Zazen Abraham style: Evan’s favorite meditation

For those of you who don’t already know Evan Griffith, you’re in for a treat!  Enjoy his delightful guest post on an Abe-style zazen meditation:
Evan Griffith, Zazen Meditation

Like many spiritual teachers, Abraham is keen on meditation. Yawwwwwwwn. Who isn’t?!

But here’s why … according to Abraham meditation slips the mind into neutral, which is better than most of the thoughts running through our minds.

We would rather that you were in a chronic state of appreciation than meditation, because in appreciation, there’s no resistance within you either.

But frankly, it’s easier to teach nearly every one of our physical friends to meditate than to find pure, positive thought.  ~ Abraham-Hicks

So what could be better than this?

A combination of meditation and appreciation … Zazen Abraham style.

(Coming next, zazen Gangnam style …)

There’s an exquisitely simple zen meditation from 13th-century Japan called zazen.

In zazen one sits. One sits and watches one’s thoughts, and lets them flit away.

How exactly does this work, you ask?

Because you’re asking, and quite politely I might add, here is modern zazen in bullet points:

  • sit comfortably
  • relax
  • as a thought comes
  • acknowledge it and let it go
  • as a thought comes
  • acknowledge it and let it go
  • as a thought comes …

You’ve got the gist of it. In fact you’re a master now. That’s all it is. The idea is to relinquish all thought, to detach oh so lightly from whatever surfaces, to be alert in that open space between thoughts.

Now, you Abrahamers know about the rampage of appreciation. You loves you some rampage of appreciation! It’s an honored method for lofting yourself into a higher place.

For anyone new to this blog, a rampage of appreciation is as simple as zazen. You appreciate every little thing your mind alights upon, what you see, what you think, whoever, however, whatever — whatever it is, you appreciate the bejesus out of it.

If in an off-mood you may start out with begrudging gratitude (sure, yeah, thank you I guess for this beat up car of mine), but by continuing you ultimately begin to feel real gratitude, then deep appreciation, then love, baby, love! And it spills out to everything.

Every Vibration Activation post here on Good Vibe Blog is a rampage of appreciation — for something not yet materialized. Which is why they are so Mawesomely effective.

Zazen Abraham style is a subtle but powerful combination of the two methods. Instead of acknowledging and letting a thought image go when it floats up, you take a moment to appreciate what came up … and then let it go.

If you happen to come to the meditation feeling low, I suggest beginning with a focus on something or someone you deeply appreciate. For me an easy one is my wife or son or some tandem image of them. I’m lifted almost immediately.

Jeannette might use a dog, or all dogs, as a love trigger. You might use Jeannette, cuz you know how mighty good you feel when you think of all she does here for us.

Once you trigger your love and appreciation mode, when you do encounter an issue about which you’re less than appreciative, you’ll find your way into appreciation by flipping back and forth between your good stuff and the stuff that got you stuck.

It’s like your quick button finger on the remote. Puppy-boss-puppy-boss-puppy-puppy-boss … pupppy … bosss … bossyuppy. You do it until you find some kind of appreciation seeping into your ‘issue.’ Then you’re off and running. Appreciation gone rampant.

Once you feel yourself body and soul settling into the appreciation-love field, you can let that love trigger go. You’ll remain attentive, appreciatively attentive.

You are now sitting comfortably erect, breathing lazily fulfilling breaths, alert and open, enhancing the universe with your vibe.

A thought comes … Love on it, bask in it if you want; it will go of its own accord. There are so many ways to do love, you can immerse it in love, envelop it in love, zap it a love beam, wash it in a love wave emanating from your spirited heart, encapsulate it in a love sphere of whatever misty color tickles your fancy.

Here’s where it gets interesting. With practice you will find yourself in long extended moments of blissified space.

You will find yourself in the wide open field of love-joy.
You will literally feel the energy of Love-Appreciation undulate through you.
You’re in a bliss space that is your birthright. It’s your natural state.

Just sit there and bathe in your natural self, you incarnation of blissified energy you!

There in that space is where you experience True Love. Love so rich we call it by many names. Universe, God, Being, Source, Love, OmJah (my latest favorite pet name for the divine).

Zazen Abraham style is a favorite way in for me.

Evan Griffith writes for impish spirits at The World Is Freaky Beautiful  (

  • February 7, 2013
  • Evan Griffith says:

    And thank YOU, you massively good viber . . . what a joy to play in your playground, Jeannette.

  • Nice practice, Nancy!
    And Evan, I so love seeing your name here at the blog! Thank you for a wonderful guest post!

  • LOL, Evan, I must credit my kitty Louise for teaching me. I had sat down to meditate when she came over to join me, as usual. Before I got started, I began petting her and was soon enveloped in deep appreciation. The rest…just happened. 😉
    Was it Eckhart Tolle who said he knew 3 Zen Masters and all of them were cats?
    Many blessings,

  • Evan Griffith says:

    Oh Nancy, that is pure genius . . . to then feel that same appreciative feeling for yourself. I’ll be trying that one on tonight!

  • Very interesting idea!
    I have been experimenting with an appreciation meditation with my kitty (choose your favorite pet) that is very powerful. First, I pet my kitty and notice how much my heart swells with love for her. Then, I meditate on that feeling of appreciation inside of myself by feeling that feeling for *myself*. When my mind wanders, I let it go, and go back to appreciating myself or my kitty (whichever is easiest). Definitely a ride in the Vortex!
    Many blessings,

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