, here she is, despite having done the vibrational work, having exactly the same unhappy experience at the repair shop.
As the story continues, Abraham brings Esther to the realization that she wasn’t vibrating what she THOUGHT she was vibrating.
Whereas Esther (at first) said she was excited to drop off the bus and expected things to go smoothly, when pressed by Abe she realizes she HOPED things would go better than before.  She hadn’t really gotten to the core of the vibe that was driving her negative experience at the bus repair place.
Which is easy to do, isn’t it?
I hear it from my clients all the time: “I’m really expecting this date will go well.”  or “I see my boss giving me the credit (and the raise) I deserve.”
As our conversation progresses I hear things like, “I mean, I didn’t want a repeat experience like LAST week’s date!” or “I KNEW he was going to have another lame excuse for not coming up with the money.”
The contrary vibrational instruction isn’t always that obvious, but that’s what makes it even more worthwhile to check in on the instructions we’re sending Universe.
Because when I say “gorgeous body, perfect health” and yet think things like “big hips, sore throat” … what do I expect Universe to do with that?
If we want to see more progress, we’ve got to be more consistent in sending our aligned vibrational instructions.

Which just means becoming more aware, getting more honest with ourselves, and learning to drop our addiction to past experiences and current realities.  (Unless of course those past experiences and current realities are what we want more of.)

So Esther’s bus repair story has me curious … what are the vibrational instructions you’re sending? 
I realize my instructions might sometimes seem a little bi-polar.  When I’m specifically and consciously talking to Universe, they get pretty good directions from me.  But when I think I’m talking to myself or the walls or the tv, … well, things can get a little spotty.  Like …

  • “Could we have one day without cat throwup?”  Which Universe hears as “more feline vomit for Jeannette!” 
  • Or “You better not space that call in two hours” which Universe hears as “she’s spacing the call in two hours!” 
  • And of course “I hope last year’s shorts still fit” is just asking for trouble.

How about you?  Do  you see a hodgepodge of material you’re offering vibrationally?  Or is it lined up pretty consistently?  
What’s your first thought of the day?  That’s a vibrational instruction.
What do you think about while eating breakfast?  There’s another instruction.
How about when you answer the phone?  Park the car?  Shop for groceries?  All are instructions that the Universe hears and responds to.
I’d love to hear from you, as usual!  And thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts, since we all learn and grow from the exploration.

  • March 9, 2009
  • Gillian says:

    Oh Yeah, the power of words and its vibrations. I have once written to you, Jeannette, about my concern regarding uttering words we don’t mean. I have become so very conscious now about the things I say, but more conscious even about what I vibrate. Mastering and channeling my energy properly has been my priority ever since I learned about LOA!
    Love, Gillian

  • Michael says:

    You and I used to have e-mail conversations and then some great conference call chats about contrary vibrations. And it freaked me out just as much then as it did just now!!!
    Then I realized, ‘freaked out’ isn’t what I desire at all.
    Here’s what I realized worked for me around money (without me even knowing it was working). Just giving up. Not in a bad way!! But just giving up and enjoying everything else that was going on in my life while money did what it was going to do.
    I had spent a bunch of time Pray Rain Journaling (which was fun), vibing and visualizing great pay coming in for work I loved…and I seemed to get the opposite.
    I had this fleeting thought that I could very well be doing all this work because I was too attached to the money coming in. And then the most amazing thing came to me…I don’t really care about dollar bills so much as I care about having a good time in my life.
    So I actually, for a time, rented movies, played tons of guitar, recorded some songs, did silly things with my toddler son, worked out (P90Xers unite!) and–quite unexpectedly–$1,800 came out of nowhere one day.
    So what did I do then?…I started micro-managing that $1,800 until I had more than $3K worth of debts, car problems and rent in just as short a time…
    But I caught on!!! For me, the interest in money can be–for my purposes–a light-hearted one. I put the money idea out there and then find enjoyment in other things (which is what I’m really after anyway)….
    So $285 worth of work just came in. My initial reaction was ‘Damn, I really need $2K to get myself caught up’…but then I just laughed to myself, thanked the Universe (‘Uni’ is my nickname for her) and went out to enjoy some sunshine!
    Is there any way to get more present–easily–to some of the more subtle counterintentions though? That is, the real subtle stuff that I sometimes run in the backround from childhood (‘life is dangerous’, etc.) that I don’t always notice right away?
    Great stuff, though, as always!!

  • Jennifer says:

    I had to laugh about the schizo comment. The Universe must think I have Tourette’s syndrome. 🙂

  • Yay for catching that so quickly, Michelle!
    And I’m REVELING in your new thought (which I’m sure many others are as well): “isn’t it nice how EASY it is to change our stories and to shift our vibrations!”
    That deserves a big WOO HOO!!
    Thanks for it, girlfriend. 🙂

  • Michelle Dobbins says:

    I started to say “It can be so tricky, when you think you’re vibrating something and the universe clearly shows you that you not”, but I’m chaniging that story right now!
    Isn’t is nice how easy it is to change our stories and that we can easily see and shift our vibrations to what we really want!

  • Cathy says:

    I love reading your posts – and today’s is timely for me, as well. This morning, after lamenting to my coach that I was feeling stuck, she pointed out that I was giving mixed messages to the Universe – though I would have sworn that was not the case. But, after we talked through the issue, I felt like smacking myself on the side of the head because I realized that she was absolutely correct and that I WAS GETTING EXACTLY WHAT I ASKED FOR. She pointed out that I was, in fact, VERY good at manifesting! (Perhaps I just need to tweak my thinking a little bit….??!!)
    Reading this post just made me laugh out loud. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who is manifesting what I don’t necessarily want! Here’s to clear and positive thoughts! 🙂

  • And you know I find reassuring, Cathy? That we don’t have to get to 100% clear positive thoughts, just turn the balance in their favor, and we’ll see the progress of it. So some mixed messages are okay. he he
    (I gotta go with that one while I’m still having them!)
    Thanks for joining the conversation here, Cathy! Much appreciated. 🙂

  • Yay, Phillis! Here’s to always being $500 ahead! woo hoo!
    PS – Contact is one of my favorite movies, too!

  • Phillis says:

    Have/Save (not shave) tee hee

  • Phillis says:

    As always – another perfect (topic and timing) post! My heart jumped when I saw the graphic – I was just thinking of a fav movie of mine “Contact” with Jody Foster . . . . . connecting with the Universe and ourselves . . . . throughout the movie she was trying to find herself through the past and through connecting (Contacting) to the Universe — her thoughts (vibes and emotions) got her to where she wanted to always go/be/move to . . . it is indeed all relative to our vibes/thoughts/emotions . . .
    Right now I’ve been in a place (hard to believe that I’d think this) where I said to myself and some other folks . . . “I seem to always be $500 short at the end of the month – no matter my income and how much I spend/save” . . . . hum, of course that is where I am . . . no more – my story is “I am always increasing my savings by more than I had saved last month and I alway shave an extra $500 each month to spend on myself and others.” Oh, so much better! Cheers, P.

  • Thanks for chiming in here to say so, Roger!! Fabulous to see you here and really rewarding to hear these words. So thanks go to YOU. 🙂

  • Janette says:

    bi-polar vibrations – ROFLMAO!!! That’s SUCH a good description of how mine feel!! I can’t tell you how comforting it is to know that the gurus do this too – that in itself takes away a huge level of “am I doing it right?” stress. Not easy for us ex-perfectionists!
    Jeannette, thank you for another brilliant post AND for inspiring others to write fabulous comments. I love this stuff!
    PS LOA game great concept, what a winner!

  • Roger says:

    Jeannette, you rock, thanx for being such an important part of my life, eventhough we dont know eachother, I just read your wonderful blog, and crossed a couple of emails.
    Thank you again for this great post and your last email.

  • You know, Janette, I was wondering why it was I felt so much better hearing Esther’s challenges … was it that misery loved company? ha Naw, that’s not it.
    I think it’s that it serves as reassurance that we’re not alone, that we’re in the process, and that this is what it looks like. This is how it (sometimes) goes.
    Glad to know I’ve got good company in enjoying stories of Esther’s .. adventures. he he
    And can I just say your posts always make ME laugh, Janette?! Your fabulous energy comes through loud and clear – thank you for that!

  • Good point, Kevin! I love how you’re pointing out the nuances and subtlelies inherent in this personal energy work!
    I think it’s exactly those habits that will completely transform this planet. Kudos to you for leading the way!

  • Kevin Boon says:

    The other day I was going about my day, writing, blogging, networking and other activities when I could feel that something was off. Couldn’t place the feeling but I knew a negative vibration was coming out of me.
    I settled into my day, went to the gym and felt a little better in the afternoon. Went to bed that night reading some LOA stuff (Abraham) and drifted off to sleep. I woke up about 5:00am and I could feel the same negative feeling from the day before.
    Sometimes my best times for processing are in the morning as I lie in bed. As I connected to the feeling I sensed that my negative vibration was coming from some subtle negative beliefs about myself and my abilities. That day I made the decision to identify the feeling, change the affirmation and move into a more positive feeling. My whole vibration and attitude changed for the next day. All was well.
    Sometimes it’s just the subtle negative emotions we feel but it’s always good to be aware of what’s happening within ourselves.
    Great Post!

  • Missy B, I cannot TELL you how much fun I am having with the visual of a bunch of fluffy white feathers filling my nose!! LOVE the analogy you shared here!
    And I’m thinking there must be a culture where feathers in the nose are considered a sign of distinction or wealth. he he
    Thank you for that, Missy B!!

  • Missy B says:

    I’m always wondering why I get such a mixed bag of “events and stuff” in my life, and then I remember the mixed bag of emotions and thoughts I deal with every day !
    I imagine a wish as a lovely white fluffy feather. As I breathe in with good positive vibes, the feather floats nearer to me drawn in by my good vibe breath. When I’m in a huff, I blow out with huffy bad vibes and the feather blows further away. I do worry that if I breathe in too deeply that the feather will get stuck up my nose though ! LOL !
    Thanks for posting and thanks to everyones replies – its always a joy to read all the thoughts.

  • Thanks for reading, Sarah, and especially for sharing a positive comment with me/us!
    MUCH appreciated! 🙂

  • “Spat bait”! Ha, you’re making me laugh, Kim!
    That makes me feel better as I’m waking up to read this after cleaning up cat you-know-what-up off the desk and chair. That’s what I get for writing about it!! lol
    (Don’t ask me who I think I’m fooling as I avoid saying the word but am clearly still vibing it. As if Universe were a toddler who can’t follow my train of energy.)
    Anyway … here’s to letting checks show up when we want them and sweeties to message us regularly and friends to fill our beautiful lives. 🙂
    Much love to you, Kim!

  • Sarah Lulu says:

    That was SO clear …thank you so much!

  • Kim Falconer says:

    Wonderful topic, Jeannette!
    It really hit the spot when you said If I’m specifically and consciously talking to Universe, they get pretty good directions from me. But when I think I’m talking to myself or the walls … well, things can get a little spotty.
    Like me saying to the cat brothers, ‘Please let’s have a day without you stalking the neighbor kitty. No Spats!’
    Sheesh…talk about spat bait.
    I start the day great–with gratitude for the morning, the trees I sleep under, my beautiful life, body, world….but if my awareness isn’t honed I might later look at my phone and think, ‘he’s too busy to msg me’ or I look at my day book and think, ‘I don’t have many friends…’
    The other day I was so convinced a check would NOT show up on time (but also really wanted it to) that the universe got around my mixed message by having the check sent on time to a PO Box I never check. It sat there waiting for over a week!
    Jeannette, your post as always is a perfect reminder. I’m amping up my awareness–catching those mixed messages before they leave the gate!
    Thank you!!! 🙂

  • Okay, Debra, MY turn to laugh at your “funny, crafty buggers.” ha!
    This one I think we all can relate to, too: “All the what if’s, yeah but’s, but why’s, how will’s and if only’s that have been flying out of my mouth…or quietly through the recesses in my mind lately are astounding.”
    I LOVE how you point out that your really good imagination and knowledge that the choice is truly yours is sometimes cause for wondering or second-guessing about where you’re headed.
    Thanks for a fabulous blog post topic! Maybe this would be a good one for me to guest post, with? I’ve been thinking about what that topic would be!!
    So right now I’m seeing your Colorado house getting lots of interest from perfect buyers … people you’d love to sell to and the deal bringing you even more than you hoped for. Smiles all around, hugs with Mark, putting you in a beautiful choice position. Mm, THAT feels good!
    Ms Nikki, I’m seeing you in your new metro area, too, one that vibes perfectly with you! 🙂

  • Oh Ms Nikki, I love you for the questions!! Thanks for giving me perfect opportunity to do what I love most – talk LOA!!
    I’d love input from others – I know we have an incredible variety of attraction experts checking in here – but I’ll start:
    Is the Universe like a set of scales in that it tips to the side of more weight, i.e., majority of our strongest thought patterns/feelings?
    Abe told a woman struggling with weight loss that if she were even at a 50/50 split with positive and negative thoughts about her weight then she would at least be making progress! (She told Abe she was stalled at weight loss, they asked her thoughts, she said 50 good/50 bad, they said that can’t be or you’d be making progress, not stalled.)
    So I think the answer to your question is yes. That’s why I often ask clients what their “dominant thought/vibration” is.
    What if one releases the need for a wish, does the Universe let the wish evaporate into the stratosphere since one is no longer intently focused on it?
    None of those old thoughts evaporate – they all continue to exist for eternity. It’s just a matter of whether we’re tapping into them or not by lining up vibrationally.
    I also think that’s why the abundance mantra (prior post) is so powerful. Those thoughts of abundance have been thought for so long by so many people (from prior generations even) that it’s a big and powerful thought pool to tap into.
    But the point, Ms Nikki, is not to use any of this as reason to stress. All of it is good news and cause for relaxation, if not celebration. 🙂
    My suggestion would be to stop noticing that you’re still here so much (hee hee) and maybe even use that awareness as a trigger to see yourself in your relocated spot. And of course you know it works BEST when you don’t know “how” it’s going to happen – that gives Universe all the more freedom in bringing it to fruition!
    Thanks for posting, Ms Nikki! Always a pleasure to hear from you!

  • Debra says:

    Oh my! MsNikki…whilst I was writing my novel length comment you were posting yours. I can SO relate to your moving story…your story about moving.

  • Debra says:

    Oh Jeannette! Have I told you lately that I love you?? I do, I do! Every post you write just makes me shout, YAY…and of course I’m usually giggling enthusiastically and saying, “OMGoodness Mark…listen to what Jeannette wrote *this* time!”
    I can’t even tell you how right on this post is for me. (Wish it weren’t *quite* so… :~)
    Recently I’ve been oh so aware of the little thoughts, emotions, etc. that race around stealthily attempting to stay hidden from my conscious awareness. Funny buggers, I’ll tell you! …and crafty. YIKES! (Ah, awareness is the 1st step and a very good one!)
    My standout favorite quote from this post:
    “Because when I say “gorgeous body, perfect health” and yet think things like “big hips, sore throat” … what do I expect Universe to do with that?”
    Why ever is that my favorite? Hmmm… (let’s just say it resonates)
    It’s the little things. Yes, indeed. And the Universe is always listening.
    We’re selling our house in CO right now and moving back to WI to be nearer family…and creating the opportunity to winter tropically.
    This exact scenario has given me/is still giving me all the practice I need in paying attention to what vibrational instruction I’m vibing.
    All the what if’s, yeah but’s, but why’s, how will’s and if only’s that have been flying out of my mouth…or quietly through the recesses in my mind lately are astounding.
    Meanwhile, I wonder why things seem to reach a stand still at times? Duh. Hello. The Universe is just patiently standing by waiting for me to get clear and allow!
    You know, as I’m writing this I’m realizing that a big part of it is because I truly know and believe that I am the creator of my life…that I have infinite choices available, limited only by how far I stretch my imagination. (I have a REALLY good imagination) This is a good thing.
    And I also realize that I love lots of things…not just one or even a few. So, when I make one choice I suddenly notice myself wondering if that’s really the choice I want. …’cause I could create it differently; it’s up to me. You know? …oh goodness; off topic just a little bit. (Perhaps your next post will address this matter! Choices in Creation and Getting it Done, not necessarily the part about being off topic. ;~)
    Whew! Thanks for a timely post/timely reminder! You Rock! And I love my life and the clarity I have around the choices I make in creating my life! Yee-Haaaa!! You, too…yes? :0)

  • MsNikki says:

    Another so on point post! This article freaked me out a bit because if I have to monitor my thoughts all of the time, I won’t have the actual time to do anything! I mean is the Universe like a set of scales in that it tips to the side of more weight, i.e., majority of our strongest thought patterns/feelings? Or does it automatically negate/cancel a response to each request if one sends out contradictory thoughts/feelings about a particular wish???? Or what if one releases the need for a wish, does the Universe let the wish evaporate into the stratosphere since one is no longer intently focused on it? More questions than answers, I know!
    For example, I want to relocate to a metro area that perfectly vibes with me yet I am despondent that I haven’t found out where that place is and thus feel stuck! I feel good about relocating but then I notice that I am still here! Hmmm.. I am going to do the pray rain journal on that one as I have plenty of pens and paper courtesy SuperTarget!

  • Ha! Sounds like we’re on the same page, Mary! Tina’s comment lit me up too!
    Brilliant minds, huh? 😉
    Much love, my friend! Thanks for not only checking in, but sending the “new blog post” energy my way! lol

  • Tina Louise Balodi says:

    By the way, I am need of MAJOR life coaching…maybe we can trade each other some work! We can make you an awesome Law Of Attraction game for marketing your services, etc….perhaps we can brainstorm together!

  • Tina Louise Balodi says:

    Well, I am sitting here laughing…my husband and I say we are “4 part schizos.” Now, I would never ever want to insult anyone with a disorder, but we feel as though we are schizos…meaning, one day we think this, next we think that, then we wonder how we thought that a day ago, then we have dreams that say otherwise, discussions that say otherwise, i can’t even imagine how the universe even chooses what to do with all of us. We feel crazy! Now we are so conscious of our words, we catch ourselves mid-sentence however, we are now learning about the vibration and feeling and not just the words. But most of the days, we talk and we hear ourselves and we are shocked at what comes out on auto-pilot! Thanks for sharing this story, it’s so true and so funny…I just hung up from my mom who seriously told me things I did in childhood and I haven’t changed a bit even though I’m 35 and if she doesn’t tell me, I won’t learn and history WILL repeat itself!!!! Oh boy…well have a wonderful evening. Best wishes!
    Tina 🙂

  • MaryK says:

    Hello all,
    I’m here to tell any doubters out there that the law of attraction really does work!!
    Just a few minutes ago I intended to come to your site, Jeannette, and find a new blog posting that was not only extremely informative and practical, but super FUN as well… And I was not disappointed!
    First I intended that you would have posted a new blog since the last time I checked, and you had (and this is no small feat because I check here often!). Then I read the post and it was so spot-on and informative, just as I had intended (as far as I’m concerned, it always is…). And then I read Tina’s comments about creating a law of attraction game and realized how FUN that would be!! Omg, a law of attraction game?! Brilliant! 🙂 Isn’t that the whole point of the law of attraction, that we’re supposed to let go, do what feels good, and have fun?? This is just pure genius, as far as I’m concerned…
    OK, so this is totally not the comment I was initially going to write, but after reading Tina’s comment about creating an LOA game I just had to share that I was looking for some fun tonight and my vibe lead me right here, where all the fun is at! Another great example of the law of attraction at work perfectly in our lives… 😉

  • Sounds like you and your husband are doing an excellent job taking it off auto-pilot, Tina!! Good job!
    Thanks for reading and especially for tuning in with your experiences. You offer good inspiration to all of us to continue the work of becoming aware and changing old unserving habits!
    PS – Just checked out your super cool site! Yes, let’s talk!!

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